The Anubis Gates

The Anubis Gates Brendan Doyle a specialist in the work of the early nineteenth century poet William Ashbless reluctantly accepts an invitation from a millionaire to act as a guide to time travelling tourists But wh

Brendan Doyle, a specialist in the work of the early nineteenth century poet William Ashbless, reluctantly accepts an invitation from a millionaire to act as a guide to time travelling tourists But while attending a lecture given by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1810, he becomes marooned in Regency London, where dark and dangerous forces know about the gates in time CaughtBrendan Doyle, a specialist in the work of the early nineteenth century poet William Ashbless, reluctantly accepts an invitation from a millionaire to act as a guide to time travelling tourists But while attending a lecture given by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1810, he becomes marooned in Regency London, where dark and dangerous forces know about the gates in time Caught up in the intrigue between rival bands of beggars, pursued by Egyptian sorcerers, befriended by Coleridge, Doyle somehow survives And learns about the mysterious Ashbless than he could ever have imagined possible.Cover Illustration Richard Carr

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The Anubis Gates

  1. Timothy Thomas Powers is an American science fiction and fantasy author Powers has won the World Fantasy Award twice for his critically acclaimed novels Last Call and Declare.Most of Powers s novels are secret histories he uses actual, documented historical events featuring famous people, but shows another view of them in which occult or supernatural factors heavily influence the motivations and actions of the characters.Powers was born in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in California, where his Roman Catholic family moved in 1959.He studied English Literature at Cal State Fullerton, where he first met James Blaylock and K.W Jeter, both of whom remained close friends and occasional collaborators the trio have half seriously referred to themselves as steampunks in contrast to the prevailing cyberpunk genre of the 1980s Powers and Blaylock invented the poet William Ashbless while they were at Cal State Fullerton.Another friend Powers first met during this period was noted science fiction writer Philip K Dick the character named David in Dick s novel VALIS is based on Powers and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Blade Runner is dedicated to him.Powers s first major novel was The Drawing of the Dark 1979 , but the novel that earned him wide praise was The Anubis Gates, which won the Philip K Dick Award, and has since been published in many other languages.Powers also teaches part time in his role as Writer in Residence for the Orange County High School of the Arts where his friend, Blaylock, is Director of the Creative Writing Department Powers and his wife, Serena, currently live in Muscoy, California He has frequently served as a mentor author as part of the Clarion science fiction fantasy writer s workshop.He also taught part time at the University of Redlands.Excerpted from.

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  1. A fairly common mistake made by authors is failing to be familiar with their genre They end up retreading old ground and relying on long dead cliches because they aren t aware of what s already been done So, it behooves an author to get some familiarity with the genre he intends to work in, to ensure that he isn t just writing the same old story over again.In that spirit, I thought I d check out this award winning early piece of Steampunk It was a rough start One of the first red flags in an aut [...]

  2. More time travel than steampunk, although it has been categorized as the latter, Tim Powers The Anubis Gates is fun, but it leaves one feeling a little short changed.The problem is that Powers story has the narrative scope of Neal Stephenson s Baroque Cycle, but it is packed into a mere 380 ish pages Beggar s guilds, Egyptian wizards, Romantic poets, business magnates, and prize fighters mix with cross dressing vengeance seekers, mad clowns, body snatchers, fire elementals and gypsies Time slips [...]

  3. Re Read 8 17 16Well, apparently, the universe doesn t want me to write a review, so let s try this a third time I wanted to like this re read a lot than the first, but unfortunately, the things I thought were uninteresting the first time around, like the Egypt expedition, were still uninteresting, but I stuck around because all the run ins with the egyptian magicians was still pretty damn wonderful.As for the first half of the novel, I d easily give it 5 stars I mean, where else can you see som [...]

  4. This book was just so much fun It was really, really entertaining and I have no problem giving it five stars Basically it is a story about time travel It reminded me a lot of the Doomsday Book by Connie Willis which is one of the best books I have ever read so I mean this as praise indeed The method of travelling is very original and the purpose very devious.Having travelled our hero spends a large part of the book living in the past and often suffering accordingly We meet Coleridge and Lord Byr [...]

  5. I had a real life experience that comparable with the critical moment of the main protagonist view spoiler I had food poisoning, and the cure was just like on the book, I ate carbon charcoal It works like magic Three hours after I ate carbon, I vomited a lot Five minutes after that, I feel good again hide spoiler This book is not only my first read of Tim Powers, but also one of my earliest read of fantasy novels I was still innocent literally So, I had many Wow experience when I read this book [...]

  6. My main feeling during the book was that it was weird Not bad weird, not necessarily good weird, just a bit odd I found it took a while to get into, I was never bored, but I also wasn t really all that interested for a large portion of the beginning of this one Then it started to pick up and I found I really started to enjoy things once we met Jacky and that lot There were a lot of interesting ideas, strange characters and weird happenings in this novel I enjoyed it, but I m sure I don t underst [...]

