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The Histories One of the masterpieces of classical literature the Histories describes how a small and quarrelsome band of Greek city states united to repel the might of the Persian empire But while this epic strug

One of the masterpieces of classical literature, the Histories describes how a small and quarrelsome band of Greek city states united to repel the might of the Persian empire But while this epic struggle forms the core of his work, Herodotus natural curiosity frequently gives rise to colorful digressions a description of the natural wonders of Egypt an account of EuOne of the masterpieces of classical literature, the Histories describes how a small and quarrelsome band of Greek city states united to repel the might of the Persian empire But while this epic struggle forms the core of his work, Herodotus natural curiosity frequently gives rise to colorful digressions a description of the natural wonders of Egypt an account of European lake dwellers and far fetched accounts of dog headed men and gold digging ants With its kaleidoscopic blend of fact and legend, the Histories offers a compelling Greek view of the world of the fifth century BC.

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The Histories

  1. Herodotus Aubrey de Sélincourt John M. Marincola says:
    Herodotus was an ancient Greek historian who was born in Halicarnassus, Caria modern day Bodrum, Turkey and lived in the fifth century BCE c 484 425 BCE He has been called The Father of History , as well as The Father of Lies He was the first historian known to collect his materials systematically, test their accuracy to a certain extent, and arrange them in a well constructed and vivid narrative The Histories his masterpiece and the only work he is known to have produced is a record of his inquiry or histor a, a word that passed into Latin and acquired its modern meaning of history , being an investigation of the origins of the Greco Persian Wars and including a wealth of geographical and ethnographical information Although some of his stories were fanciful and others inaccurate, he claimed he was reporting only what had been told to him Little is known of his personal history.It was not until the time of Herodotus that gods began to have less influence upon history that was written, yet it was still implied because of the largely accepted view of the Greeks and the expectations that they may have had of how The Histories would be written History was becoming of a knowledge rather than an amusement Because of Herodotus wanting people to accept what he had to write, he implemented stories that may have not directly correlated to gods, but rather implemented the idea that miracles or supernatural events took place As was the story of Arion and the dolphin While on a boat the men found out that Arion, who was a musician, was worth lots of money and decided to have him killed The crew gave him two options, that either he jump ship or they kill him on the spot Arion flung himself into the water and a dolphin carried him to shore.Herodotus was concerned with putting pleasure before knowledge, unless he did not believe that the gods had a dramatic influence on history and was rather just trying to please his audience Like the story of the king having his servant look upon his naked wife, and when spotting him hiding, asked him to kill her husband 78 This, like many stories of Herodotus, are told in great detail, and for the simplicity of dramatic effect This refers back to the way bards used to tell their poems or stories to their audience Herodotus was accused by many because of such detailed accounts, and even called a liar by some In his writing we can already see that there was no direct association with gods.

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  1. What I learned from this book in no particular order 1 Ancient Greeks are quarrelsome and love to waste each other s city states for the pettiest reasons 2 From all forms of government known to man, democracy is the best Tyrants and oligarchs suck.3 The Persian Empire is a mighty barbarian nation, but being cowardly, effeminate and slavish, it is eventually defeated by the quarrelsome but brave and civilized Greeks.4 Among the Greeks, the Spartans are the bravest Gerard Butler with a six pack Ki [...]

  2. What do Herodotus and Tristram Shandy have in common Progress through digression.I suppose my first acquaintance with the work of Herodotus was through that technicolor cold war drama The 300 Spartans in which a rampantly heterosexual force of Spartans defends freedom, liberty, and all that good stuff from allegedly ferocious yet ineffective, hordes of freedom hating Persians The appalling, appealing, simplicity of that film is a grave disservice to the genius of Herodotus already mauled by Thuc [...]

  3. Hubris in History A Recurring Terror The conversion of legend writing into the science of history was not native to the Greek mind, it was a fifth century invention, and Herodotus was the man who invented it R.G CollingwoodThe prime subject of The Histories is the twenty years 499 479 B.C.E of war between Greece and Persia for domination of the Greek world, but he intersperses this main narrative with plenty of personal interest stories, wonders about firsts and bests, historical parallels and o [...]

