Loamhedge The sixteenth full length Redwall novel sheds light on the Abbey s ancient origins in a thrilling adventure Loamhedge the deserted Abbey has been forgotten for countless seasons What secrets do it s

The sixteenth full length Redwall novel sheds light on the Abbey s ancient origins in a thrilling adventure Loamhedge, the deserted Abbey, has been forgotten for countless seasons What secrets do it s ruins hold When it becomes clear that wheelchair bound Martha might be cured by a formula buried there, two old warriors are inspired by the spirit of Martin the Warrior hThe sixteenth full length Redwall novel sheds light on the Abbey s ancient origins in a thrilling adventure Loamhedge, the deserted Abbey, has been forgotten for countless seasons What secrets do it s ruins hold When it becomes clear that wheelchair bound Martha might be cured by a formula buried there, two old warriors are inspired by the spirit of Martin the Warrior himself to go on a quest for the ancient Abbey and three young rebels are determined to go with them Meanwhile the giant badger Lonna Bowstripe thirsts for vengeance as he relentlessly pursues Raga Bl and his murdering crew of Searatswho are on their way to attack Redwall itself The valiant Abbeybeasts must defend their home, but how can they, when their boldest warriors are away on their quest Will Redwall fall to vermin invaders at last A rare glimpse into Redwall s history makes this volume a memorable additional to Jacques epic Fans will not be disappointed, and new readers will be eager to jump on board.

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  1. Brian Jacques pronounced jakes was born in Liverpool, England on June 15th, 1939 Along with forty percent of the population of Liverpool, his ancestral roots are in Ireland, County Cork to be exact.Brian grew up in the area around the Liverpool docks, where he attended St John s School, an inner city school featuring a playground on its roof At the age of ten, his very first day at St John s foreshadowed his future career as an author given an assignment to write a story about animals, he wrote a short story about a bird who cleaned a crocodile s teeth Brian s teacher could not, and would not believe that a ten year old could write so well When young Brian refused to falsely say that he had copied the story, he was caned as a liar He had always loved to write, but it was only then that he realized he had a talent for it.He wrote Redwall for the children at the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind in Liverpool, where as a truck driver, he delivered milk Because of the nature of his first audience, he made his style of writing as descriptive as possible, painting pictures with words so that the schoolchildren could see them in their imaginations He remained a patron of the school until his death.Brian lived in Liverpool, where his two grown sons, Marc, a carpenter and bricklayer, and David, a professor of Art and a muralist, still reside David Jacques work can be seen in Children s hospitals, soccer stadiums, and trade union offices as far away as Germany, Mexico, and Chile not to mention Brian s photo featured in most of his books.Brian also ran a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Merseyside, until October 2006, where he shared his comedy and wit, and played his favourites from the world of opera he was a veritable expert on The Three Tenors.When he was wasn t writing, Brian enjoyed walking his dog Teddy , a white West Highland Terrier, and completing crossword puzzles When he found time he read the works of Mario Puzo, Damon Runyon, Richard Condon, Larry McMurty, and P.G Wodehouse He was also known to cook an impressive version of his favourite dish, spaghetti and meatballs.Sadly, Brian passed away on the 5th February 2011.

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  1. Ah, now this was an absolutely spiffing tale It was enjoyable and funny and all that rot, and that s all I ll say, to be quite honest.

  2. The bad thing about continuing series is that after so many books they begin to become predictable the good thing is that you can enjoy revisiting the same world The good thing about Loamhedge was that just when I began to think that it was indeed becoming predictable, its turn of events completely shocked me It still has the elements of any Redwall book quests, heroes, a crew of villains , but it is happily unique It is the first book that made me feel that Redwall is ancient Events that happen [...]

  3. Loamhedge never fails to impress, as one of Brian Jacques epic Redwall series It creates an animal world, where there are no humans This story revolves around two distant characters Martha, a chair bound hare who longs to be able to walk and run Lonna, a badger who seeks to kill Ragbol and his searat crew Like many Redwall books, there are lots of poetic animals and peaceful scenes However there are also many violent scenes, Ragbol killing a rat, and Lonna killing numerous searats.What defines t [...]

  4. The world of Brian Jacques Redwall is a land of high ideals and strong values a land of wretched vermin and valiant warriors a land of delicious food and beautiful poetry The young hare maid Martha has never walked a day in her life She came to Redwall as a child with her brother and grandmother, fleeing some vermin horde In a dream she hears of a secret to cure her terrible fate of being bound to a wheel chair hidden away in an abbey of old called Loamhedge Two old friends of Redwall, Sarobando [...]

  5. Loamhedge is placed in the world of Mossflower Mossflower is a fictional place where the animals are like humans The book begins when an otter tribe discovers a giant wounded badger His name is Lonna Bowstripe and he is the strongest badger in Mossflower Lonna was injured when he and his friend were travelling They were attacked by Raga Bol and his searat crew Outnumbered Lonna was severely injured and survived but his friend was killed Lonna is healed by the otter crew and he seeks to avenge hi [...]

