A Darkness Strange and Lovely

A Darkness Strange and Lovely Perfect for fans of Libba Bray s The Diviners and Cassandra Clare s The Infernal Devices series this spellbinding sequel to Something Strange and Deadly delivers a mix of supernatural forces and inte

Perfect for fans of Libba Bray s The Diviners and Cassandra Clare s The Infernal Devices series, this spellbinding sequel to Something Strange and Deadly delivers a mix of supernatural forces and intense romance, set against the enchanting backdrop of nineteenth century Paris.With her brother dead and her mother insane, Eleanor Fitt is alone Even the Spirit Hunters JosephPerfect for fans of Libba Bray s The Diviners and Cassandra Clare s The Infernal Devices series, this spellbinding sequel to Something Strange and Deadly delivers a mix of supernatural forces and intense romance, set against the enchanting backdrop of nineteenth century Paris.With her brother dead and her mother insane, Eleanor Fitt is alone Even the Spirit Hunters Joseph, Jie, and the handsome Daniel have fled to Paris So when Eleanor hears the vicious barking of hounds and sees haunting yellow eyes, she fears that the Dead, and the necromancer Marcus, are after her.To escape, Eleanor boards a steamer bound for France There she meets Oliver, a young man who claims to have known her brother But Oliver harbors a dangerous secret involving necromancy and black magic that entices Eleanor beyond words If she can resist him, she ll be fine But when she arrives in Paris, she finds that the Dead have taken over, and there s a whole new evil lurking And she is forced to make a deadly decision that will go against everything the Spirit Hunters stand for.In Paris, there s a price for this darkness strange and lovely, and it may have Eleanor paying with her life.

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A Darkness Strange and Lovely

  1. Susan Dennard has come a long way from small town Georgia With a masters degree in marine biology, she got to travel the world six out of seven continents, to be exact she ll get to Asia one of these days before she settled down as a full time novelist and writing instructor.She is the author of the New York Times bestselling Truthwitch and Windwitch as well as the Something Strange Deadly series When not writing, she can be found slaying darkspawn on her Xbox or earning bruises at the dojo.You can learn about Susan on her website, blog, newsletter, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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  1. I think it s safe to say that I ve finally learned not to count my chickens before they ve hatched If I d had to pick one book this year I was wholly confident of loving, it would have been this one Not only were the initial reviews stellar, but I had loved Dennard s debut and couldn t imagine not feeling the same rush of emotions for this novel Thus, color me surprised to find myself underwhelmed and unimpressed by the end of this book ADSaL is an excellent sequel there is no doubt about that b [...]

  2. After Reading Ok so clearly this one also gets the award of excellence, it was brilliant the plot, the characters everything altough I thing the author could have done a better job at hiding the villian increase a suspense a bit , but still overall it was amazing the moment Daniel and Elanor met was perfect and I swear I laughed so hard at what Elanor said Check out my blogs for reviews and book stuff ramblingsofabookworm3ramblings of a bookworm.tumblrBefore Reading Me when I saw the name of So [...]

  3. Something Strange and Deadly was one of those books that s a lot of fun but also could ve used a bit depth I mean, I like steampunk, I like zombies, why wouldn t I like steampunk and zombies but at the same time, the plot was also extremely predictable and the same cheesy humor that made the story so engaging also made it hard to take seriously Great in small doses, but why would I want to read the sequel Well as it turns out, because A Darkness Strange and Lovely great title by the way, and co [...]

  4. Even though this book has multiple flaws I will bring up, it possesses one quality I ve struggled to find in books lately it s entertaining.Boredom is my worst enemy, and I did not experience it during this book.It was acceptable, but that doesn t mean I ll stop ranting about every PNR trope in it That s what I live for Trope number 1 Our MC is like that secondary character, often best friend, found in fiction, who is just there without doing anything but still people worship her Speshul snowfla [...]

  5. Ahhhhh, I need the next one now But then it will be all over Conflicted Daniel and Eleanor though These two crazy kids, breaking my heart and then making me swoon they have to be together in the last book THEY HAVE TO Please view spoiler WHAT A HOT, HOT KISS NEAR THE END HOLY SMOKES hide spoiler I think I loved the first one I m still sorting out my thoughts as I m a little torn on a few things overall but this was a fantastic sequel The stakes were much higher, emotionally Bonds were tested, n [...]

