Death Note, Vol. 9: Contact

Death Note Vol Contact Light has always been confident in his ability to out think everyone but L s proteges are proving to be of a challenge than he anticipated The Light mentally maneuvers the tighter the net around him

Light has always been confident in his ability to out think everyone, but L s proteges are proving to be of a challenge than he anticipated The Light mentally maneuvers, the tighter the net around him becomes And now Near and Mello are working to break the task force apart and expose Kira from within Light has always held up under pressure in the past, but wilLight has always been confident in his ability to out think everyone, but L s proteges are proving to be of a challenge than he anticipated The Light mentally maneuvers, the tighter the net around him becomes And now Near and Mello are working to break the task force apart and expose Kira from within Light has always held up under pressure in the past, but will the stress of this new line of attack and the strain of maintaining three different personalities be the beginning of his end

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Death Note, Vol. 9: Contact

  1. Tsugumi ba Profile in Japanese , born in Tokyo, Japan, is a writer best known for the manga Death Note His her real identity is a closely guarded secret As stated by the profile placed at the beginning of each Death Note manga, ba collects teacups and develops manga plots while holding his knees on a chair, similar to a habit of L, one of the main characters of the series.There is speculation that Tsugumi ba is a pen name and that he is really Hiroshi Gam Pointing out that in Bakuman the main character s uncle was a one hit wonder manga artist who worked on a gag super hero manga, very similar to Gam and Tottemo Luckyman in all aspects Also that the storyboards drawn by ba greatly resemble Tottemo Luckyman in style.

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  1. I m still struggling to be impressed, folks I think it s because the plot just seems to be going round and round and rooooound in circles now Which is getting a little dull And then the new people out to catch Kira Mello Near haven t really caught my fascination THEY RE INTERESTING, DON T GET ME WRONG But like I was desperate for view spoiler L hide spoiler to win this because he was adorable and yesssssss I would ve been happy for him to catch Kira But I don t care enough about Near Mello to ro [...]

  2. I think the series is starting to drag a bit for me I like it, but I m not as compelled to keep reading the volumes as I was with the first 7 volumes.

  3. Didn t enjoy this one much, it was a little too dull and convoluted for my liking Light, Near, and Mello trying to outsmart each other wasn t all that entertaining, and the various notebooks owners rules were difficult and irritating to follow at times Also, there wasn t enough Misa Misa, she was the most fun character in the series and she was barely in it Matsuda was pretty great though Hope the next one isn t such a dragged out mess.

  4. Ahhhh, Cliffhanger, mal wieder, noooooiinnn Uff, aber es bleibt spannend Wie verstrickt das doch alles ist seitdem Mello und Near dabei sind Sehr interessant Jetzt muss ich morgen dringend Band 10 kaufen gehen D

  5. Ok I admit that I read it so quickly because i skip through it, as I have seen the anime already view spoiler Light is so inhuman His father is dead and he still thinks about that notebook I am glad Near and Mello found something about Kira So hopeful for them, but still miss L hide spoiler

  6. 3.75 stars the series is starting to drag and it s becoming boring the same plot but different people first L now Near and Mellow t excited to keep reading as the first 5 6 volumes

  7. Something big is about to go down This is so intriguing He knows that what his does is evil, but he believes that it is justified because it is for a good cause.

  8. There isn t too much to say about this book that I didn t say about the last one, except to mention one topic I ve woefully neglected Light s father.Light s father is one of two people in the series Matsuda being the other that does what he does because he wants what s best for everyone In a series where all three major powers Light, Near, and Mello are cold, calculating, and apathetic, it s refreshing to see some humanity Light s dad is a minor character, but his scenes are always some of my fa [...]

  9. I took a few months break from reading Death Note I thought that maybe, after a while, I wasn t going to miss L so much Turns out I was wrong Near and Mello just cannot replace him The story seems bland now Light has become a complete monster view spoiler as even the death of his father doesn t move him hide spoiler , but he has lost his edge Ryuk still makes me smile him and his drug of choice but he s mostly on the sidelines I ll try to finish the series, but I guess I ll take my time

  10. ja chci, aby na me Mello taky miril zbrani 3a Neara bych vysadila v hrackarstvi a byl by klid nebo by prisel na smysl byti nebo by nasel atlantidu.

