My Secret: A PostSecret Book

My Secret A PostSecret Book The sensational PostSecret project returns with a never before seen collection of postacards created by teens and college students from around the world Compiled by Frank Warren postsecret founder an

The sensational PostSecret project returns with a never before seen collection of postacards created by teens and college students from around the world Compiled by Frank Warren, postsecret founder and author of the national bestseller Postsecret, the handmade cards bear compelling and personal messages that have remained secret until now Raw and revealing, My SecreThe sensational PostSecret project returns with a never before seen collection of postacards created by teens and college students from around the world Compiled by Frank Warren, postsecret founder and author of the national bestseller Postsecret, the handmade cards bear compelling and personal messages that have remained secret until now Raw and revealing, My Secret expresses the hopes, fears, and wildest confession of young people everywhere.

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My Secret: A PostSecret Book

  1. Frank Warren Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Secret: A PostSecret Book book, this is one of the most wanted Frank Warren author readers around the world.

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  1. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThe concept behind PostSecret is pretty cool Mail in an anonymous, decorated postcard with your secret Wait and see if it ends up on the website and rejoice in the fact that you have lessened your own burden, just a little bit.I bought this book several years ago from a used bookstore for 1 I guess this particular version is intended for teenagersybe it s the way the postcards inside are written, maybe it s the bubble stickers in the back mine still had most o [...]

  2. I didn t realize this was a teen college aged version and had I known that I would have opted for a different version I had actually not heard of this project but saw the book and thought it might be fun to peruse The idea of sending a secret off into the abyssunds cooler than it is Not for me

  3. I got a kick out of the first PostSecret book I read At that time it was a fresh concept to me and I was taken with the novelty of the idea This is the second PostSecret book for me and I found it to be repetitious Let s face it there are just so many ways in which you can be sorry or happy or sad You can only go through so many declarations of unrequited love, failure to disclose your STD, confessions of orgasm during exercise I would never leave the gym or self hatred because you liked being m [...]

  4. these are all teen and young adult secrets so they re super angsty and mostly depressing some definitely did resonate with me though and what i thought was really cool was that there were a few secrets pasted in here from other library patrons and one of them was really sweet

  5. Being a teenager, I suppose this collection was aimed at me, but I found the whole style juvenile and distracting The stickers, the cover, it just doesn t do it for me I liked the first one better Still good postcards, though, of course.

  6. I looked at a Post Secret book a couple of years ago in a Barnes and Noble in Phoenix, but this is the first complete Post Secret book that I ve read.I am really impressed by the creative postcards people created to send to a stranger I am touched by the brutal, raw honesty that people are capable of when they are allowed to remain anonymous.This book is really excellent and recommended.

  7. Like the other PostSecret books I ve read, My Secret was just as good I particularly liked that this book was centered around people in their teens and twenties because I was able to really relate to a lot of things written here as I am 22.

  8. My Secret by Frank Warren isn t a typical book Instead it falls into the category of art or coffee table book and generally isn t something that one reads from cover to cover I have picked up this book many different times when in various bookstores and have flipped through it bit by bit Until finally I decided to just buy it and flip through it at my leisure Instead when I got home I started opened it to the first page and I didn t stop turning until I hit the back cover Inside this book were [...]

  9. My school library just got all these new books and I was likewell you know that feeling of extreme glee I saw Ellen Hopkins s Crank series and that disappointed me because I already read them I hate looking at new books only to find that I ve read them And no, I will not re read them I need something fresh and new So I saw this book standing on a shelf and decided to look at it I devoured it within 20 minutes.Fascinating, truly fascinating There are some meaningless secrets, things that are pers [...]

  10. Reese Butler s foreword is really touching and the best part about this book The rest is a bit too short for my taste and I don t like the editing very much Some postcards are too big and therefore blurry and I think the editors use too many full pages with just one postcard, but I do love the post secret concept.Many people say the first PostSecret book is a lot better than the second one I haven t read the first one, which means I can t compare these two, but this teens and college students ve [...]