  6. What a fabulous sequel There s a ton of action, mystery, and suspense I love the historical fiction setting and the supernatural elements of zombies, magic, and necromancy There s a super creepy feel to this story and you never know who to trust I loved all of the developments with the magical aspects and the new character that we are introduced to named Oliver Eleanor has to really fight the war of good and evil in the real world, but also within her self Her character grows so much This is a w [...]

  7. I have been waiting for A Darkness Strange and Lovely since the moment I finished Something Strange and Deadly Susan Dennard captured my heart and my imagination in her debut, so I was eager to see what she would do with the next book Happily, there is no second book syndrome here and ADSaL has all the elements that made SSaD such a delight.Without a doubt, it s the narrative voice that makes Dennard s series stand out from the pack of paranormal offerings Eleanor is so many things clever, silly [...]

  8. Gosh, this is a beyond amazing book Full review to come Okay, if you haven t figured out by this point that I absolutely adore Susan Dennard s books, you probably should go back and read some of my older posts Needless to say, I was absolutely ecstatic to receive an ARC of A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard I completely devoured this book Mainly because, it was AMAZING It has a slightly different feel than Something Strange and Deadly partially because of the different location it s [...]

  9. Well, that was interesting Demons are brought into the mix And I was iffy at first about the introduction of Oliver, since I thought he was going to be another love interest But I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn t In fact, view spoiler I think he s gay, in which case YAAAAAASSSS I would totally applaud Susan Dennard for doing this hide spoiler I also liked that Eleanor sorta went all anti hero in this one.It wasn t as awesome as the first book but I still enjoyed myself Let s see if the fi [...]

  10. 3.5 stars This was an enjoyable book that showed actual writing talent not common enough in YA paranormal dystopian fic, alas But it wasn t as good as the first Spoilers ahead I dislike recapping series plots because they re too reliant on the previous book s and this one is pretty much what it says in the blurb, so I ll be lazy head directly to the positives No love triangle That in itself is worthy of a parade P The Eleanor Daniel romance doesn t progress much, but neither does it go downhill [...]

  11. Almost as good as the first one Although a bit just like the typical middle book A lot of drama, and stupid choices made my Eleanor that didn t seem like her at all Still, I really liked it, and I m really looking forward to reading the last book.

  12. This was perfection It made me crazy Zombies Paris Swoons Libraries Evil stuff Magic Did I mention Paris Just read it.

  13. I love writing bad reviews Call me a twisted person, but I really do When you love a book too much, you don t have words to describe how full of awesome it is But when you despise one, you can write a book going on about the character flaws, the plot holes, the wretched romance and you get the idea What makes me sad though is writing reviews for a sequel that fails to charm me so when the sequel is to a book that I had really enjoyed.A Darkness Strange and Lovely can be summarized in these few [...]

  14. Really 2.5 stars but there were moments I remember why I was into this book To see full review click here.Imagine your ideal date Rom Coms are good at showing what this ideal is Especially Lifetime movies I ll just give you one that s a combination of various movies You re feeling funky in your sweatpants and Mickey Mouse t shirt and your friend texts you and tells you she s set you up with this guy You don t do blind dates, but there s nothing in the fridge except for a half eaten can of Nutell [...]

  15. Three and a half stars A good sequel, but I struggled with the heroine.Eleanor hurries along the busy streets of Philadelphia, anxious to complete her errands She rubs the stump of her arm nervously, hoping to erase the phantom pain from her missing hand It has been months since the Spirit Hunters left after she lost her hand in the zombie attack, and Eleanor is anxious to hear from them Finally, a letter arrives from Jie Eleanor s heart beats anxiously hoping for some word from Daniel, but alas [...]

  16. Genre Steampunk, Historical, Paranormal Rating 3.5 4 My Thoughts A Darkness Strange and Lovely picks up Eleanor Fitt s story from where Something Strange and Deadly left off Having lost her brother Elijah to the villainous necromancer Marcus Duval, her mother to a mental hospital, and her right hand to a Hungry Dead, Ellie finds herself having no place to run, or to hide from Marcus s machinations Her friends, the The Spirit Hunters Joseph, Daniel Jie , have fled Philadelphia and have landed in [...]

  17. When it comes to personal reader s hype it s hard to deal with alot of emotions from jubilation to disappointment A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard made me run through alot of emotions Not all good and not all bad The writing of course of superb that I quickly zoomed through this book Sadly, this felt like a meal that left me hungry.Picking up months later, Eleanor has to run when Marcus the necromancer one of the foes whose started the chaos from before,starts to hunt her Along the [...]

