The Cutting Room

The Cutting Room THEY WATCH The body of a student who went missing from a Florida nightclub is found in a dumpster A horrifying scene but nothing compared to what she had to endure before her murder She was drugged a

THEY WATCH The body of a student who went missing from a Florida nightclub is found in a dumpster A horrifying scene, but nothing compared to what she had to endure before her murder She was drugged and tortured all broadcast live for the twisted pleasure of a snuff club THEY WAIT Detective Manny Alvarez works the homicide alongside young hotshot Assistant State AttTHEY WATCH The body of a student who went missing from a Florida nightclub is found in a dumpster A horrifying scene, but nothing compared to what she had to endure before her murder She was drugged and tortured all broadcast live for the twisted pleasure of a snuff club THEY WAIT Detective Manny Alvarez works the homicide alongside young hotshot Assistant State Attorney Daria DeBianchi The media spotlight shines on the accused, a privileged playboy seen leaving the club with the victim But without cast iron evidence, Daria and Manny must dig deeper to crack the case THEY TAKE WHAT THEY WANT The investigation exposes a terrifying connection between numerous unsolved murders and abductions stretching across the country Their only lead is through notorious serial killer William Bantling, who knows the sinister society s secrets first hand But Bantling won t show his hand for free he wants off Death Row For Manny and Daria, the nightmare is just beginning And the only thing devastating than this case s past is what lies ahead

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The Cutting Room

  1. Jilliane P Hoffman began her professional career as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting felonies in Florida from 1992 to 1996 with special assignments to the Domestic Violence and the Legal Extradition Units Originally from Long Island, she currently lives in South Florida with her husband and two children.

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  1. The Cutting Room by Jilliane Hoffman was a well rounded serial killer legal thriller that will keep you turning the pages right to the end the characterisation worked well between the two main characters Detective Manny Alvarez state attorney Daria Debianchi, both were strong willed would not stop till they found the perp.If your into serial killers with a sick twisted mind that would do horrible unthinkable things to young girls then this is for you, if you have a queasy stomach then I would ad [...]

  2. Spoilers AheadI initially read Jillian Hoffmann s Pretty Little Things The book was really a page turner and I had developed a liking for Hoffman s novels instantly That made me to pick up this book The Cutting Room.The novel starts with Gabriel Vechio, an accountant from New York who leaves with a guy from the night club to have some fun Unfortunately that turns out to be her worst nightmare And then the scene shifts to Florida where the body of Holly Anne Skole a student from University of Mia [...]

  3. Wow Einfach nur wow Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass ich schon l nger keinen Thriller mehr gelesen habe, aber dieser hat mich sehr begeistert.Ich mag es, wenn Geschichten sich langsam entwickeln, ohne langweilig zu sein Wenn man verschiedene Perspektiven zu sehen bekommt, deren Sinn man erst am Ende versteht So entwickelt sich dieses Buch Geschickt entfaltet sich die Handlung und greift auf die Ereignisse aus den vorherigen B nden zur ck und hilft einem damit, sich an Dinge zu erinnern, die man v [...]

  4. Why oh why oh why Read all the way through this book which at times was quite slow and for what That ending I did enjoy the plot though and thought it was a decent crime fiction book but it did not end at all how I wanted All in all it was an interesting read, and worth getting to the end but just be warned, you re in to finish feeling totally cheated

  5. 4,5 SterneEin wirklich tolle Reihe mit super Charakteren, sowohl die T ter als auch die Ermittler Leider ist das Ende f r mich etwas zu aptrup gewesen, zudem erscheint es als w rde es noch einen weiteren Teil geben, denn das Ende ist mir zu offen Plus wurde nicht aufgekl rt welche hohen Tiere sich noch hinter allem verstecken

  6. I am a firm believer that being a great writer and being a great story teller are two different things, you could be a great story teller, like for instant J K Rowling, but not being the greatest writer, and we are happy to forgive a less than great talent for writing if the story grabs you The Cutting Room grabs you and refuses to let go I was recommended this book by a friend, I didn t read the write ups or reviews, I went in completely blind to its contents The characters are believable, thei [...]

