If We Survive

If We Survive What do you do when a mission trip suddenly leaves you caught in the middle of a revolution Will Peterson is part of a mission team that has traveled to Costa Verde to rebuild the wall of a school It

What do you do when a mission trip suddenly leaves you caught in the middle of a revolution Will Peterson is part of a mission team that has traveled to Costa Verde to rebuild the wall of a school It s been a great trip until a revolution breaks out just before they board their plane to go home.But then it becomes a desperate race to escape from a firing squad, from savaWhat do you do when a mission trip suddenly leaves you caught in the middle of a revolution Will Peterson is part of a mission team that has traveled to Costa Verde to rebuild the wall of a school It s been a great trip until a revolution breaks out just before they board their plane to go home.But then it becomes a desperate race to escape from a firing squad, from savage animals in the depths of the jungle, from prison cells and revolutionaries with machine guns.One of the girls is showing Will amazing things about what it means to be truly fearless And one of the guys has the makings of a real hero None of them will go home the same If they only survive.

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If We Survive

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  1. i read this because i was curious how christian themes would assert themselves in a survival story with guns and revolutionaries and the dangers of the jungle, and i was wondering how far the turn the other cheek and the meek shall inherit the earth would hold up in a pressure cooker better than you would think, but don t worry the lord helps those who help themselves, so this is not a sit around and wait for divine intervention kind of story there is plenty of action, and i think it is a good b [...]

  2. This is probably the most political, emotional, and intense action ride I ve ever read in a Young Adult novel Andrew Klavan has done it again with this stunningly beautiful epic that lays open the truth about some misunderstood politics Here is the plot High schooler Will Peterson and three friends journeyed to Central America to help rebuild a school In a poor, secluded mountain village, they won the hearts of the local people with their energy and kindness.But in one sudden moment, everything [...]

  3. I was excited for If We Survive from the minute I read the synopsis However, I honestly wasn t expecting to like it so much I went into it expecting a cliche Christian action adventure novel for teens I was so wrong This was probably one of the best Christian fiction books meant for young adults that I ve ever read It was really well written I m kind of an action junkie I read action adventure books like a little kid eats candy, and I won t deny I read through this one at a really fast pace That [...]

  4. Meh It starts off with a bang, as a group of self congratulating christian missionaries only trying to do their condescending best to those backwards brownish folks and meet their h.s do gooder credit requirement get caught in a Latin American revolution There s a mouthpiece leftist among them who is shown over and over to be an idiot for actually having read up on the country before he went there messages books fah, who needs them Listening to both sides of a debate only for weaklings , the Lat [...]

  5. This book didn t only get two stars for the writing style I would have give it one but the author is great at telling an exciting story I wanted to like this book, but couldn t avoid being very offended by the worldview offered through this story As someone who lives in Latin America, I thought the story was extremely prejuidiced towards American views The rebels were painted as evil no consideration of their personalities or desires they might have to relieve suffering in their country and make [...]

  6. In this YA thriller, five people go as a church group to rebuild an orphanage in a fictional South American country and are caught up in that country s civil war It s an exciting and well paced novel with plenty of action, and I think it hits its mark exactly The main character, Will, is a realistic 16 year old full of uncertainty yet driven with a desire to do the right thing Palmer, the group s pilot, ends up being their reluctant guide and protector as they try to escape the country, and he t [...]

  7. Took me a bit at first to get into it But not long at all, was just a little wary at first, with the characters and the voice and the way it was told Caught me off guard.I really liked this book At first it was like eh, OK but then there were just parts Little pieces Words That were so true It was insane Those little bits had me shaking my head or nodding and they packed punches.Great book Look forward to reading from this author P.S I m sick, so I ve been reading a lot i.e I read two entire bo [...]

  8. Well, I m a sealed fan of Klavan s now My 5th book of his to read and just as enthralling to me as the other 4 Nice to see everything tied up in one book instead of a series for these days series can wear me out Will is a very different character narrator Charlie He s at a different place in life, and has different lessons to learn of and about himself in his particular trial than Charlie did I really liked that I almost felt like I could relate to Will and his insecurities fears lack of experi [...]

  9. Actual Rating 4 stars 1 star for Palmer s badassery and awesomeness This was a really good book From the moment it began, it was high paced, non stop action The survival aspect of the book wasn t boring for a second Story wise, this was super well written, with great and interesting characters, and a good narrator to balance it out I wouldn t call this Christian fiction, even if it s regarded as one In the end there is no mention or acknowledgment of the gospel Just a group of kids that believe [...]

  10. Firstly, props to Andrew Klavan for writing a Christian young adult novel about violence and brutality in ideological conflicts and not falling into the clich just pray and it ll all turn out okay Respect.It s a fascinating story, and it could be a fantastic movie As a novel, though, it falls a little flat Characterization is a major issue here Multi dimensional character portraits seem to be eluding the grasp of our beloved author An argument could be made that they have multiple dimensions by [...]

  11. Have you ever been held captive as a hostage in extreme warfare Probably most likely not But have you ever been so scared so afraid for your life that something or someone may hurt you You try to escape the feeling but it just seems so realistic that you wish you could just jump out of your skin and just keep running and never stop and you don t look back because you ll see yourself sitting there about to be in so much pain that you can actually feel your bones rumble like thunder That s how thi [...]

  12. SCORE Another touchdown for Andrew Klavan I have nothing but good things to say about this author s books They are simply amazing, all of them This is my 6th book by him and I have not been disappointed yet.This story starts right off with a bang and just keeps getting suspenseful throughout the book I don t think there is a slow or boring sentence in the whole book I don t think Klaven knows the meaning of the word slow Reading one of his books is like taking a ride on a new and exciting rolle [...]

