Impulse Steven Gould returns to the world of his classic novel Jumper in the thrilling sequel Impulse Cent has a secret She lives in isolation with her parents hiding from the people who took her father cap

Steven Gould returns to the world of his classic novel Jumper in the thrilling sequel Impulse.Cent has a secret She lives in isolation, with her parents, hiding from the people who took her father captive and tortured him to gain control over his ability to teleport, and from the government agencies who want to use his talent Cent has seen the world, but only from the saSteven Gould returns to the world of his classic novel Jumper in the thrilling sequel Impulse.Cent has a secret She lives in isolation, with her parents, hiding from the people who took her father captive and tortured him to gain control over his ability to teleport, and from the government agencies who want to use his talent Cent has seen the world, but only from the safety of her parents arms She s teleported than anyone on Earth, except for her mother and father, but she s never been able to do it herself Her life has never been in danger.Until the day when she went snowboarding without permission and triggered an avalanche When the snow and ice thundered down on her, she suddenly found herself in her own bedroom That was the first time.

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  1. Steven Charles Gould is an American science fiction author His novels tend to have protagonists fighting to rid government of corrupt antagonists The struggle against corruption is the focus, rather than the technology.

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  1. Progression of the Jumper series Book 1, Jumper Let s take a simple concept and weave a cool story that s brilliant in its simplicity Book 2, Reflex Let s take that simple concept and add to it by restraining it, but while also pushing boundaries Also, let s add a cool mystery and some spies Book 3, Impulse Let s take all the great things we ve built up so far and add teenage angst A forced romance A holier than thou attitude for all the characters Okay, these are misleading, cause it s not teen [...]

  2. Originally posted at FanLitfantasyliterature reviImpulse is the third book in Steven Gould s JUMPER series The first book, Jumper, which was thriller than science fiction, told the story of Davy, a teenager who discovered that he could teleport He used his ability to fight the terrorists who caused him some personal pain In the second book, Reflex, Davy is captured by people who want to use his power for their own purposes and Davy s wife Millie sets out to find him Both Jumper and Reflex were [...]

  3. Impulse Jumper 3 , the first Jumper novel in nine years It s been a long time coming, like having wisdom teeth pulled waiting for this novel Yet, it s really worth the wait Impulse is reminiscent of the very first Jumper, a classic in my personal collection This time around Davy and Millicent are parents to sixteen year old daughter, Millicent Cent for short The characters of Davy and Millicent reflect what happened in the previous novels They are isolated yet trying to make the world a better p [...]

  4. Fans of Jumper will love this book I should not have started a Gould book at 11 30 at night I finished right around 4 30am I love the Jumper series As a bookseller getting Fantasy people to try SF, I would give them Ender s Game followed by Jumper Impulse is a wonderful continuation of the Jumper Reflex storyline Just to follow the characters 15 years later and get to see back into their lives, and what they have done with their abilities, and how they try to raise a child on the run BrianSci Fi [...]

  5. Loved it Fans of the series will get a wonderfully written new entry and enjoy every minute of it I m waiting to do my review until the audiobook comes out Hopefully next week I burned though this so quickly I can t even remember all the point where I LOL d for reals.Alright so I m still reading this faster than should I honestly loved this book It was a perfect installment to this series Whether you re here now because of your love of scifi, the movie, or randomly picked off the store shelves I [...]

  6. I loved Jumper the book I liked its YA sensibility while still being a read for adults It has been my go to book when people ask what I think New Adult is, even though it came out before the Potter generation was reading Assuming that the New Adult sub genre was invented for the Harry Potter readers who wanted f or sf fixes a step up from school stories, with younger protagonists entering the adult world Impulse returns to that sensibility with Cent, the smart sixteen year old daughter of Davy a [...]

  7. I m a bit conflicted about this book.On one hand, it s straightforward No messy language details, no recondite SAT vocab words There s no complex philosophical question to be considered, no mysterious butterflies or green frogs that tell you the Author Is Being Symbolic On the other hand it s almost insultingly simple It s a story about the daughter of a couple who can teleport, and how they ve spent all their time living off the grid hiding from the people who attempted to kidnap them The daugh [...]

