To Kill A Warlock

To Kill A Warlock The murder of a dark arts warlock A shape shifting ravenous creature on the loose A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bi

The murder of a dark arts warlock A shape shifting, ravenous creature on the loose A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch.Dulcie O Neil is a fairy And not the type to frolic in gardens She s a Regulator a law enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them frThe murder of a dark arts warlock A shape shifting, ravenous creature on the loose A devilishly handsome stranger sent to investigate Sometimes working law enforcement for the Netherworld is a real bitch.Dulcie O Neil is a fairy And not the type to frolic in gardens She s a Regulator a law enforcement agent who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world When a warlock is murdered and Dulcie was the last person to see him alive, she must uncover the truth before she s either deported back to the Netherworld, or she becomes the next victim.Enter Knight Vander, a sinfully attractive investigator sent from the Netherworld to work the case with Dulcie Between battling her attraction to her self appointed partner, keeping a sadomasochistic demon in check, and fending off the advances of a sexy and powerful vampire, Dulcie s got her hands full As the body count increases, Dulcie finds herself battling dark magic, reconnoitering in SM clubs and suffering the greatest of all betrayals.

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To Kill A Warlock

  1. I m a huge fan of anything paranormal and I always have been I get super excited whenever they have those Twilight Zone Marathon days and anything ghost or vampire related will always attract my attention.My interests are varied but aside from writing, I m most excited about traveling I m extremely fortunate to have been able to live in England and Scotland, both places really having a profound effect on my books.Thanks for checking out my books and I hope you enjoy them Happy Haunting H.P.

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  1. When this one was free, I decided to take a chance glad I did The cartoonish cover gives the impression it will be light and humorous and it is but it carries its weight of darkness and serious tomb The world building is varied with Fairies, demons, goblins, vampires, and a whole host of supernatural creatures and critters Dulcie is a fairy who works as a detective of sorts called a Regulator She s tasked with hunting down a particularly vicious and ruthless killer who is leaving bloody bodies t [...]

  2. Quick Take This book is pure fun The characters were perhaps the most enjoyable aspect, with protagonist Dulcie being the main draw Intriguing but tempered world building whet my appetite enough to want to see what s to follow in the series.One of the first things that struck me whilst reading this book was the general vibe The tone of this piece was very comfortable, and the first person narration had a light, conversational style For a book that focuses primarily on supes and unnatural element [...]

  3. I read the whole thing, but that s not saying much since I have a compulsion to finish reading a book no matter how bad it is This one is pretty bad The story is nothing new and draws heavily from popular influence The quirky, self conscious heroine who is competent even while lacking confidence yet is lusted after by every male in a 10 mile radius is such a tired character it needs a nap Preferably a long, dirt one The actual style of writing some have called it conversational makes it seem lik [...]

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this I found myself quite taken with Ms Mallory s writing style right from the offset It s light, conversational in tone, funny But please don t be fooled by that nor by the cartoon like cover This is not as fluffy, or paranormal lite as you might be expecting once you get into the meat of the story It was actually surprisingly dark and sexy in places and had violent scenes, but those scenes were usually described off page rather than experienced first hand Mallory herself d [...]

  5. Original Post at One More PageI m still fairly new to the urban fantasy genre, and I am still avoiding paranormal romance maybe I should make a post about that sometime so when I received a review request from HP Mallory for her books, I was kind of hesitant to accept it But I m not really one to say no to free books, so I thought, why not I finally found the time to read To Kill a Warlock when we started moving a week ago I figured after reading about zombies, I need to take a break from the go [...]

  6. I liked the premise of this book a fairy in law enforcement has to solve a murder but there appear to be three potential romantic possibilities for the main character, Dulcie, and the one that appears to be winning at the end of this book is the one I like the least Knight In fact, I like him so little, it annoyed me that Dulcie is even slightly interested in him The one I liked the best Quillan turns out to be one of the bad guys maybe maybe there s a good reason for what he did that we ll find [...]

  7. Dulcie is a Fairy who works as a regulator monitoring creatures of the netherworld Her world is one of demons, monsters, witches and warlocks When a monster turns up on her patch, tearing people she knows to pieces, she finds herself hunting a creature that kills for fun Helping her is a mysterious regulator who might or might not be on her side.To Kill a Warlock never quite clicks There are some good moments in it but the good in this book doesn t add up to a good book.