  7. If you ve never read a Jilliane Hoffman book, this is an awesome way to start While it once again involves CJ, Bill Bantling many of the characters we met in Retribution The Last Witness , she brilliantly takes you on a thrilling story fresh w some new characters while she manages to recap some of the stories of the past Surprisingly, those catch you up moments are written in such a way that they become far from tedious to those readers already familiar w the Cupid story The Cutting Room provide [...]

  8. Part three of the C J Townsend series was definitely better than the boring second one The uncovering of the new case of serial murders, the mysterious snuff club etc by the new attorney and investigator duo was quite exciting and had a really unexpected turn in the end Wow Even though it could have been described in a little extensive way It abruptly fell into the background, while C J got and screentime towards the end That was a slight pity The story has a lot of connections to the past an [...]

  9. Briliant, fabulous Such snappy dialogue and exciting story I ve been wondering when the next book about Bill Bantling would appear I love the way she brings the reader up to date with her previous books while continuing with new characters A new prosecutor is the subject of this story and as usual the courtroom dramas are exciting to read A young woman is found in a dumpster, raped and murdered Detective Manny Alvarez is the lead and has a suspect who is a rich playboy seen leaving a nightclub w [...]

  10. Das Ende einer spannenden Reihe Definitiv fand ich die ersten beiden B cher packender, weshalb ich auch keine 5 Sterne geben kann Leider hat es mir ein bisschen an Spannung gefehlt, jedoch war es trotzdem noch ein tolles Buch Das Ende war dann doch noch zur H lfte berraschend und ein kleines Happy end war dann doch noch.

  11. Das Buch war spannend, hat mich gepackt und ich musste es schnell f r meine Verh ltnisse zu Ende lesen Schade fand ich allerdings das pl tzliche Ende der Hauptfigur Daria Es wurde am Ende des Buches mehr oder weniger zur Nebensache das sie gestorben ist Hier h tte ich mir einen anderen Verlauf gew nscht der ihre Geschichte entweder mit der verdienten Aufmerksamkeit zu Ende bringt oder noch viel besser mit einem Happy End zu Ende geht

  12. Terrific trilogyThis was part three of the trilogy.I would recommend you start with book one.Very enjoyable read.There is good courtroom scenes and explanations of some legal principles which I really enjoyed because the author got it right.As an ex criminal law attorney,I enjoyed the reality.The characters were really good and real and the intertwining serial killer stories excellent.

  13. Eenmaal je begint met lezen wil je dit boek niet neerleggen.Gruwelijk, spannend, meeslepend En wat een einde weer.Geweldig boek, alles wat je van een thriller verwacht.Het derde deel uit de reeks krijgt nieuwe hoofdrolspelers Rechercheur Manny Alvarez en assistent officier van justitie Daria DeBianchi nemen het boek z n beetje over Hoewel CJ en Bantling ook verschijnen miste ik ze wel een beetje.

  14. Wenn die staatlichen Beh rden auch nur ansatzweise so handeln, wie es in diesem Buch erz hlt wird, braucht man sich wahrlich nicht zu wundern, dass so viele Verbrecher frei herumlaufen Ich habe Cupido und Morpheus geliebt, aber Argus kommt nicht mal ansatzweise an seine Vorg nger heran.Es gibt einen Mord, der ganz offensichtlich nur die Spitze der Eisbergs in einer jahrelangen Mordserie ist, einen aalglatten Verd chtigen, der genau wei , dass man ihm nichts nachweisen kann, eine Staatsanw ltin, [...]

  15. Bloody ending, for this 1 star than the book deserved.A complicated storyline, going back to the first CJ Book Retribution, I wrote a review comment a few days ago there.The other book helps in understanding what happens here, but is not totally necessary.As with the first book I was disturbed not by the gruesome murders, torture and other things, but by law enforcement, cops, lawyers and judges twisting the law and creating crime scenes or changing them Also, as most is told again, for those, [...]

