S/Z: An Essay

S Z An Essay This is Barthes s scrupulous literary analysis of Balzac s short story Sarrasine

This is Barthes s scrupulous literary analysis of Balzac s short story Sarrasine.

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S/Z: An Essay

  1. Roland G rard Barthes was a French literary theorist, philosopher, linguist, critic, and semiotician Barthes ideas explored a diverse range of fields and he influenced the development of schools of theory including structuralism, semiotics, social theory, design theory, anthropology and post structuralism.

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  1. While this does much to underscore the particular kind of terrorism that is structuralist criticism, Barthes reading of Balzac s Sarrasine is still a most beautiful insanity, and demonstrates the particular efficacy of the structuralist method exercised to the nth degree.Allow me some hyperbole basically, once Barthes finished this, no one else needed to ever again attempt such a thorough structuralist reading It is or less the exhaustion point of the method.

  2. I must be honest this was a re read for me Barthes s works were pre eminent when I was navigating my way through university So encouraged were we to embrace this enfant terrible that I very nearly wrote my PhD on his ideas in the end it had to be Poe Looking back now though there is no doubt that The Pleasure of the Text and Death of the Author and S Z changed the way that I thought about books their provenance, the nature of writing, the author and above all the TEXT.The core of S Z is a textua [...]

  3. S Z ACT To critique to dissect to autopsy the Barthesian text serves as a scalpel and scale with which Barthes qua critic can cut off and weigh the devices, symbols and meanings SEM organs part of the unfortunate Balzac text Sarrasine SEM Body total HER The pattern of the slasher movie or Thunderdome a plurality under guise of simples Barthes and Balzac respective texts thereof enters, a singularity of pluralities the readerly leaves economic cultural treatise Damn bourgeois desire thereof, urgi [...]

  4. cet ouvrage consacr tout entier l analyse d une nouvelle de Balzac, Sarrasine, S Z et ma ma trise tait bas e sur lui Mon tude tenait aborder les cinq codes barth siens dans deux films fran ais Les cinq codes barth siens qui sont nomm s herm neutique, s mique, symbolique, proa r tique et culturel, accompagnant l approche de s miologie, faisaient appliquer une analyse riche sur les images visuelles et acoustiques.

  5. Another reviewer on called S Z a perfect yet beautiful example of the kind of terrorism that is structuralist criticism I feel as though this is a vast mis categorization Following the pattern of Propp s Morphology of the Folktale, Barthes reveals once and for all that the structuralist method and I must underscore, as Piaget did, the word method here is suitable for literary criticism All of the terminologies of the Russian forebears the Formalists can be found floating around in Barthes codes, [...]

  6. O l on parle nouveau de Sarrasine C est cette nouvelle de Balzac que Barthes a pris pour sujet de S Z qui se pr sente comme son analyse int grale Barthes fait alterner des paragraphes num rot s en chiffres romains, qui pr sentent des propositions th oriques ou des bilans d tape de l tude, mais qui ne doivent pas tre pris comme un d coupage en chapitres la fin, il propose des tables vari es offrant diff rentes constructions possibles de son travail et le texte de Balzac d coup en lexies et commen [...]

  7. Faute de pouvoir donner cinq etrons, je lui donne une etoile.Ce livre est evidement une fraude du debut a la fin A la page 96, il a le culot de dire ceci n est pas une explication de texte Au contraire, c est exactement ce que c est S Z Je dirai en plus que c est une tres bonne explication de texte Ligne par ligne il decortique le texte de Sarrasine une conte de Balzac Il identifie tous les elements du recit de Balzac Il demontre avec brio que Sarrasine est un chef d oeuvre, complexe et efficace [...]

  8. formula this was not easy for mei think most of it has vanished from my brain.i m looking at this paper i wrote for a classway way back peabody sent me back in the wayback machined i can t for the life of me understand wth i was trying to say, although i suspect at the time, i had some kind of handle on it.e paper was trying to imitate S Z for a critique of faulkner s the hamlet.heh heh looks like a got a d on the paperah, best move along.I ve got these SEMSYMHERACT.rious headings typed in place [...]

  9. An undeniably important piece of literary theory By breaking up Balzac s Sarrasine into lexias of varying length, Barthes reveals the way various narrative features and functions weave together to form a cohesive and symbolically resonant experience for readers though it is not necessary for a reader to be aware of these workings for them to work A truly fascinating idea That said, the manner in which it is written or perhaps translated is infuriatingly convoluted and confusing I had to reread s [...]

  10. An incredible, almost overanalysis of a fantastic short story by Balzac Through Barthes, we go line by line or word by word to understand why we react to the story in certain ways Sometimes I wish Barthes would push further and he could Sometimes I wish he would just say A story is a story, that s that But by reading this you can see how your mind creates expectations, how the expectations are deflated and replaced with something perhaps grander Above all, I appreciate that Barthes says that tho [...]