  7. Two and a half stars for me by the GR system okay verging on I liked it My appreciation could probably benefit from a second read Ultimately, I can see where others liked it, but it s not executed in way I enjoyed.In some ways, it reminds me of Connie Willis To Say Nothing of the Dog in that while there is some time traveling, there is very little of technological surprise, and most of it takes place within Victorian England In similar fashion to TSNotD, a historian accidentally gets left behind [...]

  8. I m not sure exactly what I think of this time travel adventure There are aspects that I love, some that leave me confused, and at least one that produced both sensations.I loved the Ancient Egyptian connections hieroglyphs, gods goddesses, the great boat of Ra I appreciated that it wasn t easy for the time displaced person to fit into the new society that they found themselves in Coming from the privileged twentieth century didn t mean beans when it came to supporting oneself in the late 19th c [...]

  9. A time travel novel featuring sorcery, evil clowns, Ancient Egyptian Gods, body switching, a condensed version of Dante, literary scholars, cross dressing, fencing champions, dog faced men and Romantic poets.That opening sentence lost it s short, pithy, catchphrase like nature somewhere along the way Mirroring the novel in that way infact An American Coleridge expert gets invited on a time travel adventure to hear said poet speak only to find himself trapped in the early 19th century London, adv [...]

  10. Brendan Doyle is an expert on Samuel Coleridge and a contemporary of his, William Ashbless, hired by a crazy millionaire to take part in a trip through a hole in the river of time Rich clients have paid Darrow, the millionaire, a million dollars each to travel back to a Coleridge lecture in 1805 Only something goes wrong, as it does in most time travel storiesPowers s writing is good without having needless descriptions His depiction of the early 1800 s is really vivid I found a few of the plot [...]

  11. 2.5 stars Complicated, chaotic time travelling riotous caper combined with sorcery from Egypt There were some great ideas in here but the story as a whole was just too much I was so relieved to get to the end.

  12. This was a fun book The list I took it from has it tagged as sci fi, which I began to doubt from, oh, about page 1 I would definitely classify this as fantasy There is a time travel element, which I guess is why it sometimes ends up with the sci fi classification, but it s magical than scientific.In 1802, some sorcerers perform a difficult magical spell in an attempt to bring Anubis back and wipe out all of these pesky modern religions There are some unexpected effects Our main character, a man [...]

  13. Ever wonder what it would be like to travel in time and be able to rewrite parts of history In The Anubis Gates, Brendan Doyle, a professor of nineteenth century English literature living in 1983 California, accidentally gets to try his hand at it when he is invited by a mad scientist to attend a lecture given by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1810 London Needless to say, an accident prevents Doyle from returning to his own time it always does in these books, doesn t it , so he is stuck in early nin [...]

  14. Buen libro de aventuras con toques de fantas a y ciencia ficci n, pero que me ha resultado una lectura con altibajos, o bien todo era acci n fren tica y sin darte respiro o bien trozos que he encontrado pesados y lentos.Lo que m s me ha gustado ha sido la ambientaci n y toda la ciudad de los mendigos de Londres con el payaso Horrabin y sus errores.

  15. What a strange book I mean, really, really strange It s just such a weird mishmash of science fiction and fantasy and the just plain odd We read it in my online SF group, and there s a good question here as to whether it s even science fiction There s time travel, which would put it under that rubric, but also ancient Egyptian magicians ooh, a new tongue twister And the time travel itself, now that I think about it, may not be scientific in nature There s the suggestion that it might be magical [...]

  16. The Good Where do I begin This is such a clever, epic story Time travel, body swapping, Dickensian London, Egyptian mythology, Romantic poets, evil wizards and an exploration of fatalism props to Tim Powers for managing to combine all this into something that wasn t absolute crap Good story, good characters, great settings and ideas, and the ending was excellent.The Bad It s a complicated mess at times which might diminish one s enjoyment Plus the book starts in 1983, so I suppose the protagonis [...]

  17. En 1801 el Imperio Brit nico ha logrado controlar Egipto tras la derrota de Napole n por parte de Nelson en la Batalla del Nilo, suprimiendo estos el culto a los antiguos dioses establecidos en el pa s Para tratar de recuperar el poder, un poderoso hechicero planea traer del pasado a dioses ancestrales y liberarlos en Londres para que la destruyan En 1802, cuando Amenofis Fikee trata de llevar a cabo esta misi n, ocurre algo extra o durante su invocaci n En el presente, Brendan Doyle, un profeso [...]