  11. Frank Warren of the PostSecret project has released another book of confessions Warren encourages anyone to submit to him a postcard on it, include a secret you haven t told anyone After receiving thousands of beautifully illustrated PostSecrets and becoming one of the most highly trafficked websites around, Warren started publishing them as books on high quality glossy paper, which really does them justice Secrets range from hairy bellies to childhood molestation, and from the uplifting to the [...]

  12. There aren t enough words to describe how gorgeous this book is The premise is completely simple write a secret on a postcard and send it to Frank, and the results are amazing I think the beauty in these books lies in the idea that we can see that we are all so alike I found myself at moments being able to laugh at the fact I identified with the secrets, and completely heartbroken at the same time, too, because hell, someone feels like I do If you ever feel like you re alone, don t Pick up this [...]

  13. I am so excited about thisI chose this for a YA booktalk for grad school next weekend I will be presenting a powerpoint with images from the book to my teens

  14. This was the very first post secret book I read and I was intrigued While I don t think this is my favorite one it s the one that first caught my attention I love the whole concept, the anonymous factor with these secrets It s a way to express your feelings and emotions without the open judgement It can help take the weight off your shoulders Some are depressing, some funny, and also some relatable It s nice to not feel alone in something.

  15. I m SO INSPIRED to make my own secret postcard These people are so inspiring and making one of these postcards looks like a lot of fun I was surprised to listen to the voice inside my head that reveled some of my personal secrets.

  16. This book DEFINITELY reads younger, the Secrets were very cliche, not that that wouldn t be relatable for a younger reader Love the stickers at the front Don t love the HUGE format for single postcards, but liked it when there were multiple on some pages.

  17. These books are so awesome There s something so liberating about reading people s secrets and realizing that everyone has something they want to hide Must read for anyone of any age.

  18. Growing up, I was always trusted to keep people s secrets Now that I m not in middle or high school, Frank Warren s books make me feel like people are trusting me with their secrets again.

  19. it was interesting, some were funny, some were shocking very very easy to read past time by, the concept is also fantastic

  20. Review from 2015 The second to worst PostSecret book The term for most of these secrets today is vaguebooking Other secrets are targeted at a single person, as if the creator were interested in shaming that one person rather than bearing their soul Some aren t even secrets so much as they are, Look at me statements or competitive introversion.But the book isn t one of the larger PostSecret books are there are some truly great secrets within Ones that are strange, funny, sad and most importantly [...]

  21. This book was nothing like I expected it to be but it was good in its own right.Let me preface this by saying I believe letters and postcards are underrated We are shoved into this box that electronic communication texts emails facebook is the only way to go, but I think there is a time and a place for the written word There is something way meaningful about getting a handwritten letter than a whassup hvnt hrd frm u in a while u ok text message.This book intrigued me becaues of its cover and th [...]

  22. Frank Warren has compiled his secret postcards into several volumes now but this book was my first experience with them My son gave it to me for Christmas a friend recommended it to him and he knew this was something I would find intriguing I did I loved it This book is geared toward sharing the secrets of younger people Not sure exactly how he knew the senders age group but I can see from the photo and topics that he might have made a fairly accurate guess There is a note on the last page from [...]

  23. Many of you that follow my reviews Mostly the people on my blog or that just like to read my reviews , know that I work at a library I come across a kagillion books everyday One day, while organizing the books from the Book Return Bin Otherwise known as the Book Drop , I found this PostSecret book and checked it out as soon as I could.This was my first PostSecret book and I just had to get once I finished this one I really loved it I am actually thinking of startin to send my own post cards to [...]

  24. After browsing the book a bit on the sale section of National Bookstore, I impulsively decided to own a copy of it The problem then was I didn t bring enough cash with me and the worst part was, they don t allow debit And since it was already closing time, my friend suggested to have the book reserved and the saleslady agreed to do so On my lunch break the following day, I bought the book not caring that it is worth a pair of shoes or an ok pair of jeans and read the whole thing after my officem [...]

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