  18. This is going to be the vaguest review ever because Susan Dennard s A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY doesn t come out for another eight months still, but I can t not talk about it The sequel to SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY, this novel picks up right where the first left off The Spirit Hunters have fled Philadelphia, and Eleanor Fitt is dealing with the aftermath When the evil necromancer Marcus reappears, Eleanor heads to Paris via steamer to track down Joseph, Daniel, and Jie Aboard the ship she b [...]

  19. Source I own a copy of this book Eleanor has recovered somewhat from her ordeal, but her mother has ended up in a mental hospital When Eleanor sees Marcus, she s scared though, and knows she must follow the spirit hunters to Paris to get help.Can Eleanor find the spirit hunters in time And should she really be using her innate necromancer powers This was a really good second book in the series, and even though it had its slow moments, the ending was awesome I liked Eleanor again in this book She [...]

  20. So in the acknowledgements Susan mentioned how hard it was to keep on writing this book and thus I d like to let out a great hallelujah I wish I didn t have to go sleep and could just dive straight back in to part three I can t wait to read what happens next Will they find Jie Will she be alive Is Ollie really dying What will they find in Marseille WHAT THE FUCK DID ALLISON WANT right, with that being said I will get some rest 9 hours until work starts in the morning and I will have time to read [...]

  21. Whew Susan Dennard neatly avoids Sequel Syndrome with her second novel I had a lot of fun with this, from beginning to end I may review it closer to the release date, but if you were a fan of Something Strange and Deadly, chances are this sequel won t disappoint.Also many many thanks to the lovely Flannery for sending me her ARC She is the best 3

  22. I have been waiting on this book and while at BEA almost jumped over the guard rail to grab a copy off of Susan Dennard s table when I saw it alas, I held back and was rewarded when my lovely friend Stacee bookjunkee told me she found a copy in some magical bookstore near her Of course, I dropped everything once I received it in the mail and OH MY GOD am I glad I did A Darkness Strange and Lovely picks up right where Something Strange and Deadly left off and this book dives right into everything [...]

  23. Read in shortEleanor is back with a vengeance Literally In the wake of the tragic happenings that altered her life, she s set on revenging herself on the diabolical mastermind behind the death and destruction The mastermind who s now coming after her She can t fight him alone This means a trip to Paris, where the Spirit Hunters are contending with an uprising of les Morts On the way, she meets a sullen demon who helps her to hone a power that she s only beginning to comprehend This sequel is de [...]

  24. ORIGINALLY ON READ A HOLICZ, HERE 4.5 STARS A Darkness Strange and LOVELY was a great sequel It was an intense, action packed, mystery filled with ZOMBIES, and NEW Characters I LOVED Something Strange and Deadly and had been waiting for this book anxiously, so when I got this I DEVOURED it I can never get enough of these character and there crazy adventures I NEED book 3 like NOW WHY MUST I WAIT ANOTHER YEAR _ now moving on from my book desperation I love how Susan Dennard can pull me back in t [...]

  25. I was disappointed in this book in that it just wasn t what I d expected and the first one was actually better.What I did enjoy was how Susan Dennard kept us guessing about who the villains are all the characters are full of mystery and it s a hard guess as to who s ok and who s evil except for one particular character view spoiler I was on to the Madame since the start hide spoiler What I didn t like was that Eleanor Fitt changed a lot and not for the better in this second book She comes to rel [...]

  26. In love 100% Dennard blew me away with the sequel to Something Strange and Deadly This picked up right where book 1 ended and I couldn t have been surprised, pleased, absolutely head over heels in love love love.Eleanor is still as spunky as ever She just is fantastic She gets in some pretty tight spots and still comes out a little flustered but till spitting mad You will laugh, cry, scream and cry some She can t wait to find the shadow hunters, but what she finds on the ship is even than a l [...]

  27. What can I say about this book to really do it justice I didn t think it was possible to improve on SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY, the first title in this trilogy, but A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY did it Everything is amped up in this book The setting is grander Nineteenth Century Paris, need I say and the detail with which Dennard writes makes the era come alive It felt rich, regal and, most importantly, REAL Then there are the new characters, namely Oliver and Laure, who add depth as well as [...]

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