The Time Traveler's Wife

The Time Traveler s Wife A funny often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist what if one of them couldn t stop slipping in and out of time Highly original and imaginative this debut novel raises questions about life

A funny, often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist what if one of them couldn t stop slipping in and out of time Highly original and imaginative, this debut novel raises questions about life, love, and the effects of time on relationships.Audrey Niffenegger s innovative debut, The Time Traveler s Wife, is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, aA funny, often poignant tale of boy meets girl with a twist what if one of them couldn t stop slipping in and out of time Highly original and imaginative, this debut novel raises questions about life, love, and the effects of time on relationships.Audrey Niffenegger s innovative debut, The Time Traveler s Wife, is the story of Clare, a beautiful art student, and Henry, an adventuresome librarian, who have known each other since Clare was six and Henry was thirty six, and were married when Clare was twenty three and Henry thirty one Impossible but true, because Henry is one of the first people diagnosed with Chrono Displacement Disorder periodically his genetic clock resets and he finds himself misplaced in time, pulled to moments of emotional gravity in his life, past and future His disappearances are spontaneous, his experiences unpredictable, alternately harrowing and amusing The Time Traveler s Wife depicts the effects of time travel on Henry and Clare s marriage and their passionate love for each other as the story unfolds from both points of view Clare and Henry attempt to live normal lives, pursuing familiar goals steady jobs, good friends, children of their own All of this is threatened by something they can neither prevent nor control, making their story intensely moving and entirely unforgettable.

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The Time Traveler's Wife

  1. Audrey Niffenegger born June 13, 1963 in South Haven, Michigan is a writer and artist She is also a professor in the MFA Creative Writing Program at Columbia College Chicago Niffenegger s debut novel, The Time Traveler s Wife 2003 , was a national bestseller The Time Traveler s Wife is an unconventional love story that centers on a man with a strange genetic disorder that causes him to unpredictably time travel and his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his constant absence Her Fearful Symmetry 2009 , Niffenegger s second novel, is set in London s Highgate Cemetery where, during research for the book, Niffenegger acted as a tour guide.Niffenegger has also published graphic and illustrated novels including The Adventuress 2006 , The Three Incestuous Sisters 2005 , The Night Bookmobile 2009 , and Raven Girl 2013 Raven Girl was adapted into a ballet by Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor and the Royal Opera House Ballet London in 2013 A mid career retrospective entitled Awake in the Dream World The Art of Audrey Niffenegger, was presented by the National Museum of Women in the Arts Washington D.C in 2013 An accompanying exhibition catalogue examines several themes in Niffenegger s visual art including her explorations of life, mortality, and magic.

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  1. I m only adding this book because it annoys me that it popped up on the most popular reads People, this book is terrible Do yourself a favor and pretend you d never heard of it My short answer is that it s just no good, the long version is in the following list, which I call The Problems I Have With The Time Traveler s Wife 1 The author is indecisive Rather than accepting that this is a science fiction novel, she tries to write a social commentary, romance, and art and music novel all rolled int [...]

  2. I recently read The Time Traveler s Wife and was pretty disappointed the author somehow manages to turn such an awesome premise the dude actually time travels into something pretty flat and dull The first hundred pages really hooked me, but after a while I started to get irritated by 1 All the name checking of hipster approved bands in an attempt to establish Henry s supposed punk cred He liked the Violent Femmes in 1991 That s why he s so badass Seriously 2 The food porny descriptions of the me [...]

  3. Why can t there be a negative star rating I hated, hated this book And yes, I did finish it All way too many pages of it But, in my defense it was foolishly the only book I brought with me when I was hospitalized for 24 hours after wisdom tooth surgery, and when your options are daytime soaps or this wretched bookwell, at least I got to read the ending and conclude definitively that it wasn t worth it Okay, now that I ve gotten a bit of a rant out, let me be a little organized about my dislikes [...]

  4. Warning Spoilery review Short version Hurry up and read this Holy crap Someone should have warned me about reading this book at work I have been sitting here bawling my eyes out, tears streaming madly down my cheeks, flooding my eyes until the words swim into fields of glistening black lines This book is so beautiful and anguishing to read I can t even be objective about it, because it was one of those stories that just burrowed a lot closer to home than you could ever feel comfortable with Real [...]

  5. i hate reading books that everyone keeps bothering me to read first there are the gushing reviews from the media, complete with intelligent sound clips it s so awesome so titillating the way the author captures that thing where the girl says that stuff and then they go to that cool place you know even oprah says so and then there are the crowds of friends who carry around their freshly bought it book ok, i m bitter, i can t afford to buy new books who can t wait to share their newfound genius at [...]

