I Am Legend

I Am Legend Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth but he is not alone Every other man woman and child on the planet has become a vampire and they are hungry for Neville s blood By day he is the hunter

Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth but he is not alone Every other man, woman and child on the planet has become a vampire, and they are hungry for Neville s blood.By day he is the hunter, stalking the undead through the ruins of civilisation By night, he barricades himself in his home and prays for the dawn.How long can one man survive like this

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I Am Legend

  1. Born in Allendale, New Jersey to Norwegian immigrant parents, Matheson was raised in Brooklyn and graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School in 1943 He then entered the military and spent World War II as an infantry soldier In 1949 he earned his bachelor s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri and moved to California in 1951 He married in 1952 and has four children, three of whom Chris, Richard Christian, and Ali Matheson are writers of fiction and screenplays.His first short story, Born of Man and Woman, appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1950 The tale of a monstrous child chained in its parents cellar, it was told in the first person as the creature s diary in poignantly non idiomatic English and immediately made Matheson famous Between 1950 and 1971, Matheson produced dozens of stories, frequently blending elements of the science fiction, horror and fantasy genres.Several of his stories, like Third from the Sun 1950 , Deadline 1959 and Button, Button 1970 are simple sketches with twist endings others, like Trespass 1953 , Being 1954 and Mute 1962 explore their characters dilemmas over twenty or thirty pages Some tales, such as The Funeral 1955 and The Doll that Does Everything 1954 incorporate zany satirical humour at the expense of genre clich s, and are written in an hysterically overblown prose very different from Matheson s usual pared down style Others, like The Test 1954 and Steel 1956 , portray the moral and physical struggles of ordinary people, rather than the then nearly ubiquitous scientists and superheroes, in situations which are at once futuristic and everyday Still others, such as Mad House 1953 , The Curious Child 1954 and perhaps most famously, Duel 1971 are tales of paranoia, in which the everyday environment of the present day becomes inexplicably alien or threatening.He wrote a number of episodes for the American TV series The Twilight Zone, including Steel, mentioned above and the famous Nightmare at 20,000 Feet adapted the works of Edgar Allan Poe for Roger Corman and Dennis Wheatley s The Devil Rides Out for Hammer Films and scripted Steven Spielberg s first feature, the TV movie Duel, from his own short story He also contributed a number of scripts to the Warner Brothers western series The Lawman between 1958 and 1962 In 1973, Matheson earned an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for his teleplay for The Night Stalker, one of two TV movies written by Matheson that preceded the series Kolchak The Night Stalker Matheson also wrote the screenplay for Fanatic US title Die Die My Darling starring Talullah Bankhead and Stefanie Powers.Novels include The Shrinking Man filmed as The Incredible Shrinking Man, again from Matheson s own screenplay , and a science fiction vampire novel, I Am Legend, which has been filmed three times under the titles The Omega Man and The Last Man on Earth and once under the original title Other Matheson novels turned into notable films include What Dreams May Come, Stir of Echoes, Bid Time Return as Somewhere in Time , and Hell House as The Legend of Hell House and the aforementioned Duel, the last three adapted and scripted by Matheson himself Three of his short stories were filmed together as Trilogy of Terror, including Prey with its famous Zuni warrior doll.In 1960, Matheson published The Beardless Warriors, a nonfantastic, autobiographical novel about teenage American soldiers in World War II.He died at his home on June 23, 2013, at the age of 87uscmillan author richar

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  1. I am legend These words make me shudder But if you have only seen that Will Smith movie that went 180 degrees on the book s message, the soul crushing impact of these words will be lost on you.That makes me sadTo quote Stephen King, I think the author who influenced me the most as a writer was Richard Matheson This was enough of a recommendation for me to go and dig up this book And it s great view spoiler Full circle A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortr [...]

  2. I loved this book Was very creepy to read.I thought it was brillant from beginning to end.One of my favourite books of all time ever That ending WOW

  3. I just re read this after watching some of the movies based on it It s truly a chilling book It s an apocalyptic novel The vampire plague has destroyed our society Much of the book focuses on our hero s loneliness When he finds an uninfected dog, his attempts to befriend it are almost pathetic truly heart wrenching It s well worth reading.There are 3 movies that I know of that are based on this book The Last Man On Earth starring Vincent Price in the mid 60 s This follows the book pretty closely [...]

  4. I was going to rate the book a lukewarm 3 stars, but then I looked once at the date of publication 1954 and reconsidered A bit of historical perspective, of literary context elevates this novel to the well deserved genre classic status At the time Matheson published his science fiction take on the gothic vampire myth, the market was a lot different from today s oversaturated landscape that has largely trivialized the subject and gave it a curious teenage romance slant Even bringing in the scien [...]

