The Woman Destroyed

The Woman Destroyed Three long stories that draw the reader into the lives of three women all past their first youth all facing unexpected crises

Three long stories that draw the reader into the lives of three women, all past their first youth, all facing unexpected crises.

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The Woman Destroyed

  1. Simone de Beauvoir was a French author and philosopher She wrote novels, monographs on philosophy, politics, and social issues, essays, biographies, and an autobiography She is now best known for her metaphysical novels, including She Came to Stay and The Mandarins, and for her 1949 treatise The Second Sex, a detailed analysis of women s oppression and a foundational tract of contemporary feminism.

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  1. Note This review only concerns The Woman Destroyed , the third and longest story in this book.Several years ago, shortly after finishing The Mandarins , Simone De Beauvior s tour de force novel, I came across an article titled Are Good Books Bad for You I immediately thought of De Beauvior s fiction Like nothing else I ve ever read, her fiction has the ability to influence my emotions and my opinions in a deep and powerful way It s nearly dangerous, I think, the depth at which she strikes chords [...]

  2. I haven t read such emotionally resonate fiction in a while There are moments in The Woman Destroyed comprised of 3 long short stories, like novellas to me that are truly heart wrenching, making me wince or catch my breath sharply mid sentence.These passionate stories are very generally and contradictorily about the decay of passion in the lives of women between the ages of 45 60 It is an unglamorous age and one that personally I have not encountered much in fiction, especially from the female [...]

  3. Three stories, The Age of Discretion , Monologue and The Woman Destroyed make up this volume The Age of Discretion deals with ageing, loss, and a woman s refusal to accept her son s career choice as she stares down the tunnel of age Monologue was unreadable, a woman s rant through New Year s eve celebrations, she s in her forties, all alone, bitter, twisted By far the most powerful piece was The Woman Destroyed Monique is forty four, happy in her long marriage to Maurice The novella takes the fo [...]

  4. La puerta se abrir lentamente y ver lo que hay detr s de la puerta.Es el porvenir.La puerta del porvenir va a abrirse.Lentamente.Impecablemente.Estoy sobre el umbral.No hay m s que esta puerta y lo que acecha detr s.Tengo miedo y no puedo llamar a nadie en mi auxilio.Tengo miedo.

  5. To ANYONE who wants to read this PLEASE don t read this edition Its a fantastic book, but the translation and editing in this edition are preposterous.Putting the translation aside, this book is a collection of short stories, all three of which portray the life of middle aged women experiencing an identity crisis The female protagonist of each story belongs to a group of women that Beauvoir briefly discussed in the second sex, the women whose sexuality has been stolen from them, women who have b [...]

  6. Una donna spezzata Simone de Beauvoir 1967 Probabilmente, a 25 anni anni, era arrivato il mio momento per Simone de Beauvoir Una donna spezzata non si pu leggere e basta, o almeno non si pu leggere senza uscirne completamente devastati questa lettura stata per me uno stillicidio di lacrime Mai titolo fu pi azzeccato ho capito di essere una donna spezzata.I motivi non sono importanti, ma all interno di questo libro troverete tutta l essenza dell esser donna ne troverete addirittura 3 di donne che [...]

  7. Una donna spezzata in realt narra la situazione di tre donne che attraversano un momento di crisi profonda, affrontano un dolore radicale, qualcosa che le costringe a una drastica revisione dei rapporti, ma soprattutto quel che vacilla il proprio personale sentimento della realt Fuori e dentro avviene dunque il progressivo sfaldarsi di un mondo di certezze che si rivelano opache, transitorie, fondate probabilmente su false percezioni.La narrazione in prima persona focalizza esattamente la prospe [...]

  8. Debo confesar que lo que m s me ha impresionado de este libro ha sido, sin duda, leerlo a la vez que El segundo sexo Ir intercalando ese ensayo, esa exposici n de ideas, opiniones, datos, etc Con una cr tica, porque es lo que encarna este libro la cr tica, muestra hechos y rezuma cr tica en ellos.La primera de las historias me ha resultado ciertamente penosa en muchos puntos esa negaci n a envejecer y la irremediable realidad, esa p rdida de las creencias, de los valores, de lo que se es con el [...]

