Goblinheart Using fairy and goblin in lieu of female and male the author has created a timely allegorical fairy tale A youngster named Julep who lives in a forest tribe insists on growing up to be a goblin rat

Using fairy and goblin in lieu of female and male, the author has created a timely allegorical fairy tale A youngster named Julep, who lives in a forest tribe, insists on growing up to be a goblin rather than a fairy The tribe learns to accept that Julep is a goblin at heart, eventually coming around to support the physical transition that must be made for Julep to lUsing fairy and goblin in lieu of female and male, the author has created a timely allegorical fairy tale A youngster named Julep, who lives in a forest tribe, insists on growing up to be a goblin rather than a fairy The tribe learns to accept that Julep is a goblin at heart, eventually coming around to support the physical transition that must be made for Julep to live as a goblin.

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  1. Brett Axel s poetry, fiction, and book reviews have appeared in over 100 literary journals and magazines.He has three collections of poetry in print, edited the poetry anthology Will Work For Peace, and two children s books, Goblinheart a Fairy Tale and the upcoming Friendship of Millicent and Tandy.

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  1. At first glance, Goblinheart is just a fairy tale, albeit with fairies and goblins In the book s fantasy world, the fairies have a certain set of physical characteristics and roles in the community, and the goblins have a different but complimentary set of characteristics and roles Perhaps that sounds familiar, or perhaps not Like The Story of Ferdinand, part of Goblinheart s brilliance is that it can be discussed as an allegory or simply appreciated as a fairy tale As such, it is an ideal teach [...]

  2. My dad wrote this book He read it to me several times while he was writing it and made changes until I thought it was perfect.

  3. I ve never read a book before that didn t have gender pronouns in it You can t apply your preconceived notions about gender to characters if you don t know what gender the characters are.Its really a wonderful story even without that One of my favorite books ever.

  4. By chance, I happened to go to a poetry reading at Greenfield Community College where Brett Axel was the featured poet I was surprized and delighted to discover that as well as several books of poetry he had a children s book that dealt with gender identity and transgender issues simply and not contraversially, for five and six year olds I read it and it is truly great.I can t say how great it would have been if the kids I had gone to school with had read this book before they met me I think I d [...]

  5. This is a great book for helping children to accept and include people who are different from themselves Because it is about goblins and fairies rather than boys and girls it doesn t ruffle any feathers, but the allagory is obvious even for a small child.The book is beautifully done and amazingly tactful, making what might otherwise be a contraversial and complex subject plain and simple There would be a lot less bullying and alienation of non gender conforming children if every child read this [...]

  6. A poignant and somewhat subversive look at transgenderism using fairies and goblins in place of male and female cleverly arranged without any gender specific pronouns, with a look at an interesting hidden world where goblins and fairies have species specific tasks Written for children but good for adults, as well.

  7. For a kids book, this book is superb It makes you wish for The artwork is amazing although black and white The story premiss is excellent and a good message for the kids they can be whatever they like If on the inside they feel like someone else, it s ok and they should trust that feeling.Also important to note that it was printed in an exploitation free placeeview here youtube watch v ymHIUL

  8. I found this gem at the Augusta Lit6erary Arts Festival and brought it home to my children 6 and 8 they devoured it They both loved it so much that I took a moment to read it myself and was really impressed I hope the characters continue in future adventures, even a tv series.

  9. Wonderful illustrations and a terrific story There s no doubt in my mind that it will be an enduring classic Reading it so soon after it was released and discovering it before it is huge feels like being a part of history.

  10. I loved Goblinheart, by Brett Axel I thought this story was beautifully written The illustrations were beautiful, and they were relevant to the storyline What a wonderful and moving story for old and young alike to share I love this book and plan to share it with friends.

  11. This is a wonderful book for people from 2 100 My kids adore it, heck, our whole family loves it The message that you can be who you feel you are inside even if those around you tell you that you must be something else because of how you look is beautifully done.

  12. This has been Sandy s most beloved book since the day we brought it home from Fairy Fest She asks us to read it at least once a week.

  13. Best book I ve ever seen for instilling good values at an early age tolerance, acceptance of oneself and others, freedom to be who you are at heart regardless of what people expect of you.

  14. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.I loved it It so gently explains the feeling of knowing your something else on the inside The fear of making yourself standout and what others will think And shows that life can be like Everyone I ve share this book with loved it as much as I have.One person maybe a bit .She had been dealing with not feeling right in her body and the story seemed to have given her a bit of strength I really hope that this isnt the last we hear about J [...]

  15. I read this and just cried I want to hug the author, the artist, the publisher and owner of every store that carries it.

  16. Quite possibly my new favorite children s book A story about a young elf named Julep who grew up feeling like he she was meant to be a goblin, is great for teaching children to accept people for who they are, not who they should be Highly recommended for any parent that wants to raise empathetic children I will be purchasing multiple copies of this book to distribute to friends and family.In compliance with FTC guidelines, I must disclose that I received this book for free through First Reads.

  17. I chose to include this story in my text set because it depicts a community that not only respects the Julep s feelings and manner of self expression, they accept them The community demonstrates the importance of providing individuals with respect and support.

  18. I d heard the book told from memory and was so impressed by it that I borrowed a copy of it to to use during Children s Time at a church I was serving I just heard it told again at a Pride service I was leading and decided to order my own copy directly from the author on ebay It will be a valuable resource and a good friend for many years to come.

  19. A bit of a tongue twister because of repetitive usage of names instead of a well placed pronoun Story line is great for kids don t let others tell you who you should be Kind of choppy transitioning between pages toward the end and it ended sort of abruptly in my opinion Fairies and goblins though what kid wouldn t be interested in that

  20. Loved the story and appreciate the tolerance, acceptance, and encouragement that it will bring to people all ages Couldn t get over the fact that it hasn t been edited I m an English teacher, sorry I look forward to even owning another copy after it s MUGS errors are addressed and a final, polished copy is available I do think it s an important book

  21. I would like to own my own copy of this book but can t find it My local bookstore says they will have it next August when it comes out in paperback It used to be on bn and but there aren t even used copies now.

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