Flying Changes

Flying Changes There is a time to move on a time to let go and a time to fly Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer s days the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is growing stagnant the fear that equestrian

There is a time to move on, a time to let go and a time to fly.Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer s days the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is growing stagnant the fear that equestrian daughter Eva s dreams of Olympic glory will carry her far away from her mother and into harm s way For five months, Annemarie has struggled to make peace with heThere is a time to move on, a time to let go and a time to fly.Anxiety rules Annemarie Zimmer s days the fear that her relationship with the man she loves is growing stagnant the fear that equestrian daughter Eva s dreams of Olympic glory will carry her far away from her mother and into harm s way For five months, Annemarie has struggled to make peace with her past But if she cannot let go, the personal battles she has won and the heights she has achieved will have all been for naught.It is a time of change at Maple Brook Horse Farm, when loves must be confronted head on and fears must be saddled and broken But it is an unanticipated tragedy that will most drastically alter the fragile world of one remarkable family even as it flings open gates that have long confined them, enabling them all to finally ride headlong and free.

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Flying Changes

  1. Sara Gruen is the 1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of five novels AT THE WATER S EDGE, APE HOUSE, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, RIDING LESSONS, and FLYING CHANGES Her works have been translated into forty three languages, and have sold than ten million copies worldwide WATER FOR ELEPHANTS was adapted into a major motion picture starring Reese Witherspoon, Rob Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz in 2011 She lives in Western North Carolina with her husband and three sons, along with their dogs, cats, horses, birds, and the world s fussiest goat.

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  1. This was a terrible, terrible book I picked it after it was recommended to me as a good horsey novel, and the only thing that kept me reading all the way through was sick curiosity I wanted to see if the ending would be as trite as I predicted It was.The main character is self absorbed, unlikeable, and her flaws are not entertaining enough to make her unlikeable yet interesting as I m someone who enjoys unlikeable yet interesting characters For example she throws a hissy fit when her extremely t [...]

  2. A friend gave me a bunch of iPad books and this was among them I don t know how I didn t realize that the author was the same as Water for Elephants, but when I finished and realized it, a lot made sense.Let s get one thing out of the way right now I think horse people are on the crazy side There, I said it If you re a horse person and don t think you re crazy, you re probably wrong but it s OK Anyway, the book starts out with lots of horse stuff and I was a bit put off by it, but figured hey, r [...]

  3. Based on the reviews I read before starting this second book following Riding Lessons, I was worried I wasn t going to like this I m so glad I stayed on course I loved this book It probably helps that I have ridden horses, shown horses, and own a horse I ve ridden English and Western and jumped fences I know exactly what it means when the smell of a barn warms your heart There is something about a teenage girl and a horse It s a bond hard to understand Annemarie is not an easy character to like, [...]

  4. That was pretty bad The main character was really annoying everything makes her cry I can t believe this is the same author as Water for Elephants.

  5. Fantastic I had no idea there was still melodramatic horse fiction for grownups Annamarie Zimmer is almost forty, newly divorced and living on her mother s horse farm In her former life, she was a Olympic level equestrian, but that all changed after her tragic accident isn t that how it always goes When her teenage daughter decides to ride competitively, Annamarie has to come to terms with her daughter s choice and her own history And then the last third of the book takes a spectacular turn for [...]

  6. Well, I finished the book , so I figured it at least deserved two stars I was very disappointed in it because I had read the novel Water For Elephants by the same author and absolutely loved it This was a story about equestrians, their horses, their love lives, their past problems etc I guess there was a prequel to it, but I have no desire to go back and read it I guess I would just describe it as poor chick lit.

  7. After reading WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, I wanted to read anything by Sara Gruen I found RIDING LESSONS and FLYING CHANGES easily and knew I wanted to read them just based on their summaries I m both fascinated and terrified of horses and these two novels granted me a glimpse into the lives of those who breathed the animals in and out on a daily basis.RIDING LESSONS begins with a potential Olympian equestrian Annemarie Zimmer in a terrible and tragic accident In shock and filled with a sadness few can [...]