  13. Will is part of a group of teens going over to Central America to rebuild a school They are lead by Pastor Ron and what they witness there is life changing from the minute they step off their plane They think their adventure is over as they head up into the cantina to enjoy their last minutes with the locals and meet up with their driver, but something else is about to set their journey on another route Thundering footsteps, screaming and armed men barge into the cantina and block their exits Ti [...]

  14. In a nutshell Ok, so I hovered between 2 and 3 stars I think if I could take out the stuff that bugged the crap out of me, it would have been a pretty good read But as it is, I really couldn t stand it So to punish the stars cause of my bias or not Currently, i m doing so Just know that if I were a teen, maybe I wouldn t have been so bothered And also, DO NOT listen to the audio I think I may have liked this better if I had read it.Pros 1 Adventurous A group of teen and adult missionaries go to [...]

  15. When four American teens journey to Central America to help rebuild a school, they re prepared for the usual mission trip hardships blisters, hard work, culture shock, and forgoing accustomed comforts like hot showers, cell phones, and facebook But when a revolution blazes through the country, it burns a bright red bullseye on the backs of all Americans, and what started out as a simple mission trip turns into a desperate fight for their lives.This is the sixth young adult novel by Andrew Klavan [...]

  16. Wow Where do I begin I love this book So much As I read it I really felt like I was reading some altered Call Of Duty story line P The action was flawless There are some writers out there who just cannot write a good action packed book but Andrew Klavan is a master with it The characters Will was pretty cool He was a neutral character to read the point of view from.For some reason I usually don t get into books that are written in the males point of view but this I liked Jim was annoying I wante [...]

  17. Dude, that was intense.This is the story of Will Peterson, an average 16 year old sopho in high school He goes on a mission trip with his school and church friends to build a wall for a school in Costa Verde, a fictional country in Central America On the last day of their trip a revolution breaks out What follows is their struggle to stay alive and get back home.Klavan is smart to tell the story through Will s narrative He begins by describing each member of the team This works especially well b [...]

  18. YA adventure thriller which is a genuine page turner I don t call many books that, but this action packed plot really didn t let up on the tension Will and his friends have gone with Pastor Ron to a small Central American country to help rebuild a school It s a short term Christian mission trip but their motives are as mixed as their personalities After the explosive beginning when Mendoza kills the waiter while they re waiting in the cantina at the end of the trip it s all roaring action therea [...]

  19. Will Peterson and his friends are taking a trip to Costa Verdes to rebuild a wall for a school As they are about to board their plane home, a revolution sweeps through Costa Verdes A rebel leader named Mendoza is executing the people of Costa Verdes and Americans are to be the first ones to die Will and his friends encounter the firing squad, The animals of the jungle, Mendoza, and rebels that are all hunting them Along with a warrior who might dump them any moment, Will and his friends fight to [...]

  20. Review on review RA7QE94YReview on my blog to be posted 11 24 christianbookshelfreviewsIf We Survive is the third book I ve read by Andrew Klavan the first two being The Last Thing I Remember and The Long Way Home and definitely my favorite so far It was a thrilling ride and held my attention throughout I loved how realistic the characters were one in particular was very dramatic and got upset a lot to the point of being annoying , but given the circumstances, I understood why she d be that way [...]

  21. Awesome contemporary adventure Soooo Good Four kids and their youth pastor are on a mission trip in Central America when a coup d etat erupts and all heck breaks loose A wily revolutionary tracks them though the jungle and their only hope is their slightly amoral tour driverwho happens to be a former U.S.Marine.The protagonist, a 16yr old boy, Will, is so well written, I totally felt like he was real.Lots of action and gun violence but not gratuitous our nasty Will talks about how pretend video [...]

  22. ARC provided by NetGalley If We Survive is an action packed young adult adventure story Will and his friends have traveled to Central America as part of a mission trip to help rebuild a village schoolhouse While they are there, rebel forces stage an attempt to overthrow the country s government The story follows Will and his friends as they attempt to escape the country They are joined by an ex Marine who has a secretive past that comes to light during the story This book was quick and easy to r [...]

  23. It was a little slow for my liking I love Andrew Klavan s book but this one was a bit of a let down, especially when being compared to the last Klavan book I read, Nightmare City The characters seemed to get on my nerves a lot, until the end It had a nice plot I think the main,problems were the lack of connect between me and the characters and the pace of the story Still a good book though.

  24. I really enjoyed this book My biggest complaint there were a few elements that got repeated quite a bit throughout the book I think these were some themes and ideas that Mr Klavan really wanted to call attention to, so I understand why he did that And since the point of view of the book was a sixteen year old boy, it didn t feel unrealistic that such a narrator would repeat things in that way.All in all a good book Klavan s writing, as always, is pretty inspiring for me.

  25. It was good 3.5 stars but doesn t have halves p The story was suspenseful and kept me up late but I felt the ending was weak And the characters could have been a little better developed like I felt like they were always on the run and never got to breath and a chance for me to connect.Which kept me on edge.But Palmer was a complete jerk turned into a nicer guy People died in the first three pages Over all it was good.

  26. It s a good action book as Andrew Klavan really knows how to write a good thriller I also enjoyed the setting and the characters I believe it took me a little while to get into it, but not that long If you re looking for a good, Christian thriller this book and this author are the ones to pick.

  27. This was an interesting read about a group of teens and adults who go on a mission trip to Costa Verdes to build a wall for school, but as they prepare to go home they get held up in a Cantina by a man and his gang They are not sure if they will be able to get home alive This is a fast pace action adventure read that I think a lot of teens will enjoy.

  28. This was I don t know how to describe itI loved everything about this book It had good pace, suspense and a lot of action But the ending was so unfair because I wanted to read But with every book I m kind of lovin Andrew Klavan and .

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