Death Note, Vol. 8: Target

Death Note Vol Target Light working as Kira the newest member of the NPA intelligence bureau and L has nearly succeeded in creating his ideal world But the years of uncontested victory have made him complacent and he

Light, working as Kira, the newest member of the NPA intelligence bureau, and L, has nearly succeeded in creating his ideal world But the years of uncontested victory have made him complacent, and he is unprepared for a new attack close to home With his younger sister Sayu kidnapped and the NPA s Death Note demanded as ransom, Light must travel across the world and confrLight, working as Kira, the newest member of the NPA intelligence bureau, and L, has nearly succeeded in creating his ideal world But the years of uncontested victory have made him complacent, and he is unprepared for a new attack close to home With his younger sister Sayu kidnapped and the NPA s Death Note demanded as ransom, Light must travel across the world and confront two new adversaries, each with a very different agenda Will Light s quick wits be a match for this new challenge, or will he be forced to choose between Kira s ambitions and his own family s lives

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Death Note, Vol. 8: Target

  1. Tsugumi ba Profile in Japanese , born in Tokyo, Japan, is a writer best known for the manga Death Note His her real identity is a closely guarded secret As stated by the profile placed at the beginning of each Death Note manga, ba collects teacups and develops manga plots while holding his knees on a chair, similar to a habit of L, one of the main characters of the series.There is speculation that Tsugumi ba is a pen name and that he is really Hiroshi Gam Pointing out that in Bakuman the main character s uncle was a one hit wonder manga artist who worked on a gag super hero manga, very similar to Gam and Tottemo Luckyman in all aspects Also that the storyboards drawn by ba greatly resemble Tottemo Luckyman in style.

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  1. I m unfortunately not as enchanted with the series as I used to be The first 4 volumes were FREAKING BRILLIANT, and I loved cried over 7, too But 8 Eh LIST OF THOUGHTS COMING UP I really really really really miss view spoiler L NOTHING IS THE SAME WITHOUT HIM I m actually surprised Light doesn t miss L a little because he was his greatest adversary for so long, and ya kinda miss your enemies a bit right hide spoiler Light is moving from anti hero with god complex over to full fledged villain WHI [...]

  2. I miss L Things just aren t the same without him Mello looks like a girl I thought it was a girl for a while He is also pretty deranged and creepy Light is such an arrogant jerk Why is he using everyone like this Does he have no morals Misa is SO dumb Can t she see that Light is using her I d like to get to know Near better He doesn t seem as good as L It is funny how is always playing with something The series has gotten a little boring to me.

  3. I ve read nothing but this manga all week, I kid you not Why bother reading anything else when these plot twists are giving me LIFE.I hate hate hate that L is gone, he was my favorite character in this entire series but I feel like he isn t really dead after all it s pretty easy to stage a death when you re a sly genius With him being gone, Light is getting and arrogant with time, I just want him to die at this point Him and Misa are the world s most annoying fictional characters Mello, uber a [...]

  4. The story is a little all over the place at the moment, but I think it ll be really awesome as the different threads start to come back together or snipped off the Greek Fates style.

  5. 3.5 stars Light was a stone cold bastard He didn t have any loving or kind feelings whatsoever, at least early in the series he seemed to care for his family and genuinely wanted to make the world a better place He was no longer like that, he was willing to kill Sayu, his dad, and anyone else if they got in the way of his goal to create a new world he could control Also, the fact he was living with Misa for years but still hadn t developed any feelings for her showed how inhuman he was, he was t [...]

  6. Light is cold, man, cold Especially to the ladies.There s poor misguided Misa Hell no did Light just speak to her like that she really needs to get out of there And then lil sis Sayu, whose brother is mercilessly contemplating killing her off, just so he can have an easier time as a brutal mass murderer Bad times.All in all, the series is still good but that level of excitement and mystery is somewhat lacking now I like the addition of Mello and Near, but it feels like it s lost the focus and se [...]

  7. Mello Look at him in his chocolate glory Another character that you really just want to hug but know that he d shoot your head off if you even got within a foot of his chocolate bar The characters in these books are amazingly corny, all with their own odd habits Whether that be eating chocolate or killing people, its all fun, yup fun

  8. No son 5 estrellas por el simple hecho de que amaba cuando estaba L, y la magnitud de rivalidad entre l y Light, ahora me parece todo simple, espero que mejore en el pr ximo volumen sigo llorando a L

  9. Girl, I hate Mello I suffer misophonia and even seeing photos of that guy licking and chewing on chocolate bars nonstop makes me want to choke someone Uggghhh.

  10. I m enjoying this series, although at times the events can get a little hokey You can tell, at times, that the creators may not know the larger context of certain aspects of their narrative world, such as behavior and customs in the U.S Still, intriguing, and I want to go through to complete the entire series.