  11. ONLY read this if you are into literary theory and are interested in the art of reading, re reading, re reading some , and then still wondering what in the hell the author was trying to say.

  12. Analizinin yap ld Sarrasine i hem bu kitaptan nce ve kitab n ekler k sm nda da bulunmas , hem de i eri ine dair edindi im bilgilerin ne kadar n n bende kal c yer etti ini g rmek amac yla iki kez okudum Okhai sad fact kitap benim i in bir hayli yorucuydu.Zevk ald m m EVETKitap bana farkl , daha ince ve derin bir Sarrasine sundu mu SUNMA MIAncak yaz lar n belki de yaln zca benim i in a r bir slupla yaz lmas okurken can m kard m YAZIKTIR K EVET.O y zden kitab olmas gerekti i gibi de erlendiremedi i [...]

  13. honest to god this book was a fucking blast the most fun I ve ever had reading theory although maybe that s not saying v much

  14. Digressive, confusing, enlightening, engaging, infuriating All the things a good English lit book should be, with the all too usual thick paste of migraine inducing pretentiousness and up his own assery An absolute wave of minute, obsessive philosophies and digressions, with pretty explicit biases As always, fun to poke the holes through but often finding such holes resolves them A pain A big pain But a necessary one And not wholly unenjoyable, either.

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  16. I m plodding through this at the moment for school interesting, but as with a lot of this sort of stuff I m often left poking amongst the digressions and delineations for the relevant points Having flipped to the back and knocked over Sarrasine my main impression is that, after this and La Duchess de Langais , I should really, really, really be reading Balzac.EDIT I have or less finished this book, and my conclusion at this point is that while Barthes has some interesting ideas, most of the on [...]

  17. Uh, well It s difficult to say anything about this, as I don t believe that Barthes presents anything, which, at least to me, is profoundly new As a work of theory it suffers under the French tendency of making things a tad too complicated, and thus many would probably see it as strewn with obstacles for their understanding This, to me, is a big no no, as I think that theory something which is supposed to be informative or even scientific is to be communicated in a manner which is understandable [...]

  18. I m never going to be objective about this book, since it was the first full volume of capital T Theory I read as an undergraduate thanks Professor Morgenstern and rereading it helps me retrace my own steps from antitheoretical cretin to whatever slightly reduced imbecile I am now But, eh, come on everyone, this is really fun a super close reading of a short story in light of its various hermenutic codes, interspersed with wonderfully abstruse commentary on those codes Were I inclined to be crit [...]

  19. Great book for understanding structural analysis Also a great way to comprehend the difference between the classic and modern text Though he says little about the modern text per se, you are able to locate the conventions inherent to the classic text and therefore better appreciate what today we would call the post modern text Some may find it a bit drawn out, but that is merely because it is comprehensive It is in fact a thorough reading and so is well worth the time Even though the five catego [...]

  20. A readable text on the writable text Balzac s short story Sarrasine, as written by Roland Barthes.Probably rather technical for those without a background in literary theory, particularly structuralism However, much less demanding for a reader than the work of thinkers like Jacques Lacanor Jacques Derrida Moreover, it should be of particular interest to those who have already read Balzac s Sarrasine.

  21. If you want to innocently read Balzac then do not read this book In simple this book is 200 plus pages annotating Balzac s short story Sarrasine Of course it is much than annotations and will likely render you unable to just simply enjoy literature again But that s not such a bad thing if you care to be an active reader and engage in the creative processes of writerly text and add to the plurality of meaning.

  22. Una excelente lectura para aproximarse al an lisis hermen utico de distintos fen menos comunicativos, todo esto a partir de el concepto lo escribible entendido como todos los textos posibles que se generan al momento de ser receptores que interpretan y construyen una respuesta al texto que leen PARA SABER DE QUE DIABLOS HABLA EL TEXTO CUANDO LLEGA A LOS EJEMPLOS, AL FINAL VIENE EL CAP TULO DE LA NOVELA QUE SE ANALIZA

  23. the next time someone implies that my discipline well, isn t a discipline, I m going to throw this book at them while I don t think I ll ever totally emulate Barthes a singular soul indeed , this book is doing a lot to explain to me how the close reading I already do works, and how I might be rigorous in my practice and his insights are always a joy.

  24. One of the most important works of late structuralism early post structuralism, that paved the way for all manner of liberated reflection on literary analysis and works not limited to 19th century French authors.

  25. Been meaning to read this for a while since a loose blond poetry masters student was harping about it on the way to see Phillip Glass It was quite possibly my most pretentious evening to date Haven t heard from her since.

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