The Horseman on the Roof

The Horseman on the Roof Perhaps no other of his novels better reveals Giono s perfect balance between lyricism and narrative description and characterization the epic and the particular than The Horseman on the Roof This

Perhaps no other of his novels better reveals Giono s perfect balance between lyricism and narrative, description and characterization, the epic and the particular, than The Horseman on the Roof This novel, which Giono began writing in 1934 and which was published in 1951, expanded and solidified his reputation as one of Europe s most important writers.This is a novel ofPerhaps no other of his novels better reveals Giono s perfect balance between lyricism and narrative, description and characterization, the epic and the particular, than The Horseman on the Roof This novel, which Giono began writing in 1934 and which was published in 1951, expanded and solidified his reputation as one of Europe s most important writers.This is a novel of adventure, a roman courtois, that tells the story of Angelo, a nobleman who has been forced to leave Italy because of a duel, and is returning to his homeland by way of Provence But that region is in the grip of a cholera epidemic, travelers are being imprisoned behind barricades, and exposure to the disease is almost certain.Angelo s escapades, adventures, and heroic self sacrifice in this hot, hallucinatory landscape, among corpses, criminals and rioting townspeople, share this epic tale.

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The Horseman on the Roof

  1. Jean Giono, the only son of a cobbler and a laundress, was one of France s greatest writers His prodigious literary output included stories, essays, poetry,plays, filmscripts, translations and over thirty novels, many of which have been translated into English Giono was a pacifist, and was twice imprisoned in France at the outset and conclusion of World War II He remained tied to Provence and Manosque, the little city where he was born in 1895 and, in 1970, died.Giono was awarded the Prix Bretano, the Prix de Monaco for the most outstandingcollected work by a French writer , the L gion d Honneur, and he wasa member of the Acad mie Goncourt.

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  1. Wonderfully written novel with a strong element of the picaresque There is a touch of allegory parable, adventure, romance understated and hinted at , geoegraphy and history The descriptions are vivid and you can feel the heat of southern France.The main protagonist is Angelo Pardi, a piedmontese colonel but still very young , who has temporarily left Italy and is wandering around southern France looking for a friend He is doing this in the middle of a cholera epidemic and death is ever present [...]

  2. Reading this was a dream An absolutely gorgeous fantastical dream The horseman, Angelo, who has had to leave Italy because of a duel in which he has killed a man, travels though the French countryside which is festering with a cholera epidemic, and he moves like a dream of light which sounds so over the top I d be embarrassed but for the sheer truth of it I don t know that I ve ever read a appealing character I won t even try to describe him as it wouldn t do him a bit of justice The people he [...]

  3. I m not usually into adventure novels but this is a strange kind of adventure as much metaphysical as physical, even though its hero is an expert swordsman though for proof of this you d have to see either of the other two Angelo books in English Angelo brilliant or The Straw Man confused and disappointing but for its one sword fight, which is jaw dropping, tear jerking, astonishing What makes this work is the character of Angelo charming, heroic, self questioning, youthfully self important yet [...]

  4. Se non osa guardare in faccia questo spettacolo, signora, credo che le convenga strapparsi gli occhi Questo le eviter la fatica di tenersi le mani sulla fronte Finito il colera, ci resteranno da affrontare gli specchi 1831 Angelo Pardi, colonnello degli ussari affiliato alla carboneria, in fuga dall Italia e attraversa la Provenza per raggiungere Giuseppe, suo fratello di latte.E un estate torrida quasi all inverosimile ed il caldo nauseante non d tregua in un paesaggio descritto fin nei minimi [...]

  5. Jean Giono s The Horseman on the Roof represents a strange kind of throwback to the picaresque literature of earlier centuries A patriotic young colonel is on the run from his native Italy because he had killed an Austrian baron in a duel at a time when the Austrians were in control of Northern Italy Crossing the border into France, he walks into a giant cholera epidemic that seems to have a large part of Provence in its grip.The remainder of the novel consists of Angelo Pardi s for that is the [...]

