Coin Locker Babies

Coin Locker Babies A surreal coming of age tale that establishes Ryu Murakami as one of the most inventive young writers in the world today Abandoned at birth in adjacent train station lockers two troubled boys spend t

A surreal coming of age tale that establishes Ryu Murakami as one of the most inventive young writers in the world today Abandoned at birth in adjacent train station lockers, two troubled boys spend their youth in an orphanage and with foster parents on a semi deserted island before finally setting off for the city to find and destroy the women who first rejected them BoA surreal coming of age tale that establishes Ryu Murakami as one of the most inventive young writers in the world today Abandoned at birth in adjacent train station lockers, two troubled boys spend their youth in an orphanage and with foster parents on a semi deserted island before finally setting off for the city to find and destroy the women who first rejected them Both are drawn to an area of freaks and hustlers called Toxitown One becomes a bisexual rock singer, star of this exotic demimonde, while the other, a pole vaulter, seeks his revenge in the company of his girlfriend, Anemone, a model who has converted her condominium into a tropical swamp for her pet crocodile.Together and apart, their journey from a hot metal box to a stunning, savage climax is a brutal funhouse ride through the eerie landscape of late twentieth century Japan.

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Coin Locker Babies

  1. Ry Murakami is a Japanese novelist and filmmaker He is not related to Haruki Murakami or Takashi Murakami.Murakami s first work, the short novel Almost Transparent Blue, written while he was still a student, deals with promiscuity and drug use among disaffected Japanese youth Critically acclaimed as a new style of literature, it won the newcomer s literature prize in 1976 despite some observers decrying it as decadent Later the same year, Blue won the Akutagawa Prize, going on to become a best seller In 1980, Murakami published the much longer novel Coin Locker Babies, again to critical acclaim.Takashi Miike s feature film Audition 1999 was based on one of his novels Murakami reportedly liked it so much he gave Miike his blessing to adapt Coin Locker Babies The screen play was worked on by director Jordan Galland However, Miike could not raise funding for the project An adaptation directed by Michele Civetta is currently in production.Murakami has played drums for a rock group called Coelacanth and hosted a TV talk show.

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  1. I had been wondering where my cat was when the phone rang It was my brother who was now living as a woman in some part of Tokyo which recently had like a nuclear attack, as far as I remember, but don t quote me I told him there was no point in ringing me any as we were now living in the same room together I don t think he d noticed We were both coin locker babies you know That s where your mother is so out of it that when you re just a new born itty bitty baby coo coo coo your mother shoves you [...]

  2. I already knew that Ryu Murakami likes to delve into areas that most readers would find uncomfortable, but Coin Locker Babies leaps head first into a socio psychological pool of toxics that will probably send most readers running for the relative safety of Fifty Shades of Gray Coin Locker Babies is one of those books like American Psycho and We Need to Talk About Kevin that alternately repulses and amaze I found it to be a surreal mixture of horror, social commentary and dark comedy that never l [...]

  3. It s the sound of a coin dropping It s so loud you could hear a lot of dimes that you get for all the times shitty stuff happens Those dimes can buy a chinese finger trap of societal problems, or a coloring book The sound of a baby wailing The moms aren t going about their business and pissing off everybody else because they have left them in the coin lockers in the train stations of Japan That s WAY worse than the parents who leave their kids in libraries or toy stores and expect the employees [...]

  4. A mentally exhausting but still addictive book about two adopted siblings, Hashi and Kiku, who share the bond of abandonment rescued from coin lockers on the same day as infants As adults they are fed up with the sick, seedy world and everyone in it and look to destroy it or destroy themselves trying.It stays twinging in your brain like the bug of Hashi s fable, crawling up into your thoughts and taking them over No matter how you feel about it, it is impossible to forget.Coin Locker Babies can [...]

  5. I m guessing a lot of people wouldn t make it past the first sentence of Ryu Murakami s novel Coin Locker Babies On the other hand, it serves as a sort of litmus test if you can get past that sentence, you can get through the rest of it The gauged eyeballs, exposed brains that look like tofu, and part where a character takes a scissors to his own tongue.This novel is the anti coming of age novel It s the story of Kiku and Hashi Both were discovered stuffed into boxes and left for dead in coin lo [...]

