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When young programmer Aleksandr Ivanovich Privalov picks up two hitchhikers while driving in Karelia he is drawn into the mysterious world of the Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry

When young programmer Aleksandr Ivanovich Privalov picks up two hitchhikers while driving in Karelia, he is drawn into the mysterious world of the Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry, where research into magic is serious business Where science, sorcery and socialism meet, can chaos be far behind

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Понедельник начинается в субботу

  1. Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky Аркадий Стругацкий Борис Стругацкий says:
    Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky Russian was born in August 1925 in hot Batumi in the family of intellectuals critic Nathan Zalmanovich Strugatsky, who worked as a newspaper editor, and Alexandra Ivanovna Litvinovoj, honored teacher who taught Russian language and literature.17 year old Arkady Strugatsky, first participated in the construction of fortifications of the besieged city, then went to work at the factory, which produced shells.During the evacuation of the sick younger Strugatsky 9 year old Boris My mother stayed with her son in the city Arkady s father was taken on the road of life across Ladoga in the beginning of 1942 More mother and father Arkady did not see never Dad became seriously ill and died in Vologda Miraculously survived himself Arkady The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed Survived units, among them the future writer.In the summer of 1942 Arkady Strugatsky stopped in a small village close to Tashla in Orenburg Short time he worked at the point of purchase of products and was even appointed head of Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of 1943 to pick up my mom and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.In 18 years, Arkady Strugatsky studying in Berdichev artillery school, which was located in the rear Sittwe After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages Graduated from the Institute in 1949 with a degree in interpreter of English and Japanese languages.After graduation destiny brought Arkady Strugatsky North Until 1955 he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula Arcady has worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk After retirement Strugatsky moved to the capital.

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  1. This is one of the most fun and enjoyable books I ve read in a very long time and it totally came of out of left field for me There is a great documentary on YouTube titled Pandora s Box The Engineers Plot about how the Soviet Union attempted to use mathematical and scientific principles to bring about the greatest amount of happiness and comfort to the Russian people Through pure logic and reason the Soviet scientists hoped to control an illogical and irrational population This was a real thing [...]

  2. Prea meta psiho abramburit ca s zic oau La fel ca toate c r ile fra ilor Struga ki, cu excep ia Picnicului la marginea drumului Critic deghizat la adresa sistemului i a mon trilor pe care i na te, termeni inventa i sau mprumuta i din limbi de circula ie interna ional sau chiar moarte, c l torii n viitor, inchizitori, motani, papagali nvia i i o explica ie chiar logic a meteoritului Tungus i s nu i uit m pe Kafka sau pe Gogol Mai multe, pe FanSF wp pz4D9 2BS.

  3. Strugatski Biraderleri thaki sa olsun okuduk Rus bilimkurgusunun nas l bir kafa ya ad n da bu kitaplar sayesinde g rme f rsat m z oldu Ben be endim, hatta yazarlar n daha nce okudu um kitab K yamete Bir Milyar Y l a g re bu kitab daha ok sevdim diyebilirim.Kitapta b l m var ve bence b l mler gittik e g zelle iyor lk b l m okurken biraz fleyip p flemi tim ama ikinci ve zellikle nc b l mde kitap gittik e beni daha fazla memnun etti B l mlerden spoiler vermeden bahsedeyim lk b l m biraz daha fantas [...]

  4. Pazartesi Cumartesiden Ba lar, b y kisvesi alt nda merkezine ald bilim gibi ele avuca s maz, da n k, s rprizlerle dolu Evrenin kavramas zor, ne kaca bilinmez mucizeler ve musibetler bar nd ran varl n n ve onun bilinmezliklerini de ifre etmeye al an bilim insanlar n n maceralar var burada Onlara uzaktan bakanlar n yaftalayabilece i gibi, b y ve b y c olduklar bir masala ho geldiniz.Masal ve mizah , harika birer hizmetkara d n t ren Strugatski Karde ler, hikaye temelli s r kleyicilik anlay n da re [...]

  5. One of the best books I ve ever read I keep rereading it from time to time when I need a chuckle at the foolishness of life, or when I am too stressed with exams and research papers for my own good The Brothers Strugatsky managed to satirise everything under the sun Academic research, communist optimism, science fiction and especially science fiction authors , academia, and on and on.The book might prove a touch impenetrable for the foreign language English or otherwise reader, due to its relian [...]

  6. Maybe I m too dumb for some books Or maybe some books are too dumb for me I ve no idea which was the case here Fun though An extra star for that Even though it wasn t the fun kind of fun.