  6. Hace un tiempo tuve entre mis manos una edici n de El hombre que plantaba rboles prologada por Jos Saramago Si bien en ese momento esa conexi n me extra , ahora, despu s de haber le do El h sar en el tejado , la novela m s prestigiosa de Giono, veo claro cu l debi ser la conexi n que realiz el editor que solicit ese pr logo.Tanto Ensayo sobre la Ceguera como sta, describen un escenario de ruina absoluta en el que la civilizaci n decae en medio de la demencia al ser arrollada por una plaga incont [...]

  7. 3,5 5 C est une belle histoire, riche en r flexions sur l Homme, avec beaucoup d aventures, mais je n ai pas tout fait adh r au style, je l ai trouv peut tre un poil trop descriptif et plat si bien que je n ai pas vraiment ressenti les divers rebondissements, tout me paraissait se succ der sans vraie surprise Mais il y a aussi beaucoup de belles choses, il y a certes un peu trop de descriptions de la nature mais elles sont parfois splendides Et surtout, il y a tout cet aspect tr s humain, dans c [...]

  8. Angelo Pardi un miracolato A cavallo o a piedi, alla luce del sole o sfuggendo le insidie, attraversa cinque mesi e quasi cinquecento pagine di colera accusando al pi un principio di mal di pancia sconfitto con due bottiglie di borgogna eppure non si tira indietro, anzi si danna a soccorrere moribondi e lavare morti senza neppure badare a evitare il contatto con i fluidi corporei Bisogna dire che, nella prima met del romanzo, il vero protagonista non lui, bens la malattia che fa strage in una Pr [...]

  9. Moins que son c t roman d aventures, je l ai surtout appr ci pour les observations sur les comportements individuels et collectifs g n r s par la peur d une menace invisible Sauve qui peut et chacun pour soi Rien de tel qu une bonne pid mie pour r v ler nos vrais natures Et en plus, l histoire d amour est assez originale.

  10. There are several Provences and visitors will soon realize that following the roads in the valleys, it often takes longer than anticipated to link two points that seem close on the map About ten years ago, I spent a short holiday in Jean Giono s Provence, between Banon and Forcalquier His most famous novel, in part because it was brilliantly adapted as a movie by Jean Paul Rappeneau with Juliette Binoche and Olivier Martinez, is The Horseman on the Roof Le hussard sur le toit Angelo Pardi, an It [...]

  11. Ce livre fait partie des romans assez difficiles d finir et qui vous laisse longtemps apr s l avoir referm un arri re go t en bouche.J ai bien aim le r cit mais pour moi c est vraiment la sc ne finale entre Pauline et Angelo qui m a marqu jamais L intensit du passage est couper le souffle et fait de ce roman, lui seul, une perle rare.

  12. Tiempos de c lera en la Provenza francesa Un h sar solitario se transformar , a su manera, en un h roe Entre cad veres, agon as y podredumbre renacer n la compasi n y el amor.Ante todo, un libro hermosamente escrito Cada expresi n parece largamente meditada Un ambiente sombr o, oscuro con descripciones agobiantes e insistentes sobre los ltimos estertores de las v ctimas del c lera No es una novela de amor y ni siquiera es una historia agradable Es una lecci n de buena literatura.

  13. Version fran aise Le hussard sur le toitParution en 1951 Oeuvre faisant partie d un cycle dit du hussard comprenant cinq titres Le hussard sur le toit est le premier en chronologie mais pas le premier crit Port l cran en 1995.L auteur 1895 1970 est originaire de Manosque lieu mentionn dans le roman d une famille d origine pi montaise le h ros est Pi montais L exp rience des tranch es de la Premi re guerre mondiale en fera un pacifiste convaincu Il sera accus de collaboration plus ou moins passiv [...]

  14. Magnifiquement bien crit L histoire est captivante, les sc nes descriptives sont totalement utiles et participent l volution du r cit Le h ros est attachant Un roman d routant.

  15. The Horseman on the Roof follows the adventures and near disasters of Angelo Pardi, a young Italian galloping, by the seat of his pants, across southern France as he seeks to distance himself from those who want to kill him Austria is in possession of northern Italy, and Angelo, a nobleman and patriot of Italy has had to to leave Turin in haste.It is the summer of 1825, and a cholera outbreak is bearing down on all of Provence As Angelo dashes across the countryside, he not only must outrun his [...]