  8. I think you can tell from other reviews of this two book series that this is DEFINITELY not Sara Gruen s best work Water for Elephants was truly incredible, but the Riding Lessons series seems like it was written by another person entirely But it s good to know that Sara Gruen got so much better as a writer I also really liked Ape House, so it s safe to say I ll read At the Water s Edge eventually.But let s talk about Flying Changes I liked this sequel better than Riding Lessons Annemarie was th [...]

  9. I read this because, as the friend who suggested it said, it s about horses and it s easy to read and I d read the first book Gruen was the new hot thing after Water For Elephants But honestly, this book isn t worth the time it took to read It isn t so much ABOUT horses as that there are horses in it The heroine narrator drove me nuts What a mess She never learns or grows or changes she s just a whiny, self involved jerk Her daughter is just like her, only a teenager Which is worse And as a form [...]

  10. sequel toRiding Lessons, this is the story of eva than annemarie, except not eva gets a central role, but annemarie is still the driving force behind everything again, gruen writes about the special bond between a horse and a person, and she does it so well it makes my heart ache this completes the story she was telling earlier, and i think it s stronger than her first go not just because the image of a blue roan doing one tempi changes makes me swoon this is of a romance than the first book, [...]

  11. Having read Riding Lessons, I figured I would continue on with Flying Changes I found I was getting and aggravated with the characters in this book The mother is a whiney, self centered marshmallow of a woman, and her daughter Eva is SUCH a brat with no respect for her monther or anyone else that I wanted to scream Yes I ride horses, and yes I am a horsewoman and this is probably why the storyline bothered me SO very much All very predictable but in such an annoying way, like nails on a blackb [...]

  12. I will read any book about horses This one is written by the author of the goodread Water for Elephants and it took me one long night to read it Flying Changes is as cheesy as any horse tale out there The characters seem one dimensional The plot is simple, uninteresting, and poorly navigated The experience of traumatic injury is misunderstood and misrepresented So, why did I devour the pages Simply because it is about horses If you do not love horses, do not read this book I am quite certain you [...]

  13. How can this be the same author as the one who wrote Water for Elephants Similar to Admission, which I recently finished, Flying Changes also has a late 30s self centered somewhat pathetic female protagonist who I almost had to abandon midway through Skip this one, even if you did spend of your youth on rather than off horses

  14. I didn t realize this was book 2 until I finished it Regardless, I didn t enjoy it Neither the main character nor her daughter were strong females they were dramatic in a ridiculous way.

  15. 1.5 starsI wanted to see if the second book would redeem the first, but I still just do not like this series The main character and her daughter are both illogical, irrational, and down right annoying I didn t think it was possible, but this book was unrealistic than it s predecessor The skills that the daughter has are BEYOND unrealistic A 16 year old who has gotten lessons here and there up until a year prior and then became serious about riding for a year would not be able to perform a perfe [...]

  16. I devoured this in just a few days and found myself trying to squeeze in just a few pages here and there This picks up where Riding Lessons leaves off and continues to focus on AnneMarie, her daughter Eva, and AnneMarie s mother, Mutti, as Eva makes the decision to ride and jump competitively forcing AnneMarie to face her fears related to her accident 20 years prior Gruen ties up quite a few loose ends left in the plot after Riding Lessons, as well as throwing in some dramatic twists which brin [...]

  17. I picked up this book at the library because I enjoyed Gruen s other book, Water for Elephants, so much Though I didn t enjoy this one as much, it was a good read all the same.The story is about three horsewomen, most notably, Annemarie Zimmer, a 40 year old single mother of Eva, 16 Her mother, Mutti, and Austrian character also lives with them on their horse farm, where they teach riding lessons Annemarie has fairly recently recovered from being paralyzed by a jumping accident, in which she los [...]

