Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine

Quantum Healing Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer a book filled with the mystery wonder and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries fr

Here is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer a book filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer and other serious illnesses.Dr Deepak Chopra, a respected New England endocrinologist, began his search for answers when he saw patients in his own practice whoHere is an extraordinary new approach to healing by an extraordinary physician writer a book filled with the mystery, wonder, and hope of people who have experienced seemingly miraculous recoveries from cancer and other serious illnesses.Dr Deepak Chopra, a respected New England endocrinologist, began his search for answers when he saw patients in his own practice who completely recovered after being given only a few months to live In the mid 1980 s he returned to his native India to explore Ayurveda, humanity s most ancient healing tradition Now he has brought together the current research of Western medicine, neuroscience, and physics with the insights of Ayurvedic theory to show that the human body is controlled by a network of intelligence grounded in quantum reality Not a superficial psychological state, this intelligence lies deep enough to change the basic patterns that design our physiology with the potential to defeat cancer, heart disease, and even aging itself In this inspiring and pioneering work, Dr Chopra offers us both a fascinating intellectual journey and a deeply moving chronicle of hope and healing.

  • Unlimited Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine - by Deepak Chopra
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Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind Body Medicine

  1. Deepak Chopra, MD serves as the Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Foundation, and Co Founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness Known as a prolific author of eighty books books with twenty two New York Times best sellers in both fiction and non fiction, his works have been published in than forty three languages Chopra s medical training is in internal medicine and endocrinology He is a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and a member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Dr Chopra serves as Co Founder and Chairman of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Founder of The Chopra Well on YouTube, Adjunct Professor of Executive Programs at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia University, Assistant Clinical Professor, in the Family and Preventive Medicine Department at the University of California, San Diego, Health Sciences, Faculty at Walt Disney Imagineering, and Senior Scientist with The Gallup Organization GlobeIn acknowledges Chopra as one of top ten most influential spiritual leaders around the world TIME magazine has described Dr Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century and credits him as the poet prophet of alternative medicine.

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  1. Updated review in response to comments See comments section for original discourse.Original ReviewThis only gets 1 star because zero isn t allowed I can only assume that this has over 4 stars on average because the typical person who seeks this book out is already prone to believing the nonsense within.I am a scientist, with a PhD in Materials Science and plenty of quantum mechanics in my background though obviously, I don t know it anywhere near as well as a dedicated physicist in the area woul [...]

  2. Deepak Chopra is an endocrinologist who starts doubting the supremacy of the western approach to medicine That doesn t mean he denies his training altogether But he cannot forget his Indian roots, either In fact, when he finds out that mind and body are able to cure a person if they work together, or kill her if they work against each other, he returns to the traditional Indian medical approach that they call Ayurveda Ayurveda means the knowledge for long life in Sanskrit Because it combines sci [...]

  3. A super book that explains the science behind the seemingly magical ability to heal yourself with your mind, your thoughts and feelings Truly insprirational reading If you re into science, spirituality, or both, you will very much enjoy this book If you re struggling with a desease, this line of thought is definately worth a try Lots of case studies inclulded.

  4. ParsimonyPlacebo Effect Too painful for me to explain here If you believe in this stuff do so after you look up the two terms

  5. Whoa There is so much bullshit in here Don t know where to start If you think you have learned something from this book, write one or two things down and ask a local expert about the subject Then tell him what you learned in this book about it, prepare to be laughed at

  6. Deepak Chopra s book, long in the tooth now as a passing fad is interesting for me in what it says about human psychology, especially Americans And that is, a desperate need to animate their spiritual selves now vacated in a high tech, capitalistic world that increasingly dominates them Chopra fills that need with a New Age mix of Eastern mysticism, pseudo science, junk science, and outright snake oil He uses enough far too much science jargon to make those who live in our science environment fe [...]

  7. I ll preface this review by telling you that I have a bone spur on my left heel, and related plantar fasciitis, and I ve had pain when walking running for the better part of this last year I have tried stretching, and some very expensive prescription orthotic inserts I have been very frustrated with how slow the healing process has been My husband loaned me this book as a possible alternative solution.Deepak Chopra may be commonly known as of a woo woo spiritual author, but he is also a doctor [...]

  8. This was a great book It really is fascinating how our bodies naturally rejuvenate and heal We have a new liver every 6 weeks how neat is that Our minds are such powerful tools and I believe influence our bodies there is a disconnection and connection between the two and the way we think about things, like illness, the we will see it in our lives It s like the person who wakes up in the morning and stubs their toe, then spills their morning coffee, and the person starts focusing on the negative [...]