  4. The Histories, HerodotusThe Histories Greek also known as The History of Herodotus is now considered the founding work of history in Western literature Written in 440 BC in the Ionic dialect of classical Greek, The Histories serves as a record of the ancient traditions, politics, geography, and clashes of various cultures that were known in Western Asia, Northern Africa and Greece at that time Although not a fully impartial record, it remains one of the West s most important sources regarding th [...]

  5. I think I would like to invite my friends to browse any Book you like, then take heart to start with Book I as the inception of the whole inquiry unthinkable to those Greek scholars at that time, but Herodotus could make it and you cannot help admiring him when you read his famous preamble Herodotus of Halicarnassus here displays his inquiry, so that human achievements may not become forgotten in time, and great and marvellous deeds some displayed by Greeks, some by barbarians may not be without [...]

  6. It wasn t just Vollmann s fourth reference to Herodotus in a span of 20 pages in Rising Up and Rising Down, it was the reality and shame that I m in my 40s and the most I know about the war between Persia and the Hellenic city states is what I learned from the movie 300 Thus, The Histories.First I can t imagine what it would have been like reading these nine books by Herodotus in any format other than this simply amazingly researched and presented volume The Landmark has to be the final word on [...]

  7. The kids bought me this for Christmas and it is a thing of infinite beauty I ve been meaning to read these histories for years and never quite got around to it I had never realised quite how remarkable this book would be.This version of the book is the third that I now own I ve also got a copy of the Penguin Classics and I ve just finished listening to this as a talking book But I am going to make my way through this book eventually, as it is hard to focus on many of the details of the wars and [...]

  8. Wow where to start, where to start Reading the Histories by Herodotus the Father of History feels like taking a trip back in time to a world full with wonder and mystery Central in the story is the great clash between the Greek city states and the mighty Persian Empire, but calling it that is kind of an insult when you consider the massive amount of information, gossip and hearsay that is in the book, there is so much in this story Herodotus gives an epic account of the entire known ancient wor [...]

  9. When the moment finally came to declare their purpose, the Babylonians, in order to reduce the consumption of food, herded together and strangled all the women in the city each man exempting only his mother, and one other woman whom he chose out of his household to bake his bread for him As the British Government bludgeons the nation with its ideologically driven Austerity Budget , note that the ancients had a strategy or two for surviving straitened times themselves And they managed to protect [...]

  10. These are the researches of Herodotus of Halicarnassus, which he publishes, in the hope of preserving from decay the remembrance of what men have done, and of preventing the great and wonderful actions of the Greeks and the barbarians from losing their due meed of glory and withal to put on record what were the grounds of feud Herodotus s reference to his researches sometimes translated inquiries uses the Greek word historie, from which we get history This is the first recorded use of the word T [...]

  11. Bir solukta okursunuz, destans slubunu seversiniz, ba ta sayfa say s ok gibi gelir, ne zaman bitti anlamazs n z Yunan Pers m cadelesi zellikle Leonidas ve Kserkses aras m cadeleleri anlat ld b l m nefisti K t phaneden alarak okudum, Calibromda e kitap olarak var ama en k sa zamanda bas l bir versiyonu da k t phanemizde olsun isterim Ba ucu eseri Ayr ca M ntekim kmen de harika dip notlar hazm Kafan z tak l nca h z r gibi yeti iyor lmeden mutlaka okuyun, okutun

  12. This was way outside of my comfort zone and I doubt if I d have undertaken it if it hadn t been read as a group read I went into it without any prior conceptions I just thought it would be interesting, and it was.A long read and in parts a difficult read as I initially found it challenging to grasp the differing but similar sounding names it took some getting used to However it was interesting, fascinating in parts learning of the cultures, s, people who challenged and changed the world around t [...]

  13. Her doto, con y sin acento el librero web ow xdkQV La originalidad de Her doto se sustancia en la amenidad de la expedici n hist rica que propone No es tan relevante la exactitud de los hechos como la intenci n de involucrarse en el transcurso de los mismos ser a la vez testigo y protagonista de una realidad que se convierte en aventura literaria, cercana y tremendamente atractiva.

  14. How to review Herodotus It s much like trying to review the Bible Most would probably say something like, I liked the blood and guts and stories about the cheating wives of kings the genealogies were boring But I found the entire book utterly captivating It s something special to be able to lose yourself in a world that s completely different from your own, that has a rich history of its own with strange characters and stranger frontiers.Herodotus is truly a child of the world, marveling at its [...]

