The Summer Queen

The Summer Queen Sequel To The Hugo Award Winning Bestseller The Snow QueenThe Summer Queen is the extraordinary sequel to one of science fiction s most celebrated novels The Snow Queen Set in a fully realized univer

Sequel To The Hugo Award Winning Bestseller The Snow QueenThe Summer Queen is the extraordinary sequel to one of science fiction s most celebrated novels, The Snow Queen Set in a fully realized universe of wonders, this spectacular space epic, itself a finalist for the Hugo Award, is one of the most remarkable novels in the field.A story that spans millennia, from the ruiSequel To The Hugo Award Winning Bestseller The Snow QueenThe Summer Queen is the extraordinary sequel to one of science fiction s most celebrated novels, The Snow Queen Set in a fully realized universe of wonders, this spectacular space epic, itself a finalist for the Hugo Award, is one of the most remarkable novels in the field.A story that spans millennia, from the ruins of an ancient interstellar empire to the planets of the Hegemony that rules human space, The Summer Queen is the multi layered story of Tiamat, a world where the dolphin like mers are harvested for the youth prolonging serum extracted from their blood But Tiamat is much , for beneath Carbuncle, its capital, lies the old empire s greatest secret an enormous forgotten technology which, though decaying, continues to affect the fates of the fallen empire s remnant cultures via the sybil network a data bank that binds the past and the future in its web of knowledge, As the Smith, genius mastermind of the hidden interstellar Brotherhood, tries feverishly to unlock its secrets, BZ Gundhalinu desperately strives to save the Hegemony, while the Summer Queen herself dares to create a new future for her people and her planet And though each is acting alone, their fates will entwine in an astonishing climax that will change the universe forever.

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The Summer Queen

  1. Joan D Vinge born Joan Carol Dennison is an American science fiction author She is known for such works as her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its sequels, her series about the telepath named Cat, and her Heaven s Chronicles books.

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  2. Bleaker than the first one Snow Queen , this story reminded me of how Terry Goodkind flays one alive while reading Vinge really brings one s emotions into play Helpless anger over the Hegemony s utter arrogance in insisting on merhunts to obtain the water of life Complete selfishness everywhere The poor Summer Queen was misunderstood by just about everyone.Unlike the first book this one does not rally around an Andersen fairy tale Instead it tells a true story of humanity One can recognize our o [...]

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  4. For those starting this book, let me offer this caution You re going to be here awhile This is not a quick read The pages are very many, the print is very small, and the story and descriptions demand your careful attention Blink and you ll miss stuff if your attention lapses, you ll wonder what s going on.However, I don t say any of that like it s a bad thing.This book is a beautiful piece of speculative fiction world building, with believable ethical codes and culture clashes as well as vivid d [...]

  5. More Fantastic Scifi At Its Organic Best Okay, sounds like I m talking about alfalfa or bean sprouts But I m not The Summer Queen is Vinge s fabulous sequel to Snow Queen and continues the saga of Moon Dawntreader, sybil and newly crowned Queen of Tiamat s Summer reign Moon has taken up the task of encouraging technological progess independent of the Hegemony, now that the interstellar Black Gate has closed taking with it every bit of advanced tech Tiamat was able to acquire during its 150 year [...]

  6. I do not want this series to end This one was less confusing at the beginning.I don t know it just might be me.BUT LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUS COVER

  7. Another favorite It s a sequel to Snow Queen but definitely stands on it s own I ve also read and re read this one over and over and still can t get enough Even if you re not big into Sci Fi you should give this book and Snow Queen a shot, they re simply amazing stories.

  8. Vinge deals with a lot of issues AI, genocide, animal alien rights, feminism, industrial vs pastoral, in a really imaginative and fantastic way.

  9. Storyline 4 5Characters 3 5Writing Style 3 5World 3 5That was a loooooong book It felt much longer than the numbered 688 pages For comparison purposes, I looked at the longest book I ve read this year Neal Stephenson s Cryptonomicon it having 1139 pages and approximately 463,000 words If the Summer Queen s approximately 381,000 words had been spread out with the same font, page, and margin size as Cryptonomicon, it would have been 936 pages long That feels right, the heft of this story was like [...]