  18. The Anubis Gates is a terrific time travel fantasy I never quite knew where the story was going or what was going to happen next Tim Powers is one of those writers who packs meaning and significance into every scene I found myself having to backtrack several times to see if I had missed something In the last third of the book, there s so much body switching and name changing that I had trouble telling who was who I really liked the challenge though, it kept me on my toes and it was unlike anythi [...]

  19. Also published at my website, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography Recently I was cleaning out some back folders on my hard drive and came across an old file named Writers I Should Really Get Around to Reading the Complete Works of Before I Die and one of the people on that list was Tim Powers, whose genre hybrid works span across the traditional lines of science fiction, fantasy, horror and the occult to deliver truly unique stories that make a lasting impression, which is what mak [...]

  20. Tim Powers is at his best with wacked out time travel stories, and that s precisely what this is He basically took the entire collection of English language literary devices and tossed them into one book And then added some poetry And some genderfuckery And Ancient Egyptian myths and legends And, also, did I mention the time travel So A mild mannered literature professor this is, um, something of a theme character in Powers work goes back to the time of Lord Byron, and look Things happen I m not [...]

  21. Maravilloso Para m Tim Powers es un escritor de voz oscura, a eja y dorada como el mejor de los whiskys En esta novela crea un mundo singular de magia y de realismo como si fuera un claroscuro, donde la magia es el elemento a vencer y el futuro el elemento al que no se puede enga ar Me ha encantado pasear con Doyle por las calles de la Inglaterra de 1810 y sufrir con l, ver c mo su personaje iba avanzando al mismo ritmo que la novela hasta crecer y convertirse en otro hombre.

  22. It s been over thirty years since Tim Powers The Anubis Gates was published, and the story of treachery, time travel, and long dead gods has aged well.But then, what should I have expected It s Tim Powers As I think I saw someone else mention about the author, who else could combine Egyptian mythology, Lord Byron, quantum mechanics, sorcererous clowns, and time travel It is at times dark, other times indulgent, and occasionally syrupy with fantasy It is, at all times, a complex mystery unfolding [...]

  23. Tim Powers fourth novel, 1983 s The Anubis Gates, is a book that I had been meaning to read for years Chosen for inclusion in both David Pringle s Modern Fantasy The Hundred Best Novels and Jones Newman s Horror 100 Best Books, as well as the recipient of the Philip K Dick Memorial Award in 1984, the book came with plenty of good word of mouth, to say the least And, as it turns out, all the ballyhoo back when was fully justified, as this really IS some kind of superb work As John Clute puts it i [...]

  24. This book was exhausting to read.It has an extremely convoluted plot and I had to concentrate carefully to avoid feeling confused I couldn t decide if I was loving it or irritated by it I ended up feeling frustrated but found it fascinating too.I suppose it earns 4 stars or even 5 for the author managing to put it all together at the end, and that was quite a feat, but my experience of reading it was just that I liked it, nothing .I think that too much happened and that there was too much action [...]

  25. A friend loaned me this book long ago It was his absolute most favorite book at the time So I cracked the spine and moved right in When I m really into a book it becomes an extension of my left arm and tends to get in the way of meals When I finally returned it, full of crumbs and tea stains, the cover had somehow gone missing My friend was unhappy with me but I had thoroughly enjoyed his book Thanks, Nathan.

  26. I gave it 100 pages really didn t care about what was going on, so I quit It could have been interesting, I think The problem for me was I just didn t get any feeling for any of the characters or the situation I wanted to, felt I should, but every time I picked up the book it was a chore I found my mind wandering.

  27. I dunno, I couldn t get into this one for some reason About when the clown on stilts who swung from the ceiling showed up, I checked out I m not the target audience for this.

  28. Fantasti na i fasciniraju a avantura Verovarno jedna od najboljih sa kojima sam se susreo.Multi anrovsko ostvarenje sa temom putovanja kroz vreme u kojem je pripoveda ka mo tolika, da je gotovo nemogu e na i deo bez napetosti i uzdr ati se od neute ive elje da se pro ita jo malo Autenti nost istorijskog peioda koji Pauers najvi e obra uje i to naj e e kroz groteskni svet njegovog podzemlja najve a je vrednost ovog dela Neopisivi likovi na skali uverljivosti mirisa i ukusa , preko galerije udovi [...]

  29. 2,5 5Que conste que las 2 estrellas en GR son It was ok , y de mi cosecha, le pongo media m s, porque me ha parecido un poco mejor que ok Realmente creo que es un buen libro, entretenido por momentos, y con una historia muy original, pero no es mi estilo de lectura, ni mi estilo de libro Adem s, no es que llevara expectativas, pero llam ndose Las puertas de Anubis, no s , me esperaba mucho m s toque egipcio del que tiene, lo cual ha contribuido a decepcionarme un poquito.Resumiendo mucho, porque [...]

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