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Thomas January Thomas Eriksson thinks he has it all figured out People crossed the street when they saw me I m not really sure why that was I mean okay I might have looked a bit intimidating if I was being truthfu

Thomas Eriksson thinks he has it all figured out People crossed the street when they saw me I m not really sure why that was I mean, okay, I might have looked a bit intimidating if I was being truthful with you I d changed since New York New York represented a life that wasn t real, not truthfully, anyway No, New York was the young, immature, in love, idiot side ofThomas Eriksson thinks he has it all figured out People crossed the street when they saw me I m not really sure why that was I mean, okay, I might have looked a bit intimidating if I was being truthful with you I d changed since New York New York represented a life that wasn t real, not truthfully, anyway No, New York was the young, immature, in love, idiot side of Tom The Tie Dye Tom of New York City didn t exist any Tie Dye Tom was dead January Mac Lochlainn thinks she s her own worst enemy I quit Berkeley Threw away a full scholarship Plans, you ask What plans But they re both wrong Tom approached me slowly and met me under the light on the stone walkway He leaned over me so closely, my neck craned to see his face His expression was one of confusion as he studied my own What is it about you he asked me.I gulped What do you mean I whispered, closing my eyes and swallowing again, my breaths becoming labored.He lifted his hand and dragged the backs of his fingers across my jaw so lightly I barely felt them, but they made me feel dizzy all the same How can you be this extraordinary, January MacLochlainn He leaned closer, a look of pure frustration and anger lit his eyes and pressed his lips And why couldn t I have met you before I realized I didn t want anyone ever Life for Thomas and January will never be the same again whether they like it or not.

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Thomas & January

  1. Fisher Amelie resides in the South with her kick ace husband slash soul mate She earned her first mama patch in 2009 She also lives with her Weim, Jonah , and her Beta, Whale All these living creatures keep the belly of her life full, sometimes to the point of gluttony, but she doesn t mind all that much because life isn t worth living if it isn t entertaining, right Fisher grew up writing She secretly hid notebooks and notebooks of dribble in a large Tupperware storage container in her closet as a kid She didn t put two and two together until after college where it suddenly dawned on her, Hey, I like writing She s a bit dense No, I m not Yes, you are Put down that Oreo, your butt can t take any You re rude Yeah, yeah Anyway, she likes to write and has finally beaten her self esteem into submission enough to allow herself to be scrutinized under the other readers microscope No No Not a cover slip Last time it gave me a ra mumbling Rescue Fisher from her metaphorical specimen slide at fisheramelie

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  1. Ok so I just loved Callum Harper which was book 1 in this series by Fisher Amelie so I was so excited to start Thomas January and although I enjoyed it, I didn t love it The story seemed a bit rushed and I would have loved to actually get to know Tom and January better That being said this story has drama and yummy romance, and I loved that the characters from book 1 were in this one too January comes from a huge family, she is the oldest of 10 kids I really liked her, she was intelligent, confi [...]

  2. Let me start by saying that when I got out my Kindle I had intended to read The Understory by Fisher Amelie However, I had no idea that Thomas January was already released and since I had just read Callum Harper last week I was than excited to continue with the family I was super surprised and excited and the book did not disappoint Tom and January are so sweet and feisty they are perfect for each other, and the ending was perfect I love how January s siblings all have months as names Super fun [...]

  3. I am a big fan of Fisher Amelie s Callum Harper, and was excited to dive back into her world and the eclectic group of friends that I came to love in the first book Tie dye Tom is now Thomas Eriksson successful music scout, snarky, with a massive chip on his shoulder and nursing some severe hatred His heart was broken when the woman he loved chose someone else, and now, determined not to be hurt again, he has completely closed himself off, acting like a hulking beast who hates the world All roun [...]

  4. Awesome Of course This is freaking Fisher Amelie we re talking about What can I say I loved it It was perfect Had me smiling one second and then crying the next Her characters are always so levelheaded and that s my favorite thing about them They make mistakes and are completely normal But they fight for what they want and admit when they make a mistake But not just that, there s no crazy unreal circumstances I can totally see all these playing out in my head.The way Fisher describes the kissing [...]

  5. This book is absolutely adorable The chemistry and banter between Thomas and January is fantastic and boy does Thomas have a way with words The two of them just had me giggling myself to death A somewhat word of caution to those that read Callum Harper Do not go into this book thinking it is going to be the same caliber book On a scale of 1 to 5, CH is a 6 There just isn t any way to follow CH This is not a dig at TJ, just not fair to compare Put CH out of your mind while reading this book, caus [...]

  6. love love love I love books by this awesome lady never a dull moment and leaves my heart in utter ecstacy when finished Callum and Harper was amazing and no dissappointment with Thomas and January I am officially in love with this little gang of friends

  7. What song is in my head right now after reading this book So just take my hand and know that I will never leave your sideYou re the love of my life, you know that I will never leave your side The Gambler by Fun Yeah This is bittersweet In a really good way.I was really hooked in Callum Harper s story and this one did too Innocence.January is a very sweet innocent girl I like that about her She s pure and friendly She s a crybaby but not in an annoying way Yeah I like her the blushing Oh my gosh [...]

