Ice Drift

Ice Drift The year is and fourteen year old Alika and his younger brother Sulu are hunting for seals on an ice floe attached to their island in the Arctic Suddenly the ice starts to shake and they hear

The year is 1868, and fourteen year old Alika and his younger brother, Sulu, are hunting for seals on an ice floe attached to their island in the Arctic Suddenly the ice starts to shake, and they hear a loud crack the terrible sound of the floe breaking free from land The boys watch with horror as the dark expanse of water between the ice and the shore rapidly widens, aThe year is 1868, and fourteen year old Alika and his younger brother, Sulu, are hunting for seals on an ice floe attached to their island in the Arctic Suddenly the ice starts to shake, and they hear a loud crack the terrible sound of the floe breaking free from land The boys watch with horror as the dark expanse of water between the ice and the shore rapidly widens, and they start drifting south away from their home, their family, and everything they ve ever known.Throughout their six month long journey down the Greenland Strait, the brothers face bitter cold, starvation, and most frightening of all, vicious polar bears But they still remain hopeful that one day they ll be rescued.This thrilling new adventure story from bestselling author Theodore Taylor is a moving testament to the bond between brothers and to the strength of the human spirit.Includes a map, a glossary of Inuit words and phrases, and an author s note

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Ice Drift

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  1. This book was a pretty decent book it had a acceptable story line I m saying it was amazing but it was pretty good for a simple book like this one The story starts off in 1868 with these to brothers that went to hunt for seals and on some ice and unfortunately some ice cracked and they drifted away they are very scared and they go on an adventure to find there home Through this journey they face problems like to cold harsh weather and starvation The fourteen year old Alika and his younger brothe [...]

  2. Contains a lot of details about Inuit life, beliefs, religion and the Alaskan environment This would be great partnered with a non fiction book or as part of a Social Studies Science study The Inuit words and new vocabulary are explained well The action starts quickly in this book and continues throughout The chapters are short, which makes it easier to read.

  3. This was a story that was told very well and included plenty of moments where you could picture yourself in the situations within The characters are interesting and the trials they are put through are used as learning experiences.

  4. This book was filled with action and close calls If you like books that have turning points, hope, and the will to live struggling to keep bright, this book is for you

  5. I learned a lot about Inuit life and as well as the arctic region, wildlife and biosphere I was always waiting for the polar bear attack was very suspenseful

  6. Theodore Taylor s novel Ice Drift is about a 14 year old boy named Alika, his younger brother Sulu and their dog Jamka who were out hunting seals along an ice floe near their home island where their family and village is located Suddenly in the middle of their hunting, the ice floe started rumbling and cracking, the ice floe started to drift away with Alika and his younger brother still on it The villagers and their attempt to bring the both of them back to shore failed and they drifted far off [...]

  7. I thought that Ice Drift was full of action and adventure Although it seemed a bit unrealistic at times, I thought that Theodore Taylor was able to keep the attention of his readers throughout the entire story I liked that his action and storyline was a bit intense I think that older children should be able to start understanding the concepts of hardship and what many of our ancestors and some people today must go through for the simple act of survival Personally, I could relate to some of the [...]

  8. Ice Drift is based on a true story of two Inuit brothers Alika and Sulu, they are hunting seals on an ice floe when it suddenly breaks apart from them leaving them floating far away from their dry safe land When night comes and they do not return home the children s parents go take to the sea in kayaks hoping to find the missing children but their floe is one of tons in the icy ocean and it is already drifting the wrong way The children also threw their dogs overboard in hope that they will get [...]

  9. I honestly was not the biggest fan of this book i felt as if it had a really slow going pace and i really do think this book appeals to the gender of male but also the adventurous souls out there which i am not so much I thought it was a little unrealistic of these young children being stranded and it was just hard for me to really get involved in this book I like imaginative stories and fun, exciting books but i felt this was a little too dull for me I think this book would be really good for [...]

  10. I think Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor is an amazing story of adventure and action After the first couple of chapters, the book turns into two stories going at once One story is the main character, Alika, his little brother, Sulu, and their dog, Jamka who are trying to survive after being separated from their village The other story is their parents trying to find their children Their village survives mostly on seals and other animals they can find But an iceberg hit and broke off a chunk of the i [...]

  11. Ice Drift would be a good book for someone who loves suspense and thriller and drama all in the same book At some times i was out of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen on the next page So, it all starts when two brother, Alika and Sulu go out on a hunting trip with their dog Jamka Then a huge storm hits and gets them off track They were stranded after this enormous storm and they had to find a way to survive on their own not knowing where they were or how to get back to the Inuit vi [...]

  12. Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor was not a good book in my own personal opinion It was about Alika, a young Inuit who gets trapped on ice that has drifted from shore with his brother Sulu for six months The boys survive and eventually return home safely The book shows the importance of strong sibling bonds, and that sometimes you need the encouragement and kindness of others during struggling times This book would appeal to boys mainly, and children that are into adventures and survival stories, and [...]

