Ramayana Ramayana is one of the greatest epics of Hindu Religion The author captures the pathos and beauty of Valmiki s magic in inimatable manner Written in homely style the work is striking in originality an

Ramayana is one of the greatest epics of Hindu Religion.The author captures the pathos and beauty of Valmiki s magic in inimatable manner.Written in homely style,the work is striking in originality and beauty of expression The popularity of the book is so great that it has run into forty two impressions ever since it was originally published in the year 1951

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  1. Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, informally called Rajaji or C.R was an Indian lawyer, independence activist, politician, writer and statesman Rajagopalachari was the last Governor General of India He also served as leader of the Indian National Congress, Premier of the Madras Presidency, Governor of West Bengal, Minister for Home Affairs of the Indian Union and Chief Minister of Madras state Rajagopalachari found the Swatantra Party and was one of the first recipients of India s highest civilian award, the Bharat Ratna He vehemently opposed the use of nuclear weapons and was a proponent of world peace and disarmament During his lifetime, he also acquired the nickname Mango of Salem.

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  1. As part of reading different versions of Ramayana, I have read this book This is the best one I have come across till date The author presents the story devoid of his opinion or biases which is something I liked.I also liked the way he draws parallels between Valmiki Ramayana and Kamban Ramayana.Such a relief to read this after reading Devdutt Patnaik s version Sita one of the worst books I have read

  2. The reason I m giving this five stars is because the author provides a detailed glossary of anglicized sanskrit words, as well as a guide to pronouncing sanskrit vowels While he chooses not to include a translation of what he calls the legend of Sita s betrayal, he still provides an extremely detailed translation of Valmiki s text as it is, including some translation from the poet Kamban s version of the Ramayana who translated it into Tamil However, this book is very simply put forward, as he s [...]

  3. I read this for my Bahasa Indonesia school task and I actually enjoyed it Rama is an amazing character and a great role model for literally everyone in this entire world.I ve never read anything about Hindu Mythology, and this book made me so interested on finding out about Hindu Mythology The relationships in this book was amazing Rama, Lesmana, Hanoman Sugriwa are literally BRO GOALS.First few chapters made me a little bit confuse, maybe because I wasn t used to the language and mythology But [...]

  4. I first read the Ramayana when I lived in India a decade ago, and had a much different impression of it reading it again First, now that I m a mother myself, I see clearly how engrossing a story it is for kids, a way to impart the values of a culture in the most engaging and memorable way Magic monkeys, 10 headed demon gods, and army of bears, blood than you can shake a stick at, it s a rich, engrossing story full of moments of hilarity and poignancy That said, as a modern woman, this story dr [...]

  5. A must read for those who want to get their facts right about the mythological Or might I say historical story.Rajaji s thoughts and opinions and the slight variations in the versions by Kamban and Valmeeki are gently woven into the storytelling, making it a very enjoyable and informative read.Kids would find this very enlightening and enjoyable as this prose is generally devoid of philosophical opinions which are usually found in such books and may serve as a detractor for young minds.Ramayan i [...]

  6. Excellent book An authority on Ramayana Superb language and very concise In my opinion, a must read.

  7. There was a line in the final credits background song in Ramananda Sagar s Ramayana, which I fondly watched as a child Puni Puni Kitne hi Kahe Sunave, Jiya ki Pyaas bujhat na Bujhae , which loosely translates to Even after repeated re tellings of this beautiful story of Shree Ram, the heart does not get tired of listening to it.This line broadly sums up my review for this book, which I wanted to write in detail It is a long read and took me a while to complete As most of the Indians, I was aware [...]

  8. having read ramayana before, i was expecting similar read in this book.But Mr rajagopalachari has meticulously written all the happenings in the ramayana distributed them in 75 chapters.The way he has explained the nature s beauty, characters the incidents is truly marvelous.Five starer without an iota of doubt.

  9. awful awkwardly translated english full of condescending asides and comments i know this book is considered a classic and generations of Indian kids have read it but i don t think it s aged welle glossary is somewhat useful but is inadequate and incomplete i would recommend finding a better translation.

  10. Read this to research for a story I am writing Non stop Rama worship as expected Blind uncritical acceptance of the morality preached here and of the many follies of the lead characters As an overview of the Valmeeki version, useful for academic research purposes.

  11. Good bookHad good overview of Ramayana which fits to the modern world theme and covers most of the story with little bit of modernization

  12. A must read One of the best translated version of the Ramayan and easy to readSimple and forthright in style and using words

  13. I read this book due to my curiosity as the characters in the book are heard by every Indian on a daily basis Im no Spiritual guy i read the book out of curiosity about my favorite Character Hanumanrstly one thing the reader finds in the book is the attention to detail given by Valmiki in this epic And this book is not the original version but a concise version of original Valmiki Ramayana By Rajaji Why i Liked this book It gives the list of virtues that a Human being must possess these are expl [...]

  14. I have deducted one star as the book is riddled with spelling, grammar and typographical errors However the translation is written in an easy to follow and engaging style and putting aside my pedantry, I found it enjoyable If you are new to Hinduism and the Ramayana, the multiple names used for the protagonists can be initially confusing as these aren t explained.