  10. In the sequel to her epic The Snow Queen, Joan D Vinge creates a whole slew of worlds and characters that stand out among the worlds created by mediocre SF writers The Summer Queen, Moon Dawntreader, forces her world to rebuild after the offworlders leave through the black gates after the last Festival She convenes a sibyl college to help the Tiamatans recreate the technology that has been taken from them She is met with anger, frustration, rebellion, and also enthusiasm and eagerness to become [...]

  11. I m sending this back to the library early without finishing the book I m sorry to say so, because I consider myself to be a great example of what might comprise a built in audience for this sequel, and I was committed to making my way through this The literal volume of the melodrama, however, changed my mind This is not to say that melodrama was my dealbreaker I sort of inhaled THE SNOW QUEEN, and acknowledged its flaws in order to do so the syrupy texture of the romantic relationships, the boo [...]

  12. Great book a continuation of the story begun in The Snow Queen There s one in the middle, World s End, but I never liked it as much I think I just didn t like the character it explores as much.This is a character driven book with not a lot of action If you re looking for space adventure look elsewhere Having said that, the last third of this book is so suspenseful that I almost missed my stop because I was reading it on BART.Lots of levels and lots of layers Ms Vinge really loves her story and h [...]

  13. I normally don t review, but this bookh, I just had to.I LOVED the first book Snow Queen was amazing and creative and what great worldbuilding and characters When I finally got my hands on this I was super happy.Except it was enormous and slogging and repetitive and everyone s lives got progressively worse and depressing Everyone s marriages failed spectacularly Everyone was sad all the time because bad things happened to them nonstop Yes, I know, that s life, and it happens But it happened to p [...]

  14. Finally, a second part that is better than the original The Summer Queen let Joan D Vinge flesh out her characters a lot and give them much interesting conflicts The many interconnecting stories make me feel like I was reading Game of Thrones again probably with as many sex scenes There are also curiously abounding mentions of Finnish literature, especially in the names of several characters Just putting that out there.Sometimes the scenes stretch out a little longer than necessary, but overal [...]

  15. Speculative fiction at its long winded best fractured reflections of universal themes Some of the grandest conflicts are oversimplified killing animals is bad , but most are densely nuanced the dangers and the benefits of colonialism The imagery is lovely.Sex and sexuality are much visible than in The Snow Queen Sometimes this is successful sometimes it s problematic, like the treatment of queerness and sometimes it s the flaming sword of his manhood, which, OH JOAN VINGE NO.

  16. Usually authors start out clean and pure and then, as popularity grows, they get raunchier slowly over time Like Michael Crichton However, Joan Vinge didn t do the gradual thing She completely changed between one book and another This book had tons of sex and f words I ended up skimming over lots of stuff, just to find out how the Snow Queen series ended In the end, the two books don t seem to gel since they have such different styles Plus, the characters are so self centered that you just can t [...]

  17. I feel sad abandoning this book after reading half of it that s almost 500 pages I loved the first part of the series, Winter Queen , as a teenager, so I was so looking forward to Summer Queen Anyway meandering, cardboard characters, random coincidences, clumsy foreshadowing and far, far, far too many words and too purple a prose Such a pity.

  18. An excellent book, if overlong it probably should have been split in two.I feel like this should be A list science fiction, that every genre fan is at least aware of But I don t think it is, and I wonder why.Strangely, a chapter from early in the previous book in the series, World s End, is included in this one When I found that, I thought that the entire text of World s End was going to be interspersed through this book which has chapters that jump between different viewpoint characters on diff [...]

  19. It s been a while since I read this book, but since I just wrote a review for the first book in the series, I thought I might as well write down some thoughts on this one.The only strengths of this book are the strengths of the original The world building, the cultures, the political clash, the themes of human greed and environmentalism.Everything else is considerably less well edited or thought out.I don t care that it s dreary or sad or that marriages fail, considering the events and trauma of [...]

