Thirteen Senses

Thirteen Senses A daring memoir of love magic adventure and miracles Victor Villase or s Thirteen Senses continues the exhilarating family saga that began in the widely acclaimed bestseller Rain of Gold deliveri

A daring memoir of love, magic, adventure, and miracles, Victor Villase or s Thirteen Senses continues the exhilarating family saga that began in the widely acclaimed bestseller Rain of Gold, delivering a stunning story of passion, family, and the forgotten mystical senses that stir within us all.Thirteen Senses begins with the fiftieth wedding anniversary of the aging forA daring memoir of love, magic, adventure, and miracles, Victor Villase or s Thirteen Senses continues the exhilarating family saga that began in the widely acclaimed bestseller Rain of Gold, delivering a stunning story of passion, family, and the forgotten mystical senses that stir within us all.Thirteen Senses begins with the fiftieth wedding anniversary of the aging former bootlegger Salvador and his elegant wife, Lupe When asked by a young priest to repeat the sacred ceremonial phrase to honor and obey, Lupe surprises herself and says No, I will not say obey How dare you You don t talk to me like this after fifty years of marriage and I now knowing what I know After the hilarious shock of Lupe s rejection of the ceremony, the Villase or family is forced to examine the love that Lupe and Salvador have shared for so many years a universal, gut honest love that will eventually energize and inspire the couple into old age.

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Thirteen Senses

  1. Victor Villase or is an acclaimed Mexican American writer, best known for the New York Times bestseller novel Rain of Gold Villase or s works are often taught in American schools He went on to write Thirteen Senses A Memoir 2001 , a continuation of Rain of Gold His book Burro Genius A Memoir 2004 describes his life The author has received awards and endorsements, including an appointment to serve as the founding Steinbeck Chair at Hartnell College and the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas, from February 2003 to March 2004.

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  1. I was really drawn into this book, and even though it is over 500 pages long I did not want it to end Reading it gave me a lot of insight into relationships, and the power that you have over your own reality.Lupe and Salvador are a perfect example of how two people can come together and truely have the very best even when everything around them seems to be falling apart simply because they have eachother.I usually would not re read a book, but I really can t wait to peak back through it in a cou [...]

  2. It s a good thing I read Rain of Gold first, because if I read Thirteen Senses first, I never would have read Rain of Gold The story was interesting and engaging, but all the crazy, mystical, religious talk was over the top It was very preachy The random capitalizations drove me nuts, too Victor Villasenor should have stopped while he was ahead.

  3. I read Rain of Gold when I moved to the San Luis Valley about eight years ago and I loved it I couldn t put it down This I had a hard time with it felt like an overdone emotional rollercoaster Maybe I was experiencing too much of this at work, so it wasn t a good time to read it But if memory serves me right, big question there , then the first in this trilogy was a much stronger book I didn t know a second one existed, so I ll still be picking it up if that says anything about what I believe in [...]

  4. I was really hoping that this book would have been as great as its prequel, Rain of Gold, With rain of gold I was so intrigued by the lives of Lupe s and Salvador s Family to put it down ALthough this book does depict the details about their later marriage and love, I was still not as pleased with is as I was with the first one I think that it was too much of a good thing actually I had read this book about 5 years ago and loved it, and rereading it I was hoping to love it even , it didnt quite [...]

  5. This book is amazing So many heart felt stories and truths about life and love I think I have learned a lot by seeing myself refelcted in these pages Villase or is awesome I suggest reading Rain of Gold first as it is sorta a series.

  6. God readA look at the give and take in marriage Mexican culture and life California In the depression era Characters are well drawn The influence of the spirit world is part of this book.

  7. Victor Villase or s Thirteen Senses picks up the story he began with Rain of Gold, and he continues in that wonderfully chatty, yet fabulously minstrel like narrative voice that mesmerizes readers Telling the story of his own ancestors, Villase or speaks to the heart of humanity he weaves the threads of this family history into a tale that speaks on a much deeper level than do the specific incidents and events The details may be family sensitive, but the tapestry is that of every family love and [...]

  8. This book, a so called memoir, follows Victor s mother and father from their marriage to their 50th anniversary It is filled with the borderline criminal antics performed by Villasenor s bootlegger father So many near death experiences But god always intervenes in one form or another ususally called into action by Victor s mystical catholic grandmother It focuses way too much on her relationship with Virgin Mary and others It seems to attempt to duplicate somewhat the tales of Carlos Casteneda V [...]

