In the Hand of the Goddess

In the Hand of the Goddess Disguised as a boy Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire to none other than the prince of the realm But Prince Jonathan is much to Alanna he is her ally her best friend and one of the few who knows t

Disguised as a boy, Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire, to none other than the prince of the realm But Prince Jonathan is much to Alanna he is her ally, her best friend, and one of the few who knows that she s really a girl Now it will take all of Alanna s awesome skill, strength, and growing magical powers to protect him from the mysterious evil sorcerer who is beDisguised as a boy, Alanna of Trebond becomes a squire, to none other than the prince of the realm But Prince Jonathan is much to Alanna he is her ally, her best friend, and one of the few who knows that she s really a girl Now it will take all of Alanna s awesome skill, strength, and growing magical powers to protect him from the mysterious evil sorcerer who is bent on his destruction, and hers Here continues the story of Alanna, a young woman bound for glory who is willing to fight against enormous odds for what she believes in.

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In the Hand of the Goddess

  1. Hey, folks I just discovered that apparently I have given some very popular books single star ratings except I haven t How do I know I haven t Because I haven t read those books at all So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I ve written GoodReads to find out what s going on.I return to my regularly scheduled profile Though I would love to join groups, I m going to turn them all down I just don t have the time to take part, so please don t be offended if I don t join your group or accept an invitation I m not snooty I m just up to my eyeballs in work and appearances Also, don t be alarmed by the number of books I ve read When I get bored, I go through the different lists and rediscover books I ve read in the past It s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things Obviously, I ve read a lot of books in 54 years I was born in South Connellsville, PA My mother wanted to name me Tamara but the nurse who filled out my birth certificate misspelled it as Tamora When I was 8 my family moved to California, where we lived for 6 years on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula.I started writing stories in 6th grade My interest in fantasy and science fiction began when I was introduced to The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien and so I started to write the kind of books that I was reading After my parents divorced, my mother took my sisters and me back to Pennsylvania in 1969 There I went to Albert Gallatin Senior High for 2 years and Uniontown Area Senior High School for my senior year.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, I wrote the book that became The Song of the Lioness fantasy quartet I sold some articles and 2 short stories and wrote reviews for a martial arts movie magazine At last the first book of the quartet, Alanna The First Adventure was published by Atheneum Books in 1983.Tim Liebe, who became my Spouse Creature, and I lived in New York City with assorted cats and two parakeets from 1982 2006 In 2006 we moved to Syracuse, New York, where we live now with assorted cats, a number of squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums, and woodchucks visiting our very small yard As of 2011, I have 27 novels in print, one short story collection, one comic book arc White Tiger A Hero s Compulsion co written with Tim, and a short story anthology co editing credit There s to come, including a companion book to the Tortall verse So stay tuned

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  1. My goodness, my memory is atrocious I thought that the ending of this book was supposed to be the ending of the final book in the quartet, so now I will be continuing on with the series going in totally blind This was so enjoyable, I love these books so much The nostalgia is real I do think that they could have been fleshed out a little bit though There is a bit of glossing over and jumping forward in time in big leaps, so things moved very fast in pace I wish I had the chance to slow down and s [...]

  2. I still enjoyed reading this series, but several problems stood out with this book First off important events kept being dropped casually into the conversation or mentioned in passing and that was that I was very taken aback when it was said that Alanna s father died last month , and that was about it There were several other instances as well that this happened but I can t remember right now Also time seems to be passing too quickly At some point I had to struggle to keep up and remember that [...]

  3. I don t want to fall in love I just want to be a warrior maiden HAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT,GREAT JOKE ALANNA Sooois book was basically like a sketch of Alanna s teenage years In on chapter she s 13,in the next one she s 15 in one chapter she s all like I am powerful woman ready to take my place in this world and in the next one she s like omfg Jon,I know you re sleeping around and stuff but I want to be the one you sleep with too Alanna gives everything these cutesy names which made me throw up a bit Co [...]

  4. Review and at edwardsghostengine.wordpress.While I found this second book to have thrills than the first book, I did feel there were things lacking here but only a little bit.For starters I still think these books are way too short for what they are high fantasy adventures There s no room for world building which is a shame because the world the author has created here has a lot of potential to be as intriguing and mysterious as Middle Earth Here we get introduced to a goddess which we have no [...]

  5. I was looking at the cover of my library copy of this book before I started it, and saw that on my edition, Alanna is pictured with a black cat on her shoulder Remembering how delightfully full of wish fulfillment the first book was, I thought to myself, Oh, she gets a cat in this one I bet it s a magic cat I bet it talks I was joking But I was totally right Alanna not only acquires a talking cat who also has purple eyes, natch , a deity swoops down to personally give Alanna a magic necklace At [...]

