Mondo Desperado

Mondo Desperado From a farmer s romance to his skin condition to one man s culinary relationship with Bruce Lee it all happens in Barntrosna This is a collection of humourous stories from Patrick McCabe as macarbe a

From a farmer s romance to his skin condition to one man s culinary relationship with Bruce Lee, it all happens in Barntrosna This is a collection of humourous stories from Patrick McCabe as macarbe as ever.

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Mondo Desperado

  1. Patrick McCabe came to prominence with the publication of his third adult novel, The Butcher Boy, in 1992 the book was shortlisted for the Booker Prize in Britain and won the Irish Times Aer Lingus Prize for fiction McCabe s strength as an author lies in his ability to probe behind the veneer of respectability and conformity to reveal the brutality and the cloying and corrupting stagnation of Irish small town life, but he is able to find compassion for the subjects of his fiction His prose has a vitality and an anti authoritarian bent, using everyday language to deconstruct the ideologies at work in Ireland between the early 1960s and the late 1970s His books can be read as a plea for a pluralistic Irish culture that can encompass the past without being dominated by it.McCabe is an Irish writer of mostly dark and violent novels of contemporary, often small town, Ireland His novels include The Butcher Boy 1992 and Breakfast on Pluto 1998 , both shortlisted for the Booker Prize He has also written a children s book The Adventures of Shay Mouse and several radio plays broadcast by the RT and the BBC Radio 4 The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto have both been adapted into films by Irish director Neil Jordan.McCabe lives in Clones, Co Monaghan with his wife and two daughters.Pat McCabe is also credited with having invented the Bog Gothic genre.

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  1. Writing as Phildy Hackball, McCabe presents to us, the readers, the stories of over a dozen residents of the small Irish town of Barntrosna These vignettes vary from the only mildly odd to the extremely eccentric and feature many interesting characters, to put it mildly Take into account Declan Coyningham who aspires to be a priest from a very young age which only alienates him from his fellow classmates and makes him a target for severe abuse and one particularly nasty prank gone very awry Or, [...]

  2. The best story here is I Ordained the Devil about a priest who feels guilty for allowing Satan to rise in the church The curate seems to be a fresh caring young man until ordained but turns out to be the Horned One, hedonistic and corrupting Could be a metaphor for charming men who turn into bad husbands after marriage Couldn t help comparing with the grumpy or aspergers character type who is as good as gold underneath Doc Martin springs to mind as well as Saga in The Bridge Patchy set of storie [...]

  3. I went to hear McCabe read soon after this book was released, and it was a delightful experience specifically, I remember him being very funny He read an excerpt from The Butcher Boy, if I recall correctly, as well as bits from this book So I bought this book.It s been a good 10 years now, so I don t entirely remember the experience, but I definitely remember not particularly enjoying Mondo Desperado I set it down, and never picked it up again Maybe I ll try again someday, or maybe I ll just go [...]

  4. i have to admit that as a collection of weird characters i kinda felt like it was trying too hard like it just decorated itself in too much and never found it s footing in substance.i really wanted to like itybe i ll reread itobably not.

  5. It s rare I don t finish books, but I disliked every one of the stories I read, did not see the point in finishing the stories, so I returned it to the library I ve read The Butcher Boy and Winterwood by McCabe and enjoyed both of them very much and was surprised I disliked this so much.

  6. Group of stories set in the fictional village of Barnstrona by Phildy Hackball some good black comic moments.

  7. Patrick Mccabe has a truly unique perspective I enjoyed this book loved Breakfast on Pluto, the movie with the fantastic Cillian Murphy.

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