A Flicker of Light

A Flicker of Light In the Nazi s established a program called The Lebensborn Their agenda to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children These children were to be the new master race once HItler had cleared all

In 1935, the Nazi s established a program called The Lebensborn Their agenda, to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children.These children were to be the new master race, once HItler had cleared all undesirable elements out of Europe Within a year the first institution was built.The year is 1943.The forests of Munich are crawling with danger under the rule of TheIn 1935, the Nazi s established a program called The Lebensborn Their agenda, to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children.These children were to be the new master race, once HItler had cleared all undesirable elements out of Europe Within a year the first institution was built.The year is 1943.The forests of Munich are crawling with danger under the rule of The Third Reich, but in order to save the life of her unborn child Petra Jorgenson must escape from the Lebensborn Institute Alone, seven months pregnant, and penniless avoiding the watchful eyes of the armed guards in the overhead tower, she waits until the dead of night Then, Petra climbs under the flesh shredding barbed wire that surrounds the institute and at the risk of being captured and murdered she runs headlong into the terriying desolate woods.Even during one of the darkest periods in the history of mankind, when horrific acts of cruelty became commonplace and Germany seemed to have gone crazy following the direction of a madman, unexpected heros came to light And although there were those who would try to destroy it, true love would prevail Here, in this lost land ruled by human monsters, Petra will learn that even when one faces what appears to be the end of the world if one looks hard enough one will find that there is always A Flicker Of Light.

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A Flicker of Light

  1. I m an American writer of Jewish and Romany decent I write Historical Fiction and Historical Romance, most of which is set during the holocaust Although I never discount the horrors of the time period, the main focus of my work is on ordinary people who prove to be strong heroic characters in unfathomable circumstances.Facebook Author page facebook Rkagan4Facebook Book Club facebook groups 14942Also check out my interviews indieauthoranonymous 2012 drunkenspacepenguinsp

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  1. I won this book in a Giveaway This book deals with Nazi Germany Petra, a young Danish girl falls in love with a soldier in Hitler s army, becomes pregnant, leaves her family and goes to what she and her lover think is a safe place in Munich, Germany where she can have her baby, while he is away fulfilling his military obligations on the Russian front She has second thoughts about this safe haven and flees into the woods, where she finds refuge on a farm, belonging to an elderly childless German [...]

  2. Alas, this was too bad to finish I made it about three quarters of the way through, but the stilted dialogue finally got to me Considering the setting Nazi Germany during WWII , everything moved way too smoothly Petra s escape from the Lebensborn program, Aaron s family girlfriend fleeing to America, finding living being supported by Hans and Siegland I could go on It was just too glossy for a story that could have been gritty and real.

  3. I won this book in a giveaway I did enjoy reading it, but there were a number of negatives about it The first thing that struck me when I started reading the book was that the writing was not spectacular It was written better than the average person could write but not up to the standards I ve come to expect from good authors A lot of what happened in the book seemed too easy for the characters and does not seem as if it would be possible in the actual times that Nazi occupation and the Lebensbo [...]

  4. Another terrific read by this author She goes into Germany and the Lebensborn Institutes, started by Heinrich Himmler in order to raise Aryan children for the Nazi Reich Many of the girls were not married and went there because they considered it to be a priveledge to bear a child for Hitler Petra, however, realized that this might not be best for her, and she escapes from the Lebensborn house, and the rest is her story This was another of Himmler s nutty ideas He was also fascinated by the occ [...]

  5. I enjoy WW2 books but found this one to be one if the lesser well written ones The storyline was good but parts were quite abrupt and I didn t feel a strong attachment to many if the characters I feel this would have been better with some of the deaths drawn out a bit.

  6. I downloaded this book as it was free for a day on and Nazi Germany is a subject that i am interested in I had never heard of The Lebensborn program and to me this was really horrible thing to have ever happened.This book is about Petra who escapes the Lebensborn programme despite being a fair few months pregnant She goes through the German countryside in the hope of being able to find her way home, but ends up at a farmhouse where a couple have never been able to have children They take her in [...]

  7. The description of this book indicated it was about the Lebensborn program run by the Nazi s during WW2 It was not I was disappointed because I thought it was a good premise for a WW2 novel No, this was a Danielle Steeleified version of the horrors of the holocaust Mildly entertaining story about beautiful people going through tough times The story of a good girl who sleeps with, and has babies with any man that is nice to her and a childless couple who want a child so bad that they accept a you [...]

  8. I stumbled upon A Flicker of Light while going through my friends Kindle, and since we were at the beach, decided to read it Firstly, I love love love the sketched cover art I truly do judge books by the cover, and this one passed We follow Petra and Aaron throughout this riveting, sometimes edge of your seat and romantic story set in 1943 Petra is pregnant, running from Germany already so heart wrenching and running towards what is hopefully freedom It is so hard to find a good Nazi era book th [...]