  6. You ve read one, you ve read them all, but the Redwall stories are all ripping good yarns Adventure, questing and heroism but all with a message of peace and kindness The series might have benefited from being somewhere between 3 and 8 books long rather than the towering 22 Brian Jacques left us, but like P.G Wodehouse it s nice to know there is a lifetime s supply out there for when you re in the mood.If it weren t for a few systematic flaws I d give the entire series 5 stars as children s book [...]

  7. This book is very much what I expected from a Brian Jacques I hadn t read one of his Redwall series books in quite a while, but they are still chocked full of anthropomorphic cuteness and relatively intense violence The first couple times that he switches from a baby mole getting into mischief to a searat pirate gutting one of his crew can be sort of jarring.Either way, this was an ok book I had no trouble getting all the way through it, though it was definitely not as engrossing as I remember t [...]

  8. Once again, I feel the need to mention that because this is a Redwall novel and my rational normal review rules are pretty much thrown out the window I love this series I love the audiobooks, can t recommend them enough That being said, this wasn t my favorite Redwall novel I really enjoy the characters of Bragoon and Saro and Martha who I really related to as a mature for her age young lady The dibbuns are also pretty adorable and lovable I really didn t like Horty I found him incredibly irrita [...]

  9. Redwall author Brian Jacques dedicates this sequel to his friend Martha Buckley, who inspired the lapine character Martha Braebuck, a lame hare, not to mention his bedridden friend Heather Boyd, as well as to the memory of Nolan Wallace, who inspired the badger Lonna Bowstripe, and Eric Masato Takashige Boehm, whom he says fought the good fight The prologue is an odd narrative by the fictitious Teller of Tales and Weaver of Dreams, while the first main chapter introduces the sea otter Abruc and [...]

  10. When the sun sets like fire, I will think of you, when the moon casts its light, I ll remember, too, if a soft rain falls gently, I ll stand in this place, recalling the last time, I saw your kind face Good fortune go with you, to your journey s end, let the waters run calmly, for you, my dear friend Loamhedge, P 114If the Redwall series has not quite the luster of its first seven or eight volumes by book sixteen, I think author Brian Jacques can be forgiven for the slight letdown Each Redwall n [...]

  11. This one was by far the most distinct book in the series, departing entirely from Redwallbut unlike other volumes with that idea, it doesn t suffer because of that I remember being intrigued by all the riddles and mysteries involved in the story, and even as a preteen, I thought it was interesting how Brian Jacques included a disabled character in this book Very interesting.

  12. I liked that the heroes of Loamhedge two of them, anyway were old warriors and served as the mentors of the three younger ones It made the trope of the heroes of Redwall know everything about fighting despite never going outside the Abbey walls before much less noticeable Horty, Fenna, and Springald are inexperienced and rash, and as a result have noticeable character development throughout the book as they journey with Bragoon and Saro.Although not as good as the Freebooters in Triss, Badredd s [...]

  13. The book, Loamhedge, was written by Brian Jacques and is a story of a fascinating tale where animals talk and the forces of good and evil are pitted against one another The primary characters are Bragoon, Saro, Lonna Bowstripe, Raga bol, and Martha The perspective takes place from each own group Bragoon Saro, Lonna Bowstripe, Raga Bol his crew, and Martha Redwallers The tone that comes off from this story seems to be jolly, yet, it puts readers in a state of constant excitement as the perspectiv [...]

  14. I have read several of the Redwall novels, none of which in order I have been reading these stories for years now, and discovered that they are timeless.I was not exactly satisfied by the prologue, it did not give the usual foreshadowing that Brian Jacques usually provides Although the story had dozens and dozens of characters, I was pleased by the description and individuality of each one, making it easy to remember their parts The story did not lose my interest, constantly switching points of [...]

  15. Brian Jacques has been one of my favorite authors since I was a teenager My adventures with the characters from Redwall took a hiatus after Legend of Luke until I stumbled across Loamhedge in a book store One thing that I love about the Redwall books is that you don t have to read them in order to understand the story that is being written Each and every one of the books have their own plot lines and characters that are unique to each story Yes there are some reoccurring characters like Martin t [...]

  16. Review of audiobook version I needed something lighthearted around the time I listened to this, and so it wasn t a hard choice to go back to the favorite series of my childhood As an adult I have fallen behind and haven t read the last few of the long running series because the books are just to formulaic for me as an adult Quite a bit of my present enjoyment is from nostalgia I picked up this one because the reviews said there were some twists that deviated from the typical Redwall formula I m [...]

