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Vida Roubada A de junho de Jaycee foi raptada perto de casa a caminho da escola Tinha anos Os seus familiares e amigos s voltariam a v la anos depois Durante o seu cativeiro deu luz duas filhas e

A 10 de junho de 1991, Jaycee foi raptada perto de casa, a caminho da escola Tinha 11 anos Os seus familiares e amigos s voltariam a v la 18 anos depois Durante o seu cativeiro, deu luz duas filhas e foi escrava dos seus raptores, o casal Phillip e Nancy Garrido Neste duro e chocante relato, Jaycee revela tudo por que passou e o que sentiu ap s a sua liberta o deA 10 de junho de 1991, Jaycee foi raptada perto de casa, a caminho da escola Tinha 11 anos Os seus familiares e amigos s voltariam a v la 18 anos depois Durante o seu cativeiro, deu luz duas filhas e foi escrava dos seus raptores, o casal Phillip e Nancy Garrido Neste duro e chocante relato, Jaycee revela tudo por que passou e o que sentiu ap s a sua liberta o de um dos raptos mais longos da hist ria Phillip Garrido foi condenado a 431 anos de pris o, e a sua mulher, Nancy, recebeu uma senten a de 36 anos a pris o perp tua.

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Vida Roubada

  1. The kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard occurred on June 10, 1991, when she was 11 years old Dugard was abducted from a school bus stop within sight of her home in South Lake Tahoe, California Searches began immediately after the kidnapping, but no reliable leads were generated She remained missing for than 18 years.On August 25, 2009, convicted sex offender Phillip Craig Garrido visited the campus of UC Berkeley accompanied by two young girls Their unusual behavior there sparked an investigation that led to his bringing the two girls to a parole office on August 26, accompanied by a woman who was then identified as Dugard.Garrido, 58, and his wife Nancy Garrido, 54, of Antioch, California, were arrested for kidnapping and other charges they pleaded guilty on April 28, 2011 to Dugard s kidnapping and sexual assault Law enforcement officers believe Dugard was kept in a concealed area behind Garrido s house in Antioch for 18 years During this time Dugard bore two daughters who were aged 11 and 15 at the time of her reappearance.On June 2, 2011, Philip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years imprisonment his wife received 36 years to life.

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  1. This is a monumental book in many ways It s one of the few times that a victim of prolonged sexual imprisonment has come forth to tell her story, and the importance of having a record of this first hand account cannot be discounted Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years while a man repeatedly raped her and had her bear two of his children She was miraculously freed at the age of 29 and, two years later, seems to be overall pretty well adjusted and happy.I ve r [...]

  2. I read this in one sitting I would be concerned about anyone who could read this book without difficulty I had to pause frequently and just breathe to compose myself, and still feel sick to my stomach when I think of what she endured It is a horrific story and yet beautifully written Jaycee Lee Dugard is an extraordinary young woman and courageous in the extreme, not only because she survived her ordeal with compassion for herself as a victim and hope for the future, but because she tells her st [...]

  3. Hard to read, hard to review Please know that the two star rating is no reflection on Ms Dugard or my abject horror at what she experienced But I certainly didn t really like it and I m not sure I d actually recommend it to anyone The diction and syntax are somewhat simple, but that rang true, since her formal education stopped at 5th grade Parts were very repetitive, the graphic details made my stomach turn, and it skipped over the time period I was most curious about.Ms Dugard s experiences ar [...]

  4. Jaycee Dugard s memoir, A Stolen Life, needs to be read by the entire world, because it is that powerful I have never been sad, disgusted, furious, and eventually happy and proud while reading a memoir, or in fact, any book in the history of my reading life I beg you to go out and buy a copy even if you ll never be brave enough to read her story In 2006, Jaycee had made a list and one of her dreams was to become a best selling author After everything she has been through, don t we owe her that [...]

  5. I am definately going to hug my children a little tighter and make sure I remember the promises I make to them after reading this book I remember seeing Jaycee s face on missing posters and praying for her when I was a teenager I also remember the day I was watching the news and heard the news of incredible discovery While I was reading this book I could not stop thinking about when I was eleven years old Jaycee does a wonderful job of showing exactly how her life was stolen I guess because I am [...]

  6. I, along with the rest of the world, waited for this book And I have to say I m disappointed According to the info I found on line Dugard did indeed have help writing this book What kind of help I don t know because it s obvious most of us couldn t tell when reading A Stolen Life Apparently, a Rebecca Bailey, who is a post trauma family reunification specialist is who helped with this book I couldn t tell.I tried not to be too hard on the writing while reading because of who the author is and wh [...]

