The Stoic

The Stoic The Stoic is a novel by Theodore Dreiser first published in It is the conclusion to A Trilogy of Desire his series of novels about Frank Cowperwood The book was published posthumously

The Stoic is a novel by Theodore Dreiser, first published in 1947 It is the conclusion to A Trilogy of Desire, his series of novels about Frank Cowperwood The book was published posthumously.

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The Stoic

  1. Theodore Herman Albert Dreiser was an American novelist and journalist He pioneered the naturalist school and is known for portraying characters whose value lies not in their moral code, but in their persistence against all obstacles, and literary situations that closely resemble studies of nature than tales of choice and agency.enpedia wiki Theodore

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  2. The last book in Dreiser s Trilogy of Desire tells of the waning days of robber baron Frank Cowperwood, again delving into his shady business dealings and equally shady romantic dealings Not as vigorous or fresh as the first two installments, or maybe I just felt that way because Cowperwood s chief paramour Berenice didn t appeal to me at all There are some wonderful sections, though, including Berenice s sojourn in India.

  3. So unexpected ending Dreiser writes about Bhagavad Gita India s scripture about Krishna s spiritual teaching after the whole trilogy about capitalism

  4. The end was very naive I do not belive, that such smart and clever person like Frank will not take into considaration possibility that his inheritance could be stolen after his death

  5. Po jap mendimet e tere trilogjise ne kete review.Libri i pare nuk eshte se me ka lene mbresa te thella duke qene qe kishte koncepte financiare te cilat shume pak i kuptoj Jeta e Kauperudit eshte sa e shkelqyer aq dhe e mjere Sic e thashe, libri i pare eshte thjesht fillimi i jetes se Kauperudit si financier dhe dy martesat e tij Kjo periudhe eshte tipike drajzeriane ne te shkruar dhe ne karakter Aventurat qe s mbarojne, endja e pashtershme per te bukuren, persosmerine, pushtetin, poziten shoqero [...]

  6. The book ends with very few people at our misguided hero s funeral The 3 part series is an example of the myth of American enterprise at its best and worst and the rapid rise and equally rapid fall Actually I drove, last week, by a palatial home of one of the traction kings in the overgrown decaying and periodically unfavorably mentioned in the press In the case of that family, however, they dumped the house many years ago invested wisely and have provided great philanthropy, a successful racing [...]

  7. It is an excellent finale to the life story of Frank Cowperwood, and while the ending might appear out of place, it is only so to the people who fail to observe that Berenice is essentially a trust fund child, therefore she tries to make a difference in a way an inexperienced trust fund child would.Overall it is a brilliant observation of the late XIXth early XXth century financial business and a semi fictional man who could make a difference.

  8. Having finally finished this last installment in Dreiser s Trilogy of Desire , to me it comes to a satisfying conclusion Why all the striving for things that don t matter Dreiser is considered one of the lesser American authors, but I have loved every book of his I ve read.

  9. Just had to order a used copy so that I could read the complete trilogy Praying that in the years that passed between the second and third novels, Dreiser stopped using the adjective trig Update no trig, but way too much Berenice.

  10. I really like Theodore Dreiser s ability to create a memorable character and encourage the reader to take a journey with that character Just like An American Tragedy , this novel was engaging and thoughtfully written I enjoyed it.

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