  11. 3.5 No voy a negar que la trama de Death Note es genial Pero tampoco creo que se merece todo el hype Tiene sus altos y bajos, este volumen es bueno pero me esperaba m s Por las rese as que vi, el final me ten a que volar la cabeza, pero no lo hizo Todo lo que Light trama es extremadamente rebuscado y ya se torna repetitivo, lo cual cansa un poco.Los personajes nuevos siguen sin llamarme la atenci n, no me interesa saber mucho de ellos Y me alegra no ven tanto de Misa, ese si es un personaje extr [...]

  12. Still enjoying this series, but the ongoing cat and mouse with Near and Mello is becoming tiring The former is too clever if he s too obviously being used as a speculative tool for Ohba trying to get his intentions across to the reader.

  13. I m starting to lose interest since view spoiler Ls death hide spoiler I mean, I stopped reading for a while thinking I might somehow regain my interest Unfortunately, that didn t happen Now, I m just reading to see what happens I wanna know how this will end who will win I m not rooting for anyone any though sigh

  14. BTW, I HAVE SOME SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW In this volume, a lot of shocking things happen, both narrowing down Near s suspects, and raising the pressure for Light as both L, and Kira.Light as a character has great acting skills, but sometimes he really irritates me because of it Such as earlier in the series when L says he wants them to be friends, and then Light is just like sounds good I was just like AWWWW But THEN later Light was screaming in his room, which I m surprised no one heard him and [...]

  15. Death Note Vol.9 Contact is written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata and is 200 pages long The genre of the story is mystery and also realistic modern time science fiction.In this volume, Light is trying his best to get rid of Mello, who recently gained the Notebook from his father, traded with his sister Light deceives the anti Kira police division by acting threatening the police with his secret identity, Kira, and tells them to finish off Mello and retrieve the Notebook Light s fath [...]

  16. This series seems to never end This book was the last one in my school library so now I have to request the next one To be completely honest, I think this series is being dragged on a bit too much Not that I m not interested but I m certainly not as nearly engrossed as I was previously The book in itself, though, involves a good plot and seems to point in the direction of some sort of conclusion to this lengthy series The illustrations are good as always and the genius of Tsugumi Ohba still reve [...]

  17. Truly an amazing series Character, plot, setting, and mood are all perfect for me to wind down with the rest of the drama of other books But still one question WHY L WHAT DID HE DO TO DIE L is amazing like Percy is to the Heroes of Olympus He may have been quiet and non social, but he made the biggest difference to us readers rather than Light I just watched all the anime for the series and it s a great story plot I like it how Near and Mello are working together to bring down Light But there is [...]

  18. Bu say n n ad Light ve Duygusuzlu u olmal ym bence view spoiler Light n babas l yor ve o hala ad n yaz baba ad n yaz baba Asl nda Kira i in uygun bir davran ama biz de erlerine ba l bir toplumuz her ne kadar karaktere uygun bir davran olsa da okurken ld rd m Tvdeki hadi baba hadi baba diye kalp krizi e i indeki babas n ifte telliye a ran k z ile Light kap abilirler En az ndan adam mutlu oldu diye avunuyorum D hide spoiler Neyse, ya anan olaylardan ve Light n tutumundan ho lanmad m, l m Defteri n [...]

  19. Can t really remember what happened specifically in this volume now as I read it on holiday along with the remaining volumes So, an overall review of the series all in all a brilliant piece of work, very imaginative and clever with brilliant twists and turns although did start to get repetitive towards the end I wasn t at all taken with Near and Mello much preferred the original L character Good ending, although didn t expect Light to produce the reaction that he did he was always so composed Ve [...]

  20. I like this series very much it has real substance and I d be inclined to give it four stars as a whole were it not for the fact that, dare I say it, I don t like any of the characters They re interesting and yet repellent During the first half of the series, the push and pull between Light and L was enough to keep one s mind off the truly unsympathetic nature of both protagonists but with L no longer on the scene replaced by the even creepy Mello and Near it s hard to care Light s trajectory, [...]

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