  6. Well rating because I only read 300 of the 400 pages There was nothing particularly horrible about it, but it was taking me too much time to read and it s overdue, collecting fines What can you do C est la vie.It had its moments Every now and then it would strike a certain theme or comment on something particularly profound So this experience hasn t taken out any creditability on Murakami 2 which I m glad about because I don t want my time with Ryu to be over.That being said, this book is a toug [...]

  7. Man Stories don t come messed up than this one I have no idea how to put this book into a genre, let alone give it a review It is a futuristic psychological horror maybe The story is about two babies abandoned in a locker, not related instances, fate pushes them together at the same orphanage and they become brothers Eventually they get adopted by a nice couple and things go well It seems to me all is calm until one runs away and they become separated The future that Murakami has created here i [...]

  8. I can t quite date when I first picked up Murakami s Coin Locker Babies During the long period of reading this book I had to force myself to put it down and not touch it for a decent period of time Coin Locker Babies is so dark and desperate that I thought it better if I didn t read it for a while The images it conjures up though impossible are so vivid, and will stay with me for a long time.Japanese rockstar Miyavi wrote a song Coin lockers baby The song and the book by Murakami are in no way r [...]

  9. DATURA PENIS RICE OMELETTE DATURA HASHI COIN LOCKER KIKU DATURA.If you were thinking about reading this book, don t bother I ve just summed it up for you This is quite simply one of the most pointless, irrelevant, and disheartening books I ve read In fact, I gave up after 200 or so pages While Murakami can certainly string sentences together to create labyrinthian descriptions and the plot is original, there s no heart or soul There s little to captivate or move the reader, in fact, I found myse [...]

  10. Spoiler Alert Their mothers left them to die in coin lockers when they were born, but they survived Kiku and Hashi grew up together in a foster home as brothers, but must deal with their own demons Kiku becomes a pole vaulter and eventually kills his mother, landing him in jail But he escapes and goes to the Garagi Island to search for a substance call DATURA, which he would use to destroy Tokyo.Hashi becomes a bisexual singer and rises to stardom on the heel of Kiku s killing his mother But the [...]

  11. Decidi ler este livro porque foi mencionado em Haruki Murakami and the Music of Words como um dos livros preferidos do Haruki Murakami Esperava que tivesse talvez algo em comum com ele, mas, na verdade, Ryu Murakami tem um estilo muito distinto, apesar de tamb m inserir o surreal na realidade.Duas m es abandonam os seus filhos beb s em cacifos da mesma esta o de comboios Kiku e Hashi conhecem se no orfanato, descobrem a sua hist ria em comum, tornam se amigos e crescem juntos, como irm os No ent [...]

  12. This is it His tongue clicking sharply into the mike, Hashi reeled off the names of the band members as shreds of glittering foil rained from the ceiling marking the end of the concert Thank you Thank you, he murmured We couldn t do it without your love Tonight I want you to pray with me for the souls of three girls attacked in a park in Yokohama almost seventy years ago A sailor on leave butchered them, gouged out their stomachs, and jerked off inside those hollow things Tonight, let s pray for [...]

  13. M thi ti Neden bu kadar uzun s re beklemi im Ryu Murakami yi okumak i in bilmiyorum Modern edebiyat n n bence en di li kitaplar ndan birini yazm Ryu Kitab almadan nce Oliver Stone un kitab n n k sm na konulmu olan Ola an st yetenekli bir yazar Fellini ve G nter Grass, David Bowie ve Dostoyevski, MArquez ve Mike Leigh in Naked i Hepsini i inde bar nd r yor yaz s bana ok iddial gelmi ti Bu tarz tan t m yaz lar biraz alla beni, pulla beni iste inin sonu lar gibi gelir genelde bana, yine yle hissetm [...]

  14. A patchwork quilt of a book There were some passages I liked the author does extreme violence very well for instance but lots of stodge and some really strange plot strands blind avenues This being Murakami not that one it all goes a bit surreal at times too.There was a paint by numbers tinge too, as the author put in shocking bits from time to time It was as if he occasionally remembered that he was an enfant terrible and really needed to impress revolt the reader.Two boys are abandoned in coin [...]

