The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book

The Secret Lives of Men and Women A PostSecret Book New York Times BestsellerPostsecret founder Frank Warren is back with an irresistible addition to his bestselling PostSecret series For The Secret Lives of Men and Women Warren has selected a never b

New York Times BestsellerPostsecret founder Frank Warren is back with an irresistible addition to his bestselling PostSecret series For The Secret Lives of Men and Women, Warren has selected a never before seen collection of postcards bearing the explosive confessions and captivating revelations of men and women everywhere Created using photographs, collages, illustrNew York Times BestsellerPostsecret founder Frank Warren is back with an irresistible addition to his bestselling PostSecret series For The Secret Lives of Men and Women, Warren has selected a never before seen collection of postcards bearing the explosive confessions and captivating revelations of men and women everywhere Created using photographs, collages, illustrations, and , the handmade cards offer a compelling dialogue on some of today s most provocative topics from marriage and infidelity, to parenting, office politics, repressed fantasies, and even abortion daring us to consider how well we really know our friends, family, even ourselves.

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The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book

  1. Frank Warren Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Secret Lives of Men and Women: A PostSecret Book book, this is one of the most wanted Frank Warren author readers around the world.

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  1. This is a neat book that I came across by accident in the non fiction section of my library The author Frank Warren started PostSecret as a community project several years ago by distributing thousands of self addressed postcards inviting people to send them back to him with their personal secrets, of course anonymously This book is an extension of this project and presents hundreds of anonymous self made postcards containing various personal revelations They range from funny I once gave LSD to [...]

  2. I believe I new about these books and website in the back of my brain but never looked them up, but on my way out of the mall today via barns and noble I stopped by the art graphic design books and this caught my eye and I proceeded to read the whole thing sitting in the store very cool concept, very moving because we all have THAT secret or twoe one that made me cry in public went something like this I through dirt clods at the tiny chick, killing it, because I new my mother would never let me [...]

  3. i got into post secret for a bit back in 2011, and i can t remember why or how i even found out about it but i read a few of the books and really liked themd just recently, it popped back into my head for some reason and i decided to check out a few of the books i hadn t yet readd as always, some of the secrets startled me, saddened me, made me sick, made me feel less alone, made me laugh, and made me think are a few of my favorites from this particular book some are my favorites for not just th [...]

  4. Some of these secrets just broke my heart This one was from Montana I have a suicide prevention hotline programmed in my cell phone under the name Erin Everyone is surviving something.

  5. the other books out so far are PostSecret, My Secret, and A Lifetime of Secrets These are also recommended So, this week I went down to DC to visit my older brother Seeing as I m incapable of doing anything in the real world, I decided not to check a bag for the flight and just do the whole two carry ons thing So, of course, with the clothes and other items necessary for my four day trip there wasn t much room left for my library books Consequently, I found myself perusing my brother s rather li [...]

  6. In November of 2004, Frank Warren printed 3,000 self addressed postcards inviting people to anonymously send to him a personal secret He handed the cards to strangers, abandoned them in public places, sat back and watched as just over 100 responses trickled in He assumed that would be the end of his little community art project, but he was very, very wrong Since then, Warren has received over one hundred thousand postcards from around the world and with those cards, has created one of the most p [...]

  7. I continue to enjoy the PostSecret books This is my third one to read recently Poignant, funny, sad a quick glimpse into the lives of strangers Some visitors to my church last week shared with me that they really liked the spoken Joys and Concerns portion of our service, because it allowed them to get to know something about the congregation, eventhough the people who spoke were strangers to them It s similar to this, I think Some of my favorites in this book I was crooked They straightened me N [...]

  8. I spent an afternoon in the bookstore and picked this up to peruse It is a true coffee table book and can be read easily in a short period of time The gist the author left stacks of post cards around and about with a note asking folks to mail him the card containing an anonymous secret He got most of them back and this book is a collection of those secrets One woman confessed that during her marriage, she ground up sleeping pills and put them in her husband s food so he would leave her alone LOL [...]

  9. Not my favorite of the PostSecret books This one felt short, and the secrets not as riveting in other PS books, the secrets ran the emotional gamut, from hilarious to heart wrenching, but in this one, they just kind of bounced around at the midline Still, as a collection of secrets, it doesn t disappoint, and there were a few that made me smile the woman with the red flannel shirt on the back of the bedroom door that reminds her of MacGuyver when she has sex and a few that hurt the person who ki [...]

  10. This is my favorite of the PostSecret books I like it just a tiny bit than the other PostSecret books for a couple of reasons 1 The book covers look and feel as it they were wrapped in a brown paper bag That is very unusual and appealing to me It reminds me of when I was in grade school and had to have my textbooks covered and my mom would cover them with brown paper bags and I could decorate them myself 2 There are a lot of really funny confessions in this book 3 The postcard with the Top ten [...]