  9. This book is a wondrous story filled with love, passion, and obstacles of life This book finishes the story to the previous novel Rain of Gold where Salvador and Lupe left off at their wedding, in 13 senses their is a newborn added to Salvador and Lupe s family, and most of the characters from Rain of Gold are included in 13 Senses There was nothing in this book that I did not like I couldn t have read a better one When I would read this book I would sink myself into the story that s what I like [...]

  10. I have to take a moment to give myself props for reading this in Spanish, but unfortunately doesn t give me the chance to publicly celebrate my great achievement So I ll just write about it in my review Lol Thirteen Senses or Trece Sentidos was a very interesting continuation of the lives of the Rain of Gold families, focusing particularly on Juan and Lupe s first years of marriage While the epic prayer battles between Juan s mother and various members of the Trinity and or Virgin Mary can seem [...]

  11. I was certain I wrote a review last year when I finished the book but apparently I was wrong Salvador and Lupe s story is one that mimics life with all its craziness and spontaneity and that s why I enjoyed reading Thirteen Senses so much I ve read the complaint that the book is too filled with faith and is too much of an emotional roller coaster Rather than disagree, I reflected on my own life and the people I have encountered along the way and concluded in about five seconds that I know a numb [...]

  12. An interesting look into Mexican American life, but far too cluttered with feel good mysticism and trite New Age imagery The book could have easily been cut by half if Villase or would have focused on the social aspects of the story where he excels and stayed away from the spiritual instructions streaming from one dimensional characters who seem to serve no purpose save being cultural stereotypes I also found it DISTRACTING how Capitalization was used It was Inconsistent and rather RANDOM Less s [...]

  13. This is a prequel and sequel to Rain of Gold , another book by this author that I highly recommend.The book begins with Villasenor s parents 50th wedding anniversary and rewinds to their initial days as newlyweds The confusing parts of the book relate to the repeated Christian emphasis, which may be better understood if viewed as Spirituality rather than the tenets of a particular faith However, despite the chronological disparities, the book is still quite amazing in its ability to discuss Mexi [...]

  14. I m not too hopeful that this will be a book I like O.K Now I ve read it sort of I admit that I got a little than halfway through and couldn t take it any I skimmed it for a while then skipped to the end I don t think I missed much I got tired of Salvador I wasn t quite sure about his mom her daily talks with Mary I loved Rain of Gold but would have been satisfied with the way it ended without going on to Thirteen Senses.

  15. This book is good A little repetitive but its still good Its the continuation to Rain of Gold Rain of Gold end and Thirteen Senses begins It picks up right where it left off The story continues being good and full of adventures Its about love Everything is about love DEveryone has to learn to love and love oneself.

  16. This book has a good story line too but i mainly focused on the thirteen senses explained It takes a man and woman to obtain all thirteen senses That s what we are here for, to find that one person who will help us to obtain all thirteen senses The thirteenth sense is Being Don t stress on anything Just BE Be happy Be healthy

  17. This was such an enjoyable book to read I lost myself so many times in the imagery and the characters I m happy that I got the hardcover edition because this is definitely a keeper I haven t read Rain of Gold yet, but I m looking forward to it after reading Thirteen Senses Villasenor makes me proud of my Mexican American heritage.

  18. Great book I love Victor Villasenor s work He truly writes from his soul I love how he is so detailed about the happenings of his life and the rest of his family Recording the happenings of their lives I look forward to reading of his books.

  19. This is the sequel to Rain of Gold It focuses on Lupita s and Salvador s first few years of marriage Lupita thought she knew Salvador perfectly, only to find out he was a man with many hidden secrets.

  20. The author really gives the reader a sense of the Mexican American culture of the era 1920s 30s in California His characters are wonderfully alive However, there is too much repetition of religion fantasy for my taste.

  21. Wow, what a story Amazing the lives they led I absolutely loved learning about the 13 senses the spiritual perspectives of Do a Margarita The spiritual strength of the main characters had a big affect on me Love, love, loved this book.

  22. The plot of this book can be reduced to one word tejanas or a man s genitalia Throughout the book, balls were cut off,threatened to be cut off, grabbed and stuffed down another s throat I was bored but finished the book anyway Who rated this book 4 stars be a relative.

  23. I have never read Rain Of Gold, Villasenor s celebrated prequel to this but I probably should, some day In Thirteen Senses I loved the setting prohibition, Southern California , and the poetic mix of fantasy mysticism with reality.

  24. Great fun Loved Lupe a young couple raising a family in southern CA Loved descriptions of Santa Ana and LA in the bootlegging era.

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