  7. I was going to give this book a 4 star rating and be done with it Anything else felt douchey How could you give a book about a courageous girl who kept going and kept it together and raised two girls while in an unimaginably horrible situation anything LESS than 4 stars But then I thought about why I was giving the book the BOOK, not the woman, the book 4 stars I was doing it out of pity and sympathy The story of Jaycee Dugard is so horrifying and tragic that I wanted to give the book 4 stars ju [...]

  8. The five stars are not for the literary value of this book, but for the honest telling of what these 18 stolen years were like for Jaycee Dugard I am glad she allowed us to read this story in her own words, and not some smooth, glossy version of her story written by a ghost writer The simple language enhanced this book in my opinion You really felt the presence of that young girl reliving her story This is a remarkable young lady with strength than I can imagine ever having I feel we each owe i [...]

  9. I read this book in one day I was captured by Jaycee s words and her story She endured so much and was such a brave woman I probably would have given up, but she pressed on and loved to tell a tale that no one could even think to write for fiction

  10. Although written by a woman with limited education due to her eighteen years in captivity after a terrifying abduction aged just eleven, this an intriguing memoir covering the years of her confinement and her re introduction into society For a book covering such a long period of time I was surprised this book wasn t longer, but having said that I enjoyed for want of a better phrase the book and thought it was generally well told.A follow up to this memoir would be welcomed to find out of what h [...]

  11. A Stolen Life A Memoir, by Jaycee Dugard, is a disturbing, yet heartwarming personal narrative of the author s abduction, at age 11, and her subsequent 18 year captivity in the backyard of Phillip and Nancy Garrido.I listened to the audio version of the book, which was read by Jaycee The prose is simple and direct, yet surprisingly eloquent, and her personal narration adds further emotion to an already poignant story.The book does not attempt to provide an objective or journalistic account of th [...]

  12. When Jaycee Dugard was first found, my fascination with her case originally grew out of a desire to better understand another famous kidnapping victim who had been in a somewhat similar situation Elisabeth Fritzl But I have stayed interested for one major reason Ms Dugard has been incredibly adept at keeping control over her own story and maintaining her agency at all times This book can be seen as the culmination of those efforts, since Ms Dugard has written her own book about her own experienc [...]

  13. How can you not appreciate this book Just stop for a second and think about yourself being in her situation How can anyone survive being captive from age 11 for 18 years I wanted to rate this book with 5 stars But that wouldn t be honest, it would be out of sympathy You really feel like a child wrote this book, but maybe this was the intention, because her formal education stopped when she was only 11 years old The story jumps around a lot I found it unnecessary when I read about all those pets [...]

  14. Let s be honest this was of a therapeutic assignment rather than anything else Initially I was interested in reading this because I wanted to know the complete story Unfortunately I felt that what I read I had read before in magazine articles There was little new information I felt like to go along with her recovery the author was given free range and told to most likely just writer her story While I can understand that it must have been quite hard for her I do feel that someone could have gone [...]

  15. I haven t read a memoir of this kind before They re so hard to read This need not be a literary review but a review of this woman s story, and I ve rated it a full 5 stars Like most of us I d heard about this over the years, but didn t consider reading her memoir until I stumbled across it in a second hand bookshop just last week Jaycee Dugard has done an amazing job telling us her story It would have been tremendously hard to do.Right from the start she did tell us it will be a bit disjointed a [...]

  16. What Jaycee Dugard experienced for 18 years is, beyond question, horrendous And it is an achievement that her book keeps the sensationalism to a minimum, focusing rather on the basic lines of thought of her young self She is a clear writer, if overly simplistic.However, as a memoir, if we are to take her unparalleled story aside, A Stolen Life does not amaze Truly amazing memoirs are not made by the occurrences of the life it follows, but rather by the ability of the memoirist to transcend thei [...]

  17. Jaycee Dugard s childhood was stolen from her, with this memoir, I hope it will give her and her daughters an opportunity to have a better life I brought this book in support of Jaycee.

  18. One of the hardest books I ve ever read because of the subject matter Dugard has been through hell and back Her story is an inspiration to all who face some sort of adversity and want to give up For 18 years, this woman was held captive, mentally physically abused the rape descriptions were the hardest parts to read , impregnated twice While she had moments of despair who wouldn t , she always held out hope that some day her life would improve Even post captivity, Dugard has maintained an attitu [...]

