The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper In this fable the first man on earth to count the hours becomes Father Time The inventor of the world s first clock is punished for trying to measure God s greatest gift He is banished to a cave for

In this fable, the first man on earth to count the hours becomes Father Time The inventor of the world s first clock is punished for trying to measure God s greatest gift He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking days, years Eventually, with his soul nearly broken, Father Time is granted his freIn this fable, the first man on earth to count the hours becomes Father Time The inventor of the world s first clock is punished for trying to measure God s greatest gift He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking days, years Eventually, with his soul nearly broken, Father Time is granted his freedom, along with a magical hourglass and a mission a chance to redeem himself by teaching two earthly people the true meaning of time.He returns to our world now dominated by the hour counting he so innocently began and commences a journey with two unlikely partners one a teenage girl who is about to give up on life, the other a wealthy old businessman who wants to live forever To save himself, he must save them both And stop the world to do so.

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The Time Keeper

  1. Mitchell David Albom is an author, journalist, screenwriter, playwright, radio and television broadcaster and musician His books have collectively sold over 35 million copies worldwide have been published in forty one territories and in forty two languages around the world and have been made into Emmy Award winning and critically acclaimed television movies.

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  1. The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom has been on my excitement list for a while now Such a great cover, an author I really enjoy, and a story about Father Time how could I not be excited What I expected and what I got were two different things, however Instead of getting an interesting, complex story about a fantastical creature, I got instead chopped bits of a story, tossed together like a bit of a human salad, and mixed all up This story is part Dor, part Victor, and part Sarah, but does not spend e [...]

  2. Oh, Dor Dor Dor You silly man What possessed you to measure time You screwed things up for the rest of us Now we have to BE places at certain times and DO things until the time comes when we are allowed to go home Why did you do this to humanity Someone should imprison you in a cave for 6000 years and make you think about what you did, and not let you out until you are truly sorry.Wait at is what happened.Dor was a curious man who lived 6000 years in the past He wanted to measure things, like th [...]

  3. Albom s fingers on the keyboard turn out golden prose, whether a column or a book The Time Keeper is like a combination of precious metal The story opens with Dor who lives four thousand years ago Edited to add that a person named Sidney who has a private profile complained in a comment 9 months after I wrote this review that I should warn there are spoilers I don t think this review does, but you can stop reading now if you wish ck to the review Albom s explanation of Dor s thought processes in [...]

  4. In the beginning, I kept falling asleep while reading this book By the time Dor was compelled to action for his two souls, I was able to push through to the conclusion of the book I found it satisfying as it reinforces the importance of being in the moment and being grateful for those moments, whether they are good or bad It reinforces the value of being interdependent with those we love and care about, that we need to be open and honest and fully present for them I recommend this to others, but [...]

  5. If I were to rate this book, I d probably give it 2 stars I feel bad doing that, though, so I m just leaving it blank It s not that it s a bad book It s a nice little fable and has good intentions Many will no doubt find it comforting and life affirming I just found it all a bit too obvious for my taste Perhaps I m just not one who feels I need a fable to remind me how precious our time on earth is, or how important it is to try to live in the moment I m all too aware of it every day.

  6. Knowing something and understanding it were not the same thing A short story before the review You know, I have a friend A very precious one One, who knows many parts of me better than any other person She, than anyone else, knows how obsessed I am with time Always was I am always in time, always counting time and paying attention to it It can be quite annoying She gave me the book and told me to read it, or better ordered me to read it This friend knew what this book would do to me.I read it I [...]

  7. For a man so seemingly pre occupied with how little time we have on Earth and how we tend not to appreciate this amount of time, Albom ironically spends almost no time at all delving into the interiority of his characters beyond the clich d Dor is an interesting character on paper, but so little is put into why he has this desire to measure time The familial and social struggles of Sarah and the devastating childhood of Victor are largely parsed over, so much so that there is little reader inves [...]