  8. I reserve fives for books where I can t imagine doing anything different Where I can t find a single flaw I can honestly say would have made the book stronger So I don t give those out very often This is one of those exceptional cases What an amazing, page turner of a read Just perfect in every way With not only exceptional craft but an exceptional spirit Gould has written a book about a teen protagonist that examines teen angst and struggles without wallowing down in the usual me against them p [...]

  9. I have a deep and abiding love for JUMPER I just had to get that out there I found it in my teen years, and I have lost count of the number of times I read it I love Davy You want to talk about book boyfriends Davy was cough is cough my first book boyfriend Along with Paul Atreides, but let s not get into THAT here Basically, if you re looking for a fantastic sci fi book, go for JUMPER Then read REFLEX.And now we come to IMPULSE Which Okay, I really can t think of anything to say except you sho [...]

  10. Unlike others this was just predictable teenage angst story but with superpowers Too much angst vs adventure.

  11. 3.5 StarsAs ever, unsolicited copies can be a real mixed bag, especially when the book turns out to be a later book in a series you ve never read I almost didn t read Impulse because I really hate reading series out of order and I had neither time nor free resource by which to acquire and read the first two However, the publicity contact assured me that Impulse works as a standalone, so I decided to give it a go because Tor publishes quality stuff Anyway, I am very glad I gave Impulse a chance, [...]

  12. Steven Gould s Jumper is probably the best novel about teleportation in science fiction It tells the story about how David Rice learns to secretly use his jumping talent.In Reflex , the sequel to Jumper , David is captured by a power hungry group that wants to coerce David to work for them Hyacinth Pope, one of the leaders of the group, tortures and experiments on David, but Millie, his girlfriend, learns to jump and she rescues David and Pope is jailed.In Impulse , Gould explores what it would [...]

  13. Impulse is the third book in the series that started with Jumper 1992 and continued with Reflex 2004 The first book is basically a coming of age novel about a teenager who escapes from an abusive home life with the remarkable ability to jump from one place to another instantaneously The second book has a second person develop this ability, and is pretty much thoroughly an adventure thriller, and the third book revolves around their daughter, who has had an odd sort of both socially isolated and [...]

  14. One of the best things about this story is you can tell that the author has a teenage daughter actually 2 I have one too, and much of the interaction with the parents was true to life I hope I wasn t as overbearing a dad as Davy, but then I didn t have people actively trying to kill capture me and my family.In this book we learn what two Jumpers have to do to live their lives in a productive fashion, using their talents for good, and trying to avoid the bad guys who still hunt them The methods t [...]

  15. Third in the saga of teleport David, his wife Milly, and now their daughter Cent Steven Gould is the direct sf heir to Robert A Heinlein and Joe Haldeman he writes so sensibly and practically of impossible things that he makes you believe, well, the impossible He s really given serious, extended thought in these novels Jumper, Reflex to just what it would be like to be able to teleport, and to just how attractive that would make you to the powers that be If you live in daily fear of being kidnap [...]

  16. When I got home from Christmas celebrations, I found this book waiting in the mailbox I won it in a drawing and it must ve arrived on Christmas Eve What a great present Like the previous two books in the series not including the movie tie in , this one had me from the beginning and kept me going all the way through.This one mostly follows David and Millie s daughter, Cent, as she discovers and learns her new ability She finds new ways to use the ability, just like Davy did in the previous book, [...]

  17. I actually haven t read Jumper yet, but that didn t adversely affect my enjoyment in the least People new to the series can start with this one without worrying My favorite thing about this book is that it made me want to go learn about new things, or relearn things I ve forgotten everything from Boyle s Law to international relief efforts to Jane Austen s publishing history I love learning things from books, and a book that inspires me to go learn about such a variety of subjects is a rarer fi [...]

  18. This sequel features Cent Miilicent the daughter of Davy Millie as she comes to terms with her powers learning how to adapt to high school Great fun

  19. Aside from the awesomeness that is teleportation this book had no redeeming qualities I hated it so much I m not even going to clean up this review Mostly gripes and maybe some spoilers Update A fellow member disliked my review , griping that I reviewed the author rather than the book It isn t hard to ignore an author actor s politics, I rather enjoy Matt Damon s movies, the problem is when an author tries to choke you to death with his politics I m fairly certain that before he wrote this book [...]

