The Story of Ruby Bridges

The Story of Ruby Bridges Please God try to forgive those people Because even if they say those bad things They don t know what they re doing This is the true story of an extraordinary year old who helped shape history wh

Please, God, try to forgive those people Because even if they say those bad things, They don t know what they re doing This is the true story of an extraordinary 6 year old who helped shape history when she became the first African American sent to first grade in an all white school This moving book captures the courage of a little girl standing alone in the face of ra Please, God, try to forgive those people Because even if they say those bad things, They don t know what they re doing This is the true story of an extraordinary 6 year old who helped shape history when she became the first African American sent to first grade in an all white school This moving book captures the courage of a little girl standing alone in the face of racism Ford s moving watercolor paintings.ure thewarmth of Ruby s family and community, the immense powers against her, and her shining inner strength Booklist

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The Story of Ruby Bridges

  1. Child psychiatrist, author, Harvard professor.Robert Coles is a professor of psychiatry and medical humanities at the Harvard Medical School, a research psychiatrist for the Harvard University Health Services, and the James Agee Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard College.

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  1. The story of Ruby Bridges is a lovingly illustrated true story of Ruby Bridges As a young 6 year old girl, growing up in the South during the days of the Civil Rights movement, Ruby was selected by the courts and ordered to attend the all white school of Franz Elementary School Every morning became a variation of a frightening, degrading experience, with hordes of angry people lining the sidewalks, jeering, shouting insults and worse How she handles this is what makes this book special, because [...]

  2. I pray for me, that I would be strong and not afraid I pray for my enemies, that God would forgive them On November 1960, in New Orleans Ruby Bridges was the first African American student to attend William Frantz Elementary School Received by a crowd of a white mob, Ruby marched into the school At six years old, Ruby showed great courage as day after day she got this same welcome Despite the crowds, Ruby persisted.WOW, this truly was an amazing story Ruby Bridges was volunteered by her parents [...]

  3. This was a great story that was extremely knowledgeable about Ruby Bridges life It is an important read when talking about Civil Rights, because it explains it in easier terms.

  4. Robert Coles, the imminent Harvard child psychiatrist and activist for all children, penned this wonderful book in 1995, the same year I used Civil Rights funds to bring him up to NH for some workshops for teachers and administrators on child welfare and the role of race racism and poverty in children s resiliency An excellent and only 5 minute interview with Cole explaining the story of Ruby Bridges in the context of her role in the Civil Rights Movement as the first of a group of six, 6 year o [...]

  5. The Story of Ruby Bridges is a classic example of how courageous, non violent people and acts helped end the civil rights movement I read this book to my class every year at least once, so that they can see the power a young school girl had just through her actions Every time I read this story, I am inspired to make sure that my students are not limited to the opportunities that they have in school The story begins by introducing Ruby, a young African American girl growing up in the South during [...]

  6. Main Characters RubySettings 1960, New OrleansP.O.V First PersonSummary The book is a short biography of Ruby Bridges in 1960 when her family moved from Mississippi to New Orleans The family wanted a better life The family dealt with discrimination and segregation considering they were Black in a primarily White town A judge ordered Ruby to attend an all White school for first grade called Frantz Elementary School Ruby faced harsh words, punishment and discrimination while attending the school N [...]

  7. This book is a great way to introduce children to race relations in this country It provides a clear look at history and a brave girl their own age to inspire them I realize it is unusual to review a picture book without commenting on the illustrations I really liked the book but had mixed feelings about the illustrations Perhaps because there is a famous photo of the real Ruby Bridges that is etched in my memory, these images didn t enchant me the way the story did although they are certainly s [...]

  8. Wow, I felt like I was reading a Patricia Polacco couldn t even finish the ending for a bit, I was crying so hard Luckily, my 8 year old wasn t impatient to continue she was crying right along with me.I ve got a 6 year old who is also named Ruby and this book and a few others have reminded me that, for some reason, girls named Ruby are often very brave and very stong Tough little gems.The world needs this book right now I wish I could hand out copies.

  9. Biography Grades 3 5 This was the inspiring true story about young Ruby Bridges She was one of only four little African American girls that was ordered to go to an all white school in an attempt at desegregation She was six years old and had the weight of America s social injustices on her tiny shoulders She began a routine of being escorted into school by federal marshals and having a classroom all to herself because no one wanted their children to be in school with her However, she maintained [...]

  10. The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles is a sad reminder of where our country was in 1960 but a great reminder of the people who s character and kindness brought us out of it This biography is the story of a very young African American girl named Ruby Bridges She lived in New Orleans with her family during school segregation A judge ordered Ruby and 3 other girls to attend white elementary schools She was the only one who was sent to William Frantz Elementary She was not welcomed to say the l [...]