  5. I m not much of what you might call a vampire guy By which I mean both that I am not a vampire, or a guy who likes vampires or vampire themed endeavors Thus it stands to reason that I never would have read Richard Matheson s I Am Legend had not the wildcard of my book club chosen it as this month s selection Frankly, I was a little underwhelmed by the choice The critical blurbs did not help matters along Dean Koontz said it was the most riveting vampire novel since Dracula, which is great, excep [...]

  6. This was creepy and sad too I don t think I would have lasted long as the last person alive I would have just given up and let myself get caught The vampires of this story are quite zombie like, I thought How events turn out in the end surprised me.

  7. I just finished reading this book Completely different from the movie The 2007 version , I wish they would have gone with this story instead The reader spends the whole story Which is really only 170 pages following the last man on earth as he fights for his survival against vampires and yes, they are vampires He boards up his house, stocks up on canned goods, and researches a way to combat this disease He is not a doctor or a scientist, just a regular man stuck in an irregular situation But, as [...]

  8. I Am Legend by Richard MathesonMy rating 4 of 5 starsBlurb Robert Neville is the last man left alive on Earthbut he is not alone Every other man, woman and child on the planet has become a vampire Neville spends his days scavenging for food and supplies, and hunting down the undead in their lairs in the ruins of civilisation At night, he becomes the hunted and barricades himself in his home, waiting and praying for the dawn.I Am Legend was one of the first, and certainly the most brilliant, fusi [...]

  9. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.I don t like vampire novels much, so I wasn t planning to read Richard Matheson s classic vampire story I am Legend which was published in 1954, is also known by the title The Omega Man, and is, of course, the basis for the movie I am Legend.But then I recently read and was enthralled by two other books by Matheson The Incredible Shrinking Man and Steel and Other Stories I realized that The Incredible Shrinking Man wasn t really so much about a man who was [...]

  10. There are some excellent reviews out there I know I was complaining about sqeeing and gifs recently, but I can t help but think a classic book like this could use a little modern reviewing.Summary I m a little mixed in my reading reactions to a novella that feels like a self conscious allegorical tale than truly innovative storytelling The short, choppy prose suited the narrator, but gave a limited ambiance to the setting Given the protagonist Neville s relatively easy ability in moving around [...]

  11. Richard Matheson may be the most underrated genre writer ever When you look at a list of his books I Am Legend, Somewhere In Time, Hell House, Duel Terror Stories, What Dreams May Come just to name a few, you realize how unique and diverse his talent was.This novel, I Am Legend, a perfect little bricolage of apocalyptic, dystopian, sci fi, horror, vampire, zombie, is probably his best known work, although I m partial to Somewhere in Time Bid Time Return being such a romantic sentimentalist.I hav [...]

  12. Yet again, I ve been breaking the rules This time, it wasn t on purpose But I went into reading I Am Legend knowing the ending, knowing the twist Years ago, you see, my husband had wanted to talk about the book, probably when the most recent adaptation to movie form had come out, and I am well known for not reading horror, so it wasn t an unreasonable assumption that I would never read this.So, wrong, in the long run, but it made reading this for the first time a very different experience than i [...]

  13. This is another one of those times when there are people who if they could would give this book far than the allowed 5 while if I were rating it on enjoyment alone I d be looking to give it negative stars I realize this is one of the classics of science fiction or science fantasy and I don t care I read it years ago and while I find the writing in places rates my recognition of it s qualityI don t care for the book.Like some of Matheson s other works there are some questions that to me are so g [...]

  14. Let me being this review by saying that I never saw any of the movie adaptations of this book I turned the first page of I Am Legend with zero knowledge of what Hollywood did to it because a friend of mine gave me an important warning He said When it comes to this story, there is no movie there is just the book.The story is Robert Neville s, the last man on Earth after a strange plague has turned every other human being into a vampire He lives in a carefully barricaded house, stuffed with canned [...]

  15. 1 I d like to take this opportunity to apologize for all of the Will Smith jokes It s going to be difficult, but I will refrain from including him in this review.2 Stuff I liked Matheson does an amazing job in describing the situation Neville has deal with as the only person left in the world The scariest parts for me where when Matheson deals with themes like isolation and loneliness That stuff was much terrifying than the vampires on them later There were entire chapters of the book describi [...]

  16. Los Angeles, about 22 years into the future Jan 1976 Jan 1979 in this book copyright 1954, which really shows in some of the book s views After the plague finished in 1975, Robert Neville seems to be the only human left immune and alive He s not anywhere like Will Smith, lookwise, English German man in late 30s with blue eyes, blond going bald and later with a beard When we meet him he s been living at his present place for 5 months Trying to survive, and wondering what caused everyone to change [...]

  17. The strength of the vampire is that no one will believe in him Robert Neville is the last man on earthor is he Following the outbreak of an incurable plague that has mutated every other human on earth into bloodthirsty, nocturnal creatures, Robert Neville must scavenge for food and supplies during the day, whilst hiding in his boarded up, vampire proof home at night Living a solitary life for so long is not easy, and so he is constantly on the look out for fellow survivorsThis was a buddy read w [...]

