The Dark God's Bride

The Dark God s Bride An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeanceImprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago Summit the Dark God wanted nothing less than equivalent retribution After breaking free and successfull

An ancient god on a destructive path of vengeanceImprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, Summit, the Dark God, wanted nothing less than equivalent retribution After breaking free and successfully retaining some splintered shards of his sanity, Summit set out to confront Lucifer The Archangel was nowhere to be found He has, however, left behind his most covetedAn ancient god on a destructive path of vengeanceImprisoned by the Archangel Lucifer ages ago, Summit, the Dark God, wanted nothing less than equivalent retribution After breaking free and successfully retaining some splintered shards of his sanity, Summit set out to confront Lucifer The Archangel was nowhere to be found He has, however, left behind his most coveted mortal bride The Dark God stormed into Hell to capture Lucifer s one and only weakness, but inadvertently abducted the wrong female his own.A reluctant heroineAs a mortal raised among the demons inside a floating castle in Hell, Amara s life is not exactly what you would call normal When she finds herself abducted by a half mad god, who mistook her for the woman who brought her up, Amara chooses to hide her identity to protect her foster mother at the risk of her own life.

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The Dark God's Bride

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  1. Well, this is another gem that I discovered for free on BN This is the first in the series with two books that follow The cover does not do the book justice I guess it proves do not judge a book by it s cover.The hero who calls himself Noctis he has temporary amnesia and can t even remember his name is a deranged, insane god seeking revenge against Lucifer who imprisoned him for years in a tomb He breaks out and finds out that Lucifer took a mortal bride His plan for revenge is to kidnap her an [...]

  2. I really enjoyed reading this story The dialogue with the H was so entertaining There were times that I found the h s silly behavior annoying I wish she would have taken the kidnapping a little seriously Anyway, I couldn t stop reading and am looking forward to continuing the series.

  3. One of the best trilogy I have read in a long time If u like your dark obsessive anti hero with stalker tendencies which I love you will love this series This series is so funny has a strong loveable heroine and a swoon worthy hero who loves his lady almost obsessively it also has a great plot and the writing is wonderful The first book is free and I am so glad I purchased it cos I was bored but what a find

  4. Loved this one I had read a book earlier from this author under a different name and this book has references to that book Eager to read next book in this trilogy

  5. 4 5 Stars, I can t decideBut I have decided that I m picking up this new series Commends, Dahlia Lu.h Amara, she is pretty awesome A work of art.H Like Heathcliff my love, he s a villain and does heinous acts but I ve fallen for him what to do, what to do Plotline I like it I m difficult to please when it comes to books but hmm Dahlia Lu You re good Caught me in your web I ve picked up the series, I have three of your books already and I plan to read I m excited for your upcoming books too EDIT [...]

  6. This book had me entertained from start to finish A quick read, I read it in about 4 hours , I was laughing throughout most of the book and a little sad when it ended, luckily this is a trilogy Amara is the foster daughter of Lucifer s once mortal bride Yes, that Lucifer, the one and only She is visiting her mother in Hell, when she is taken hostage by Lucifer s arch nemesis, known only as Noctis because he can t remember his name Mind you, this arch nemesis happens to be 6 5 and utterly handsom [...]

  7. This book was actually pretty good The characters were awesome and the content was great as well So many different sides to the stories told and the way it changed them from past to the present they exist in.

  8. I am very happy to find such a rare gem I might say that the cover did not do this book justice This was just such an amazing book with great characters that you will not forget I enjoyed the plot and the way the story flows The heroine, Amara is someone you can relate to and very lovable She was just amazing a work of art as I might say She was just perfect for Noctis the Dark God The way Amara handles her situation and problems were great Her loyalty of defending her foster mother Kali and the [...]

  9. 3.5 Stars A nice read More of and I liked it than an I really liked it The humor was great gotta love a sarcastic leading lady As much as I love stories with the lead charactering sacrificing him herself, this story didn t completely capture my love for it I did really enjoy it, but I probably would ve loved it if there was development between Noctis Summit and Amara It also seemed disconcerting adding other developing relationships like Nala and Trent s when I was expecting the book to focus o [...]

  10. I know, I know, I hate reading books that are in a series especially because I don t have the others to read but this was great Abrupt at the end, but also for some reason a little satisfying as well I truly feel for Summit Noctis and can relate to Amara and her fierce loyalty to her mother Neither one wants or needs love, but things don t always go the way you want them to Nala is so very lonely and Trent cannot see that he breaks her heart each time he refuses her affection Kali waits for her [...]

  11. When I saw the name of the book my first thought was its one of those cliche romance novels and only after reading a few reviews did I gave it a try I m glad I did the story line was extremely entertaining at times, though I did not read into the verbal abuse I just took it at face value because it is just a book Noctis was very much a dark God but Amara irritated me at time Because really how many time can you be kidnaped by the same person and be rescued I am happy this wasn t the love at firs [...]

  12. The book is so great and the story is breath taking.It was also funny,Amara is such a wonderful character I adore her,she is just amazing because you can feel her strong will and the love she had for Kali that she was ready to do anything for her.Andlet s face it ,it take a lot af courage to stand up to a man like Noctis.I felt sorry for Noctis,he was tricked and impresonned for so many years and I like his character,he has every thing I love in a hero, he s wild and possessive and all that.I re [...]

