Black Wind

Black Wind F Paul Wilson s powerful World War II novel is an unforgettable saga of passion and terror the ravages of war the pain of betrayal and the glory of love At the heart of the story are four people to

F Paul Wilson s powerful World War II novel is an unforgettable saga of passion and terror, the ravages of war, the pain of betrayal, and the glory of love.At the heart of the story are four people torn between love and honor Matsuo Okumo, born in Japan, raised in America, and hated in both lands Hiroki Okumo, his brother, a modern samurai sworn to serve a secret cult aF Paul Wilson s powerful World War II novel is an unforgettable saga of passion and terror, the ravages of war, the pain of betrayal, and the glory of love.At the heart of the story are four people torn between love and honor Matsuo Okumo, born in Japan, raised in America, and hated in both lands Hiroki Okumo, his brother, a modern samurai sworn to serve a secret cult and the almighty Emperor Meiko Satsuma, the woman they both love and Frank Slater, the American who turned away when Matsuo needed him, and who now struggles to repay his debt of honor.

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Black Wind

  1. Francis Paul Wilson is an author, born in Jersey City, New Jersey He writes novels and short stories primarily in the science fiction and horror genres His debut novel was Healer 1976 Wilson is also a part time practicing family physician He made his first sales in 1970 to Analog and continued to write science fiction throughout the seventies In 1981 he ventured into the horror genre with the international bestseller, The Keep, and helped define the field throughout the rest of the decade In the 1990s he became a true genre hopper, moving from science fiction to horror to medical thrillers and branching into interactive scripting for Disney Interactive and other multimedia companies He, along with Matthew J Costello, created and scripted FTL Newsfeed which ran daily on the Sci Fi Channel from 1992 1996cmillan author fpaulw

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  1. A stunning novel Probably Wilson s best written book He weaves an amazing story of four interconnected characters over the course of 20 some odd years set over WWII Twisting a bit of the super natural and a strong love story in and out of major historical events ending with the bomb drop at Hiroshima Really if you have any interest in historical fiction and original takes on the genre seek this one out.

  2. This is the 15th F.Paul Wilson I have read in five months That might be a record for me, actually I know it is It is my understanding that Wilson considers this his masterpiece or at least one of his very best novels While it is not my personal favorite That would be Harbingers so far I can t argue that it is not his strongest novel While not directly related or apart of the Adversary Cycle the literary sister to Wilson s Repairman Jack series , Black Wind is an important part of the secret hist [...]

  3. When F Paul Wilson s BLACK WIND was published in in 1988, it should have been a blockbuster It s an epic tale of brotherhood, the clash between good and evil, honor, and betrayal It s got romance, World War Two, and secret societies It s like all the best parts of SHOGUN, THE WINDS OF WAR, THE DA VINCI CODE, and a Stephen King thriller, except BETTER Unfortunately, the publisher didn t market it properly, and it never got the recognition it deserved It s really too bad, too, because it s a compe [...]

  4. BLACK WIND is one of my favorite books in my life This is definitely FPW s masterpiece.Historical facts mixed with fictional horror Kuroi Kaze But also there were friendship and betrayals, love and hate Very touching story.And another my favorite reason I designed this cover.

  5. Okay forget the whole world war 2 Pearl Harbor Hiroshima thing for a second I want to talk about the Frank Meiko Matsuo thing.So both the guys have a raging hard on for Meiko even though she is engaged to Matsuo s brother Hiroki so the little slut decides she is going to bang Matsuo anyway and suprise suprise who should walk in Sorry Hiroki I slipped and fell on top of Matsuo s dick so she runs away and ends up in Hawaii and who does she run into Frank so she falls in love with Frank even though [...]

  6. This is a really good story of the relationship between two men in the events leading up to WW2 and the war itself Matsuo and Frank Slater grow up together as boys in San Francisco until a traumatic separation tears them apart and sets them against one another This is a novel of the Secret History of the World by F Paul Wilson and has a very minimal supernatural aspect that gives some insight into the Repairman Jack novels I would highly recommend this for just about anybody, there is a great de [...]