  17. As many books in the Redwall series there are several stories going on Martha is a young hare who has never been able to walk She has a vision of Martin the Warrior that says an abandoned Abbey called Loamhedge has the cure for her disability Saro, a squirrel, and Bragoon, an otter, seasoned warriors, offer to follow an old map to Loamhedge but they are followed by Martha s brother, Horty and their two friends, Fenna and Springald The younger Redwallers cause all sorts of mayhem because of their [...]

  18. Like most of the other Redwall books, it is a double destiny where you get to see tow protangonist on a mission One is Lonna Bowstripe a badger who vows to make an end to Raga Bol and his searats once and for all to avenge the death of his friend and others who crossed paths with Raga Bol The other is a adventure back to Loamhedge a abbey built long beofore Redwall started where five travelers journey there in the hope of finding the cure for helping Marta walk In the end, two of the travelers d [...]

  19. Once again I feel like Jacques ended this book too soon The scenes with the Wearet creature, Lonna Bowstripe fighting the vermin down to the last rat, Toobledum the dormouse and his pet lizardI wish he had just continued the storyline rather than maybe worrying about time constraints or page numbers I can t believe, however, how attracted I was to those brave warriors, Bragoon the otter and Saro the squirrel I almost cried when I read how they died And making up one final rhyme to add to Sister [...]

  20. We see gerbil rats in this one, but there have not been any new animal types for some time I am waiting for a chipmunk to be part of the friends or perhaps a turtle Perhaps a wolf like has already been mentioned but never in the story as a character Or maybe a wolverine, tortoise, or porcupine Probably making the appearance as a villain perhaps a possum or raccoon But I am not sure if he restricts the woodland and mountain creatures to those indigenous to England We know the bigger animals exist [...]

  21. And the beat goes onOkay this book is of the same with some differences from other Redwall books The terrain is different which is a plus The villains are not that intimidating Instead of a mega villain, the Redwall folks face a humorous and bumbling group And the characters cross a crevasse which is an interesting change of pace too However, far, far too much of this book is about food I think in Jacques old age he became preoccupied with it and it shows in this book I skim all these sections [...]

  22. I m not going to write an especially long review this time I ve just been reading so many Redwall books lately that I m afraid I ve said almost all I can about them.Did I mention that despite the relatively simple language, I find the imagery far easier to envision when I read Redwall books than any other books Did I mention that I love the dialects Did I mention that although all of the books feature the same or similar creatures in relatively the same setting, each of the stories is unique and [...]

  23. Well, I enjoyed this one like I have all of the Redwall books The story followed the same arc as most others The Redwallers are enjoying their peaceful and fruitful life at the Abbey, some evil band of Rats or other vermin gets ansty and decides to attack and the Redwallers are force to ignore their peaceful ways and defend their home The characters are what make each story different and in Loamhedge I really enjoyed the young Redwall dwellers such as Muggum and Buffler They provided most of the [...]

  24. Another wonderful installment in the series of Redwall, about three young, soft Redwallers who get a taste of the outside world and grow up as they embark on a quest with two old mates to help a chairbound haremaid The hares have always been amusing to me, but Horty takes the cake as one of the most unstoppable hares ever, and one who needs a good dose of discipline and hardship to shape him into a hare worthy of the Long Patrol In the meantime, his wheelchair bound sister is discovering her own [...]

  25. This Book was one of the better Books I have ever read I have always enjoyed the Redwall book series And after then a dozen of them I still love the stories Brian Jaques manages to create masterpiece after master piece This story is about some travelers who come to the Redwall abbey and come across Martha A strong a courageous Hare who has never obtained the ability to walk But, she s still the happiest person in the world with all the hope and wonder of becoming something great Her brother and [...]

  26. Although this was on my toread list for a while, I bumped it up when I found out about Brian Jacques passing His books have always been favorites of mine, and I recommend them to students who like fantasy adventure books or animal related books frequently One could say there is a pat formula to these books there are almost always fights against vermin, a long journey, than one storyline that come together at the end but to me it is comforting in a way The ability to always revisit the hungry ha [...]

  27. Great book I read Loamhedge in honor of Brian Jacques passing away this year The author was instrumental in my love for reading at an early age I read Redwall back in 1993, when I was 8 years old I ve been a huge fan ever since I own the entire series, and can t wait for my own child to read them hopefully he ll have a love for the Fantasy genre like myself Brian, you will greatly be missed The book itself had an old feel to it It reminded me of his older writing, especially at the end There wer [...]

  28. Another so so Redwall adventure.I think the villain in the book was never really developed similar to Cluny from the first book The villains are always killed by another big enemy before their characteristics are developed and they ALL seemed the same thick headed cowardly enemy only with different forms, mainly rats, weasels, foxes and wildcats The story also seemed recycled The first part is about enemies attacking Redwall AGAIN and the second part is when the badger looks for the vermin Other [...]

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