  16. Striking, graphic adventure of two individuals trying to escape from a terrifying cholera epidemic A seemingly accurate description of Southern France just before the advent of Napoleon III.The scenes with victims dropping dead on the spot and the terror of the inhabitants are truly gripping The narration is excellent, the action fast paced, and the images depicted are quite sharp.This book was rated 9th best book of all time by Le Monde and I can see why.

  17. The translation I stumbled upon was exquisite This novel is by far the most successful of Giono s works It is lyrical and poetic and yet the plot does not entirely subscribe to what one might call the rules of romance A number of years later another admirer of Giono made an unfortunate film based on this novel, ravaging the storyline and resulting in a travesty We can forgive the filmmaker since he no doubt meant well but the novel and the author deserve better I recall the principal actors, bot [...]

  18. Loved the book There is surprsingly small amount of swashbuckling, it is of an internal monologue for Angelo, who is a true officer and a gentleman The workings of his mind and what he highlights and emphasizes is truly fascinating Reading this book made me want to be a considerate and polite person He puts the welfare of others above his own, especially towards the end when he escorts Pauline to her aun ts home He risks life and limb to get her there safely, because it is what his principles [...]

  19. There were things that I really liked about the book and some that I didn t The mood atmosphere and setting were all really well done The characterization was really good but at times got a bit cerebral for my wee brain I have to admit I had to skim parts of it as there were too many similar descriptions of the many cholera victims and after awhile this slowed the book down for me too much.All in all a good book that I would recommend to people who enjoy good descriptions, characterization, phil [...]

  20. Epic novel set in southern France during cholera season This book could appropriately be called Love in the Time of Cholera than the book that s actually titled that Oh, and did I mention cholera The number of scenes where people are dying of cholera is excessive, even so than the movie which is based on it a very good film The rambles don t seem to have much point either, and just seem to be different people s view of cholera The writing is also confusing and very, very slow The main characte [...]

  21. A story set within a cholera epidemic in France It is beautifully written, but to me the most fascinating parts are the numerous graphic descriptions of the hellish effects of this awful disease I tried to find modern photographs of victims but couldn t find any horrible depictions mostly I found sad dark skinned children lying in bed There must be some online photo etiquette in place Giono is a wonderful writer, and the varying intellectualities of his characters careen splendidly across the th [...]

  22. Landscape and cholera are the main characters, and a couple of charming humans carry the mirror along the road Since cholera is still epidemic today in war torn regions and refugee camps, its portrayal here is than a matter of historical curiosity If you don t like description of landscape, or think it just gums up the plot, you probably won t care for Giono Too bad, as he is certainly one of the 20th century s greatest writers.

  23. Very well written in the original french If I m honest I really didn t care about the characters, the adventures and philosophical wonderings but I m still counting Jean Giono as one of my favorite writers from now on This book is FULL of amazing despriptions the weather, the landscapes, the food, the sickness etc And as a bonus, I was very happy to recognize some of the places as I live in Southern France.

  24. Jean Giono ne cesse de sublimer son lecteur Ses descriptions , longues certes et parfois tr s ennuyeuse , mais tr s utiles la trame v nementielle, nous r v le encore une fois le talent invincible et exemplaire de Jean Giono Des personnages qui font r ver le lecteur Ce dernier veut faire le tour du monde pour trouver Angelo ou Pauline un Must read

  25. If I was going to book club would have finished it But It is a hypnotic story of travel in a dangerous time Decidedly old fashioned I just finished modern book with very similar overall themes travel to the unknown, adventures, adversity, single protagonist, etc Yet, I found Annihilation entirely engaging stayed up really late to finish it , while this one left me cold.

  26. I borrowed this book based on the reviews about the picturesque description in the book and the positive reviews But even after going through the first 10 chapters of the book it just doesnt pick up All the author keeps describing is the wide spread disease and the intolerable heat Couldnt keep going after a while and so gave up.

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