The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Reprinted here for the first time since the th century these color illustrations by T Pym make the classic Andersen fairy tale even magical One of Andersen s best beloved tales The Snow Queen is a

Reprinted here for the first time since the 19th century, these color illustrations by T Pym make the classic Andersen fairy tale even magical One of Andersen s best beloved tales, The Snow Queen is a story about the strength and endurance of childhood friendship Gerda s search for her playmate Kay who was abducted by the Snow Queen and taken to her frozen palace iReprinted here for the first time since the 19th century, these color illustrations by T Pym make the classic Andersen fairy tale even magical One of Andersen s best beloved tales, The Snow Queen is a story about the strength and endurance of childhood friendship Gerda s search for her playmate Kay who was abducted by the Snow Queen and taken to her frozen palace is brought to life in delicate and evocative illustrations.

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The Snow Queen

  1. Hans Christian Andersen often referred to in Scandinavia as H C Andersen April 2, 1805 August 4, 1875 was a Danish author and poet Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales Andersen s popularity is not limited to children his stories called eventyr, or fairy tales express themes that transcend age and nationality.Andersen s fairy tales, which have been translated into than 125 languages, have become culturally embedded in the West s collective consciousness, readily accessible to children, but presenting lessons of virtue and resilience in the face of adversity for mature readers as well Some of his most famous fairy tales include The Little Mermaid , The Ugly Duckling , The Nightingale , The Emperor s New Clothes and many His stories have inspired plays, ballets, and both live action and animated films.

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  1. 3 stars I picked upThe Snow Queen because I m trying to fit in a few Christmas reads and I got it free from audible The narration was good, but the story was just okay for me I know a lot of people love this story and read it as children this was my first read through It was only about an hour to listen I liked it, but compared to my last holiday audible listen it just missed the mark for me.

  2. This was a nice story I hope to listen to it again in one sitting I think I may have lost some of the story with all of the stopping and starting I did.I still don t feel compelled to watch Frozen after listening to this story.

  3. This is my favorite fairy tale, hands down If I m honest, I m such a huge fan of snow and cold weather The idea of snow becoming personified makes a lot of sense, because winter does seem to have a life of its own I love in Texas, and we don t get much winter, but I grew up with it I miss it so much Reading this book makes me long for a good winter.Along with the evocative imagery of winter, there is a very emotional and spiritual love story Kay and Gerda share a strong emotional bond, but that [...]

  4. 3.5 Stars The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen was a beautiful story I listened to this one on audio while wrapping Christmas presents in front of the fire What great company this little book was.

  5. I remember being bored when I read this story as a child, and reading it again now, nothing has really changed for me The Snow Queen starts out interestingly enough, and the imagery throughout is good, but as for the actual storyline It is very long and discursive, and as in many fairy tales, the events seem very random, and the reader tends to lose the main thread It is the sort of story which could make a marvellous stage production, with all its imaginative possibilities, or a film or TV adap [...]

  6. In this retelling of a Hans Christian Andersen classic, two young children have their friendship torn apart when a curse befalls one of them and he disappears The Snow Queen lures him away, off to do her bidding When the young girl goes looking for her friend, she is pulled in many directions and ends up hitting a dead end on than one occasion However, determination and the power of her love breaks down a wall or two and thaws a frozen heart, which allows the truth to triumph over all Neo liked [...]

  7. Far enjoyable than anticipated, though I think partly due to the wonderful geometric illustrations that accompanied the story It is a fairly simple story with basic imagery and not a particularly great translation I find all translations to be rather dire and wish the babel fish only existed but it was an enjoyable read due to its simplicity It feels almost unique in that there are heart warming notions but no in your face morals Characters and dialogue were vague and shaky at best, but one can [...]

  8. The Snow Queen was a free gift to audible members last winter It s been loaded on my app for quite some time without really catching my interest I made the decision to read it when I started season 4 of Once Upon a Time The narration was really great and I enjoyed the story I have never watched Frozen I was worried about that for a while because it was the movie everyone was talking about it I had to let it go No one Alright Can t blame me, can you Anyway, it s worth a read The story is there, t [...]

  9. Disney s Frozen said it was based on Hans Christian Andersen s The Snow Queen That s what piqued my interest in this classic So, after reading this, I can say fairly that Frozen is VERY loosely based I found elements that contribute to the world and lore in which Elsa becomes the Snow Queen, but Hans s Snow Queen is less endearing In short, I ll place the Snow Queen Frozen comparison in the category of good book, great movie, but each in their own right.Regarding edition, the Kindle ebook with t [...]

  10. Well, I m not gonna turn down an audible freebie now am I Their take The Snow Queen will be free until January 31, 2015 Audible s 2014 Narrator of the Year Julia Whelan performs one of Hans Christian Andersen s most beloved fairy tales, The Snow Queen This classic tale is a fantastical fable of two dear friends one of whom goes astray and is literally lost to the north woods, while the other undertakes an epic journey to rescue him This charming, strange, and wonderful story is a timeless allego [...]