  15. Books 57 2015 Buku ini untuk memenuhiNew Author Reading Challenge 2015 3,4 dari 5 bintangAkhirnya inilah buku dari C Rajagopalachari pertama yang saya baca Trus kalo Mahabharata baca buku versi siapa dong hahaa versi Buku Mahabharata yang saya baca pertama kali adalah The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni dan Mahabharata versi Nyoman S Pendit jadi benar karya C Rajagopalachari ini yang berhasil saya baca pertama kalikalo ceritanya sama ya seperti yang dikisahkan orang2 jaman dahulu, namun [...]

  16. As students, my wife and I traveled to different parts of Asia, and this seemed to be the dominant theme in various dance performances Kerala to Bali We thought of buying the book, Ramayana, itsellf, but it was always too large, notwhithstanding the language barriers with academic translations.That s why it was a pleasure to find in Delhi in June, 1986, at than 45C degree hot weather a bookstore targeted to children, and to find easier read for Ramayana On 300 pages the whole story.Raman, Sita, [...]

  17. Baru pertama kali saya membaca buku Ramayana versi pengarang India Ada banyak cerita yang baru saya ketahui, dan versi ini sangat berbeda dengan versi Jawa yang sudah saya baca.Misalnya Trijata, digambarkan sebagai raksasa disini Padahal di versi Jawa, Trijata digambarkan sebagai putri yang cantik Ada beberapa tokoh yang tidak diceritakan disini, misalnya Trigangga kalau tidak salah.Namun buku ini cukup memberikan porsi yang besar kepada Hanoman.Banyak cerita yang sangat menarik di kisah Ramayan [...]

  18. While the norm is to read Valmiki s massive rendition, I decided to delve back into Lord Rama s world through the words of C.Rajagopalachari Reputed for his simple prose and intuitive grasp for reading between the lines, the author manages to preserve the sanctity of the Ramayana without being pedantic The Ramayana is the mothership of epic Indian Fantasy It is, in every sense of the phrase, a tale as old as time and is packed to the rafters with a noble hero, a beautiful heroine, a scheming dev [...]

  19. note that at its epilogue, writer said thst this book he wrote particularly for children to learn and immerse the good and virtuous character this book has in them However this is also very enjoyable and rich of moral lessons for any adulte story told, since written for children, in a very easy english language So it is recommended for any beginner or intermediate english learner The additional point of this book is also how the writer often add explanation paragraph to lead any reader to unders [...]

  20. The story started with a good pace but somewhere in the middle lost the traction, and changed from a narrative to dialogue between characters.Nice comparison at suitable places of deviations observed in Sri Ramcharitmanas compared to the original Ramayana and translated version The Kamba Ramayana.Though at some places, the narrative seemed wanting for explanation but a good justice to the original objective of the book A simplified no frills Ramayana.

  21. When I was a senior high school student in 2011, I read a book about Steve Jobs Ex CEO of Apple Inc Biography by Walter Isaacson In the book it is told that when Steve Jobs go to India, he saw that Indian people see the life and the world with intuition Frankly speaking, Steve Jobs sees that Indian is intuition minded people I don t know what is exactly meant until I read this book In this book, I see that people in Ramayana believe in karma, and believe in bad luck sign Ramayana shows how the I [...]

  22. As a westerner reading this it was a good book.I compared it to reading the Roman or Greek Mythology that we all read throughout school It is very useful to know the stories that shape the Indian culture.As for this translation It is written in modern English I think 1972 was the last edition It is written in prosee original is written in poetry song Soyou miss a lot of the original art of the story.but you know the storiesThe other thing about this version is that the author inserts interpretat [...]

  23. I enjoyed this I liked how much editorialising the author did Most authors would be resigned to using just a few footnotes here and there but Rajaji will happily stop in the middle of a scene and discuss the different versions and different interpretations of the narrative as well as expressing his own personal opinions It s pretty indulgent but he seems like a wise and charming author so i appreciated it.I enjoyed the story and would recommend this version of the Ramayana to anyone with an inte [...]

  24. The Notebook Romeo and Juliet P.S I Love you Why not The Ramayana An expertly crafted book with the proper mixture of dialogue and commentary.This version of Ramayana appeals to all sections and strata of the society, and being a very picky reader, this book stands out amongst the few books I ve read till date.Very few books stir up emotion like this one did The fluidity of the language never fails to bring up the very same feelings felt by the characters in the book.Jai Shree Ram.

  25. I read this concise version of this epic Hindu mythology a long ago A good crafted book with the proper mixture of dialogue and commentary Although it has not covered all the depth of this epic story but a superb book to get oneself familiar with story of Ramayana The original was written in poetry song So you miss a lot of the original art of the story but you get to know the stories associated Learning in the story, richness of emotions, portray of characters, presentation of events are so gre [...]

  26. The first parts till rama reaches panchavati has some interesting branch stories that is not generally known through reading other books.But after that story moves too fast like highlights and has nothing really new.Since was expecting new informations felt a bit let down towards the end.Still a good read in case you have not read ramayan much Incase have read different version read till panchavati episode.

  27. I spent my childhood listening to stories of the Ramayana Over the years I have figured out the sketch of he story I wanted to read this book to understand all he characters and events better The descriptions are elaborate and helps the reader sketch the image in their minds References to Valmiki and Kamban and the difference in their point of views are extremely interesting A book I can read again

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