  15. Although he is the very first historian in Western Civilization, Herodotus has something of a bad reputation for being too gullible Current critical opinion tends to favor Herodotus s near contemporary, Thucydides, the author of an equally great history of The Peloponnesian War And yet, as I re read the earlier book, I was surprised that Herodotus frequently notes that he doesn t always believe what he has been told, but presents it anyhow, if only because the Greek word for history is the same [...]

  16. More Infinite Jest than The History of the Peloponnesian War Honest Wish I had the Landmark edition at the time But Oxford does make nice books.

  17. Years ago, I was on jury duty in LA This was back when jury duty largely consisted of waiting around in a large room each day for a week I brought along a copy of The Histories the Rawlinson translation published by Everyman s Library and found myself engrossed by all the stories, tall tales, gossip, rumors, etc It s a wonderful panoply that s on offer here Sure, Herodotus was criticized by many for not writing facts, but the power of stories is far greater, and he knew it.

  18. A wonderful start for someone looking to ease into classical primary sources Not as dry or intimidating as Thucydides.

  19. Inquiry is the proper title of this work, from the Greek , but Herodotus will never be known as The Father of Inquiries, so I guess he s stuck with the History tag It is helpful to know that the goal of Herodotus was not strictly an accounting of events his primary purpose was to ask questions about remarkable things including foreign cultures, bizarre landscapes, strange animals, and amazing tales and report them in a way that might eventually explain the reasons for the Persian War History as [...]

  20. An anthropological and historical survey of Ancient Greece and the Near East26 April Located in the Ancient Agora in Athens, under the reconstructed Stoa porch of Herod Atticus, is a bust of what could be considered to be the world s first ever historian It always fascinates me that in an era long before photography was ever conceived, and the ability to paint was restricted to basic drawings and sketches if indeed they have survived , that because of the skill and ability of the ancient sculpto [...]

  21. If you are an English speaker there is no reason for you to consider buying any other edition of this text Brilliantly translated, filled with just the right amount of footnotes, maps and pictures, and there is an appendix for pretty much everything you could think of.

  22. Herodotus, as advertised, writes with a breezy, conversational, scandalous tone the Histories can be confusing, and the events related in them are only sometimes of any real interest, but it s fun to just hang out and listen to Herodotus tell stories.That said, if you were to choose to read excerpts instead of the whole, I wouldn t judge you Over 700 pages, it all starts to run together pretty badly Book Two is really fun Books 6 8 cover Marathon, Thermopylae, and Salamis, the famous, decisive b [...]

  23. I absolutely adore this book It is among my top favorites What I m sure most people identify it with, if they can identify it at all, is the movie 300 Yes, this book does relate the first, true story of the 300 Spartans and not with comic pictures It is one of my favorite stories in this book there are many suicidal cats, burning of Athens, Croesus and Solon, etc , but it is far from the baseness of the horribly inaccurate movie.

  24. I had read this work three times before, always in George Rawlinson s traditional translation I wanted to read it at least once as I listened to the lecture series on Herodotus by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver of Whitman College, a lecture series made available through the Teaching Company via their Great Courses At Vandiver s recommendation I used Robin Waterfield s recent translation and found it most satisfactory This edition also contains adequate maps, an essential feature contributing to [...]

  25. Herodotus tried to sound objective, but he obviously incorporated a lot of his interpretations into the storytelling What s refreshing is that his interpretations are based on the criteria of plausibility He believed things as so because his reasoning concluded that it was the most plausible Gods still play a part, but what determines the success is human Some parts of The Histories read Machiavellian, with its political trickery, schemes, manipulations of public sentiments but for Herodotus the [...]

  26. Herodotus was hailed as The Father of History by Cicero To me, he might as well be the Father of Humanism.I ve read a few war epics, Homer s Iliad, Hugo s Les Mis rables and Tolstoy s War and Peace, The Histories excels them all in terms of scope, structure, richness of content, intricacy and theatrical grandeur The main theme storyline is the Persian Wars, i.e the conflicts between the Persian Empire and Greek nations, culminating in the invasion of Greece by Xerces I the underlying theme is th [...]

  27. H rodote, a a t pour moi la porte d entr e dans le monde de l antiquit L enqu te, Livres I IVL Enqu te Livres V IX

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