Brian's Return

Brian s Return As millions of readers of Hatchet The River and Brian s Winter know Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges But now that s he s back in civil

As millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, and Brian s Winter know, Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges But now that s he s back in civilization, he can t find a way to make sense of high school life He feels disconnected, isolated than he did alone in the North The only answer is to return to go backAs millions of readers of Hatchet, The River, and Brian s Winter know, Brian Robeson survived alone in the wilderness by finding solutions to extraordinary challenges But now that s he s back in civilization, he can t find a way to make sense of high school life He feels disconnected, isolated than he did alone in the North The only answer is to return to go back in for only in the wilderness can Brian discover his true path in life, and where he belongs.Book Details Format PaperbackPublication Date 5 8 2001Pages 144Reading Level Age 12 and Up

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Brian's Return

  1. Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age After a librarian gave him a book to read along with his own library card he was hooked He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adventure A youthful summer of rigorous chores on a farm jobs as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor and two rounds of the 1,180 mile Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod have provided ample material from which he creates his stories.Paulsen and his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen, an artist who has illustrated several of his books, divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific.

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  1. It was about 20 years ago in school that my teacher read to us The Hatchet It was always one of my favorite books One that I would come back to and read occasionally as I got older.I started re visiting classics that were popular when I was a child So with the power of the internet, I was able to discover, much to my surprise, that Gary Paulsen hadn t been idle with his young character, Brian Naturally I knew about The River, but not that fans had badgered Mr Paulsen to write an alternative to T [...]

  2. In the book Brian s Return there is one main character who is Brian Brian hasn t felt the same sense he came back from the woods everything is different part of him was left back in the woods and he is going to return back retrieve it At school Brian doesn t feel right Brian is a junior in high school many people think he is weird because he acts different Brian has some enemy s in school one is a big football player who gets in a fight with Brian which Brian beat him up in self defense Brian ha [...]

  3. I liked reading this book a lot because I enjoy the outdoors like Brian Brian Robenson survived living on his own when his plane crashed in the book Hatchet , when Brian goes back home and realizes civilazation doesn t really fit who he is Brian talks to his school counselor and lets out how he is feeling, the counselor enjoys listening to Brian talk and tells stories when and how he survived being in the wilderness the first time Brian wants to return back to the wilderness Brian wants to get b [...]

  4. This is a good book I liked it a lot One of the things I liked the most was the part when Brian talks to Caleb, his therapist I liked the bond they had with each other It wasn t like a regular therapist customer bond, but like a friend bond.Most of the book is in the wilderness Some of it, like the beginning, is in the city Brian didn t like the city much because it was really loud and there was a lot of people He wanted to be in a quiet place, and alone That s what the woods gave him That s an [...]

  5. I enjoyed Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen, because it deals with Brian and his adventures I am a country boy so I could relate to him It is basically about a teenage boy who in an earlier book gets stranded in Minnesota and has to fend for himself It is a continuation of the story about real life events that had happened to the author Gary Paulsen This book talks about how he overcame his fear of the country When he was forced to live his life in the wilderness after the plane crash He goes throu [...]

  6. I just finished reading Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen, I thought that the book was excellent, I could picture the experiences of the book in my head, like how he describes how the trees moved or the sunsets over the lake When Brian decided to go back, I thought he was crazy, but then when he is there and makes the choice to never leave and live the rest of his life there, it blew my mind that after all that Brian went through, he would want to stay there.The main character of the book, Brian, i [...]

  7. This book is a sequel to the book hatchet In this book, the main character is brian recently he was stranded in the woods after a plane crash in the months he was there he became almost like part of the woods when he finally came back he didnt like everything how it was back at home people made him mad and it wasnt the same he beat up a guy almost just out of instict he talked to a therapist for a little while,and decided to go back to the woods thats why its called brians return Brian, in this [...]

  8. I love the way the author describes the setting The Descriptions really brought the story to life Brian s return is a very compelling story about a boy s itch to be one with nature I recommend this to anyone who likes adventure.

  9. I think that much of what makes Brian Robeson such a compelling figure is the way that his character reflects the life and philosophy of author Gary Paulsen Brian is an intensely autobiographical creation, and the spirit of personal independence and craving for nothing than to just be a part of the wilderness a craving that had its origin in the first book of his adventures, Hatchet is clearly the heartfelt desire of Gary Paulsen played out on the page, in a situation that he has imagined into [...]

  10. I did not really like this book because in the beginning it was really gross and at the end it got better but it was not awesome so I gave this book 3 STARS

  11. Its a good book about Brian going back into the wilderness because he doesn t like the city and the press follows him and asks about it.

  12. I read the book entitled Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen This book is a continuation of Hatchet also by Gary Paulsen The main character Brian has been encouraged by his counselor to go back into the wilderness because he feels he doesn t fit in where he lives He feels at home in the woods This book describes his life there My favorite part of this book is how the author uses his words to make me a vivid picture in my mind An example is when the wind and rain started to kick up The author uses hi [...]

  13. Personal response I read the book Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen I thought it was a very great and interesting book, because it involved wildlife and nature two things I enjoy Brian realized that life outside of the woods wasn t for him After many failed attempts at trying to live in the city he decided he was better off living in the wild where he belongs After many counseling sessions with Caleb, Brian decided to make a list of all of the items he needed to be prepared to move back to the wild [...]

  14. Personal Response I read the bookBrian s Returnby Gary Paulsen I really enjoyed reading this book The author created a plethora of imagery, and I could feel like I was in the book The book was not predictable at all, and those types of books appeal to me.Plot This book was about a boy who loved living in nature He once got stranded in the woods and survived, and ever since that happened he has wanted to go back He was having problems with this and it actually caused him to have withdrawals His m [...]