  20. Impulse is the third in a series, and I listened to the audiobook without a problem I did wonder why and how the family had the power to teleport, but the overarching plot drew me in enough that I was able to overlook that and focus on a really good story.Cent is the child of Davy and Millicent, and her parents can teleport At the beginning, Cent can t, and she spends her days helping her parents charity projects when she s not being homeschooled They are in hiding from a shadowy organization th [...]

  21. This is billed as being basically stand alone, since it s set 20 years after the previous books, but I think it works better when read in the context of the series Cent s storyline here is satisfying in a wish fulfillment way but not particularly deep there are good guys and bad buys, and she plows self righteously through them, always instinctively sorting them into the correct basket and never encountering any real danger The depth comes from David and Millie, and watching all the little ways [...]

  22. I d read Jumper and loved it The film adaptation was pretty good too I enjoyed Reflex, the sequel, and the way Gould didn t just rinse and repeat, but actually jumped the story and characters forward But Impulse blew me away Gould jumped the characters yet again, but this time he added a new primary viewpoint protagonist, Cent, the teenage daughter of Davy and Millie from the earlier books Not only that, he made Cent a complex, extremely likeable yet flawed character, and added a bunch of other [...]

  23. This book was fun and fast paced I was almost late for work trying to finish it.I liked how the characters were developed just enough for you to really car about them even the bad ones I d love to hang out with them at the coffee shop, Krakatoa Also, the jumping kept it fresh from beginning to end My favorite part was when Cent really get s her teen brain going and puts on a disguise to take action I also liked the family bond in this story I really appreciate that the father cared so deeply for [...]

  24. I wouldn t have called Jumper one of the best books I ve ever read it s a fairly predictable SF novel But Gould tells a good story with a compelling lead character I loved it and read it multiple times I watched the disappointing movie in hopes that it wouldn t suck but it did The sequel, Reflex, was less compelling But I enjoyed it, it just didn t drag me back the way Jumper did.Now, 15 or 20 years later, comes the third book in the series, and the author who wrote Jumper is back This time, the [...]

  25. This book was almost what I wanted.Jumper is one of my all time favorites I can read it over and over and still love it every time It explores the mechanics and psychology of teleportation from the viewpoint of a person I can relate to.Reflex took the previously explored world and added an element of adventure and despair to the story Another great book, but markedly different from Jumper.Impulse did not have the same feeling of the other two In books 1 and 2, you were always exploring new terri [...]

  26. I m going to write just as horrible of a review as I thought this book was It plain sucked I forced myself to finish it just because I like to finish what I start I was very entertained by Jumper and Reflex so I had high hopes for this book However, this one was just way too out there for my taste.I won t summarize the story for you, all the other reviews do that but I found it so unbelievable that Cent is jumping all over the place and supposedly no one is noticing view spoiler She even jumps f [...]

  27. There s a lot to like about this one despite the whiny teenager angst I just wish Cent s parents had spanked her in some way when she started rebelling I don t care how mobile your kid is, you don t let them act out without consequences Luckily, Cent acted a lot less bratty later, but then again, she got her own way, didn t she I much prefer Davy and Millie to their spoiled brat of a daughter The story was good, though, even though I think Gould dropped the ball on the romance Davy and Millie we [...]

  28. Something about the way Steven Gould tells stories and creates characters always grabs me I wasn t as fond of the previous book in this series, but mostly because the torture scenes frustrated me immensely The only times this book frustrated me was when the focus moved away from Cent and onto Davy and Millie Downsides I thought the parts where Davy was investigating the office buildings were kind of pointless since they didn t lead to anything ultimately, and I wish there had been descriptive f [...]

  29. DNF d at 55%I was excited to read this one, and started it I believe around the time it came out but it s SO SLOW There s not one thing in this book that interests me I love Davy and Millie, but Cent is so plain Her story doesn t make sense, she s supposedly been sheltered her whole life, not interacting with other kids, but then she goes to school and all the sudden she fits in just fine with people The only problem she has is bullying by this one group and yet the book has dragged it out than [...]

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