  19. Having followed the Elizabeth Smart abduction, trial and consequences here in SLC, when I heard about what had happened to Jaycee Dugard, my heart went out to her big time and I ve been fascinated to hear about her story and to find out as much as possible about the case As I finished up her book and take of her own life, I was amazed at how well she seems to have come out of it all and how well adjusted and loving she seems to be.The book is pretty simple and straight forward If you don t alre [...]

  20. Words cannot begin to describe the pain Jaycee Lee Dugard went through by the hands of the Garrido s, but this definitely comes close The narrative of Jaycee herself was harrowing at times but essentially poignant at others This is a must read, but be warned you may need to rest up for a while after My head is so all over the place.It is a moving novel that has made me thankful for the childhood I had.

  21. Anyone else getting If I Die Young vibes here Now, on a serious note, the subject of kidnappings has driven me wild all my life When I was a youngster and I still am, but I mean when I was a young youngster , kidnappings were the stuff of nightmares for me In kindergarten, I had a dream I was in class at a party at night, and when I went out into the hallway alone, this guy image error put me in a big black bag and carried me away into the night I peed the bed that night and went into my dad s [...]

  22. I don t feel right rating this book It is clearly written by Jaycee as a completely free agent No ghostwriter, no dictation just her, a computer, old journals and her memories I think she did a great job providing her readers with the raw, hard to read details She feels no shame for what was done to her and I believe that is why she comes across as so mentally healthy in interviews and in this book I m proud of her I m still left with a lot of questions How is she so certain Phillip did not sexu [...]

  23. This book is an enigma Until the final forty pages, it is a page turner Yet, I could not give it than 3 stars and probably don t recommend it that highly At the end, I will mention what groups of people I do think should buy the book and read it But first, a very brief analysis of the book.Dugard is the woman who was kidnapped in Lake Tahoe at age 11 and then kept as a sex slave by a man and his wife for 19 years During that time, she became pregnant twice and gave birth to two girls In 2009, s [...]

  24. I do not review this book for literary value and didn t love most of what I read It took me several days to just get through her heartbreaking story I give my five stars to amazing woman who endured what most of us can never fathom As a mother and someone in the criminal justice field, it sickens me that a victim could be in plain view for so many years and never be noticed I have nothing but deep admiration for Jaycee and the countless others victims whose stories we will never fully know or un [...]

  25. I was interested in A Stolen Life A Memoir by Jaycee Dugard for two reasons First, I read and was gripped by Emma Donoghue s Room and it seemed as though I should read the very similar but true events as told by Dugard, since she had actually undergone that ordeal.But shoulds tend not to register well with me Plus I felt almost too voyeuristic reading someone s recount of such a horrific trauma Until 2 came along.The second reason and the decisive one was I read a terrific review of the book on [...]

  26. I have so much respect for this woman She managed to hold it together, even though she felt helpless and defeated, just to be there for her daughters who were born out of rape It s hard not to get emotional when hearing everything that this woman was put through from the age of 11 until the age of 29 That s 18 years folks 18 years of captivity, emotional abuse, rape, and living in substandard conditions imagine using a bucket as a toilet, washing up with stale water, and sleeping in a tent in a [...]

  27. Some time ago I stumbled upon the page for the Fritzl case a tragic situation that occurred in Austria, very similar to this case which eventually led me to the page on the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard When this book came out, I was very eager to read it Now that I have, I almost wish I didn t and not because it was awful but because it was so terrifyingly eye opening and surprisingly heartfelt.I feel like I should not rate this book, because there is no way a number of stars could encompass [...]

  28. It s amazing how one person can be kept captive for 18 years and not a single soul even suspects anything amiss This book is Jaycee Dugard s story of her life in captivity The story telling is simplistic in keeping with the fact that she never got a chance to complete her school education The book could have done with some editing if only to make the sentence structure better and readable The middle of the book is full of journal entries written by Jaycee during her captivity and some of the pa [...]

  29. This book was an absolutely brutal emotional roller coaster I knew it would be gut wrenching even before starting it, but I still wasn t prepared for it in the slightest I felt sick to my stomach the whole way through, the thought of someone going through something so horrific is just heartbreaking and unimaginable I actually had to put it down at some points because it was just too overwhelming and I needed time to process my thoughts This book will definitely haunt me for awhile.

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