  6. I m having a little hard time progressing with this book In the first place, I chose this book because I was looking for a bad ass female character and because of the good reviews However, I m having troubles liking Alanna And the story itself Why Because in one chapter she is 13 year old, in the next one, 15 year old and so on She starts being Jonathan s lover when I m still picturing her as a child, for God s sake Another thing why don t like her is because she keeps contradicting herself Firs [...]

  7. What happened I ve read several of Tamora Pierce s books, but had not read the Song of the Lioness quartet and thought it time I start I enjoyed the first book, Alanna The First Adventure I liked Alan, nee Alanna, in her single minded determinedness and her unawareness of self and the effect she had on others I liked the supporting characters It was light, pleasant and fun so I was eager to read the second book, The Hand of the Goddess I expected Alan to grow up and have to deal with identity is [...]

  8. 5.0 nostalgia, 4.0 re read, 4.5 actual.Okay, I ve re read this many times, but never with as large a gap 3 years and as much a focus on critical thinking as now That being said, although the Immortals Quartet stands as my favourite Tortall series and I relate to Diane overall this book has always been my favourite And, looking at it critically, I stand by that judgment It does have its faults not all author related , but its strengths make up for those I do have a couple of disclaimers for peop [...]

  9. Roger s suite of rooms was located very conveniently for Alanna s purposes This entire book was damned convenient for her I thought the first book was alright and picked this up because the entirety of tumblr was shitting themselves over the feminist shit in this book Let me tell you, there was some shit in this And were they feminist Alanna doesn t want love but because the author deemed it must happen, she s aged up 6 years in only a few chapters And the creeps trickle in.Alanna has 2 love int [...]

  10. How do I love this book Let me count the ways.1 Alanna has sex and it s treated like, well, normal She s not slut shamed She s just happy Dude 2 George is in love with Alanna and tells her, says he won t bring it up again, and goes right back to being her friend Because he loves her, and likes being around her, and wants to be around her and doesn t just value her as a romantic partner Dude 3 Roger s a nuanced and clever villain Dude 4 Alanna s interest in girly, pretty things in no way diminish [...]

  11. I m pretty sure Tamora Pierce is just the pen name of a precocious child, because this series reads like it was written by and for 12 year old girls Let s start with the names Moonlight, Darkness, Lightning, and Faithful Really Then let s get to plot Things don t happen naturally, they just occur because the author wants them to All of a sudden men start falling in love with Alanna for no apparent reason Alanna will never get distracted by love, but then someone kisses her and she hops right int [...]

  12. Gah, can people please hurry up and finish with the next two books and return them to the library so I don t have to wait Pretty please I think I loved this second book even This book really upped the ante on everything magic, fighting, romance Super fun, quick reads, but even so, they are just full of awesome And Alanna is just such a gratifying character So resistant to change and yet that s all she does.I don t want to switch gears and listen to something else, so someone better return their [...]

  13. This was definitely enjoyable for me than book 1 Still not quite 4 stars, but I have to round up because these really are fast, fun reads Alanna is badass and I love her.

  14. first read 3 January 2008 4 stars Speeding through years of Alanna s squirehood, her Ordeal, and a final showdown with Duke Roger the Evil Sorcerer, In the Hand of the Goddess wraps up Alanna s quest to become a knight with of a whimper than a bang We leave our faithful Lady Knight preparing to depart for the south on adventures of her own which I am PUMPED FOR 1 Alanna s secret is pretty much not hers to share, huh She doesn t get to reveal it to the king and queen and the rest of the court on [...]

  15. More notes On the Ordeal Alanna describes Jonathan coming out of the Chamber In her mind she saw Jonathan stumble out of that iron barreled Ordeal Chamber, his face gray He had looked at her without seeing her Jonathan Sometimes even now his eyes went dark and blank, and she knew that he was remembering the Ordeal Her voice shook as she said, He looked like some part of him died in there Then, later, when Jonathan and Gary are about to instruct Alanna in her Ordeal, they both mention barely surv [...]

  16. I think this is the book I forgot the most of In fact, I remembered almost none of it, with the exception of Faithful I remembered Faithful It would also explain how I managed to conflate books one and two I remembered next to nothing about book 2, except Alanna getting a cat, starting to wear women s clothing sometimes, and view spoiler sleeping with Jonathan hide spoiler The first two, I thought happened in book one, the third in book three.This is a good book, and I like it as part of the Ala [...]