  13. This story held potential, it really did Amara had spunk, and I was relatively interested in the lives drama of those around her However, there were too many problems I don t enjoy rapey male characters, especially if they later seduce their victim into sex I don t enjoy random murder and gore when it doesn t actually move the plot forward And I don t enjoy possessiveness, ever it s an unhealthy way to approach a relationship, so I hate to see it used to advance a plot.

  14. Wish I would have know that the hero fucks other women after he meets the heroine It s not described, but it is referenced And of course, she s a virgin So fucking sick of this shit.

  15. Pretty amateurish world building, but entertaining nonetheless I really enjoyed the witty banter between the heroes.

  16. I have had this book on my Nook for quite some time and I thought I would take a moment to check it out This was truly a little gem of a book Our story opens as the dark god Summit awakens He has no memory of who he is only that Lucifer had locked him away He hears that Lucifer has taken a mortal for a bride and he decides that he is going to kidnap her Unfortunately for him, he actually kidnaps the wrong woman Amara is actually the foster daughter of Lucifer s wife During the beginning, he begi [...]

  17. fastpased different and daum the sparks i get really annoyed when this story is being interrupted by Nala tho

  18. I enjoyed this story far than I thought I would Meet Noctis this is the name he s given himself until he remembers his real name He is a god who has finally found freedom from the trap Lucifer had put him in innumerable centuries ago In all that time, Noctis has thought of nothing but on how to exact his revenge on Lucifer He goes to heaven to find Lucifer yes, he s been gone that long and learns that Lucifer no longer lives there Noctis is told that Lucifer lives elsewhere with his beloved mor [...]

  19. Book Review The Dark God s Bride by Dahlia L SummersIn Book one of the series, Noctis is a god who has been trapped in the earth for thousands of years by Lucifer He finally breaks free and focuses on his revenge It becomes his sole mission He learns that Lucifer has a mortal wife and decides to use her for his revenge.He breaks into the palace and kidnaps the only mortal female he sees Of course she isn t who he believes she is Amara is the foster daughter of Lucifer s wife Kali She refuses to [...]

  20. I liked the story en read all 3 parts.Amara is a human girl She s abducted by Noctis, a immortal with powers of a god Noctis thinks Amara is Lucifers bride and he wants revenge, and is planning to use Amara to hurt his former friend, who sealed him in a hole in de ground.Amara is 20 years old and an oracle told her that her mortal life will end at 23 She s a compassionate and curious girl She s friends with demons, lycans, a necromancer, a mermaid end adopted sister of the prince of hell.Noctis [...]

  21. Dahlia Lu has found another fan The Dark God s Bride was wonderful I like books that keep you interested by doing flash backs to help describe how and why the current characters are who they are Some may find this disturbing or distracting, but to me it just makes the book better The characters were well developed using this technique.I love series books, and often wait to read the first until the third is out This book absolutely has a big cliff hanger, and I will have to re read this to be abl [...]

  22. Yet another free Kindle download in the throes of boredom of yet another insomnia ridden night I find the weirdest books, I swear Editing was terrible, as to be expected of a free text, but I found the heroine mildly entertaining The sub plot with Trent and Nala was pretty unique, and I almost feel like that should have been a completely separate short story or something, because it just didn t seem to belong in this book Trent and Nala are ridiculous names for characters supposedly related to L [...]

  23. 3 Stars I liked it That s pretty much it I probably would ve loved it if I liked the main character a little bit and the story didn t have two dominant love stories Amara Noctis Summit and Nala Trent I really liked Amara in the beginning because of her humor and courage, but started liking her less because of her impulsive and stubborn attitude As for the 2 dominant love stories thing, while I don t mind different relationships happening at the same time in the series, I don t like it when tha [...]

  24. Pro itala sam mnogo gluposti u svom ivotu i trenutno ne mogu da se setim ni jedne knjige koja je gora od oveZanemari u upotrebu Present Perfect vremena jedino to ovde vredi je ideja i to je to Stil Hvata me mukaLikovi Jednodimenzionalne replike nekih boljih romanaRitam E se ate se onoga pre ovoga E to nije tako nego je desno otprilike ovako nekakoNe znam odakle mi snaga da je zapravo pro itam celurovatno zato da bih imala pravo da he ispljujem kako dolikujedrugi deo ne u pro itati ni pod pretnjo [...]

  25. The story line is original, the world of the novel is wonderfully drawn, and the characters are intriguing And that kept me reading Granted the book was a free Kindle read, but free is no excuse for the incomprehensibly bad editing The horrendous editing detracted from the fresh and interesting plot By the end of this first volume I could only hope this was a really poor translation into even poorer English The definition of a good trilogy is any of the books can stand on their own as a complete [...]

  26. I Really like Amaras spunk This novel throws you right into the action with out any preamble I was immediately immersed in the story and laughing at Amara and the way she handled the God with out much fear for herself I was however disappointed in the ending This novel could have had a few hundred pages to get to a satisfying ending Instead it just ended in the middle of the story though it is a trilogy, this made absolutely no sense There was no solution to any problem in the story I was very [...]

  27. I loved the idea of this book Sounds interesting, entertaining and original.I hated the execution Lots of things in this book didn t make any sense, Amara didn t act rational whatsoever, and, really, neither did anyone else Noctis Summit is a jerk, all around and really, what is he a god of Trent Nala are twisted and screwed Kali doesn t seem to give a crap about what happens to her kid The writing is choppy and has no flow The idea and the story could be great They re justt.The only reason this [...]

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