The Closed Circle

The Closed Circle The characters of The Rotters Club Jonathan Coe s beloved novel of adolescent life in the s have bartered their innocence for the vengeance of middle age in this incisive portrait of Cool Britanni

The characters of The Rotters Club Jonathan Coe s beloved novel of adolescent life in the 1970s have bartered their innocence for the vengeance of middle age in this incisive portrait of Cool Britannia at the millennium.

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The Closed Circle

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Jonathan Coe, born 19 August 1961 in Birmingham, is a British novelist and writer His work usually has an underlying preoccupation with political issues, although this serious engagement is often expressed comically in the form of satire For example, What a Carve Up reworks the plot of an old 1960s spoof horror film of the same name, in the light of the carve up of the UK s resources which some felt was carried out by Margaret Thatcher s right wing Conservative governments of the 1980s Coe studied at King Edward s School, Birmingham and Trinity College, Cambridge, before teaching at the University of Warwick where he completed a PhD in English Literature In July 2006 he was given an honorary degree by The University of Birmingham Retrieved 10 55, February 2, 2009 from enpedia wiki Jonathan

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  1. Coe writes about frustration professional, creative, and sexual frustrations in relationships and a loss of faith amidst the crumbling of personal verities It can be a little depressing, but it s also cathartic and very, very compelling, with a subtle humor rooted in a very dark sense of irony His books are perfect for those of us who have reached a certain age, who suspect that the world is broken and who are looking for the words to describe a creeping sense of malaise.Like all of Coe s novels [...]

  2. O C rculo Fechado constitui uma narrativa superlativamente inteligente e bem constru da, quer do ponto de vista da estrutura o liter ria, quer da a o, dos temas que aborda, prenhes de contemporaneidade, vistos, analisados, experienciados por um grupo de personagens not veis Em plena era Tony Blair e do Labour Party, numa Inglaterra neoliberal, Claire, Benjamin, Paul, Doug, Steve, todos colegas na mesma escola quando adolescentes, relatam nos, passados vinte e cinco anos, o seu dia a dia, os seus [...]

  3. things i hope this book addresses 1 how much of an absolutely shitty time paul trotter has been having2 MIRIAM 3 if cicely is not married with a wife and having a really nice life then i m rioting 4 is benjamin still a lameass motherfucker god i hope so5 HOW IS LOIS

  4. Le parole possono avere il significato che vuoi, nell era dell ironia La banda dei brocchi incontra la famiglia Winshaw e il cerchio finalmente si chiude.Sebbene sia ormai aduso alla narrativa di Coe e anzi, forse proprio per questo mi risulta particolarmente difficile recensire questo romanzo O anche soltanto scegliere il giusto giudizio Forse, a ben vedere, ancora troppo forte e troppo nitido il ricordo de La banda dei brocchi, che mi aveva esaltato e affascinato E in questo romanzo, che ne il [...]

  5. Aw, Paul Trotter, what have you turned intoIn this follow up to The Rotters Club Paul s character is the only one that I really struggled to reconcile with his younger version in the former book The creepy little thing turned MP for New Labour has lost a lot of his scariness and become a laughable figure A bit of disappointment there is inevitable, for a lover of black humour like me.In fact, a lot of the characters haven t yet fulfilled the promises they had as teenagers, and we find them twent [...]

  6. This is a well written and thoughtful book but it has little of the emotional depth of The Rotters Club and very few laugh aloud moments As a document of its time the early 00 s it isn t especially resonant either But I was glad to be able to find out the fate of Miriam, grim thought it was, as well as the later lives of the principal characters from the earlier novel And it was enjoyable to finally read some of Benjamin s, ahem, poetry.Part of what made The Rotters Club such fun was the range o [...]

  7. I love love loved The Rotter s Club and this sequel ending to the saga of British youth during the tumultuous 70s 80s fell flat Some surprises of incest and religious zealbut not worth it You re better off imagining an ending for these characters yourself

  8. Coe sa costruire intrecci decisamente complessi con grande economia narrativa Alcune coincidenze sono un po forzate, ma se si considera l affresco dell epoca gli si possono perdonare questi trucchetti.

  9. This book, in conjunction with The Rotters Club, was awesome I was surprised at how moved I found myself while reading both Highly recommended I look forward to reading of Mr Coe s work.

  10. Where to start with a beast of a book like this In retrospect, it appears to be larger than it actually was so many characters and so much stuff is in it.A sequel to the excellent Rotters club, it has most of the same characters All of them in their 40s and disappointed by life.In very much the same vein as the RC politics and personal lives intertwine So much so that one of the Trotters is a blairite MP which gives the author plenty of chance to comment of the Iraq war, terrorism very accuracte [...]

  11. La banda dei brocchi di Jonathan Coe si legge tutto d un fiato.Ci si appassiona alle vicende, si vuole sapere ad ogni costo come finiranno le storie di questi adolescenti che sono la scusa di un affresco preciso dell Inghilterra degli anni Settanta.Grande la gioia quando alla fine una nota dell autore preannuncia che ci sar un seguito intitolato Circolo chiuso.Purtroppo devo dire che questo seguito non all altezza delle aspettative.Benjamin Trotter nonostante sia sposato non ha dimenticato la su [...]

