Dark Benediction

Dark Benediction Distinguished short story collection produced by one of the best writers in the science fiction world previously published as The Best of Walter M Miller Jr in This essential collection contains

Distinguished short story collection produced by one of the best writers in the science fiction world, previously published as The Best of Walter M Miller Jr in 1980 This essential collection contains fourteen short stories from the 1950 s You Triflin Skunk , The Will , Anybody Else Like Me , Crucifixus Ethiam , I, Dreamer , Dumb Waiter , Blood Bank , Big JoeDistinguished short story collection produced by one of the best writers in the science fiction world, previously published as The Best of Walter M Miller Jr in 1980 This essential collection contains fourteen short stories from the 1950 s You Triflin Skunk , The Will , Anybody Else Like Me , Crucifixus Ethiam , I, Dreamer , Dumb Waiter , Blood Bank , Big Joe and the Nth Generation , The Big Hunger , Conditionally Human , The Darfsteller , Dark Benediction , The Lineman and Vengeance For Nikolai.

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Dark Benediction

  1. From the article, Walter M Miller, Jr Miller was born in New Smyrna Beach, Florida Educated at the University of Tennessee and the University of Texas, he worked as an engineer During World War II, he served in the Army Air Corps as a radioman and tail gunner, flying than fifty bombing missions over Italy He took part in the bombing of the Benedictine Abbey at Monte Cassino, which proved a traumatic experience for him Joe Haldeman reported that Miller had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 30 years before it had a name.After the war, Miller converted to Catholicism He married Anna Louise Becker in 1945, and they had four children For several months in 1953 he lived with science fiction writer Judith Merril, ex wife of Frederik Pohl and a noted science fiction author in her own right.Between 1951 and 1957, Miller published over three dozen science fiction short stories, winning a Hugo Award in 1955 for the story The Darfsteller He also wrote scripts for the television show Captain Video in 1953 Late in the 1950s, Miller assembled a novel from three closely related novellas he had published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction in 1955, 1956 and 1957 The novel, entitled A Canticle for Leibowitz, was published in 1959.A Canticle for Leibowitz is a post apocalyptic post holocaust novel revolving around the canonisation of Saint Leibowitz and is considered a masterpiece of the genre It won the 1961 Hugo Award for Best Novel The novel is also a powerful meditation on the cycles of world history and Roman Catholicism as a force of stability during history s dark times.After the success of A Canticle For Leibowitz, Miller never published another new novel or story in his lifetime, although several compilations of Miller s earlier stories were issued in the 1960s and 1970s.In Miller s later years, he became a recluse, avoiding contact with nearly everyone, including family members he never allowed his literary agent, Don Congdon, to meet him According to science fiction writer Terry Bisson, Miller struggled with depression during his later years, but had managed to nearly complete a 600 page manuscript for the sequel to Canticle before taking his own life with a gun in January 1996, shortly after his wife s death The sequel, titled Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, was completed by Bisson and published in 1997.

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  1. Dark BenedictionThis is a wonderful collection While the titular tale bears some notable similarity to I Am Legend, Walter M Miller, Jr is a much better writer than Richard Matheson Matheson s stories are juvenile by comparison and come off conspicuously dated, with thin characters and consistently foreseen endings Yes, I know this is short fiction but Miller knows people well and as a result his short stories are usually populated with strong multi dimensional personages Matheson had some great [...]

  2. It s pretty amazing reading this collection when you realise most of the stories were written between 1951 and 1954 Walter M Miller Jr is best known for his novel,A Canticle for Leibowitz,but the Millienium SF masterworks editors have done all SF fans a favour by repriniting this collection Standout stories include Dark Benediction,Anyone Else Like Me,The Lineman and The Will My personal favourite was Conditionally Human.The stories show their age when it comes to the sometimes poorly written fe [...]

  3. there s a story in this about a sentient rocketship called I, Dreamer which is just beautiful, i loved it so much the rest of the stories don t quite reach that height, but there are many that come close Dark Benediction and Blood Bank spring to mind miller is very smart, about people and technology and the ways they interact, and is a fine writer of prose who not only always follows the emotional conflict, but always follows it through to the end, every single time that is a rarity not only in [...]

  4. I believe each of these stories were written in the 50 s, and because of that there is a dated aspect to the technology Luckily, true human drama and the exploration of fears and motivations will not become dated until we are all perfect and exist with no existential angst Even the lesser tales were hip deep in quality prose and an exploration of the daily quandaries experienced by humanity Nothing particularly sexy or thrilling, but definitely a rock solid collection.

  5. Is it just me or does it look like there s a bunch of sperm on the book cover A Canticle for Liebowitz is a very clever book with some really powerful dialogue, descriptions, and an awesome setting This collection of short stories is entertaining though and still has a similar depth to it I think it s harder to write in the short form and still provoke strong emotions.