  15. Ryu Murakami is one of the best writers to come out of the 20th century While everyone else was poncing around griping about causes and who should be occupying what, Murakami, like Ginsberg with a sense of humor, was willing to quietly watch all the people he knew descend into hysteria and madness before either killing themselves or getting jobs with ties His work focuses on disaffection, and the lengths people will go to individually and culturally to find out what the hell they re doing here H [...]

  16. OK WTF I wrote a WHOLE REVIEW For this book and now it is gone Nothing works around here Fix this site, fix this site Fix IT My review was SO GOOD I opened with this understated, subtle movement Sort of an overture And then BAM, I am in your head, and in this book and you have never read anything like this my review It s like was this a review Or am I living in some kind of dream And I m never going to go back to my shitty regular life again It was like the Entertainment in Infinite Jest It was [...]

  17. There was a lot happening here A lot Hookers, teenage hustlers, run of the mill drugs, weird sex, a pet alligator, weird sex, self mutilation, addiction, experimental top secret drugs, clunky POV shifts, insanity, anarchy, a rock star whose voice causes nausea, and some sex Then some stuff happens to Tokyo and somebody has an epiphany The end.It read a lot, in fact, like an earlier, convoluted iteration of Popular Hits of the Showa Era, though the nihilism was less cheerful and the humor most [...]

  18. This one blew my mind view spoiler Not the way Kiku s mother had her mind blown, of course hide spoiler An intriguing plot with some insane twists and a striking exposition results in a shocking yet fascinating novel which is Coin Locker Babies If you have the guts, have a taste of the bizarre and read this book.

  19. Hashi i Kiku sunt doi copii care, nou n scu i fiind, au fost p r si i de mamele lor n boxele de bagaje ale unei g ri Ei doi sunt singurii copii care au supravie uit acestui abandon i acest lucru i va lega pe via Hashi d semne de autism iar Kiku dezvolt o obsesie pentru mijloace de transport Suferin a prin care au trecut mpreun i une te, i leag , le mplete te destinele Problemele lor psihologice au g sit un tratament Zilnic sunt nchi i ntr o camer capitonat unde sunt adormi i i sunt pu i s ascul [...]

  20. Ryu Murakami, Coin Locker Babies Kodansha, 1995 For thirty years, Japan has waited for someone to step up and fill the rather sizable shoes left by Yukio Mishima when he committed suicide after a failed attempt at a coup d etat It seems that Ryu Murakami has finally stepped up for the job.Mishima s work was singular in that it combined the beauty and spareness of haiku with random, seemingly meaningless until one looked below the surface acts of despair and violence Murakami treaded these waters [...]

  21. Coin Locker Babies is one of most surreal books I ve ever read An angry, postmodern existentialist tale told with such detailed descriptive power, Ry Murakami has crafted an utterly compelling novel about two adopted brothers, both abandoned in coin lockers, and their mentally and physically destructive upbringing into young adults Hashi becomes a famous bisexual singer with an ever growing need to stab his pregnant wife and Kiku becomes a physically intimidating pole vaulter who, with his model [...]

  22. This book is full of what the moments that catch you totally off guard But these moments do not come across as gimmicky Murakami, the Ryu one, not the Haruki one, weaves a pretty dark, yet humorous Japanese landscape Two babies are found locked in station coin lockers and grow up together first in an orphanage, then on an island, then splitting ways, both terribly messed up.The opening line was the most disturbing I ve ever read in a book and the story took off full of gristle and bone Unfortuna [...]

  23. Big, bold, and violent now this is a novel The opening makes abundantly clear the twisted imagination at work The woman pushed on the baby s stomach and sucked its penis into her mouth it was thinner than the American menthols she smoked and a bit slimy, like raw fish A newborn is being abandoned in a coin operated locker this was a serious issue in Japan in the 1970s The novel focuses on two such boys, each abandoned by his mother, and the strange, twin like relationship that develops between t [...]

  24. For a long time I was anxious to read anything by Ryu Murakami The Coin Locker Babies started off decent enough but later dragged I kept wanting Coin Locker to reach the heights of Kenzabur e, Yukio Mishima, and Haruki Murakami It s a lot to ask considering these writers are legends of modern literature But I m selfish, I want the best.Coin Locker s strong substance is diluted by too high a page count There were stand out scenes It s unfortunate there was so much waiting in between I m still wil [...]

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