  8. This book is bad and it should feel bad.The problem with this book does not lie with the narrator It isn t her fault that 70% in I decided I didn t really give a crap about what happens at the end and gave up.It s a shame, too I started out really liking this book because the first chapter was so funny.I didn t feel like I was reading about faeries and vampires and other paranormal creatures at all There was nothing actually otherworldly about any of them and it as really disappointing.Bram is b [...]

  9. In this first of the Dulcie O Neil series, Mallory has created a world populated with witches, warlocks, fairies, demons, vampires, werewolves, elves, hobgoblins, ogres, leprechauns, pixies, gremlins, loki and who all came out into the public to the humans fifty years ago Now a creature is killing illegal potions dealers in the city of Splendor, CA.This is a humorous paranormal fantasy romance story filled with action and a betrayal which reminds me a little of MaryJanice Davidson s style of wr [...]

  10. To find this review and go to Afterwords You know those books that make you scratch your head at all the reviews and high ratings they have and wonder if you ve read the same book Perhaps someone trolled you and gave you a fake copy Because there is no way all these people love this book if they read the same version you did Yeah this is one of those books.When I got this book I was extremely excited I had seen how highly rated Mallory s books came, and I was on an urban fantasy kind of kick so [...]

  11. Holy Hades, this book needs some serious editing Protagonist Dulcie O Neil works for an organization patrolling the paranormal players in an Unmasqued World supernatural cop She s also a magical being herself, a fairy I ll start by saying the basic premise is solid one with great potential that s been done effectively elsewhere with vampires Laurel K Hamilton s Anita Blake and witches Kim Harrison s Hollows Unfortunately, the potential really doesn t pan out here Here, I pause to invoke a book w [...]

  12. To be honest, I started to not even read this book The Jolie books by Mallory are good, don t get me wrong, but Jolie comes across as an immature bubblehead who made me want to smack her upside the head and scream at her to get a grip Turn off the vapid and, if you are going to have these powers and be endangered by them, it would be good to stop mooning over the guy and grow a backbone.Dulcie, on the other hand, fights her own battles She is strong, determined, and willing to take care of her o [...]

  13. By H.P MallorySeries Dulcie O Neil 1Publisher SmashwordsRead E Book via NookRating 4.5Book Art Gothic meets quirky cartoon Cute.Genre Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, AdultReason Why the Mad Scientist Picked Up This book This book was recommended to me by Black Disaster Fairy.First Line There was no way in hell I was looking in the mirror.Concoction of a Review I grabbed my futuristic Nook, oh yes this contraption is highly recommended by me If you ever find yourself instead a time machine I t [...]

  14. 3.5 StarsDulcie O Neil is a fairy that works as a Regulator They are the policemen and women of the Netherworld A warlock known for selling illegal potions has just been found murdered and Dulcie was the last one to see him alive Dulcie is now on a mission to find out who the killer is before she ends up the next victim Dulcie will not be alone on the investigation Knightley Vander awesome name right is a investigator sent from the Netherworld to track down the killer and work with Dulcie off th [...]

  15. To Kill a Warlock is book 1 in HP Mallory s urban fantasy series, the Dulcie O Neill Series Dulcie is a fairy and a Regulator, a person who polices creatures from the Netherworld Fairies are not very common in this book, so Dulcie is automatically special On the side of her regulator job, Dulcie is an aspiring romance novelist Her romance novels are based on characters in her life, and they provide an entertaining and amusing side story I really loved Dulcie s character, she is spunky, she has h [...]

  16. 3.5 stars.This has been on my kindle since 2012 so I thought it was about time I got around to reading it, especially since I read Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble almost a year ago and I got them at the same time.It took me a little getting into since I m having a bit of an issue with paranormal books at the minute but once I got a third of the way in or so, I was pulled into the story bit by bit Me being me though, I was all for the romance aspects Like Fire Burn there were three love interest fo [...]

  17. To Kill a Warlock is about a fairy investigator with a paranormal investigative agency in California In H.P Mallory s world the creatures of myth and magic have been out of the proverbial closet for the last 50 years and are now integrating with humanity I enjoyed the fact that the main character isn t your typical vamp fae witch were that is seen in a number of current urban fantasy books but I found the character developement a little lacking The author introduces us to the main character and [...]

  18. Check out my review here prufreads 2012 10This was my first book by H.P Mallory To Kill a Warlock is an easy to read Urban Fantasy Dulcie, a Regulator or law enforcement for the Netherworlds is caught in the mystery of who is killing warlocks in her town A Loki demon, Knight, has come to help Dulcie She then finds herself having to choose between three men Although definitely not YA there is no sex in this read, but you do get a bit of steam I have to admit, although a huge fan of the mine term, [...]