  6. A masterwork Full of emotional and humanistic characteristics that bring his stories life and charming Without humourous sense, Miller produces short fictions excited, frightened and unforgetable as indispensable as for human to think of its own future He is not a futurist, whose interest is to look forward into the future and predict what the world would become instead, a person who looks back in the past and apprehend the inner of human race, actually as the same thing that Arthur C Clark has [...]

  7. This is the best of Walter Miller Jr s short fiction, barring the original versions of the stories later incorporated into A Canticle for Leibowitz Of course, since Miller wrote all of these stories for pulp magazines in the 50s, it s a very mixed bag So, there s the brilliant stuff, which is nearly the equal of Canticle Crucifixus Etiam, The Darfsteller, Anybody Else Like Me the bog standard pulp sci fi that could ve been written by any one of two dozen authors active at the time Big Joe and th [...]

  8. A collection of 14 short sci fi stories by the acclaimed author of A canticle for Leibowitz I specially liked four of them 1 The story providing the name of the book, an apocalyptic tale on how our so praised civilization could fall down upon the menace of a leprosy like illness A chant to love and hope.2 Conditionally human A story with many sides you can consider it as an attack against abortion, or as a defense of legitimate fight, or as a rehashing of possible futures of artificial intellige [...]

  9. What I liked about this collection of short tales is the fact that each one had a different feel and occupied a different time or universe, This at times led to maybe a disjointed or slightly heavier read than in collections that occupy the same area of narrative but each was worth a read.Some of the tales where short.me borderline novellas.me felt oddly contemporary in theme despite them being written in the fifties and most of them had a lingering slightly sinister quality which hinted at a d [...]

  10. All the stories contained in this collection are of a consistently high standard Miller put across a decidedly humanistic approach to his work that dwelt upon the individual not conforming to the herd mentality, that all of us by are actions can have an effect upon the whole.Miller s stories are never overtly technical, so you could basically sit down and enjoy a good read I especially enjoyed the two tales of the sentinent spacecraft, but basically there are no weak stories contained in this co [...]

  11. An excellent collection of stories by Miller, very many of which I thought were worthy of A Canticle for Leibowitz I particularly liked his philosophical works, such as I, Dreamer, The Will, and The Big Hunger A few of the stories are your basic sci fi fair, but overall they are typical of his moralizing and thoughtfulness.

  12. This collection of short stories by Walter M Miller Jr is a fascinating read and a great exploration of sci fi writing in the 1950s The majority of the stories age well, read well, and are great fun to read Fans of short fiction will definitely get a kick out of this, and should also check out A Canticle For Leibowitz for a book length tale that is every bit as entertaining.

  13. Miller is not an author that has a happy medium for me When he is on, he is brilliant The stories are classic and eternal, beautiful and true But when he s off, the story just falls flat on its face, made decrepit by time and stereotypes With that said, most of the stories in here are good ones.

  14. After reading and loving A Canticle for Leibowitz I found this in a used bookstore and, though I had been warned about Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman, decided to pick it up Normally, I am not a Sci Fi fan, but there was plenty to enjoy with these short stories.Though many of the stories are dated and predict techonological advances in a way much different from how technology especially computers, cellphones and the internet think processors and computer chips did advance, each short st [...]

  15. I am very glad that I have finally read a sample o Walter Miller s work You will find your typical sci fi themes which dominated the 50s mostly about robots in dystopian or post apocalyptic sceneries All stories flow very nicely, even the ones I didn t like Miller is definitely a master story teller What I would like to point out though, is that he manages to portray every character s psychological state and feelings just by talking about them The use of many adjectives and adverbs is bad practi [...]

  16. A long time ago, than thirty years in fact, most of my reading was science fiction A lot of this was not very good but every now and then a book would stand out from the crowd One of these standouts was A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller.So when I saw a collection of Millers short stories and novellas at the bookshop the teenage me shouted grab it from across the years.This is an adequate collection of stories with some interesting themes but not a great book It is very dated casual sexi [...]

  17. I m a huge admirer of A Canticle for Leibowitz and, perhaps unusually, of its sequel too I suppose I was looking for of the same, but the heights are only sporadically hit and the wonderful melancholy, resigned tone isn t that often in evidence Most of the first half of the volume is perfectly decent but not particularly wonderful 50s SF with, it must be said, some questionable gender politics The better stuff is in the second half Highlights were The Lineman , Vengeance for Nikolai and partic [...]

  18. I read 3 of the 14 short stories 1 You Triflin Skunk 2 The Will 3 Dark BenedictionDark Benediction was the only one I liked I m generally not a fan of short stories.

  19. I just can t get on with short stories, its like they aren t quite good enough to grow up to become novels.

  20. Generally good set of character driver scifi short stories from the 1950s, but don t read the final story The Linesman , which features some shocking misogyny.

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