Let the Storm Break

Let the Storm Break Vane Weston is haunted By the searing pull of his bond to Audra By the lies he s told to cover for her disappearance By the treacherous winds that slip into his mind trying to trap him in his worst n

Vane Weston is haunted By the searing pull of his bond to Audra By the lies he s told to cover for her disappearance By the treacherous winds that slip into his mind, trying to trap him in his worst nightmares And as his enemies grow stronger, Vane doesn t know how much longer he can last on his own.But Audra s still running From her past From the Gales Even from VaVane Weston is haunted By the searing pull of his bond to Audra By the lies he s told to cover for her disappearance By the treacherous winds that slip into his mind, trying to trap him in his worst nightmares And as his enemies grow stronger, Vane doesn t know how much longer he can last on his own.But Audra s still running From her past From the Gales Even from Vane, who she doesn t believe she deserves And the farther she flees, the danger she finds She possesses the secret power her enemy craves, and protecting it might be than she can handle especially when she discovers Raiden s newest weapon.With the Gale Force weakened by recent attacks, and the power of four collapsing, Vane and Audra are forced to make a choice keep trusting the failing winds, or turn to the people who ve betrayed them before But even if they survive the storms sent to destroy them, will they have anything left to hold on to

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Let the Storm Break

  1. Hi I m the NYT and USA today bestselling author of the KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES series and the SKY FALL series, both published by Simon Schuster I also eat lots of cupcakes, have an embarrassing number of cats, and spend way too much time on the internet You can find links to all the places you can cyberstalk me in the NON creepy way, please at shannonmessenger And yes, I DO accept friend requests here BUT Please note I NEVER check my private messages here, so if you send me one, you won t get a reply My real contact information is on my website shannonmessenger

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  1. This is probably where I should say something deep and meaningful about how proud I am of this book or at least make another wind pun for you guys But really, all you need to know is this time, there s a haboob it s a real storm, I promise

  2. A haboob It s a massive dust storm that swallows everything in its path Okay, I m trying to think how that would work, but all I m hearing is boob I still can t move on with the cover change of this trilogy so I decided to finally read this sequel, Let the Storm Break, and I realized I should do this a long time ago because IT WAS AMAZING.Let the Storm Break is a wind that flowed freely to my body A wind that carried the things I love about a good story Things that pique my interest and make me [...]

  3. I am speechless and in complete shock That ending crushed me and for the people who waiting for this and haven t read this yet, you have no idea how lucky you guys are You get to wait a year for the 3rd book WHILE I HAVE TO WAIT 2 YEARS As always, it s still dual point of views We got Vane, Audra, and the all evil and strengthening Raiden Vane is still adjusting that he s not really a human and the next king I m just gonna leave it at that There s way too many things that happen in this book whi [...]

  4. you may or may not honestly idrk how much attention you guys pay to me remember me making a little review for a little book called Let the Sky Fall In said review, I bitched ALOT about the characters in the book and how they are ridiculous and how the love is stupid and how the relatively good plot could not save the stupidity of these characters and their stupid, stupid juvenile romanceso when I made the decision to actually read the sequel Let the Storm Break, despite hearing it involves even [...]

  5. I started skimming after page 100, it isn t so awful but it isn t very good nor interesting neither If you have no stomach for love triangle, romantic angst and half baked battle scenes, do yourself a favor by avoiding this book.My review for Let the Sky Fall review show

  6. Even though I thought that Let the Sky Fall was good, I wasn t overly eager to continue the story I liked the ideas and the romance was tasteful and did not overpower the story, but I wasn t completely hooked It was one of the reasons that I kept putting it on hold despite having an access to an early copy But Vane and Audra s story is something else for me something that I m still interested and once I picked it up and gained the much needed drive to read, there was no turning back.I was greete [...]

  7. Shannon Messenger chooses the prettiest titles and has some amazing covers that go well with her Let the Sky Fall series And as a reviewer, I try my best and mostly fail to never judge a book by its cover and with Let the Storm Break I completely disregarded just how lovey dovey the cover is and hoped for a shit ton of action and great main characters unlike what happened in the first book Did I get the kick ass main characters I was hoping for When a book is four hundred pages, I expect a lot t [...]

  8. Let the Storm Break was a terrific sequel, even better than the first book in the series and most definitely doesn t suffer from any form of middle book syndrome It s intense, romantic, action packed and has a rich and complex world building.The characters in this series have grown tremendously from the Let the Sky Fall Vane, especially, came as a surprise to me in this book He is no longer that whiny and slightly annoying kid that he was in the first book, but instead, he has grown to accept hi [...]

  9. The middle got a little slow at points, but other then that this book blew me away See the affect you re having on me Shannon I m using wind puns now too

  10. For full review go to seeingdoubleinneverlandsp5 out of 5 starsI loved this book and am dying that I have to wait for book 3

  11. Check out Scott Reads It for reviews, giveaways, Let The Sky Fall was one of the most unique paranormal books that I read last year and I was so excited to read Let The Storm Break I think that Let The Storm Break suffers from middle book syndrome and most of the book feels like a bridge to the 3rd book in this series The plot of Let The Storm Break is unbearably slow paced at times and it feels as though this book s plot should have been polished better.I really hoped that Let The Storm Break [...]