  6. Let me start this by saying I was very excited to read this book I thought it was going to be good It is not in any way good It could have been good, the idea could have soared but in Niffenegger s hands it was destroyed by laundry lists of grocery bag contents, street directions, and punk bands until I even said, out loud, than once, okay, I get it He bought groceries, he knows how to get around in Chicago, Clare likes to clean her studio, he is not just a punk rock poser but the real deal, co [...]

  7. I am conflicted about this book Do not let my 4 stars fool you, they are an emotional rating.I ll start with the things I really liked about it Loved all the foreshadowing The knowing something was going to happen, and maybe even a little bit of what it was, but never knowing or understanding fully until both characters had experienced the moment And then all the foreshadowing of the tragic end Once I started putting the puzzle together I really couldn t put it down And I had several moments whe [...]

  8. This is my 400th book review for Wow I am either one sick or one inspired woman or both Apparently when I reach my 500th review, will put a little encouraging button on my profile they might as well just give me a bookmark , but 400 feels big, too, so I wanted to review a book that I love but have never reviewed here.The Time Traveler s Wife is a controversial novel, and when my book club discussed it, there were burning pitchforks, buckets of hot tar and glasses of Pinot Noir being splashed in [...]

  9. I have a serious love hate relationship with this book The good stuff I really liked the jumps back and forth in time surprisingly, the author was able to keep it all straight and I never really felt so terribly confused that I just wanted to give up.I loved the Henry character I really loved him He was flawed, he tried so hard to be a good man, etc etc I just really loved this character.I liked the love story I felt that the feelings between the two of them were real and so deep So often a love [...]

  10. Just because something is popular does not mean it s good Mass taste is often incredibly bad Such is the case with this book, only it s not incredibly bad, just not worth the hours it takes to read it.It seems like every fiction book I ve read in the past couple of years is highly depressing, this one included My life is full enough of it s own challenges and disappointments that I d like to read to escape Yes, if novels are full of heartache and struggle, they are realistic and accurately refl [...]

  11. If I had to define The Time Traveler s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger in two words they would be poignant and excessive two words that also illustrate my mixed feelings about Niffenegger s first novel The Time Traveler s Wife is about many things Obviously time travel is an important feature, but this novel is also about librarians, artists, punk rock, and alcoholics It s also about love.Henry meets his wife, Clare, for the first time when he is 28 and Clare is 20 Clare met Henry for the first time [...]

  12. I adore this book I love it with all my heart The first few pages were a delight, a surprise, and from then on it was a sweet love affair I wanted both to have read the book all at once and also to have it all yet unread so I could savor it I simply didn t want it to end.The story is about two people, the time traveler and his wife On the surface, they are like any two people who love each other in modern times, except for the fact that he travels through time You d think that fact would make th [...]

  13. For whatever reason, when I stared reading The Time Taveler s Wife, I was in possession of two copies I opted to leave a copy at work and the other at home and I read at least a few pages everyday This meant that each time I picked up the book I was slightly lost, and wondering were I was, while I searched to find my place within the pages One copy was older and worn than the other, with writing in the margins and creased corners The other book was brand new and living in the present Even with [...]

  14. Rating this was really hard, because I really liked it really, really liked it but I have such qualms with the ending, which could very possibly be a testament to Niffenegger s writing, I m not sure Anyway.There were several things I wanted to talk about while I was reading it, or less having to do with the notion of time travel in the book Obviously, there s always the immediate connection between Henry DeTamble and Billy Pilgrim, both of which are unstuck in time, Henry because of a bizarre d [...]

  15. 3 stars to Audrey Niffenegger s novel, The Time Traveler s Wife, published in 2003 and later made into a movie This one is a hard book for me to rate There was so many great things in it, but there was also a lot that made me step away and think about how it all happenedOverviewA young couple are constantly ravaged by the husband s ability to move between time periods, but rarely in a controlled way They are stuck in a haphazard relationship, never knowing when he may just disappear for months a [...]

  16. i feel there is a special circle of hell reserved for authors who make a fortune by blatantly ripping off better but less mainstream authors from the past and passing the ideas off as their own I therefore will not review this book but instead re direct the curious to a 1976 novel called Kindred by Octavia Butler, ostensibly a sci fi novel but in fact a lean, precise and totally imaginative book for any alert reader Avoid bloat, trashiness, sexism, predictability and slowness don t read this one [...]

  17. I almost feel that the author wrote this book in two halves The first half she wrote while at the pique of her ability and enthusiasm The second half she wrote while on some very impressive anti depressants.The first half of this book is sweet, wistful, beautiful and touching The second half of this book is heart breaking, depressing and sloppily written.I finished this book wondering what the hell I d actually gotten out of it My not so startling conclusion was nothing.When I read a book, I lik [...]