  8. Rather quirky and unusual but still a light read, this is a story about Father Time and the man who discovered time in the first place I enjoyed the way it was told in short chapters which circled around three different points of view There was humour and there was sadness and there was a lot of philosophy about life and death, but it was never deep or hard to understand I have not read any of this author s other famous books yet but I certainly will now This was an ideal book to read on hot Sy [...]

  9. That one word that made me lose it and just cry page 220, last line, last word Grace Mitch Albom has a way of capturing hearts with every word he writes and how he writes them This book is not quite like the other books Albom has earlier written, but it is no less good It is just as great as his earlier works, and I m currently deciding if maybe, for me, this has been one of his better works The Time Keeper is a light read But it was still full of lessons like a typical Mitch Albom book is lesso [...]

  10. Once we began to chime the hour we lost the ability to be satisfied 3.5 stars Now, I love Mitch Albom But although this one was still fantastic, it didn t hit home in the same way as The Five People You Meet in Heaven or Tuesdays with Morrie It focuses on a man in the stone age the first person to discover time as penance he is forced to forever listen to the outcome of his discovery That is the human race constantly asking for time He is sent to save two people on Earth, in order to save himse [...]

  11. Father Time was once a living man His name was Dor and he was the first human to measure time He lived 6,000 years ago when life and time were simpler After a tragic illness took his wife, Dor wanted to reach the heavens and demand time The result of this action was the fall of the Tower of Babel and him being placed in a cave where he had to listen to any mention of time Sarah is a girl in modern day New York She wants time to speed up so that she can be with the boy who is showing interest in [...]

  12. This is an entertaining little fable about time and how some people never have enough of it while others wish it would slow down Dor is one who measures time and ends up in the role of Father Time The other two main characters are Victor who has cancer and who is running out of time and Sarah who initially wants time to hurry up Later events cause her to change her mind Though it was entertaining and a quick read, this Mitch Albom story didn t quite involve me the way a couple of his other books [...]

  13. I picked up this book with great anticipation looking forward to turning each page When I started reading I was frustrated with the style the author chose I liked his other fiction stories and was expecting to find the same style amongst the pages Then I found a totally different style and was disappointed But I decided to keep going and this story is so worth the effort.The story follows Dor, Victor and Sarah Dor lived during the early Bible times during the time of the tower of Babel being bui [...]

  14. 3 Lives collide in this tale about Father Time and how time affects all of our lives Some want it to progress faster, and others want time to slow down Many take time for granted and don t appreciate the chance that we all have to take a moment and savor these memories.Dor s life is the main story, as his starts in the times of Babel and ends in present day He created time and then time stole his life from him He has a chance for freedom and has to save two livesSarah Lemon, an insecure teen fal [...]

  15. In this advanced copy of Albom s latest book, he once again takes a simple theme, something we all think about, and he creates an inspirational, extremely creative avenue to explore it The book is about time and how it affects our lives from moment to moment We are all, each and every one of us, preoccupied with its measurement What would life be like without the constraints of time The book encourages us to think about how simple life would be if we were just enjoying the moment we were in, wit [...]

  16. I honestly think this is the worst book I ve ever read I liked Tuesdays with Morrie and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but I think it s safe to say Mitch Albom has officially run out of steam The Time Keeper is supposed to be a story about a lovelorn teenage girl, and an old man who wants to cryogenically freeze himself, who are about to have their perspectives on life changed by, you guessed it, a transplanted prehistoric caveman who for some reason speaks perfect English Albom fills the b [...]

  17. Dor There is a reason why God limits our days.Viktor Why Dor To make each one precious.Another wonderful and inspiring story from Mitch Albom

  18. It s Mitch album surely it s good as his other books have been enjoyable Expecting a great storyline with a depth of meaning and philosophy I found myself becoming increasingly agitated and depressed Father time starts out as a young curious boy who invents how to read time and marries the love of his life only to have major life changes and ends up in a cave having to listen to people constantly ask for time in is head Then we follow a couple of other character storylinesa young girl with unre [...]