  11. Brilliant ending to this volume Unexpected interference of a new Shinigami completely throws off Light.

  12. So Rem s a female and Mellow s a male There s some serious mismangement with this manga p Anyway, Light s going universal, our ruthless Light That Mellow is annoying I MISS L SO MUCH T.T T.T T.T I hoped that Near would be anything like him, but so far, he isn t a main character yet He shares many things with L, but he lacks L s creepy stare, which I hugely miss now He has some creepy stares also tbh, but L has HAD T.T them all the time 3 Anyway, I can tell that Near is super sharp as well, but h [...]

  13. I read the last few chapters as a reminder because I already have the 9th volume The only thing that stands out is that Light Yagami has become a pansy That s right, I said it Ever since what happened with L in the last volume, and the years that have passed, Light has gotten soft and I don t like it one bit In this volume, Light now has concerns for the well being of his family and actually doesn t want to put them at risk Really Wasn t it in the first or second volume that Light was willing to [...]

  14. Another good one in the series I suppose I think it could move a bit faster and have action but that s a minor point I enjoyed it.

  15. And, at last, Death Note is good again.It ll sound weird to a lot of fans that I m saying that A lot of fans hate this arc from this volume until volume 12, things went downhill for a lot of people And I just don t get that, to be honest Yes, I miss L, just like everybody else But the fact that one character died doesn t suddenly make the series bad And over, the memoryless Light arc was so terrible that this is a welcome break That arc was filled with plotholes, it was thematically boring, and [...]

  16. Death Note, 8 is written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata and is 200 pages long The genre of the story is mystery and also realistic modern time science fiction.The book is based on a notebook, called the Death Note, that allows a person to kill another person just by writing the full name of the person and thinking of an image of them This notebook solely belongs to the Death Gods, or Shinigamis , but one day, a death god named Ryuk is bored and throws the book to the human world Ligh [...]

  17. This book just isn t as interesting as the others For one thing every single character including the new shinigami uses Light s circular reasoning, which is really confusing and delays progress Despite the bulk of the volume no progress was made in the search, although I m not quite sure what anybody s searching for any This new shinigami is an idiot, and Ryuk is no longer entertaining really what good are all these shinigami They can t do anythingLight is boring now, he s not even an evil good [...]

  18. Another gripping instalment to this unique series This one sees Light struggling to fight against two separate adversaries who both want the death note And as both are L s prot g s and therefore, genius masterminds, it s not easy for Light.Again, like volume 7, this series is really keeping my attention again I love the new challenges Light is dealing with, whilst still trying to maintain his own fa ade at the Japanese police Add to that his weird relationship with Misa Misa and throw in another [...]

  19. keren keren KEREEEENkarang ajang pertarungan bukan lagi hanya antara L dan Light, tapi antara Kira vs L palsu vs Near vs Mello dan shinigami ketiga habis menikmati aksi yang bikin jantung berdegup kencang sepanjang buku, bab akhirnya bikin aku jingkrak jingkrak gak karuan bukan bukan karena pasukan khusus amrik yang gagal i m soooo sorry for their deaths, my sincere condolences , tapi karena rencana Light ternyata bisa gagal juga sukuriiiin kau Light apasih di 3 panel terakhir tankubon ini ilust [...]

  20. Is it just me or is Light just a little bit stupid in this volume Normally I m practically screaming at how intelligent he is, but here he just left me like meh I feel like since L died, he s become too relaxed, and also Mello and Near aren t brilliant replacements for L Don t get me wrong, they re still good competition for Light, but I used to love how L and Light thought in exactly the same way so the competition between them was really intense.Also, Misa has always been my favourite characte [...]

  21. Normalde Death Note ciltlerini en fazla 3 g nde bitirmi olurdum ama 5 g nde bitirdim, eker Portakal n da okuyorum ok ince bir ey ama yar s na gelemedim.O derece me gul m yani Neyse g zeldi dldklkdlk.

  22. I can t believe Light wanted to kill his sister He is just gone evilI wish he died like the way he deservesAnd what is wrong with Misa She is so dumb This manga is sexist

  23. Light is quite the anti hero villain Whatever he is, he is fucking brilliant Mello is another fave, I don t think I care so much for Near yet.

  24. Seriously, the plot is far too intense, I can t wait to read the next book I hope to be able to read it fairly quickly, as I started the school last week So I have much less time to read The characters of Near and Mello are all intriguing as the old L.S rieusement, l intrigue est beaucoup trop intense, j ai terriblement h te de lire le prochain tome J esp re tre en mesure de le lire assez rapidement, car j ai recommencer l cole J ai donc beaucoup moins de temps pour effectuer mes lectures Les p [...]

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