  7. a doua carte de Struga ki pe care o recitesc dup mul i ani i de data aceasta nu numai c nu m mai impresioneaz , dar chiar nu mi place cealalt fiind E greu s fii zeu Din p cate, fiind o satir oblic la o perioad extrem de unic n specificul ei URSS , acum umorul ei este exagerat de absurd i neamuzant Relevan a c r ii a murit odat cu URSS ul se spune c SF ul nu mb tr ne te bine, dar a putea ad uga c nici umorul Mi s a p rut o dev lm ie haotic , greu de urm rit, f r noim i f r haz Motivul pentru care [...]

  8. Monday Starts on Saturday, the most well known of the Strugatskys books in Russia, would seem to be the apotheosis of the brothers throw everything into the cauldron approach, bringing together science and magic, Russian folktales and Greek mythology, Merlin and Walt Whitman, mermaids and vampires, statistics equations and the Upanishads, and much, much none of which seems particularly well imagined, or important When there are so many points of reference, none of them stable, it s hard to get [...]

  9. El lunes empieza el s bado de los rusos Boris y Arkadi Strugarski es una at pica novela de ciencia ficci n mezclada con fantas a Est dividida en tres partes diferenciadas, una parte inicial en la que tenemos una presentaci n de los pintorescos personajes, en la segunda ya tenemos el instituo NICASO Nuevo Instituto Cient fico de Adivinaci n y Sortilegio y la vida que se desarrolla en l, la fantas a va virando a la ciencia ficci n cada vez m s para, en una tercera parte memorable, desembocar en un [...]

  10. This is one of my all times favorites that I read and re read I can remember at least ten occasions This particular session was special, because my husband was reading it aloud And as soon as we reached the end, we started again And then read again, selected parts.The mix of surrealism and straightforward realism, irony and self irony, fondness and disillusionment is amazing and breathtaking This book shows the atmosphere among Soviet Union Russian scientists so accurately, as if it s a mirror A [...]

  11. Man jau sen galv bija briedis viens las anas pl ns Diem l es neesmu tik efekt vs las t js, lai visus savus pl nus piepild tu, t d n c s vi u visu laiku atlikt Savulaik biju redz jis smuku gr matu s riju, kur bija apkopoti Strugacku darbi, ta u t ar nekad nesa mos to nopirkt Tagad vi a jau ir retums un maks dikti d rgi Bet tad viendien ieg jis gr matu veikal atkl ju, ka tiek p rizdoti Strugacku darbi, s rijas noform jums bija smuks, un cena laba s gr matas galvenais varonis Aleksandrs Privalovs i [...]

  12. I couldn t get into this It s the Strugatskys fantasy novel, set in Soviet Russia, filled with bureaucrats and well drawn scientist magicians going about their passions, digging into the way the world works Baba Yaga is there, as well as a ton of Russian folklore I don t know despite my nerdy DD background It s roughly three stories The story of our hero, the computer programer Alex Ivanov Privanov s, initiation into the strange and magical side of the USSR This part is complete madcap and intro [...]

  13. Reading Strugatsky brothers books I finally understood the reason for people learning Russian to read Russian literature in its original form Russian style is undeniably powerful and funny beyond explanation.In order to understand Monday Begins on Saturday, the reader better be familiar with Russian folklore, fairy tales, most famous mages, vampires or myths of all time and Russian language just kidding Otherwise, some characters and their deeds will not be understood The beginning of the book t [...]

  14. So, here is a book that matches Harry Potter in magic, Terry Pratchett in deadpan humor, and Doctor Who in time travel And raises them one heck of a parody of Soviet science and bureaucracy It did remind be of Pratchett in a lot of ways Deadpan one liners, creative uses of magic and folklore, and humor catered to smart people I also loved the fact that while it is categorized as science fiction, this book is not action It is rather a parody of everyday life in a science institution with all its [...]

  15. Pazartesi Cumartesiden Ba lar Kendi sinifi i inde en e lenceli kitap olabilir Okurken Harry Potter in fikir babas oldu unu d nd rten ama onda ki kara b y yerine daha e lenceli bir halde b y y , efsunlari, Sovyetlerde ki al ma ortam n ortaya koyan oook guzel bir kitap.

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  17. Uzun zamand r b ylesine, ba ndan sonuna kadar tatmin eden bir bilimkurgu kitab okumam t m diyebilirim Yazarlar n kitab n sonunda da a klad gibi d nyan n e itli lkelerinden b y ve mitoloji unsurlar bir araya getirilirken bir yandan da bir t rl doyuma ula amayan, s rekli t keten ideal insan kavram n n da ele tirildi i bir eser Harry Potter da, GoT da kar la t m z baz eyleri burada da g r yoruz, hatta sonlara do ru bir Doctor Who tad bile ald m diyebilirim Dili ok keyifli, ince espriler ve g nderme [...]

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