  18. A Wonderful story woven around horses My friend gave this book for my birthday We are both avid readers and she knew that I had read Sara Gruen s Riding Lessons I really enjoyed that book and I was delighted to receive the sequel, Flying Changes With eager eyes I sat down that evening and read the book well almost, I finished it up the following evening It goes without saying that Ms Gruen is a wonderful storyteller and she continued that ability in this story I m not expert on horses, but I tho [...]

  19. I would give this book 4 1 2 stars if I could because I really enjoyed the story, but it doesn t go on my list of all time favorites and I didn t enjoy it as much as Water for Elephants so I didn t give it a 5 I did, however, think it was a better story than Riding Lessons I am surprised that it does not mention on the cover of Flying Changes that the story is a continuation from Riding Lessons Although you could easily read it and enjoy it without having read Riding Lessons Anyway, good book, c [...]

  20. It s rare for a sequel to be better than the first novel, but this is certainly true of Flying Changes compared to Riding Lessons While I appreciate both novels, in Flying Changes you see the characters grow up and mature as a result of their experiences which is far enjoyable than the last minute shift in the first book In the sequel, Annemarie is really trying to be a better mother to her teen daughter Eva, which proves even harder than she expected But she overcomes her fears and sticks to h [...]

  21. Enjoy Flying Changes for what it is, a fast and entertaining read, and forget what it is not another Water for Elephants.A rebellious teenager, a difficult horse, the teenager s mother scarred by her own riding traumas and failed relationships, the wiser than acknowledged mother s mother, sprinkled with tradegies great and small are a delicious combination for an afternoon or evening of reading There are both oh please eye rolling scenarios and some aw moments and some just plain right on descri [...]

  22. I ve always been sort of scared of horses and have never been interested in going near them or riding one and being allergic to them doesn t help Reading Gruen s books have opened my eyes to a whole different world At the end of Flying Changes book 2 I have an entirely different notion about horses I still can t picture ever getting on one but I can now see why so many people love horses and everything else to do with them Gruen gave such detail and heart into the backbone of this story that any [...]

  23. I love this book so much, I really understood it The way Sara Gruen explains some of the things in this book is so great I really thought that I was there with the characters through all the ups and downs and all of that, but what I loved most about this book was that I could relate to it, for instance when she talked about horses I could totally see myself in the character s shoes At some points I really wanted to cry but you start to smile because of the outcome This book is one of my favourit [...]

  24. I m so upset What a waste of my time One bad ride, makes her a weak and insecure woman and terrible mother Main character is so feeble, needy just wanted to slap her in every situation No wonder her daughter is a brat and such a bitch at 16 I finished it because of book club Where is the women who wrote Water for Elephants

  25. The teenager plays of a role in this book, she is hard to like, pretty bratty The Mom is strong and yet not strong at the same time The boyfriend comes in at the end and the ending is what is expected in a chick flick movie.

  26. To be honest it was a little predictable but i still loved it I couldnt put the book down all day I love reading about how far people will go for their families and also horses I want to know what ended up happening to little Squire Poor thing.

  27. This was a good read for me as I love horses and this author brings her stories alive It was also a sequel to Riding Lessons and I like sequels I like the idea of keeping the characters going on It gives the stories a life so to speak.

  28. I picked up this book for 2 reasonsSara Gruen water for elephants and the story of a mother and teenager daughter The author has clearly lived with teenage females Not as good as W.F.E just didn t pack the same punch but glad to spend the time I spent reading it.

  29. Once again Annemarie and Eva come to the fore, but this time the focus is on Eva and her desire to tread in the family footsteps and take up an equestrian career Eva is defying her parents in any way she can and Annemarie has no control or seeming way to restrain her A parental nightmare Allowing Eva to ride and compete might be one way to focus her energies productively However, unsurprisingly, everything continues to fall apart for both Annemarie and Eva For Annemarie because she has little a [...]

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