  15. I think that this book is awesome I have always loved books by Gary Paulsen He just knows how to make people want to read the book I recommend this book to everyone If you don t like it, then don t read it I think that just about everyone will like this book I wish that I could be Brian Going out into the middle of know where all by yourself Also having to survive by killing things Having to do everything by yourself, with nobodies help.

  16. Personal Response This book was an excellent book to wind down the series I enjoyed reading this book because it made me realize how attached you can become to something There comes a time where you have to let go and sometimes you just cant This book kept me reading until I fell asleep some nights I read it really fast because I wanted to know what Brian would do next I would like to meet Gary Paulsen someday and ask him questions about how he survived in the wilderness Plot Brian s Return is a [...]

  17. I picked this one up out of curiosity, to see how Mr Paulsen got Brian back to the wilderness Besides, it s short and a quick read You can see from my previous reviews that this series has been hit and miss for me Brian s Return, the fourth installment of the saga, was mostly a hit.After his extended period of time alone in the wilderness, Brian has a hard time readjusting to real life, even after being back for than a year In what would undoubtedly be diagnosed today as a reaction triggered by [...]

  18. I really enjoyed Brian Return because I enjoy reading about books written about nature This book is about a boy named Brian who was lost in the wilderness after a plane crash He wants to go back to where he was found, because he does not like being in civilization He can t stand it, because he was in the wilderness for so long, he found it peaceful In this book the main character name is Brian He really likes the wilderness, because it is peaceful to him He does not like civilization, because th [...]

  19. I read the book Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen The book is about a young boy named Brian who is dying to get back into the wilderness While he is at school he really doesn t talk much or make a whole lot of friends One day a girl in his class walks up to him and asks him out on a date When they get to the place they are going to eat, a mean boy in their class pushes the door open and knocks the girl over Then he punches Brian and Brian s first instinct from the wild is to fight back He jumps up [...]

  20. Genre Adventure Pages 144Brief summary It is about a kid named Brian and he comes back from his trip from the wilderness He comes back and he goes to school but he is not a normal kid he went to the wild stayed there he knows what is like So he was interviewed a while back when he came home but a couple years passed by and this girl wanted to get to know him better So they go somewhere to eat but when they do this football player really likes the girl that Brian was with so he gets mad and right [...]

  21. Personal ResponseI liked this book because it was very fascinating on how Brian had to live in civilization after he had lived in the wilderness for a long time.Plot A boy named Brian had to find a way to live his life in civilization after he had lived in the wilderness for a while but he can t find a way to live that way he just doesn t feel the same about civilization he feels isolated and disconnected from nature Nature to Brian is apart of him now and he needs to go back to the wilderness t [...]

  22. Brian s return is about a boy named Brian who is coming back from the wild and is out in the city and experiences a complete different lifestyle that he is not fit for He gets in a fight and then is issued to a psychologist After this he make an excuse to go to visit the Smallhorn family but instead goes into the woods Lots of things happen while he is there such as, a deer getting in his canoe, wolves and bears coming over to his camp and even gets an arrow in his leg He makes a list consisting [...]

  23. The book I read was Brian s Return by Gary Paulsen which is another continuation of Brian s story In this story Brian goes back to nature after a nasty fight The biggest reason Brian goes back into the wilderness is because he felt disconnected to civilization Brian also made a new friend, Caleb, a blind psychiatrist who helps Brian The saga still takes place in the Canadian wilderness, Brian is heading to friends he met a long his journeys who live in the wilderness One Brian s way there he get [...]

  24. I can t imagine how hard it was for Brian to return to normal society after going through what he did And it was hard He came up with a plan to go back to the wild for the summer, secretly planning to stay longer, and this book is about those adventures I found this story to be at a slower pace than the previous ones There is a lot of detail about his thoughts and his actions It was fun to understand his thought process a bit better.At the end of this book, there is an Author s Note and the auth [...]

  25. In the book Brian s Return there was a lot of actin but also a lot of adventure and suspense In the book there were two main characters,Brian and Caleb Caleb was a blind therapist that Brian had talked to and had come to have a strong connection with him Brian was the main character in this book and he loved the outdoors and hunting Brian was in fact so in love with the outdoors he asked Caleb if he knew anyone that could bring him back to the bush a forest with a lot of trees almost like a rain [...]

  26. Brian s return was good When he first went out in the woods, he felt a special connection with the scenery around him He felt like he was at home like when he was in the woods the first time, in hatchet He wanted to stay He eventually told the group he was with that he was going to stay Another person stayed with him They camped out and found food When they were asleep one night, lightning strook his friend The friend was in a coma He then paddled down a super long river, and eventually found ci [...]

  27. Brian has been back in the world for two years, but nothing is right Not the sounds, or the foods, or the football player who attacked him And especially not the way Brian reacted to that attack.How he put that guy in the hospital.Something is missing in Brian He doesn t know what, but he knows WHERE it is In the north The woods.He needs to return.Brian s Return is the fourth of five novels in the Hatchet series Not a wild crazy climax, but a smooth, gentle build toward perfection As Brian disco [...]

  28. After enjoying both Hatchet and Brian s Winter, I decided to go ahead and read this book as well An interesting follow up to Hatchet, this book explores what it s like for Brian to try to reintegrate to life outside the wild, and his longing to return to the woods.

  29. It is 3am and I am determined to finish this book It is captivating and gives you that hunger to see what will happen next Brian is so happy to be back in the woods as he learns to expect the worst, no matter what This book isn t as specific as Hatchet in his ordeals, but it s interesting non the less I was quite impressed with how the author came to write these books you should follow your heart and live each day to its highest peak.

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