  7. I can t say much about this book except that it is a sweeping, epic, alternate history novel about the Pacific Theater of combat in World War II Part supernatural horror thriller, part war epic, part romance it bends every conceivable genre to its will.It does demand a great deal of the reader, and it is clear that the author has done his homework But the effort is well worth the reward of following these memorable characters to the final, inescapable scenes.

  8. I really enjoyed how everything came together in the end of this book I think this is the first book I ve really read that specifically involved events of world war 2, but it was still felt different, new, and exciting for the story to not involve the Germans I m tempted to rate it a 4, but I feel like it took me way too long to read.

  9. Pretty good I liked the characters quite a lot Some sections were a bit far fetched but that s not unusual for thrillers All in all, it held my interest all the way through and I don t mind recommending it to others.

  10. Great insight to the thoughts of two very different cultures.Interesting theory of the notorious Pearl Harbor ignored warnings.Repulsive super natural cult.Romance, betrayal, intrigue, prejudice what could a good novel deliver

  11. Unbelievable Undescribable Epic Must be read to understand, and connects with the Advesary Cycle in such delicate ways.

  12. 4.5 stars I liked this book and as I read further and became and invested in the characters REALLY looking forward to getting insights into the secret history of the world.

  13. Story 3 in F Paul Wilson s Secret History of the World After two short stories Demonsong Aryans and Absinthe , Black Wind is the first full length novel in Wilson s Secret History of the World and what an eye opener F Paul Wilson shows that he can juggle multiple types of genres at once and the has a flair for drama in this epic decade spanning story of WWII Japan US relations Wilson balances the viewpoints of five main characters and it s a strong effort, every character s voice, motivations, a [...]

  14. I ll not try to find another shelf for this one I ve put it on my read shelf and my horror shelf I suppose it could also be called historical fantasy It s mildly tied in with Wilson s Adversary series and Repairman Jack series It will, touch I guess you d say.Frankly I find that while I like the repairman Jack books greatly in general Mr Wilson s other books tend to leave me a bit cold The same here.A detailed discussion of why I don t care for this book a lot would require a discussion of histo [...]

  15. FPW has written a extremely detailed novel set against the events of the U.S War in the Pacific The tale is macabre, dealing with Japanese mysticism and lore, Japanese culture vis a vis American culture The story revolves around two friends, one American and one Japanese, who group up in San Francisco The American boy makes a decision that haunts him throughout his life, and forces his Japanese friend back to Japan The two lives continue to intersect over the course of time, as the events in the [...]

  16. I expected horror elements, less secret society I also wanted of Frank s story He really comes into his own in the second half of the book, but waiting for that was a little difficult at times Matsuo I had such a complicated relationship with this character He s so flawed, in a completely realistic way, and hard to sympathise with The ending, though What an emotional punch.I really enjoyed the slow interlace of plot with actual history, and Wilson s dedication to research, of the period and Ja [...]

  17. Few of my favorite quotes from this really good F Paul Wilson read The breeze changed, not only in direction but in quality It came from the center of that cloud This was no briny puff of trade winds off the ocean This air was stale, cold, musty, wet and sour, like an updraft from a forgotten dungeon in the soul p 337 I think I ve wasted too much of our time wishing I could change the past Nagata used to tell me that a wise and happy man is one who reveres the past and learns from it, but never [...]

  18. I was not sure how to rate this book when I first completed it I originally gave it four stars but have since increased my rating About half way through the book I definitely thought it deserved a 5 star rating It was the rather disturbing way that the shoten were created that turned me off I could not believe anyone would have been willing to do that Yet, I realise there are some tremendously misguided people in the world, and during a war I guess it would be even worse.This book is an amazing [...]