  9. Peace is the norm which we tend to forget Stress, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, the disease of being in a hurry modernman arcadefire our hectic lives has accustomed us to turmoil.we are thoroughly indoctrinated by the idea of a certain degree of internal conflict being normal We don t need any new medical technique we need to let our bodies do what they want to do, which is get well Meditate, eat right, rest there are no rewards from our jobs that could possibly outweigh the danger we ha [...]

  10. Inspirational, mind expanding and really interesting look at the boundary between the body and the mind For anyone who has experienced the limitations of modern medicine, this is a great exploration of what where medicine finishes and the power of spirituality and the quantum universe picks up.

  11. Ive never been disappointed with a book by Deepak Chopra and the worst thing I can say about this one is that it s way too short.

  12. I ve been whittling away at this book for some time, ever since I ran into it at a library sale and felt inspired by the compelling title Quantum Healing Wow, I thought What s that What surprised me is that the author, Deepak Chopra, is an M.D Every time I had ever heard his name uttered, it was in connection with yoga and meditation, two words whose concepts I barely understood before reading this book I had no idea he came from the double perspective of his Western medicine training as a docto [...]

  13. Great read I love Deepak He gives great insight to our own personal healing power We are so influenced by GPs and specialist and forget that we hold a lot of the healing capabilities from within If you are suffering from any disease I highly suggest this book Enjoy

  14. n this book, Deepak Chopra narrates about the killer disease Cancer Tumor and how it affects the people s perception about the world once they are caught by this deadly disease He aims at shifting the mind of the reader, so they can believe that any chronic illness in their body can be healed Completely, without traces.He narrates about the peculiar cases, where some patients had banished this deadly disease from their body miraculously He initiates this powerful belief in the reader s mind by e [...]

  15. Fascinating As the title implies, Dr Chopra explores the frontiers of the mind body with the knowledge and limitations of today s medical world and the world of physics, as well as the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda He explores what is known and not known of people who have spontaneously healed from their terminal ailments He does this with simplicity, clarity and sincerity If I wasn t convinced of the many benefits of meditation, I am now Dr Chopra states that much of his time is spent talking, [...]

  16. This was my first experience reading a book of Deepak Chopra s and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it I appreciate that Chopra has a medical background in endocrinology as well as Ayruveda It made for a very interesting interplay between Eastern and Western approaches to medicine and attempting to find a balance between the two What I liked most was that there was never an attempt to discredit one field of medicine, but rather a focus on using both as a means of rounding each other out There [...]

  17. I gave this book 5 stars because of my curiosity to explore Quantum Physics and its relationship with human body Deepak Chopra is a good writer but unfortunately he fails to convey his message to his audience I think this book would have been well understood if Quantum Theory had practical grounds The mystery attached to neuropeptides remains shrouded A deep research put forwarding consolidated facts and proofs is required Otherwise, its pure hypothesis.

  18. This book is totally mind expanding It goes into the quantum physics of healing Ultimately Deepak means that the bliss we are able to experience on a daily basis, the we increase our health and our chances for doing the quantum leap ie going from being ill into complete health It is the most inspirational and motivational book on why it is so important for us all to meditate on a regular basis Fascinating read.

  19. Everybody needs to learn about Quantum Physics It should be taught in high school along with chemistry and biology Deepak Chopra is a wonderful teacher of our times In simple language he explains how scientifically we are all One He brings proves personal power with physical facts Although his works would fall into the woo woo shelf, he would be the most down to earth author on the shelf.

  20. One of the first and best books about the mind body connection and how our health and well being are inextricably tied to our thoughts, emotions and beliefs These concepts are not just critical for those struggling with serious illness They help all of us understand how to live healthy, happy, energetic lives.

  21. I finally muscled my way through this after picking it up over 10 months ago I loved the real life examples sprinkled through the heavy biology and metaphysics discussions Overall I would have to say the book was way above my head, but a tiny part of me says it is simple and I was making it too complicated At any rate, this book was well written and opened my eyes and mind to a new world.

  22. This book should be a staple in everyone s library Great discussion of the mind body connection with enough scientific support to make even scoffers take note You cannot read this book and not wonder what we are truly made of.

  23. This was the first book that really showed me the power of perception Until this I hadn t thought much about perception and how it can really change your life Quantum Healing was definitely responsible for the start of my spiritual journey

  24. this book is amazing and potentially life altering I love that it teaches the benefits of meditation in a tangible way, you can actually alter your chemical make up DNA by spending time in the Gap

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