  11. I absolutely love the PostSecret books by Frank Warren All these books really make you think They make you feel like you re not alone in this world and that you aren t the only one with fears, phobias, and secrets.I am really hoping for of these books and I highly suggest Frank Warren s PostSecret books to everyone.

  12. 3 starsAnother book in the secession of postcard messages Our author, having started this Postsecret project in 2004, is still receiving messages on postcards, photos, menus, matchbook covers and other mail able formats This started as an anonymous way to share a secret It has, so far, become a 14 year journey in reading and publishing peoples most personal secrets In this book the secrets revealed are geared towards marriage and infidelity, parenting, work place politics, fantasies and sexual i [...]

  13. Here s one of my secrets I wasn t going to read this book I put it back on the library shelf but decided to read it because I thought I would finish it quickly to get closer to my reading challenge I m ashamed that I felt this because I judged the photos I flipped through and dismissed them It wasn t until I read the description and understood the true course and meaning of this book that I knew I really loved this book I recommend looking through it Thanks to all these brave people.

  14. I huge fan of the whole series I love the concept behind it and how they just keep coming There s some that feel so relatable and almost comforting knowing your not alone I have been collecting these as I like to glance through them periodically These books truly are art and a way to openly express yourself but without that judgement or backlash.

  15. It was an interesting concept to read about and then to actually read the secrets I finished it in a sitting and alot of the secrets I have had some myself Glad to know I m not the only one.

  16. In the beginning, I did not like very much and was going to give 2 stars, but later I realized some secrets are funny and some sad and sympathetic So, i think it is good for light reading.

  17. Wow Q Dear soulmate,I don t know who you are, where you live, or what you look like But I pray for you every nite and I ask God to point you in my direction.

  18. Astounding in its beauty I feel like I m one of only a handful of people who had never heard of PostSecret Frank Warren, who edited this and apparently a few other volumes of this project, created a piece of art that I hope to share with as many people as possible The shtick is simple people send in postcards with their secrets on them Of course we never know if they re telling the truth or not but it doesn t matter since just the notion itself, real or not, is expressing something powerful My g [...]

  19. Review from 2015 The second best PostSecret book This volume is as sad, funny, alarming and urgent as the original book The postcards in this well designed collection fill all the available space on each page, whether two to a page, one per page or one per every two pages Interludes between postcards are minimal and do not detract from the secrets I found myself turning pages to read the next one even when I was running late and needed to put the book down One could read just this volume and get [...]

  20. I m a fan of the PostSecret website and I knew there were associated books But until I saw this one sitting on a cart behind the library circulation desk, I never thought about checking them out at the libraryduh On a whim, I checked it out If you already check the site daily, this book is just a collection of the same things Secrets that people have put on a postcard and sent in anonymously postsecret if you re interested Some are pretty funny, like the one who says her favorite movie is Reserv [...]

  21. Playing off the popularity of the post secret website, a guilty favorite that a surprising number of my friends eventually confess to reading, this book highlights some of the heart wrenching postcards received by this evolved art project.It shows the side of humanity that acknowledges the many hurts, challenges and sadness within modern society Post Secret is great because it s a powerful postcard billboard of pure humanism in an age where modern humanism is transforming into anti humanism, ou [...]

  22. Postsecret is a community project started by Frank Warren Initially he printed 3,000 self addressed and postage paid postcards and asked people to anonymously send him a secret He only got 100 postcards back but since then he has received over 50,000 postcards as at time of reading and they keep coming in Reading these secrets feels intimate, the postcards are hand crafted and some are incredibly clever and beautiful The secrets range from the trivial and funny to touching, heart warming and hea [...]

  23. There is a world of hurting people and this was one way of trying to let go of their pain Some of the secrets are trivial and most others are heart wrenching Everyone has secrets This was an awesome way to release that pain Reading these books made me re examine how I spend my time and how I handle people Being in a faith based ministry, I believe it was timely for me to read these books My heart goes out to those who are hurting and while I cannot always be the one who brings peace and healing [...]

  24. Pretty much the same as the site, only now with a nice binding and far secrets at a time It doesn t seem fair to rate this so I won t , because the content isn t the same as the concept I like the concept, and I read the site every Sunday when it updates, but reading a whole book in one go is rough Some of the secrets are hopeful and some are funny, but on the whole it s an artistic expression of loneliness, sadness, and regret The concept that people will confess to secrets anonymously, that d [...]

  25. I read The Secret Lives of Men and Women one Saturday night while the Hubby played in a guys only poker tourney It s a mere 144 pages with no than 5 or 6 lines per page But wow If you ever entertained the notion that your parents effed you up somewhere along the road to being an adult, read this You ll start to feel perfectly sane But on the flip side, it is amazingly refreshing to know that despite all of our efforts to look normal we all have secrets and quirks that make us anything but Also, [...]

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