  13. Ice Drift by Theodore Taylor, is about two boys and a dog who go seal hunting on an ice floe The ice floe is connected to their village which, is in the Artic The ice floe cracks and gets disconnected from their village and the boys and their dog float away The book tells how the boys survived a year stuck on the ice floe, how they braved brutal North winds and how they fought off packs of Polar Bears with just a rifle.I personally enjoyed this book because it was a survival story and these kind [...]

  14. This book had some positives and some negatives but it was beautiful The positives are that how the book showed a lot of expression on what the boys were thinking about For example in one part of the book Sulu was scared of a polar bear and he expressed how scared and nervous he was The book created a new kind of feeling I thought that was really cool Although that was great, There was multiple flaws in the middle part of the book It was saying that the brothers were stuck on a piece of ice so t [...]

  15. This historical fiction book was set in the late 1800 s where two brothers were hunting for seals and all of a sudden they realize that they are floating away on a piece of ice The boys have to live on this ice for six months and try their best to survive and hope that they get rescued This book involves a lot of the Inuit culture and even has a glossary of all the words included in the story at the end of the book This book is definitely geared toward children looking for stories involving adve [...]

  16. I thought this story was great I learned a lot about surviving in the Arctic and it was very exciting It s a survival story about two brothers who are trapped on a ice floe that breaks off They basically have to wait until their iceberg gets close enough to land so that they can swim in the Arctic or climb on to land The good news is they know how to hunt and dress seals The bad news is there are polar bears, bad weather, total darkness, and 40 below zero temperatures, oh and the part where they [...]

  17. At first, I loved this book I really liked how Taylor sets up the setting with some facts about the how often the sun rises and sets in the arctic, how an ice berg changes the face of the the landscape like a giant moving mountain, and I liked the characters he introduced But then, like Kansas, it flattened out The ensuing interesting facts at the beginning of each chapter stopped setting the chapter s tone, and the story became a little simplistic Maybe it s because there s not a lot of directi [...]

  18. Two kids are hunting seal and on there way back the ice chunk that they were on breaks away from shore when they are about 25 feet from shore they let the dogs go that were with them They make there way to camp and the camp leaders go out to find the lost kids Yhey are stranded there with food to last about a week But when the week comes and goes and, still no rescue and they have to start hunting for food One day on the hunt they encounter a bear But luckily get away with their lives Finally af [...]

  19. Ice drift is about two brothers Alika and Sulu.They were hunting for seals on the ice next to there island.And the ice starts to rumble and it starts to crack an they start to move away from there safe island.When night comes there parents start to get worried and they go out on the sea and start looking for the children hoping to find them.They had a rifle which would help them hunt and still eat the boys had a strong relationship that they can fight this together.I like this book because it sh [...]

  20. This book is based on a true story about two Inuit brothers, ages 14 and 10, who become stranded on a floating ice island that was knocked off from the land by an iceberg It teaches a lot about the Inuit culture and customs and about survival, but is pretty short on excitement So, I guess if you want to find out about the Inuit people, it s a good book to read However, if you re looking for an exciting adventure, it s just so so.

  21. A courageous story about two boys lost on an ice drift in off the coast of Greenland for six months The author definitely did his homework and the story feels very authentic although it is fiction It is an easy, quick read that I would recommend for 5th and 6th graders Although, my daughter says the kids in her class that read it didn t like it I m not sure why I didn t find it boring at all.

  22. I like that they didn t make it to boring He put a lot of Details in the book, this book is about two people that get s stuck on a piece of ice and drifts away This book was not my favorite book, because this book didn t pull you in for the first six to seven chapters I liked that the kids didn t die in this book It was hard for them to find food but they survived they were very happy that they found there home And thats why i don t like this book.

  23. Sulu and Alika were going hunting for seals and on there way back the ice broke away and they were off into the sea Bur luckly the leader stocks there sleds with a lot of food so they could survive Well on the island they hunted and got food and learned to keep away from bears They built a big house of ice and lived in it with nothing to do but hope they got rescued But finally after a few months the pack found the two kids and they were very relieved and excited to be home.

  24. I liked this book a lot but it took a number of chapters before I got interested in it It was a great book on survival in the harshest kind of surroundings It was a love story between brothers and a dog And it made me wonder how or why people live in the Arctic It was the kind of book that did not entice me ever to venture out to see the Arctic tundra, ice floes, and Inuit villages.

  25. Sail from above the Arctic Circle through Baffin Bay and Greenland Strait Not on a boat but an ice floe with 2 Inuit brothers, Alika and Sulu and their sled dog Jamka Fight for survival hunting seals for food, fuel and warmth and fight off polar bears who want to steal your food and your life.

  26. This was a rather quick read, and I thought it was a good adventure book for older elementary kids I think that some adventure books are too graphic or heavy for elementary kids, but this seemed engaging and dramatic without causing nightmares.

  27. Good book Harsh conditions the main characters had to deal with and they did deal with it and it was a happy ending.

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