  20. Pretty good, if a bit long I m not sure how much The Snow Queen needed wrapping up, but to the extent that it did, this did a good job with that.Remainder is plot specific and contains spoilers view spoiler I think the Reede Gundhalinu Moon story played out decently well, but I do think that Vinge left a lot of dangling loose endings or threw out some stuff that seemed to go nowhere The biggest fizzle was the fact that Ananke was female It was pretty obvious almost immediately that Ananke was go [...]

  21. An extremely dark, thorough and complex piece of literature, perhaps the finest science fiction of the era Truly human characters, a deep and immersive world and a galaxy spanning adventure that ties together emotion, addiction, identity, need, imperialism, bioethics, politics and love An incredible feat of penmanship.

  22. I read this a long time ago, and searched for it again and found the ebook edition It was one of those books that I didn t remember the details, but did remember broad strokes of the plot Summer Queen lives up to its genre of Space Opera Planets, politics, sex not all of it written to noncliche standards , Grand Love, marriages gone bad, or good when the couple least expects it, mis or noncommunication, it has just about everything that could go wrong, go wrong But that s the point of Space Oper [...]

  23. Really, really good Fulfilled all the promise and expectation of the previous book It was the sort of book where you know that everything is going to come out all right in the end, but you need to read the whole book in order to know how it comes about, or even what all right in the end will even mean I was really interested in Moon s character in these books In Snow Queen, Moon was set up as a paragon of youthful virtue and innocence and sweetness, everything that Arienrhod was not But Moon was [...]

  24. Moon Dawntreader is a reluctant Summer Queen whose dream to be a sibyl was realized only to find it isn t quite what she thought it would be When the network you believed to be an access to truth and spirit is actually an outdated computer system that s failing on top of that, you can get a little disillusioned, but if you re Moon, you understand how important it is to your culture anyway, and can put aside your own feelings to save it But even such a huge responsibility is only a drop in the bu [...]

  25. I fought with this one As opposed to the prequel, the great Snow Queen , this one is complexed, intertwined with wider parts of author s imaginitive universe and sometimes, boring Don t get me wrong, it s a great book, I didn t do anything for days until I finished and even brought it to work but Vinge s complex writing which describes things way too long than necessary, sometimes drove me crazy Maybe it s just me, maybe I prefer simplified descriptions so this isn t something bad, preference [...]

  26. This book seemed to take the major issue I had from the first book and amplify it That issues was the too good to be true heroine She was beautiful, intelligent, driven, kind, and everyone who met her loved her Book 2 continues along the same vein but with a lot melodrama and a LOT angst I felt like I was reading a soap opera There were fifty exaggeration I don t know exactly how many but there were a LOT new characters that I was forced to slog through Plotwise, it reminded me of that very sl [...]

  27. This is way too long and so boring The titular character spends her time wandering through empty rooms, moaning about how little time she has, and mooning over whichever of her two men is not currently with her Somewhere one senses there might have been an interesting story here, but it just got swamped in pointless minutia about way too many characters of little interest An endless soap opera character agonizes over untenable situation, break for commercial, different character moans about agon [...]

  28. The Summer Queen The Snow Queen Cycle, 3 by Joan D Vinge Overall a very worthy read Fun of twisty character driven plot, and interactions And this book does a very good job bringing the various subplots together at the end of this cycle of books.It is a large book, and part of that is due to the tendency of the author to get into some melodrama, soap opera style romance While I like the added dimensionality to the various characters, there were than a few times when I got bored of that artifact [...]

  29. This took a long, long time to finish While it has the same characters and a few extra ones, it seemed to lack the drive and passion I was so inspired and amazed at the first book and this finishing one seemed of a duty write As if the author had to tell us the rest of the story This one did not seem to have the balance and lightness of the first one It was rather depressing, though the first book had its share of negative things, this book just wasn t as delightful Perhaps, it was simply becau [...]

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