  11. Audible freebie like everyone else I listened to this one while trying, and failing, to take a nap Stupid stuffyrunnysore nose _I did like the reading of this one I think that Julia Whelan had the right kind of voice for this story, and handled all of the characters well She gave them each their own personality but didn t overwhelm the character with cartoonish voices The story well, it was a little innocently simplistic for me, and none of it really made any sense why would a cruel little girl [...]

  12. This Audible freebie is a nice way to hear the original Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale It s not a particularly thrilling fable boys meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back though really, it s the girl who does the getting.The story starts with an evil hobgoblin also referred to as a demon who goes to magic school why did Rowling not find a way to hook this into her mythology and creates a magic mirror which shows reality in the harshest, ugliest way possible It is shattered into a mil [...]

  13. I kind of like this I was a little lost at the end but overall I thought it was really interesting It s really different from what I m used to and I m really interested in the old interpretations of our modern retelling of the stories The author definitely has an interesting imagination

  14. I LOVE THIS STORY.Yes, this is a fairy tale that I plan to tell my children before I tuck them into bed at night Holy cow.This is the tale of a boy and a girl Simple enough, right The story hasn t even begun and you know it will be good It all begins with a mirror Made by demons in the pits of Hades, this mirror takes everything good that looks into it and makes it the exact opposite The better of a person you are, the worse it makes you look.This mirror shatters Shards fall to the earth, and on [...]

  15. First published in 1844, The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson is a delightfully charming, if somewhat dated, fantasy back when fantasies were called faerie tales Told in seven parts, Anderson borrows liberally from Christian themes and pre Christian myth to create a richly complex, but simply entertaining story that children will enjoy and adults will find amusing, especially the classical, Biblical and mythic references that may be lost, unapologetically so, on a younger reader.C.S Lewis f [...]

  16. Beautifully written and incredibly intriguing, I didn t absolutely love it but I didn t dislike it Just a very nice, quick read to start the year I can also see little fragments of it in Frozen

  17. An excellent fairy tale Fairy tales should first scare you and then resolve happily This fits that bill It must be entertaining to both the adult reading the tale and the child I admit it I was tense, annoyed and worried d then happy If the parent is bored, it is not a good fairy tale The child will feel your own emotional response.Hans Christian Andersen knew how to write stories for both adults and kids I chuckled I marveled at the author s ability to create an exciting story, ending with a co [...]

  18. It seems that Frozen was inspired by this story but I can t see much of a similarity Really liked the determined little girl who sought after her lost playfellow The phrase birds of a feather flock together stuck out to me and I looked it up to see if this was the first time it had appeared in literature It wasn t Apparently the origin of the phrase was William Turner s 1545 version of it in The Rescuing of Romish Fox Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together Though there was [...]

  19. After listening to a Myth and Legends and Disney Origins podcasts, both tackling this story, I had to read it, even though I already knew everything about it from the two podcasts.It s weird how Frozen is labeled is being adapted or whatever from this story, because other than Snow being an important part of the story, THEY HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON Disney s Frozen and Hanz s Snow Queen are very different stories Now onto this story, it s my first full length story I ve read by the guy surprise and [...]

  20. This was another audiobook that Audible gave away for free Unfortunately this was as bad as the last freebie offering This was a dreadful bore Thankfully it was a short read.Rating 2 stars.Audio Note Even the excellent Julia Whelan could not save this story.

  21. The Snow Queen is one of my favorite tales from my childhood I grew up in the southern US where it never snowed so the imagery of so much snow and ice, reindeer and beauty always astounded me Although I ve moved north, while re reading this story, that beauty still does overwhelm me I had no idea that this was the premise for Disney s Frozen since I don t do Disney and even now I m rather taken aback at the thought The Snow Queen has so many layers, different stories, tales within tales and, of [...]

  22. This is a favourite winter read of my favourite childhood fairy tale The illustrations are beautiful, magical and detailed and perfect for the story.

  23. A digitized ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.For the reprimand of fans misconception for a certain Disney film, please stick to the very endBN13 9780399578519 is the ebook for this version published by Ten Speed Press and released on the same day , both are the first American editions, though the original English hardcover of this specific version has already been published by Hutchinson last year in the UK ISBN13 9780091959005.In case [...]

  24. A pesar de conocer muchas de las historias de Hans Christian Andersen esta es la primera que he le do de l y he decidido empezar por una de las que no conoc a.Lo primero que me ha sorprendido es que el autor fuera tan creyente Hay contin as referencias religiosas Por otro lado, como suele ser normal en los cuentos ya que no dejan de ser historias para ni os escritas por adultos, tiene su correspondiente moraleja sobre el bien y el mal, sobre los comportamientos buenos y los malos, etc As como al [...]

  25. is again somehow edited version just like The illustrations are very beautiful and colourful However I would recommend as it s, as far I can tell, faithful to the original tale.

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