  16. Das Buch handelt von einer jungen Staatsanw ltin in Miami, die einen schwierigen Fall bekommt und ihre gro e Chance wittert Sie b ndelt mit ihrem leitenden Ermittler an den man brigens schon auf Cupido und Morpeus kennt, was ich anfangs sehr merkw rdig fand, weil ich ihn in den B chern nicht so mochte Aber ich hab ihn schnell in mein Herz geschlossen Wie k nnte ich auch nicht, wenn sich die Hauptfigur total in ihn verknallt Hach 3Etwas sp ter im Buch trifft man noch mehr alte Bekannte wieder Wen [...]

  17. 4 starsAgain I didn t realise this was the 3rd in a series, why don t libraries tell you that when you pick books.C.J Townsend is supposed to be the main character in this book as that s who the series is about but she s not It follows Manny and Daria, a detective and an ADA, catching and prosecuting trying to at least the murderer of a woman found in a dumpster.With brutal rape and torture of women throughout and other nefarious antics and people it was a gripping read C.J Does show up in the b [...]

  18. Why in the world would Hoffman drag on for about 600 pages and then have this crappy ending, or lack thereof for my taste she really needs to work on that all three books ended in the same weird suddenly stopping way and I think to myself what did I read all this for Nonetheless, I enjoyed all three books, because they were easy to read but unfortunately it s the same thing over and over again Chloe, C.J Christina if this person really wanted to hide, she wouldn t always pick names that were so [...]

  19. Fantastic Fiction has this listed as a stand alone for Jilliane, however it s reading is greatly enhanced by the prior knowledge of the two C.J Townsend series books, as the last half of The Cutting Room crosses almost completely into the Townsend story line Great suspense, another well put together Thriller by Hoffman, if your new to this Author I strongly suggest you check out Retribution Last Witness first.

  20. Eine gelungene Fortsetzung der Cupido Reihe Leider ist die Ver ffentlichung von Cupido und Morpheus schon etwas her, sodass es manchmal schwierig war, wieder in die Handlung hineinzufinden Ein Todesfall am Schluss ich will ja nicht zu viel verraten hat mich dann noch sehr gest rt und der Schluss an sich war mir pers nlich etwas zu holperig und schnell dahin geschrieben Zumindest l sst er auf eine weitere Fortsetzung der Reihe hoffen.

  21. I loved this book I thought the story was amazing although i had not read the books previous to this one I had no trouble in getting confused or feeling like i have missed out I didn t realize this was part of a series, i brought the book while browsing in a charity shop I couldn t put this book down, it had a lot of good tension and was a good thriller The author didn t make it too complicated with court legislation or any other law guidelines when reading.

  22. This was beyond the most disappointing of all the books written by Jilliane Hoffman The author develops a major character and does something so heinous with no discussions or repercussions It s as though Hoffman had to catch a train and needed to finish the book in an hour Shame on the author and editors

  23. I am anxiously awaiting this book to be published To my understanding it was supposed to be published May 1 2012 Anyone know when it will be out Man I so wish I could get my hands on a ARC I get so many but the ones I REALLY want EH they never come.

  24. I enjoyed the rest of Hoffmans book, after reading the first one I bought and read the other three so I was expecting to enjoy this one too I was enjoying it until the end 10 15% of the book I HATED the ending, It made me so so angry The ending had ruined the entire book for me.

  25. Started out really well It had a really different type of serial killer mystery thing going on, but then Maybe its because I haven t read the previous Townsend books, but in my experience, that shouldn t really matter.

  26. Two haiku review Miami killerAnother prosecutorPlus past charactersNo happy endingTwist at end left unfinishedDidn t love this one

  27. I struggled to get into the book, I m not a big crime fan but it was recommended a few times so thought I d give it a go I got really into Daria and I just don t get why she had to die and without much thought tbh, just turned a page and gone No afterthought, only a confirmation in the second to last chapter, I m really disappointed No idea where the idea for the snuff club came from but, were missing a few answers Who was in it What was it about Do they ever get found out What was the point in [...]

  28. It reminded me of movie Hostle, when I reached the page which described the crime Could have been interesting had Jilliane not included to many characters Bit disappointed with the ending, albeit not all stories have an happy ending.

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