  9. I gave this book 5 stars, but I didn t enjoy it If a book can move me the way this one moved me, I consider it a great book However, I felt so bad for the characters in this set of 3 short stories one in particular that I finished it literally feeling angry I was glad to finish it.

  10. ENGLISH SPANISH The Woman Destroyed by Simone de Beauvoir Warning do not read this if you can t stand unlikeable characters For the rest of you don t miss this In a current world where readers demand strong female role models, the so called badass heroines kick ass, fierce, strong , it might seem weird to read about the thoughts and reflections of women passed their 40 s and even in their 60 s, full of flaws, of doubts, of failures But these are the exact same lives that will make us question t [...]

  11. Han pasado algunas horas desde que termin este libro y en mi interior a n resuenan algunas escenas S , es ficci n, pero ficci n a la vuelta de la esquina.Lo sent genuino y profundamente doloroso Sobre todo por el ltimo cuento, en donde la protagonista anhela ser parte de un tiempo que ya no le pertenece vive un presente inaudito que rechaza constantemente Y c mo no rechazar un tiempo que te ha despojado de todo.Me gustar a destacar la construcci n de cada uno de los personajes La autora tiene un [...]

  12. Al fin leo algo de la famosa Simone de Beauvoir Misi n cumplida, jejeje Y puedo decir que entiendo su fama porque el relato que da el t tulo al libro es realmente bueno, y terrible, y certero, dentro de lo que en mi situaci n etaria y relacional puedo imaginar certero Es incre ble c mo el papel de la mujer que permite que le pongan los cuernos y p blicamente m s encima , se entiende mejor cuando se explica paso a paso porque c mo es que alguien puede meterse en esa posici n , es lo primero que u [...]

  13. Soledad, abandono, dolor, rabia Soledad, abandono, dolor, rabia Soledad, abandono, dolor, rabia Soledad, abandono, dolor, rabia Y as , al infinito y m s all de este libro.

  14. I am the type of person who loves characters above all I want very human figures and I want to feel with them and I want them to surprise me and remind of of the fact that no formula is ever going to let me understand what an individual is But this depth and this humanity cannot end up on the extreme of randomness Simone de Beauvoir s third story in this book has had me thinking about the protagonist of the story for weeks I felt so strong for her I worried about her I asked myself and her and t [...]

  15. Algunas cosas nunca cambian A pesar de las conquistas de los movimientos feministas y las discusiones sobre los roles de genero a trav s de los a os, la mayor a de las mujeres aun nos encontramos transitando los caminos que la sociedad patriarcal ha delimitado cuidadosamente para nosotras Que significa ser una mujer absolutamente libre Existe tal cosa en realidad Estos son algunos de los interrogantes que plantea esta obra maravillosa e inmortal.Como Simone de Beauvoir nos dice en el prefacio La [...]

  16. Estoy en shock de lo bueno que es Me ha hecho querer cometer asesinato y me ha inquietado y tb me ha maravilladoya, lo que se dice una joya en forma de libro

  17. Qu es de la mujer cuando se espera del otro la completitud Una mujer rota Tres cuentos, tres miradas, tres mujeres rotas que relatan desde qu lugar se posicionan frente a la falta sean los hijos, el marido, la juventud, el trabajo con angustia, sufrimiento y s ntomas Me fascin el segundo cuento, Mon logo Le do de un tir n, se siente verdaderamente la angustia en carne propia Qu moderna era Simone, se siente estar leyendo la entrada de un blog Am su forma de expresi n y la elecci n de palabras, b [...]

  18. Although all three stories in this collection are about women between 40 and 65 facing some kind of crisis, and all of them are exquisitely written, they are otherwise very different In the first story, the narrator, a successful literary analyst, must come to terms with the fact that her son does not really share the dreams she has for him and is no longer under her influence At the same time, her latest book bombs, and begins to doubt everything in her life The story ends on an uplifting note, [...]

  19. Vorrei spendere due parole sul libro di Simone de beauvoir appena letto Prima di tutto vorrei parlare della sua scrittura, molto scorrevole, piacevole e molto evocativa che si conforma bene con i tre racconti di cui ha scritto semplicemente splendidi, perch riuscita a descrivere tre condizioni in cui la donna si ritrova su un punto di crisi quando scopre di essere tradita, quando si accorge che sta invecchiando, quindi il tempo che scorre e infine la perdita di un proprio figlio Con la sua scrit [...]

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