The Path of Daggers

The Path of Daggers The Seanchan invasion force is in possession of Ebou Dar Nynaeve Elayne and Aviendha head for Caemlyn and Elayne s rightful throne but on the way they discover an enemy much worse than the Seanchan

The Seanchan invasion force is in possession of Ebou Dar Nynaeve, Elayne, and Aviendha head for Caemlyn and Elayne s rightful throne, but on the way they discover an enemy much worse than the Seanchan.In Illian, Rand vows to throw the Seanchan back as he did once before But signs of madness are appearing among the Asha man.In Ghealdan, Perrin faces the intrigues of WhiteThe Seanchan invasion force is in possession of Ebou Dar Nynaeve, Elayne, and Aviendha head for Caemlyn and Elayne s rightful throne, but on the way they discover an enemy much worse than the Seanchan.In Illian, Rand vows to throw the Seanchan back as he did once before But signs of madness are appearing among the Asha man.In Ghealdan, Perrin faces the intrigues of Whitecloaks, Seanchan invaders, the scattered Shaido Aiel, and the Prophet himself Perrin s beloved wife, Faile, may pay with her life, and Perrin himself may have to destroy his soul to save her.Meanwhile the rebel Aes Sedai under their young Amyrlin, Egwene al Vere, face an army that intends to keep them away from the White Tower But Egwene is determined to unseat the usurper Elaida and reunite the Aes Sedai She does not yet understand the price that others and she herself will pay.

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The Path of Daggers

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Robert Jordan was the pen name of James Oliver Rigney, Jr under which he was best known as the author of the bestselling The Wheel of Time fantasy series He also wrote under the names Reagan O Neal and Jackson O Reilly.Jordan was born in Charleston, South Carolina He served two tours in Vietnam from 1968 to 1970 with the United States Army as a helicopter gunner He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross with bronze oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star with V and bronze oak leaf cluster, and two Vietnamese Gallantry Crosses with palm After returning from Vietnam he attended The Citadel where he received an undergraduate degree in physics After graduating he was employed by the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer He began writing in 1977 He was a history buff and enjoyed hunting, fishing, sailing, poker, chess, pool, and pipe collecting He described himself as a High Church Episcopalian and received communion than once a week He lived with his wife Harriet McDougal, who works as a book editor currently with Tor Books she was also Jordan s editor in a house built in 1797 Responding to queries on the similarity of some of the concepts in his Wheel of Time books with Freemasonry concepts, Jordan admitted that he was a Freemason However, like his father and grandfather, he preferred not to advertise, possibly because of the negative propaganda against Freemasonry In his own words, no man in this country should feel in danger because of his beliefs On March 23, 2006, Jordan disclosed in a statement that he had been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis, and that with treatment, his median life expectancy was four years, though he said he intended to beat the statistics He later posted on his Dragonmount blog to encourage his fans not to worry about him and that he intended to have a long and fully creative life.He began chemotherapy treatment at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, in early April 2006 Jordan was enrolled in a study using the drug Revlimid just approved for multiple myeloma but not yet tested on primary amyloidosis.Jordan died at approximately 2 45 p.m EDT on September 16, 2007, and a funeral service was held for him on Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Jordan was cremated and his ashes buried in the churchyard of St James Church in Goose Creek, outside Charleston.

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  1. NOTICE this reread is in preparation for finally biting the bullet and reading book 14 That means I HAVE NOT read book 14 yet Please be mindful of this in the comments, both for me and for others who may or may not have progressed past this point in the series Thank you.Reviewed by Rabid ReadsSo I debated long and hard about how to rate THE PATH OF DAGGERS, book 8 in Robert Jordan s WHEEL OF TIME I think by now it s pretty obvious that I love this series, but 1 No Mat.Like NONE About halfway [...]