  11. The Story of Ruby Bridges tells an extraordinary story of a brave young girl who was the first African American to attend first grade at an all white school during segregation Even though others were against this and called Ruby names, this did not stop Ruby from going to school The illustrations throughout the book made me feel like I was in the moment This book pulled at my emotions, wondering how people could be so mean, yet Ruby prayed for them This book was a WOW book for me because it insp [...]

  12. Title The Story of Ruby BridgesBibliography Coles, R Ford, G 1995 The story of Ruby Bridges New York Annotation Young Ruby Bridges is a first grader trying to attend school during segregation School is a lonely place with just her teacher to keep her company An angry mob waits outside to yell at her every morning but Ruby finds the courage to continue to go to school and even to pray for forgiveness for those who hate her Genre Biography Nonfiction Grade Level 2 5 5.4Readers who will like this b [...]

  13. This book almost made me cry The civil rights movement and the stories about the families that lived through this time is tough to read about I found myself getting very angry also while I read this book, and I really wanted to go inside the book and tell the crowd of people to stop behaving like they did The part that touched me the most was when I read Ruby s prayer It was so touching and inspiering As Martin Luther King said, Love is the key to the world s problems I really saw that Ruby resp [...]

  14. This book is about a young girl who is the first African American girl in an all white school She is escorted by federal Marshals to protect her from the hatred of white parents and students She is unwanted in the school by almost all of the parents and other students, and is clearly unwelcome Despite all of this she rises above it, and this brave little girl continues showing up This is the true story of Ruby Bridges, and how she overcame racism to get a good education I loved this book, and wo [...]

  15. This story really brings the reality of what life was like during the desegregation of schools and how our faith in God should be like that of a child s Ellie received this book during the summer library reading program in 2011 We read this again for CC3 wk 20 brown vs board of education Jacob rates this book 4 stars.

  16. A beautiful book which tells the true story of the incredible Ruby Bridges, who at age six, walked through an angry, hate filled crowd to attend school, and in the midst of the crowd s angry taunts, prayed for those who reviled her.

  17. Summary First grader, Ruby Bridges was the first African American to be sent to an all white school It shows how courageous she was in a time of racism Characteristics That Support the Genre This true story of the brave 6 year old Ruby Bridges describes her journey as being the first African American student to go to an all white school She remained calm, relaxed, and hopeful during this time difficult time of racism and did not let others opinions scare her out of going to school and receiving [...]

  18. My 6 y o daughter had finished reading her book about Martin Luther King Jr and was talking about the lady on the bus Rosa Parks and the litle black girl that went to an all white school Ruby Bridges I said Ruby Bridges I have a book about her she asked to read it, we did.

  19. This was a heart wrenching book retelling a story of a young girl who bravely went to a white school during the time where segregation in the south was still very rampant Ruby Bridges moved to the New Orleans area after her dad lost his job in the plantation She was brought up by parents who were God fearing people and worked hard for their family Ruby was selected to go to William Frantz Elementary school and she was the first colored girl to go there The backlash was intense and she had to cro [...]

  20. This story is about Ruby Bridges Most of us have heard about her she was a young girl who got a court exception and allowed her to attend a school that was beforehand whites only Every day she attended school, she was met with an angry mob that did not want her to go to this elementary school Soon she realizes that she is the only student showing up in class, as everyone else is boycotting class Eventually, her classmates join her because they realize they can t miss school forever and they need [...]

  21. This book tells the story of Ruby Bridges, the first child of color to attend an all white school Everyday she had to walk through a mob of angry, white people who were yelling at her and even trying to hurt her For a long time, Ruby was in the school all by herself, calm and collected and ready to learn Her teacher was always curious if she was scared but Ruby seemed to be doing fine One day, her teacher saw Ruby stop in the middle of the angry crowd and it looked like she was talking to them W [...]

  22. This story focuses on the story of one African American girl attending an all white school in the midst of the transitioning from a segregated to integrated society in the United States Ruby and three other African American girls were chosen to attend all white schools However, Ruby was the only one to attend Frantz Elementary School Every day, a mob would riot in disapproval, showing how much they were against her going to a white school But Ruby was never phased by them, and was always relaxed [...]

  23. 1 This is the story of Ruby Bridges and her experiences after she is chosen as one of the first black children to attend an all white elementary school This story recounts the large and vicious mobs Ruby encountered and the way she persevered through it Even though she experienced an extreme amount of hatred day after day from these people, she stopped and prayed two times a day for them.2 I think this is a great life story to read to students We are lucky to live in a time where there is no seg [...]

  24. Summary This books tells of one of the most monumental educational events The story of Ruby Bridges is that of one of the first African American students to attend an whites only school following the desegragation of schools in Louisiana The story tells of Ruby s perseverance through the trials of adversity It tells of never ending faith and hope during the daily walk to school and for her thrist of knowledge Evaluation Though the book told of an amazing triumph of the civil rights movement, I w [...]

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