The Sign of the Seahorse

The Sign of the Seahorse Romance mystery and intrigue revolve around the Seahorse Cafe where the beautiful Pearl Trout falls in love with Corporal Bert the Soldiercrab But Reeftown is in danger and soon Pearl Bert and Pe

Romance, mystery and intrigue revolve around the Seahorse Cafe, where the beautiful Pearl Trout falls in love with Corporal Bert the Soldiercrab But Reeftown is in danger, and soon Pearl, Bert, and Pearl

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The Sign of the Seahorse

  1. Graeme Rowland Base is a successful Australian author and artist of picture books that have been sold internationally He is perhaps best known for his second book, Animalia published in 1986, and third book The Eleventh Hour which was released in 1989.He was born in England but moved to Australia with his family at the age of eight and has lived there ever since He attended Box Hill High School and Melbourne High School in Melbourne, and then studied a Diploma of Art Graphic Design for three years at Swinburne University of Technology at Prahran.He worked in advertising for two years and then began illustrating children s books, gradually moving to authoring them as well.Graeme resides in Melbourne with his wife Robyn and has three children.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1998.

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  1. What a beautiful rhyming book The art is amazing The story is sweet and also pretty pertinent to today s pollution I like ol Bert and Pearl for sure The rhyme sticks in your head That evil grouper sure gets what he deserves and in the end all fishes are happy and alive This fine book was at a friends house and I got to read it Pick it up It s long for a picture book and I really enjoyed it.

  2. According to my mom, this was my favorite book growing up I think it must have been the pictures because it s quite long for a children s book That being said, I read it to Jackson over two nights for his goodnight book and personally thought it great Would I recommend it for a regular Children s book No But it is a great book for a little older audience Has that epic plot with a fun twist in characters based from the sea Something that generally bothers me about children s books is that many ti [...]

  3. Graeme Base is without a doubt one of my favorite author illustrators His book Animalia is one of my favorite picture books of all time I love that he like John Lithgow and his illustrating partner C.F Payne in particular treats his audience of young readers with respect in both his lavish illustrations and words.The Sign of the Seahorse appeals to me initially because it is set within the structure of a play I was about 10 seconds into reading when I fell in love with the lnaguage and visual fe [...]

  4. This is an entertaining, but long, saga that pits good fish against evil fish in a tale of corruption and tragedy that ends with a new beginning for all The story is told in verse, with rhyming stanzas, and it s fun to read aloud I expected the story to be fairly lengthy when we read The Worst Band in the Universe, I was surprised at how dense the poetry was and how long it took us to read it We read that book almost three years ago, when our girls were younger and much squirmy, so it took us s [...]

  5. I absolutely loved this book I picked it up at a yard sale for my just turned 6 year old I didn t really look at the book, what attracted me was the pictures I opened it up that night to read it and fell in love The pictures are gorgeous The story itself is fun and fun to read aloud I love that the words aren t dumbed down or simplified for kids I love exposing him to words he doesn t hear on a daily basis What really sold me though was the fact it was laid out like a play My son loved it too We [...]

  6. This was a fun book to read on a snow day The search to find the culprit behind the mysterious poisoning of the Seahorses, starts at the famous Seahorse Caf and takes readers from the doomed coral gardens of Reeftown to a sunken wreck and an underwater junkyard, across the Deep all the way to the edge of the Great Continental Shelf The rhyming text and the beautiful illustrations really help immerse you in this awesome underwater world.

  7. Graeme Base never fails to impress with his sheer breath of talent Now, in addition to his epic illustrations, we have an epic tale to go with them Love, loss, oil, and sea coral What could you want from a children s book The poetry is funny even to adults, and the underwater society Base brings to life could not be entertaining Seriously one of his best works ever.

  8. For young and old who love a delightful rhyming undersea adventure with a side plate of an environmental moral and gussy upped with colorful illustrations Another Graeme Base book that will be added to my children s bookshelf.

  9. I have admired Graeme Base s work for as long as I can remember When I was working at Chapters, I started collecting lovely illustrated children s books most of them procured via the bargain table, I will admit This was one that I happened upon and have enjoyed many times over the years.The witty prose and gorgeous illustrations are sure to capture both the hearts and imaginations of children I am currently downsizing my library and releasing a few books I look forward to passing this along so t [...]

  10. The reef is dying and the evil Gropmund Grouper and his shark thugs are trying to take over the Seahorse Cafe Beautiful Pearl Trout is in love with Corporal Bert the Soldiercrab While her brother Finneus is part of punk fish gang Oh dear, whatever will happen The text is written in verse form, and it s broken up into acts That artwork is beautiful The plot is a bit predictable and and a bit preachy But otherwise it is a very pretty book.