  18. I enjoy being alone There s some kind of peace in loneliness I m never happy than when I m by myself I ve said, though, that if the loneliness if forced upon me, it s not so glorious Robert Neville s situation is similar to this latter one.In first instance, when I came upon this book, it reminded me of The Last Man by Mary Shelley In both books, the hero is, or believes to be, the last man on Earth The rest of humanity had died because of a plague In TLM it was some cold, and in IAL it was vam [...]

  19. I AM LEGEND, by Richard Matheson is one of his longer stories, that I hadn t previously read This is a vampire tale, but one very unique to this genre The last survivor in a plague that left humanity dead or, undead Richard Neville has spent the past three years learning everything he can about what caused this change Many are the days when he wonders why he even bothers to go on, when everyone around him is lost In a world of monotonous horror there could be no salvation in wild dreaming The s [...]

  20. One guy against a world filled with vampires I went into this book with an expectation of action When the story had action scenes, they were done very well, and there is a wonderfully suspenseful and thrilling chase scene in the first half of the book However, action, suspense and thrills were absent for most of the rest of the book.There is sad reminiscing of his past life.There is a long drawn out sequence of attempting to befriend a stray dog.There is lots of time spent getting drunk, listeni [...]

  21. I never would have expected the internal dialogue of the last man alive to be as captivating as this book was Robert Neville is alone, the last uninfected human left as far as he knows, and every day is a struggle to keep it that way His anger, depression, frustration and fear are thrown up against the desire to live almost every moment of every day and there are some when you re not sure which will win.Some of the issues brought up are unique to the fact that Robert Neville is a man alone in th [...]

  22. A novel that has been both heavily criticized and revered, I Am Legend straddles an uneasy line between Horror and Science Fiction However, there is no denying its influence, nor its simple charm In comparison with some of the vampire drivel being served up today, this little novel is indeed legend It ranks with Salem s Lot as one of my favourite reads on the vampire mythos I know that the science isn t sound, but Matheson has done a terrific job of introducing new ways to broach the subject of [...]

  23. This book has been made into four seperate film adaptations All of which deviate significantly from the novel Why is that Why meddle with brilliance I read this AFTER seeing all four films, and none of those movies had anywhere near the impact the book did on me It s dark, and gritty, and bleak Its tells a tale of human loss and suffering and our stubborn will to survive You could quite easily pick this up in another 50 years time and think it were set in the near future It s incredibly well wri [...]

  24. La normalit della maggioranza L impatto di un opera come Io sono leggenda , tanto nel suo genere quanto nell immaginario collettivo, qualcosa di assimilabile a una bomba atomica.La forza di Matheson, capace di riscrivere la figura del vampiro in chiave scientifica e sociale, quella di fotografare la tremenda dittatura della maggioranza e di riequilibrare gli sbilanciamenti delle forze in campo attraverso il solo, e unico, movente che muove ogni collettivo dotato della forza del numero l autocons [...]

  25. Four fifths of the way through and the only thing on my mind was how incredibly boring and one dimensional Robert Neville is You would think that someone forced into solitude and surrounded by death and insanity would have a wonderfully colourful and twisted mind if you re going to have a book revolving around a single character, make him a really good one So, it wasn t until he began chasing, abusing and kidnapping a woman in the name of science everything in this book was tunnel viewed in the [...]

  26. 2 StarsBartender Another please Talk about a freakin downer Man, that ending So infuriating and pointless especially with such a great buildup and interesting take on vampire lore.This barely resembles the infamous Will Smith movie but the backbone is there However, while the movie left you in sad despair, there was triumph in the wake of Neville s sacrifice This simply ends with not one speck of hope, and it totally sucked because I m not a masochist by choice.

  27. Richard Matheson, la mayor influencia de Stephen King, idealiza en esta novela un mundo post apocal ptico en el que, el ltimo hombre de la tierra Robert Neville , lucha por su supervivencia en un lugar donde la esperanza parece perdida En unas cuantas p ginas, Matheson logra captar la atenci n del lector, lo que lo lleva a reflexionar, e incluso, a meditar sobre el curso de la sociedad actual, el pensamiento humano, y la verdadera esencia del ser Un libro que simplemente no quer a terminar I m t [...]

  28. This is definitely one of the Grand daddies of the Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Virus Monsters taking over the world stories.This book had to be a commentary on where Matheson thought we were headed as a society not just a simple tale of vampires created by a virus.It is amazing how much he fits in to a 160 page book I am thinking that Matheson must have been a master of telling a lot of story in very few pages A very suspenseful and quick read This would be a great choice for horror fans, post ap [...]

  29. The best vampire novel since Dracula, my pointA man negotiates with himself and never compromisesA man fights against the whole world, what makes him yonder survivalA man tries to save all but just forgets to save himselfNot forget maybe, he s just too busy to live and then he loses it and gets lost, that s worse than deathSuch a great and encourageous book, no wonder Stephen King loves it this much, it makes him go banana

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