  19. F Paul Wilson is one of my favorite authors, and although this book stands alone from his Repairman Jack books, there is a connection This is a top notch thriller set during WWII There are elements of love found and lost and shared, cultural differences, betrayal, respect, and darker forces both human and perhaps supernatural behind historical events Wilson s use of history is perfect here Anyone with even a perfunctory knowledge of events taking place during WWII will be struck by the sense of [...]

  20. Instead of the lame film Pearl Harbour, Michael Bay should have tried to write the script based on this story, would have turned out a much better film or not, knowing Bay s track record But jokes aside, this is quite a gripping World War spy thriller, with lots of emotions thrown in around the issues of love, patriotism, family and friendship Too many coincidences admittedly, but makes for quite a compelling narrative that doesn t paint the opponents in World War as simple heroes and villains B [...]

  21. I must admit I wasn t quite sure about this one when I started reading it Coming of age romance historical fiction really isn t my thing But I kept reading and I m glad I did I had to keep reminding myself and sometimes re convincing myself that this author is the same guy who writes the Repairman Jack series This man s ability to write equally good novels of such wildly contrasting genres is a testament to his amazing skill as a writer It s no surprise that Stephen King is a big fan of F Paul W [...]

  22. A great novel by none other than F Paul Wilson I m so used to F Paul Wilson s Repairman Jack series that I wasn t sure if I d enjoy a non Jack novel I did The voice of Black Wind is different than other F Paul Wilson books, but completely enjoyable in it s uniqueness Black Wind blends pre WWII events and Japanese American relationships with the spiritually fantastic and twisted.My only regret is that I didn t read Black Wind before I d read By The Sword.

  23. Everything was going along fine in this story until the introduction of the children I liked the shifting perspectives, the story lines of the four main characters were interesting and believable The differences between American and Japanese culture and society were shown throughout the story I found the monks and the secret society creepy and then beyond terrible War does horrible things to everyone, I suppose.

  24. Quite a good book, but it went somewhat slow for me It reads like a standard WWII novel, following a number of characters through the pivotal events of the war.I like that it provides a strong link into F Paul Wilson s Secret History of the World, specifically By the Sword A Repairman Jack Novel.

  25. I believe I read Memoirs of a Geisha first thoroughly enjoyed it But this book is definitely masculine teaching a different side of the culture I learn something new every time I choose to delve into books of this type Not that this book is a lesson on culture though it has aspects of that What I found interesting was that it led me down a path that took me to Shogun a fantastic read and a classic in its own right.

  26. Very good WW11 story Shows a lot about how the Japanese were treated and viewed by Americans during the war Although fiction, I believe much of this is historically accurate with a little super natural thrown in Also this book ties in a little with F Paul Wilson s recent Repairman Jack book By The Sword.

  27. The historical view was distorted and I didn t like the supernatural element that was a major part of the story There were too many coincidences involving the three main characters, Matsuo, Frank and Meiko I also found it long, tedious, wordy and boring at times.I do seem to be part of a minority who didn t like the book so it s your decision.

  28. Great story of two boys who go from friends to enemies, and who go on to influence the events of World War 2 F Paul Wilson counts this as part of his Secret History of the World cycle The supernatural elements here are actually quite mild This is a pure thriller with a nice mix of fact and fiction, and excellently paced.

  29. I was hesitant about this book at first as I am not a big fan of WWII books but I had to check it out as F Paul Wilson is one of my favorite authors It did not grab me as quickly as his Repairman Jack books but as I continued I found that it was a very enthralling story of two men, the love of their life and how the war brought them together and apart.

  30. I m working my way through Wilson s work again, this time looking into some corners I haven t looked in before Wilson calls this his lost novel since it doesn t fit into any of his typical genres It s a little contrived at some points, but I couldn t stop turning pages Nice tie in to The Keep and his Nightworld timeline Nothing profound, but I really enjoy reading this guy.

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