  12. I was really excited to read Let the Sky Fall when it released last year, and while I thought the concept and mythology was unique and interesting, the story never grabbed me like I d hoped I actually wasn t sure if I d continue the series or not But then I read a post Shannon Messenger wrote on her blog about love triangles, and whether there would be one in book two, Let the Storm Break In the post, Messenger said that she is not a fan of love triangles, but does believe in both tension and te [...]

  13. Attenzione il libro induce frequenti attacchi di collera, estrema irritazione e tendenze omicide.Controindicazioni protagonista maschile indecente, terzo in comodo ridicolo, stereotipi, protagonista femminile deprimente, trama inconsistente Ridicolo L unica parola con cui descrivere il libro Soprattuto se fossi stata preparata a una delusione cos mi avrebbe dato meno fastidio e invece dopo un primo libro convincente arriva un seguito che rientra tra i peggiori che io abbia mai letto Il protagoni [...]

  14. Second book syndrome check In other words, if the characters got together in the first book, we must separate them somehow in the second in order to bring them back together in the third.So, Audra isn t here in this book By choice Yeah, that makes sense They are bonded This supposedly most powerful and meaningful magnetic bond that makes them part of each other And, they had previously spent every day of their lives together although unknown to him since childhood But, now, yes NOW, she decides [...]

  15. There s much power in pain Vane has gone from funny and Percy Jackson like to annoying and immature Audra has gone from being cool and independent to whiny, and obsessed with Vane Seriously, they both are extremely clingy.And also.Shannon Messenger.Tends to write like this.In Audra s.Point of view.It s very annoying.

  16. Ugh This book was frustrating, it was disappointing, and I really didn t enjoy it.I can t say I liked any of the characters in this book, I was so bored I wanted to strangle them all Some things were predictable view spoiler like the girl vane was betrothed to turning up hide spoiler , but mainly I was just bored out of my mind Most definitely not reading the next book No way.

  17. I read the first one but got this one on audio since it has my favorite male narrator I like that the story contains a unique paranormal aspect but I just didn t get that excited or drawn into the story.

  18. Genre YA Science Fiction Rating 3.5 My Thoughts Let the Storms Break picks up almost a month after the end of Let the Sky Fall Since that story ended things have progressed in an interesting direction Vane Weston is the last known westerly air elemental sylph and now he is the presumed leader of the Gale Force who are desperately trying hard to find a way to defeat the megalomaniac Raiden and his stormers before they destroy humanity As Vane trains on how to be a guardian, he is also left wonder [...]

  19. This review has also been posted on my blog, Where s My Bookmark Rating Audra has run off and Vane is left at the hands of the Gale Force and his bond with Audra, that keeps tugging and leaving him restless The enemy and the Gale Force are coming at them both with powerful weapons and clear and somewhat aggressive aspirations, respectively.Let The Storm Break is packed with action and has left me wanting me I can t wait for the release of the final book this April Roughly a month has past since [...]

  20. MOST UNEXPECTED CLIFFHANGER EVER.I don t even know where to begin with that cliffhanger It was just like Mark of Athena, only worse Or not 50 50.The book itself wasce The plot was good, but I felt a little disappointed I don t understand why everyone is hating on Solana I actually feel bad for her She s lost almost everything and the only thing she had left to hold on to was being taken away from her Not to mention the fact that almost everyone freaking thinks she s useless I feel really bad for [...]

  21. After reading Let the Sky Fall, I could not have been happier to get a copy of the next book in the series I loved Vane and his corny attitude and puppy love for Audra But after started reading this book, I could not get into it With four hundred pages, I expected way and felt really disappointed And you know what s annoying to hear about a thousand times Talk about wind Literally Wind this, Wind that, I can do this with wind, and wind is telling me this BLAH BLAH BLAH.And the characters What [...]

  22. WTF was that That wasn t the Vane I was expecting That wasn t the Audra I know either Hell, none of these characters made any sense at all What happened What the fuck happened Excuse the language but I am incredibly pissed right now.Oh, Ms Shannon How you ve deceived me with the first book, Let the Sky Fall From the cover to the synopsis, you had me ache for this second book So when I took the chance to grab it a bit earlier than the release date, I was totally excited But poof Oh dude, after fi [...]

  23. I love how unique the concept of this series Sylphs are definitely awesome creatures I also love Vane and Audra s alternating POV Vane is so funny, his sense of humor is hilarious, especially with his situation He s supposed to be the King because he s the last Westerly He s also betrothed to Solana, a sylph with little dresses because her gift is capturing winds I think it s because of exposing some skin or the lesser cloth makes her capture winds I m not really a fan of her, I don t hate her [...]

  24. Let the Storms Break was absolutely totally completely amazing It was just as fast paced and action filled as the first One of my favorite things about the book however is the love story element I love that there isn t the standard love triangle that we ve all come to expect and the way all the characters interact with one another I will warn you though to be prepared for a cliff hanger ending It s killer but I will admit I absolutely loved every second of the book and can t wait for the third N [...]

  25. Actual rating 1.75Let the Storm Break was worse than Let the Sky Fall, and that s saying something.I was really hoping it would be better than book one even if it was a tiny tiny bit but it was not to be.The characters were even annoying than they were in book one, the pacing was slower, and it was just as dull.I m not carrying on with the series, because i can t take any of it Overall, dull.


  27. Holy shit, did my eyes deceive me or did I really see this on Edelweiss ALREADY makes getting approved for this book my life s mission AND HOLY FUCK YES THAT COVER.

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