  2. Usually my reviewing style includes a plot synopsis at the beginning, but through experience I ve come to the realisation that it s most often a huge advantage when the book actually has a plot.This was essentially Interlude the Book No plot development, no character development, no setting development, no development At all And you don t need to tell me it gets worse I know.The chapters written from the viewpoint of the main protagonists are downright boring Quite the opposite is true for the c [...]

  3. Month 8 and Book 8 go hand in hand with my buds at Buddies Books BaublesThis will forever be THE BOOK WITHOUT MAT.When The Wheel of Time began there was Rand, Perrin and Mat I didn t even like Mat very much It wasn t until maybe book 3 or 4 seriously they start to run together that his character became semi interesting Now he is one of my favorites and he is missing the entire book.Instead we have Aes Sedea shenanigans Really I m still of the opinion that if you can channel the one power if you [...]

  4. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.The best thing I can say about The Path of Daggers is that it is significantly shorter than the last few novels have been only 700 pages mass market paperback compared to the 900 1100 page novels that have preceded it There is much less of the repetitive backstory I guess Mr Jordan finally realized that new readers aren t jumping in at this point.However, that s not to say that there are 700 pages of plot here, either For again, most of the pages are devot [...]

  5. This was another fun instalment in the WoT series Just like the last book plot advancement was moving at a snails pace but we did get a few interesting developments and the story was always entertaining It is the characters, Jordan s storytelling, and the sheer size of the world that make this such a great fantasy series.So what actually happened in this 8th WoT book SPOILERS AHEAD Most of our favourite characters went on much as the have been doing for the last few books Egwene She edged closer [...]

  6. Book 8 of the Wheel of Time really gets a bad rap Contrary to common wisdom, plenty happens in this book The problem, I think, is that nothing gets resolved Not having any Mat, especially after the cliffhanger at the end of book 7, doesn t help either Is it ridiculous for a fantasy series to still be setting things up 8 books in Especially when that series was supposed to be 6 books long OK, yeah, it is But taken by itself, The Path of Daggers isn t a bad story.Oddly enough, the story begins wit [...]

  7. 4.44 A buddy read with the WoT fanatics at BBB This book was a bit slower, a bit shorter and all together the book that felt most as a set up, transition book of all up to now The action was a bit choppy, which is not very typical for Jordan, but the banter made the book all the characters with their quirks and the intricate games of hierarchy and politics, are deliciously masterful, but still, this book suffered form the lack of one of the main characters Mat was MIA The horror He is a total pa [...]

  8. We tend to root for most anti heroes, but every now and then, authors dare to set a real stinker at the centerpiece of their stories Sometimes it works.Logan Mountstewart from William Boyd s Any Human Heart comes to mind Henry Miller s Tropic of Cancer qualifies, I think And before we certify all shepherds as pure at heart heroes, check out Halldor Laxness s Bjartur in Independent People.But these are all examples drawn from the literary canon What happens when fantasy, a genre often prone to po [...]

  9. This is one of the slowest books of the series Usually Mat saves the day even when nobody else does anything of value in a book, but this time Mat is not here This is especially infuriating considering that his plot line ended in a huge cliffhanger in the previous book Perrin s absence in book 5 is hardly noticeable Mat s absence here is, especially considering the slow moving overall plot.It would be unfair to say that nothing at all happens here I counted four fairly major events in the book w [...]

  10. Monthly buddy read well it was stalking this time since I couldn t really participate in the discussion with the fantasy fanatics over at BBB.This keeps on getting better and better I can t get enough of this world There re simply no words to describe this One of the major plotlines from the past several books finally found it s resolution the Bowl of Winds was finally used and the weather is on it s way to normal Though I guess that going from extreme heat and drought to torrent rains and snow [...]

  11. The epic Buddies Books Baubles reread of the Wheel of Time is still in full swing as number 8 is moved to the DONE pile As with the last book, this one was a slower paced read, but there was lots to enjoy Except for the lack of Mat Why Robert Jordan, why The stuff that went down view spoiler The bowl of winds is used at last and the weather is wrested from the dark one s control Winter is coming The Seanchan attack The Seanchan are attacked by Rand and his army Rand uses Callandor to attack all [...]