  19. The first sentence sucked me straight into the story and didn t spit me back out to the very end This is the first time reading something by HP Mallory and have to tell you that I m a definite FAN I love it when I read a book and it almost seems effortless because everything works so well together and that s what made this book such a great experience There was a very natural flow to the story that allowed me to really settle into it and although it wasn t as long as some books I ve read, there [...]

  20. This is the first book in the Dulcie O Neil series by H P Mallory I got a copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed it While not the most creative paranormal series I ve ever read this series was light hearted, fun and very well written Think of it as a mash up of Kim Harrison s Rachel Morgan series, Charlaine Harris s Sookie Stackhouse series, and Molly Harper s Jane Jameson series You got the fairies and the Netherworld, a murder mystery, and lots of [...]

  21. Watch out HP Mallory has come gins ablaze in the UF scene To Kill a Warlock has all the great elements of Urban Fantasy with a touch of something extra Humor, sexiness, danger and mystique Dulcie is a Fairy who works as a Regulator She is police to all the otherworldly creatures from the Netherworld As you can imagine the job is no walk along the beach when some warlock can cast nasty spells on you But Dulcie has her own magic and smarts to get her through a days work What I loved most The plot [...]

  22. Out of all the free novels I ve read this year, this one is definitely a cut about the rest Granted, it still has some flaws, but it s an entertaining read overall.O Neil is a fun character to follow She has a distinct voice and walks through her curious world with an air of confidence that is easy to read She s relatively good at what she does and definitely has chemistry with Knight and Bram, though I feel it s a bit lacking when it comes to Quillan, but I ll get into that in a moment O Neil s [...]

  23. First of all, I actually used to know someone named Dulcie and I always thought it was a strange and unusual name I never really cared for it Now, seeing a different character behind it, I am in love Dulcie means sweet in Spanish and this character is just that She s sweet, but she s also strong and independent and a little bit self concious and you know she could be anyone you know With maybe the exception of the pointed fairy ears.The story opens with our favorite fairy in somewhat of a mess I [...]

  24. This book got off to a very strong start I liked the characters, I liked the premise I even liked the creative similes Dulcie used in every third sentence and then they got annoying and, worse, less apt Tornadoes just don t loom they barrel through like a freight train Therefore saying that something was looming over us like a tornado just doesn t make any sense We also had great examples of metaphor and simile in the same sentence I glared daggers at him and they slid off of him like water on a [...]

  25. Picked this up from a promotion for a quick fun read, and wasn t really looking to criticize I was pretty sure while reading that it was the work of a basically talented, but inexperienced, and probably indie author I thought bags of potential, but hiring someone like me could have done a lot to improve it in quite a short time Turns out the author has written several successful books, trad published I can only assume the publisher isn t reading them any Having discovered this, what was forgivab [...]

  26. Actual Rating 3.5 StarsThis one started off on such a promising note right from the opening scene with Dulcie and Sam trying to deal with a hilarious spell that was cast on Dulcie And, the rest of the book had similar moments of humour Lots of paranormal creatures, such as elves, demons, faeries and witches, plenty of magic and exciting action rounded out the good things in this book I also enjoyed the light, conversational style of the narrative It did have its darker moments as well, so it was [...]

  27. 3.75 stars a nice addition to the paranormal fantasy world however I wouldn t classify it as romance There is Dulcie who is obviously our h but I don t see a clear line on who the H is nor was there much intimacy occurring The GOOD This book is well written, entertaining, and light hearted Sometimes I feel like some books take themselves too serious This one is not fluffy but it s not BDB dark either I really enjoyed it Dulcie is a likable character but she gets my likable but annoying heroine d [...]

  28. 3.5 StarsTo Kill a Warlock is a light and humorous paranormal romance urban fantasy about a fairy named Dulcie O Neil and her adventures as a regulator law enforcement for Netherworld creatures and an aspiring romance writer.When a known illegal potions seller is found dead, Dulcie is the prime suspect and must seek out the true culprit to clear her name Soon after the murder a handsome stranger shows up claiming to be a Netherworld investigator sent to team up with her and find the murderer, bu [...]

  29. A new brand of urban fantasy Dulcie O Neil is a kick ass fairy who works for law enforcement as a Netherworld Regulator by day in protecting the human population from Netherworld creatures, and an inspiring romance writer at night When she s singled out as a suspect in a warlock s murder, Dulcie must put in some overtime to work to clear her name The Netherworld has sent their own investigator, Knight Vander, to partner up with Dulcie and solve the case before another murder takes place Used to [...]

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