  17. Even though I didn t exactly fall in love with the first novel of this series, I just couldn t help myself from wanting to find out what would happen with Alanna Would her secret be revealed Would she fall in love Would she finally face her arch nemesis, Roger Well, you ll just have to read book 2 to find out, won t you Unfortunately, I found book 2 to be plagued with many of the same issues that bothered me about book 1 For starters, it felt like many of the details or key scenes were glossed o [...]

  18. Re read JanuaryI think this might be my least favorite Alanna, at least on this read I got bored with the battle and for all the revelations at the end to happen I like past me s comments about the love triangle I ve read bad ones recently, and still like this one.Original ReviewSo, of course I ve read this many times before and I was enjoying the book, but going a bit slowly and then I reached about the halfway point and read it straight though I think I always have a bit of a harder time with [...]

  19. Rating 2 Stars DNFIt seems as if Tamora Pierce and I must part our ways Quite simply put, I am above the age group to enjoy this While I know many of my older friends have loved this, I seem to have lost interest in the life and struggles of a mere fifteen year old girl, which says everything about me and nothing about the book itself I ve only ever read The Immortals Series by Pierce when I was ten and I suspect I d have loved this as much, if not , if I were the same age Alas, Alanna fails to [...]

  20. My love for fantasy definitely came from this series This series set the ground work for my personality and Alanna is absolutely one of my favorite heroines ever I also find it interesting in this book how many similarities this world and the Nevernight world is I wonder if my love for Mia stems from Alanna Faithful and Mister Kindly are so similar and the whole archetype of a dark Goddess keeping an eye on our MC So good I thought it was interesting how Pierce handled the romance in this book J [...]

  21. Chosen Ones, Mary Sues and magical pets Count me in I liked the narrative style better than the previous book Simple, positive and entertaining.

  22. Source Library Genre Young Adult, Fantasy Rating 4.0 Full Review Pending This story takes Alanna over the final four years before she has to face the Ordeal to become a Knight of Tortall Curious way to end the story, which means that I need to hurry up and request the third installment from my library Not sure if I am set on the romance factor I do know how it will apparently end and who she will choose, but until then, onward with the show Full Review Talk Supe Blog talksupeblog 2017 06 g

  23. Where do I start These books came with such high reviews, and I was really excited to start reading it But then I started reading it First off, Alanna is a Mary Sue Anything that happens ends perfectly, with no consequences to the characters She s stereotypical and isn t consistent at all view spoiler She says she doesn t want to fall in love, yet she s suddenly in Jonathan s bed and the author tells us she s his lover, with no build up or introduction to that twist at all hide spoiler Meanwhile [...]

  24. 4 1 2 Stars This is the 2nd book in the Song of the Lioness Quartet I liked the romance in this book, though still felt one particular aspect of the relationships developed too quickly I like George than Jonathan Alanna is one determined girl and I really like her and watching her grow My main issue with this book was that it felt very choppy.My fave quotes from this book Alanna shook her head, smiling a little In the three years she had been disguised as a boy, she had learned that boys know g [...]

  25. This is a good continuation of the first in this series I think that this one is like 3 1 2 stars for me In this book, Alanna faces down all of her greatest fears and finally reaches the age of her trial for knighthood I do realize that this series is not really aimed at a 30 year old, but I felt this one was a little bit too simplistic to really grab me All of the greatest children s and young adult books tend to transcend the recommended age and have some deeper meaning that can reach anyone [...]

  26. In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce ReviewThe second book in the Song of the Lioness series, this one is just as good, if not better than the first in the series Here we see characters getting some series development, alone with some new ones, an incredible plot again , the best magic so far and wait for it ROMANCE It s here, and it was worth the wait view spoiler Not to mention this is the book that we get the big reveal in, and it is done in an epic way hide spoiler Synopsis PlotWe sta [...]

  27. Another really fun, quick read I do wish I had been younger when I started this series, I think I would ve loved them if so 10 years ago this would ve been just what I wanted to read Either way, I m still enjoying this a lot Alanna is a great heroine, and I loved her finding out about herself as a woman in this book The pace is extremely fast, and the timing is sometimes off She ages 4 years in 200 pages, so it s very quick, but not too confusing I m sensing a love triangle, and I m on the fen [...]

  28. Going back and rereading this series has brought up some wonderful memories And it has also pointed out somethings that I had previously ignored This book is probably my least favorite, but still favorited, in this series While I still love all of the characters, I started fled a bit with the romance and wanting to have the story flushed out a bit .Video Review youtube watch v Co6Ug

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