  19. It is never too late or too soon It is when it is supposed to be This book made me genuinely weep It s simple yet so moving, very well constructed Easy and fast read, but beautifully written It really changes your outlook on life an inspirational, lovely book It s soft, but it moves you It s both realistic and relatable, and magical I love how it switches between the two in a way that makes it effective I loved it and an emotionally touched I recommend this to everybody who ever worries about ti [...]

  20. I liked the idea and the first chapters about Dor ad Alli, then I got somewhat bored afterwards and until the end With endless time, nothing is special With no loss or sacrifice, we can t appreciate what we have

  21. The first time I read a Mitch Albom book was in my Sociology of Death and Dying course during my university days The above titled course naturally suggests that we read Tuesdays with Morrie Ironically enough, Albom s latest novel, The Time Keeper would have easily blended into the lesson plans of my other elective, Myths, Symbols, and Rituals due to the fact that it is a true example of a creation myth If you are expecting a standard, fictional novel, then expect The Time Keeper to fall short Ho [...]

  22. uvara vremena mogli bismo nazvati svojevrsnom modernom pou nom bajkom.Ova kratka knji ica govori o Doru, prvom ovjeku koji je nau io kako mjeriti vrijeme i pratiti tok vremena izumitelju vremena, recimo to tako, onome koga obi no poznajemo pod nazivom Otac Vrijeme.Dor je ivio u vrijeme kada se, prema biblijskoj pri i, gradila kula babilonska, a njen je graditelj bio Dorov prijatelj iz djetinjstva, Nim Dvojica dje aka koja su zajedno odrasla posvetila su se posve druga ijim ivotnim putevima jedan [...]

  23. 3.5 compelling stars.Picking things from the very grass root level, this book The Time Keeper tells you a story about time The founders of time, the birth of time, all about time And about how once it laid its hold on mankind, everything changed.To judge this book from my point of view would be different from many Low acquaintance with subjects like philosophy, and no idea what so ever on the myths about time Yes, no idea about the Tower of Babel even, sorry are some predominant factors So, with [...]

  24. A two day vacation deserves a novel to be read, so I read Mitch Albom s The Time Keeper The story is about a man who was disciplined I might as well use the word penalize lol for measuring one of God s greatest gift TIME His punishment is to teach two seemingly random people the true meaning of time The first person is a teenage girl who wants to give up on life, and the other is a wealthy businessman who wants to live forever.The story was able to get its message across that TIME is precious an [...]

  25. Average reading span for me is 2 days guys It s freaking slow as a snail Anyways This book definitely deserves a good 5 stars from me It really opened up my mind a lil bit of how I see things now Time is precious, time is gold We often saw people wasting their time claiming it was nothing but just to pass time Yes TIME How many words can be used to be in a sentence with time Many but truthfully we know nothing bout time Nothing compared to what we ve claimed before Man alone measures time Man al [...]

  26. A waste of a cool idea, and the description is inaccurate This is bad YA Christian fiction with insufferable characters It s a 200 page if you include the 100 white pages preachy cliche Tons of references to God s will and God s gifts The first man to measure time is a sinner becausehe measured time Yes, mankind was much better off 6,000 years ago before everyone started thinking and inventing and whatnot.Other characters include Victor, the rich finance type who shouts things like I paid good m [...]

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  28. Sinto me extremamente assoberbada por esta leitura Como pode um livro de tal forma simples na escrita e no enredo deixar uma pessoa completamente estarrecida, num pranto e numa ansiedade permanente de ler mais e mais No fim, torna se dif cil conter a emo o Adorei, adorei Faltava me um livro assim para recuperar o ritmo nas minhas leituras.Este livro faz nos pensar muito no modo com levamos a nossa vida.

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