  12. Executive Summary This is definitely one of the weaker books in the series so far, and there are a large number of pages where it feels like very little happens I m still enjoying my reread, but I know that things will only get slower before they finally pick back up again.Audiobook Doing this book in audio is pretty much a must for me now I don t think I d have managed to read it very quickly otherwise Micheal Kramer and Kate Reading are fantastic as always.Full ReviewThis book should maybe be [...]

  13. The Path of Daggers is the eighth book in The Wheel of Time I enjoyed it as much as the previous books I sound like a broken record, but maybe that s appropriate for a series called The Wheel of Time Quite a few small and not so small threads made some significant progress and there were several things I particularly enjoyed reading about If I didn t have the next book queued up and ready to go, I might have complained that I wanted to spend time with some of the different storylines So much is [...]

  14. My crawl through this series continues To be honest, I d optimistically hoped that I d be able to finish it by the end of 2017 I was in a good position to, having already read the first five books Nine books in twelve months Easy peasy Except each book has gotten progressively harder to get through Less and less happens The flaws stand out as the plot thins I ve gotten through three of these books in ten months Even if I manage to do one per month from here on out, I won t be getting to A Memo [...]

  15. There wasn t very much of Met in this book I guess everyone need a break at some point of this looong story , so I will reminiscence on some details about Mat, that is the best bloody character I ve ever read Blood and bloody ashes Mat Cauthon, all the time I read a book once Mat Cauthon It was a simple truth the Creator made women so men would not find life too easy Matrim Cauthon Yes, I m alive I m usually pretty good at staying alive I ve only failed one time that I can remember, and it hardl [...]

  16. I really enjoyed this book and what a great series this is turning out to be There was a lot action in this one which is number 8 and a lot of character development I am listening to the series on audio book and was quite surprised when it suddenly finished right in the middle of so many major events Now I have to start straight into the next book How lucky they are all published and I do not have to wait weeks or even years for the next instalment

  17. I m starting to wonder if I ve made a mistake in deciding that I wanted to complete THE WHEEL OF TIME by reading all the books in the series consecutively With THE PATH OF DAGGERS now under my belt, I m eight books into the 14 book saga, and I can t honestly say that I feel any closer to the conclusion than I was three or four books ago.When I began reading THE WHEEL OF TIME, I was a senior in high school, so I was able to read the first seven or eight books consecutively without having to wait [...]

  18. The Wheel of Time series represents, for me, the perfect example of a guilty pleasure in the world of fantasy.This series is not actually written very well Robert Jordan was not a very good wordsmith, and he really only knew how to say and describe things one way His characters are generally unbelievable, and have ridiculous dialogue The plot is tremendously predictable, and is heavily influenced close to the point of being unoriginal by the fantasy works that came before The whole story is much [...]

  19. I congratulate everyone who has the perseverance to continue on while envying those who had the force of will to just forget about how this epic story is supposed to end Here we are at book 8 and like book 7, very little of the main plot actually happens Most of the book are again devoted to describing in excruciating detail of how the main characters tend to act and think, with very little variation, mostly accomplishing nothing except introduce filler and making characters feel one dimensional [...]

  20. This obsession and excessive WoT reading is unhealthy, I think Well, in my defense, this book was very small.No Mat POV sucked, especially given his situation at the end of the last book Rest was pretty much fine, I guess.

  21. There are no beginnings or endings to the Wheel of Time series but there is plenty of room for re reading However, unfortunately at least for myself this is the point in the series where everything started to become slow I don t find that it became any less enjoyable, but nothing really happens in this book and in the two following From books 8 to 10 the material could easily have been condensed into one solid 800 page novel rather than three separate 600 to 800 page novels.What Robert Jordan di [...]