  12. Questo libro il seguito de La banda dei brocchi I due libri sono da leggere in sequenza dal momento che Circolo chiuso , oltre a trattare di tutti i personaggi de La banda dei brocchi , imprescindibile dagli eventi avvenuti nel volume precedente.Sono entrambi due libri scritti in modo impeccabile Ho apprezzato molto il fatto che, all interno di uno stesso volume, Coe usi diversi metodi di narrazione Anche il fatto che la narrazione non sia solo ed esclusivamente lineare rende pi intrigante la le [...]

  13. The Closed Circle is the follow up of The Rotters Club characters story twenty five years later on paper In the real world three years are passed by between the release of the two books.Well, the question is what s happened to Jonathan Coe in the meanwhile Apparently he has lost his touch in just a few dozens months.Where The Rotters Club was funny and ironic, The Closed Circle is merely ambitious Where The Rotters Club was sensible and melancholic, The Closed Circle is unemotional.The same idea [...]

  14. Ceux qui taient pass s c t de leurs r ves.Voici la suite de l excellent Bienvenue au club, qui nous plongeait dans la jeunesse des ann es 70 Si Bienvenue au club avait une petite touche de folie et de frivolit , le go t est cette fois ci plus amer et nous place dans la noirceur des ann es r centes Cette suite est plus critique et acerbe, n h sitant corner la politique de Tony Blair Aujourd hui, cette jeunesse a 45 ans, s est d garnie et a pris du ventre Nous retrouvons avec plaisir nos personnag [...]

  15. Big and shapeless At the end of THE ROTTERS CLUB which I liked Coe indicated that the book s many questions and unfinished narratives would be elucidated and or resolved in the sequel, but apparently the thing got away from him, and after a strong beginning, the story grows increasingly bloated and meandering People keep disappearing for months or years and reappearing suddenly and going off on underexplained junkets and brooding tragically and endlessly about their unhappy lives while tut tutti [...]

  16. I really liked this book, but found it less compelling than The Rotter s Club I especially loved the story of Claire and Miriam, and thought that Claire s character and story were the highlights of the novel Claire actually seemed so real to me that I can t stop thinking about her, several days after finishing the book The Closed Circle was sober than The Rotter s Club, which could have worked if the characters were likeable I was especially disappointed with the choices the author made about [...]

  17. Hmmm I liked this, really enjoying it, until I read some stinging criticisms of it on And they were so true The unbelievable coincidences the near desperation to close circles left open from The Rotter s Club the shallowness of some of the characters who seemed to be fleshed out as opposed to fleshed in from the first novel the political posturing the neo liberalism All true Once I was aware of them, the book went limp in my hands It was all wrong Fortunately I had only fifty pages to go by then [...]

  18. Mi ha preso meno di La banda dei brocchi e penso che in alcune scelte sia un po improbabile Sono indeciso se definire il finale il colpo di scena un po furbetto.Forse questo seguito non era necessario Sembra che volesse dare un seguito alle storie di tutti ma la sensazione personale che sia forzato.Mi ha ricordato un po John Irving ma con meno ironia e meno trasporto.O forse sono io che voglio tenermi il ricordo ingenuo e fanciullesco dei ragazzi invece dei problematici e tristi adulti.

  19. I genuinely enjoyed this book I loved getting back to the characters that had been so well developed in The Rotter s Club but I can honestly not imagine enjoying this book without reading the prequel The loose ends this book tied up were all started in the previous book Only a few of the new issues were concluded in a satisfying way the whole premise of this book seemed to be wrapping up the last book and if that s what it was meant to be, then fine, but the plot of this book was just a little w [...]

  20. This sequel to the Rotter s Club was not as enjoyable for me as the Rotter s Club itself, perhaps because I m old enough to remember the seventies when RC happens with nostalgia But both books are really well written and their social comment on the changes mostly sad in Britain during my life time struck me as very acute.I don t know if books can do anything to improve society by making readers think about it, but if so The Rotter s Club and Closed Circle may do som good as well as being great r [...]

  21. As if it is not depressing enough to see our beloved characters from the first book The Rotters Club at annoying positions and bleak situations 30 years later surely it was inevitable especially for Benjamin but some things should have stayed as unresolved issues because life is full of unresolved issues actually , we cannot see the humor of the first book at this sequel either and that s what disappointed me the most.

  22. A great sequel to The Rotters Club, continuing the story of Benjamin and Lois Trotter and their friends and family, resolving many of the issues left unresolved at the end of the first book Great read 9 10.

  23. Middle age, disillusionment, decay, renewal, closure I had a strange experience when I initially started to read this book I knew it was the sequel toThe Rotters Club especially after I had read the author s note and that it only made sense to read it if I had read that first book The thing was, I was convinced that Ihad read The Rotters Club, and it was only after reading the first ten pages or so of The Closed Circle that I realised this was making no sense Why was this woman writing to her si [...]

  24. The Closed Circle tells a story around a group of people who all went to the same highschool I believe the first book revolves around that time period and are now in their 30s around the year 2000 They ve all gone their separate ways, chose different jobs, got married or divorced.I think the beauty of this book lies in the simplicity of the story, there isn t one big plot There s no big monsters that have to be fought, there s no love triangle that runs the entire show Well, there is one, but th [...]

  25. I really enjoy reading Jonathan Coe s novels, and The Closed Circle is definitely my favourite one Together with The Rotters Club, Coe actually write Benjamin s masterpiece, Unrest Music, storytelling, culture, political history, historical events intertwine in this novel, as they are supposed to do in Ben Trotter s unfinished masterpiece.The author tries to represent the uneasiness of an entire generation that has actually achieved and made their dreams come true, but at the same time lives tog [...]

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