  18. I am not a romance reader by nature That s not to say that I don t enjoy them from time to time, but I just don t usually gravitate toward romance And to be completely honest, I had absolutely zero intention of reading this book, ever But then it was chosen as my October Bookclub book, so my intentions just became irrelevant So, now that I ve read it Umm Well I think that this book did have an interesting premise, and in another author s hands, could have been fantastic But most of the time whil [...]

  19. There s a reason I hate Oprah s Book Club, and the reason is that I think she does a disservice to the millions of American women who adore her by recommending terrible books Oprah s problem is that rather than directing her legions of fans to classic books or ones destined to become classics with complex plots and fine writing, she directs them instead to crap like The Notebook The Notebook and The Time Traveler s Wife belong to the same genre you ve heard the term chick flick These two books a [...]

  20. I loved this book It s not perfect, but it made me feel and think and want It s one of those stories that pulls you into the characters lives and leaves you wanting , mulling over the scenes and premise for days after you ve reluctantly turned the last page Rarely is such an original idea portrayed with such vivid language so you believe the time travel possibility and the characters are almost people you know It s about a guy who involuntarily travels time He can never predict where or when he [...]

  21. A big no thank you to The Time Traveler s Wife To the legions of fans of this book, I d like to know what you enjoyed about it What did I miss I see that it s won a pile of awards I feel like I completely missed something and I would like to understand your point of view.I thought I was in for a sweet romance but all I got was a time traveler who cheated at the lottery, beat people up for clothes, and engaged in sexual hijinks with time traveling versions of himself.I was completely creeped out [...]

  22. Onvan The Time Traveler s Wife Nevisande Audrey Niffenegger ISBN ISBN13 9781939126016 Dar 500 Safhe Saal e Chap 2003

  23. Very few books have ever made me cry Off the top of my head, only two really stand out Charlotte s Web and Thunderwith I am now adding The Time Traveler s Wife to the list, and to the list of books I can t get out of my head for days after This is a highly ambitious debut novel That doesn t mean it doesn t work I had my doubts, I truly did And I can never read a book without also noticing typos, editing errors etc but although they re distracting they can t ruin a good book The time traveler is [...]

  24. Before Audry Niffenegger wrote The Time Traveler s Wife, she was a art teacher at a Chicago university Thankfully, Niffenegger believes that art should imitate life, so we get a rip roaring tour of her life passions punk music, the Chicago art scene, the Newbery Library, and Chicago itself These are the core elements that add ambiance to the love story of Henry Detamble librarian and reluctant time traveler and his wife, artist Claire Ashbury Henry has crono displacement disorder and in times of [...]

  25. What I love about THE TIME TRAVELER S WIFE is that Niffenegger absolutely nails the relationship between Henry and Claire For all the book s faults in particular a draggy middle , I haven t read a book yet with such chemistry between the two main characters Add to that Niffenegger s beautiful use of language and dry sense of humor and this is a book I keep going back to wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel [...]

  26. Don t you think it s better to be extremely happy for a short while, even if you lose it, than to be just okay for your whole life The unusual love story of Clare and Henry, who met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty six, but got married when Clare was twenty three and Henry was thirty one Henry suffers from Chrono Displacement Disorder, wherein his genetic clock will reset and he will find himself traveling through time to both his past and future Henry s time traveling is unpredictable an [...]

  27. The Time Traveller s Wife was published in 2003 It was Audrey Niffenegger s first novel, and is a surprisingly accomplished feat, involving a complicated time structure and alternating first person perspectives The two main characters, Henry and Clare, are introduced by way of a Prologue The couple meet in a library in Chicago, but while Clare clearly knows Henry very well, and has done for a long time, Henry does not seem to know who she is He is vaguely dazzled by this luminous creature , who [...]

  28. 9 10 I place my finger on her forehead and say, Vanish, but it is she who will stay I am the one who is vanishing.The allure of time travel is timeless It is classic Too many authors have tried their luck at making time travel the backdrop of their novels and they have always been rewarded with a huge success Unlike many other time travelling heroes, our Henry DeTamble isn t a mastermind that invented his own time travelling contraption He is an average librarian who wishes than anything to be [...]

  29. I m finally finished I have several problems with this book, many of which were laid out by my friend Liz s brilliant post thanks for lending me this read I think First of all, it s way too long The plot is not so action packed that it merits 600 pages and hour upon hour of my time Why you ask Because nothing happens There were about 400 pages where Henry just floats back and forth through time, Clare is annoying, and no plot advancement occurs I mourn the loss of all those trees.The second majo [...]

  30. The Time Traveler s Wife, Audrey NiffeneggerIt is a love story about a man with a genetic disorder that causes him to time travel unpredictably, and about his wife, an artist, who has to cope with his frequent absences and dangerous experiences 1394 623 9786001821448 21 .

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