  22. I struggled knowing what to rate this book as at first because I didn t live it as much as the previous 2 all the way through and it did seem a little slower in places, however I did think that it was filled with some interesting things and events In the end I had to rate it a 4 s because it still interested me I would have like it to be longer as many have said and dramatic at the ending, but overall it was a good addition in the series One thing I enjoyed in this book was the return of Elyas [...]

  23. I am still reading and enjoying the WoT series I don t want to sound emotional, but I love this series and had and still have a great time participating in the WoT discussions.This book was short but packed with exciting events in the end I m looking forward to know what s going to happen next.

  24. I delayed starting The Path of Daggers for 2 months because I was so angry about Tylin s actions in A Crown of Swords I actually came pretty close to quitting this series for good but I ve already read 7 books close to 6,000 pages so I m not about to let one character ruin it for me, especially when friends told me that character is completely absent from this book So I finally dove back into this world and I m really glad I did I actually think the short break did me good because all the other [...]

  25. A Path of Daggers is the low point for me in the Wheel of Time series It can easily be summed up as various groups of catty women vying for superiority over each other Seriously, the first third consists of Elayne and Nynaeve, Aviendha, Birgitte, the rebel Aes Sedai with them, the Sea Folk, and the Kin, all trying to out do each other on the way to the Farm Once they get to the Farm, view spoiler they finally use the Bowl that they spent the whole last book searching for hide spoiler This scene [...]

  26. 1.5 starsI can t believe I m saying this, but I give up I cannot take this book any The book started off well This was the first WoT audiobook I read and the narrators made all six hours of Nyneave and Co tolerable But their great voices started wearing off I found it harder and harder to pick the book up until finally I dropped it A friend suggested I drop it for a week and see I would want to come back to it after Sadly I didn t want to I started forcing myself to pick it up just so I could fi [...]

  27. Fire and ice, and death was coming But he was steel He was steel Comecei a ler esse livro com expectativas bem baixas devido coment rios dos f s, mas acabei me surpreendendo bastante.At a metade bem parado, s um ou outro cap tulo do Perrin e o restante das meninas, o que n o foi ruim, dado as circunst ncias se tivesse cap tulos do Mat seria melhor.Egwene me surpreende cada vez mais, at estou come ando a gostar dela Ela tem novas responsabilidades, mas tratada como uma marionete Aos poucos ela es [...]

  28. You know, my memory tells me that by book 8, the series is just awful and hardly readable However, I am finding that this is not the case Clearly, not as good as the earliest novels, but I m not seeing the writing issues that I connote with this series The POVs in this novel are a bit blocky, where you are reading about that character for a hundred pages or so The pace may be slowing, but the story still moves forward So, I m still waiting for that one book that tells me where it all went to cra [...]

  29. Prica se pomera mic po mic, Dzordan nastavlja da razvija neke likove ili skupine kao sto su Asamani na primer Situacija je neznatno jasnija u odnosu na predhodni deo Kazem neznatno jer sve novo sto se dogodilo moglo se predvideti vec 1000 strana u napred Ali i pored svih mana i u odnosu na predhodne tomove ovo je korektan nastavak Tocka Vremena Serijal je prosto predugacak i to samo zato sto Dzordan izgleda bas voli da pise Pitam se da nije umro koliko bi Tocak vremena imao delova I pored toga s [...]

  30. Este se me ha hecho laaaargo Lo puedo describir como el libro de la gesti n de recursos humanos Gente discutiendo sobre cu l es la mejor estrategia, sobre qui n debe mandar, sobre c mo consolidar la posici n que han elegido Es como si se hubiera le do Canci n de hielo y fuego y hubiera dicho ah, pues en este voy a hacer eso pero sin meter naaaada de acci n.En ocasiones hay tantos nombres de personajes secundarios que no sab a con qui n interactuaban los principales Y lleg un momento en el que me [...]

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