  9. A fictional WWII story about a unmarried couple he s German, she s Norweigan who get pregnant and since he s been drafted by the Nazi s and her family has thrown her out, they apply for and receive admittance to the Lebersborn project This was Hitler s breeding program to make the prefect Aryan race Since the father was German they would be allowed to adopt their baby as long as they followed strict Nazi doctrine in their home Well, Hans, the father, dies at the Russian front which means that Pe [...]

  10. It amazes me the atrocities that occurred during the holocaust This is the second book From Roberta Kagan that I have read and again I am astounded at how well written her novels are If you have been searching for an author that writes a great historical fiction book about the holocaust then you have found her This particular book had a happy ending along with a few heartaches as well Overall a thoroughly enjoyable read.

  11. I got this as a free download from BookBub and wish I hadn t wasted my time If you are going to mine the deplorable horror of The Holocaust for a novel, at least write a good book The characters in this one all sound the same They talk incessantly They recount information in lengthy expositions of which the reader is already aware The heroine is a shallow floozy The villains are stock Nazis from any pulp fiction Move along There s nothing good here to read.

  12. This is a light read principally about a girl who has babies with every man she meets Of course she falls deeply in love and cannot help herself It is described as a Holocaust novel but this is a bit of an over claim The war is going on but most of the time it barely touches the protagonists In the last quarter it becomes real but, in my opinion, is still pretty superficial.

  13. I was given this book free in exchange of an honest review The story covers a period of almost 6 years following Petra and several others through the war and its atrocities of the Nazis The story is well told and the author brings the various characters to life At times I cried became angry or smiled This is a great story and I highly recommend it to all who like stories of World War 2

  14. I read this book in no time I have always been drawn to stories of the war in Germany and what they did to the Jewish people there This books takes a look at several several people first there is a couple who fall in love, although she is German and her man friend is a German who opposes the war but must serve She gets pregnant and they decide to send her to a place where pregnant woman have babies that are perfect Aryan specimens that are given out for adoption They had no idea what was really [...]

  15. A young Norwegian girl gets pregnant by a Nazi occupying soldier and family rejects her So she leaved her home and goes to a program called Lebensborn where she can live and have her child for the Reich, even though she s no Nazi, nor is her conscripted fiance When he is killed at the Russian front Petra runs away from the Lebensborn house, fearing for her child and herself She is obviously pregnant now but runs into the countryside, away from anything Nazi, though she is now in Germany Finally [...]

  16. Good character developmentOnly reason I gave this 4 is the overly descriptive making love parts I don t think it was necessary Other than that I enjoyed the book At one point in the book I got so angry about a characters actions I stopped reading for two days I don t think I have done that before I appreciated way that all the characters were introduced in a rembered I didn t have to think ok now who is this person , because they were only mentioned once 4 chapters back.

  17. A Satisfactory BookIt does need some editing to clean up errors though.If you are unfamiliar with what went on during WWII in Europe this book will provide a basic overview, it covers just about everything There are lots of books which provide depth.It s not as depressing as most.

  18. I love holocaust books I am a straight history buff and think that the story is amazing Especially when I read about survivors I was so connected to the entire story from beginning to end and the characters were amazing I loved watching them grow and although there were parts that were weird nothing about this book was what I was expecting Excellent Read.

  19. Interesting readThis story, although fictional could well be factual The characters were very believable and their story well told The historical significance of this time period should never be forgotten.

  20. I d passThe story line had such promise, but unfortunately it fell flat I didn t care for the authors writing style and there were a few graphic borderline porn that I had to skip over I d pass.

  21. I stopped reading this because it seems to have been written for a third or fourth grader I think the storyline would have been good if this were written from a first person viewpoint rather than telling it from a second person account.

  22. Holocaust novel Quick read Always an amazing topic Not particularly well written And lots of typos but I liked how the characters came together.

  23. The story was interesting but the dialog was stilted and did not ring true Too much telling interrupted the flow.

  24. Okay bookNot as goof as some of this author s other works, but not bad either Kind of predictable, its an OK book.

  25. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

  26. One girl s journeyWWII historical fiction Romance and the brutal, cruel truths of the time The ability to make bonds and find love, and against all odds survive.

  27. Pleasantly surprised with this one A lot of free books tend to be free for a reason and end up being a bore Although a bit slow at times and a bit toonvenient at times I was surprised I started to genuinely feel for Petra, a very brace woman in a helpless situation A good wee read for a lazy or rainy day

  28. There is no lightThis story is horrific This should be required reading for high school students lest we allow history to repeat itself Well written.

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