  11. This book is about the population of the sea creatures living in a coral reef that are threatened by a deadly poison The story takes you on the journey of Pearl, Bert, and Finneus as they make their way through the ocean to find where the poison is coming from Great book to make lesson plans from

  12. This is a nice story with gorgeous illustrations I would love to see it as a jazz opera, with ballet dancing seahorses.

  13. ugh I m glad this book is finished My daughter picked this book out from the library and enjoyed it That s why it got the 2nd star I personally just wanted it to end sorry

  14. Who doesn t want to read an epic poem about trout, crabs, sharks, and snails all searching for a little thing called home The suspenseful tale that travelled the ocean floor with such memorable charcters as the Catfish gang and Pearl the trout was my first introduction to water pollution It seems weird that this would be in a children s book, but Finnigan had to find out why the great reef was dying The Grooper and his gang of miscreants were also very good adversaries for our heroes to overcome [...]

  15. I love the children s books by Graeme Base They are gorgeously illustrated, to the point of being art This one is a sophisticated story that rhymes, and children seem to love rhyme I still love it It s an adventure story set under the sea with various hilariously illustrated characters fish and sea critters fighting over territory with an apparent oil or chemical spill ruining a reef The art is priceless This is one intelligent and talented author This is a great book for children on than one f [...]

  16. As a kid I loved this book If you loved looking at all the tiny details in every picture as a kid or know a child who is like that, I spent endless moments looking into every page of this story over and over and over again The illustration is fantastic and the story imbues a compassion and care for the beauty of the natural world when we respect it and care for it As a child I remember my own story writing being influenced by themes and characters from within this book Good read Endless adventur [...]

  17. Terrific illustrations in Base s usual style This book is a drama told in verse Intrigue, good v bad, love, courage all feature in this unusual story Since the entire story is told in verse, some kids may have a hard time following it It works well, though, as a read aloud, particularly to older children It might work as a good transition into epic poetry There is an obvious environmentalism agenda at work big oil is bad , and there is also the strong emphasis that greed doesn t win A well told [...]

  18. What a grand message about the destruction of our beautiful reefs yet intertwined with hope for salvation in a story packed with adventure, romance, good v evil, and exceptionally detailed illustrations Graeme Base is an Australian author who rhymes like there s no tomorrow A lengthy story for older children or read as bedtime story over a couple of nights I read it to my daughter when she was a toddler because the rhymes were so flawless it made for a soothingly modulated read.

  19. This is my absolute favorite book The story is so simple yet it the most beautiful book I ve ever read My dad used to read it to me and my sister every night and i could never get over the beautiful illustrations not to mention the little shrimp and seahorse signs that are hidden within each page Ive even memorized the quote on the back of the book I have such an emotional connection to this book and it will always be my favorite.

  20. Although technically a children s book, The Sign of the Seahorse is definitely a book that I appreciated as i ve gotten older It s part allegory, part melodrama, told through Graeme Base s excellent illustrations as much as through the text And, yes, it does have that feel good, they get what they deserve sort of ending What else

  21. Long would require several read aloud sessions Written in rhyming verse Great vocabulary exotic, translucent, despondent, etc Beautiful pictures Great for envisionment, sequencing events, using informational text knowledge to better understand enjoy a piece of literature, rhyming, mentor text for narrative poetry, marine life, pollution awareness.

  22. As much as I love that the story is told via poem and that there is amazing allegory swimming below the surface, I must admit that many times I made up my own story to go along with the gorgeous illustrations But when I was child Yes, when I was a childMy Grouper voice is still the best ever

  23. A lovely poem book with magnificent illustrations A story of the death of a coral reef from careless chemical barrel dumping and how the sea creatures overcome the menacing sharks and other bad sea critters A great story to help teach children about how an entire ecosystem can suffer from the carelessness of others.

  24. This one gets five stars because it was my absolute fave when I was growing up as well as my brother and sister s We spent endless hours making up games around the whole plot of the book, acting it out and arguing over who got to be which characters I will always have a soft spot for it because of that

  25. The couplets, perhaps it was my mood, didn t thrill me as much I could have read it in a traditional story form and been quite happy The story itself is a classic love at first sight, bad guy s actions break them apart, separate adventures, reunited in the end I appreciated the arrangement to push an environmental and social message The artwork, as ever, is inspiring.

  26. I love this book I read it every year to my primary grade class My daughter listened to it when she was so little she had to be propped up to see the pictures The language is so musical and rhythmic that it flows like a sparkling waterfall On top of that it s funny, a mystery, and has characters the students recognize from real life.

  27. I ve never met a Graeme Base book I didn t like This one is just a straightforward story, without the puzzle, but includes his signature colourful illustrations My only complaint is that it s so long and a complicated story that I won t be able to share it with my little guy for awhile Oh well, something to look forward to.

  28. Reading like a play, with scenes, cast and all, Base has an amazing array of fish on display in this dramatic tale There is a serious message to all this though, for the cause of the problem is the oil tanks which were dumped in the ocean.

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