  8. As soon as Fisher Amiele posted that this book was released I went straight away and bought it, I could not wait any longer It was a long wait but damn it was so worth it This book that I could not put down was amazing Then again that s only to be expected from the great Fisher Ameile , she can write no wrong in my eyes Once again she has created must read masterpiece This is why she is in the top two of my fav authors I loved that the characters from Callum and Harper returned in this one, Call [...]

  9. I have read quite a lot of glowing reviews about this novel But I just disliked it.Firstly, Thomas is a hypocrite He calls January out on sluttish behaviour not that she was, mind you, acting sluttish , but that hypocrite himself professes to having kissed and slept with hundreds of girls I mean what the hell, that is so not cool Secondly, Thomas is an ass hole He is so selfish, cold and hurtful He presumes stupid things with little or no reason and he takes it all out on January.Thirdly, for a [...]

  10. January Just get me whatever you re drinking I laughed I don t think you want what I m having, sweetheart Condescension Nice touch January is quite a typical heroine At first A bit of sass, plenty of innocence, and a good dose of cheekiness But when she pulled out statements like this, I knew we were going to get along very well.That wink told me two things One, he was freaking adorable and did things like wink The only other person I knew who winked was my grandpa Two, that he was excited about [...]

  11. Oh Fisher Amelie I kind of love you Tie Dye Tom is no longer Tie Dye Tom After being forced to feel what its like to have his heart broken, he has left New York to go to Austin to be a music scout He has left that loving persona and pretty flowers behind from Callum Harper and now dresses in layers of dark clothing with a permanent scowl on his face No longer lanky gentle Tom, he is buff, don t mess with me Thomas January is the oldest of ten siblings She is a masterful pianist and revels in the [...]

  12. More of my reviews obsessionwithbooksI absolutely loved Callum Harper by Fisher Amelie so went into Thomas January with my expectations quite high and although I enjoyed it, I didn t love it as much as book 1.January MacLochlainn, the eldest of ten children has left a scholarship at Berkeley to pursue a career in the music world where her passion truly lies.Thomas Eriksson fled NY for Austin with a broken heart, he is a former musician and now a music scout his whole persona from Callum Harper d [...]

  13. How did we both sleep on this tiny nothing, I said out loud, my voice hoarse from disuse Well, that leg was wrapped around mine, he said, pointing to each part as he continued his explanation, that stomach was pressed to mine, that beautiful face was buried in my neck It was the best and worst night s sleep of my life I smiled Good morning, he said, smiling back.Ah , I just love stories that talk about falling in love for the first time well not exactly the first time , but falling in love with [...]

  14. I knew nothing of romance, but it was love at second sight fun.I went into Thomas and January s story with some extremely high expectations How can Tie Dye Tom hold up next to Mr Callum Unbelievably Amazing Tate Spoiler he s not Tie Dye Tom any he is yummy Tommy And you know what Fisher did it again She took my heart and played kick ball with it, yes you you devious author you It s still what I would call a Fisher Story, it s her style and feel, but it s its own in its own way.Thomas is a comple [...]

  15. I ll start by sayingank goodness this book released Last year I read Callum Harper and quickly became invested into the lives of this group of friends So, Fisher, THANK YOU for making this book happen I was really looking forward to We meet tie dye Tom in CH, but I really felt like he was still a bit of a mystery to me In this book, I really found myself drawn to Tom He is hurting from a broken heart The woman he loved, loved another So, Tom takes off to Austin to scout musicians He s cranky, s [...]

  16. Review posted at Ja itam, a ti Few months ago I ve readCallum and Harper aka the first book in this series and I adored it It was so heartbreaking and I couldn t stop reading it I ve realized that I have some thing for books that deal with people form dysfunctional families and hard lives So I was so excited to read this one.Thomas and January was a really interesting book We have Thomas who is a guy with huge circle of friends and works in music industry but at the same time he looks so inacces [...]

  17. Tie Dye Tom Who knew he would be so wonderful We got a small glimpse of how amazing he was during Callum and Harper s wedding I was surprised to see out of all the characters Tom was getting his own book It was something I didn t know I wanted until it was in my hands Thomas and January were a great couple and I loved them right away I was very happy to see the whole gang again.cially Callum and Harper Their book is one of my favorite books ever I need to read of Fisher Amelie s books Ahem, Vai [...]

  18. Cover ThoughtsI think I am going to do a picture review on the cover because this is pretty much how I felt about the cover.WHen I first saw the cover Thirty minutes later after reading the excerpt and not knowing when the book was coming out Fisher Amelie must be a sadist Why was my reaction Why are you so cruel, Fisher Why cries image error height 500 alt description Then after I calmed myself down and realized it had come to this Well, Fisher if you read this you will know what I have done wi [...]

  19. Finally Thomas January was finally released today This is one of those books I ve been patiently waiting for since It was announced that the release date was pushed back For those of you who are not aware of Fisher Amelie and her works, you should really change that and reader her wonderful novels.I was thrilled to download Thomas January today when I saw Fisher post that it was now available I dove right into it This book is similar to Fisher s previous novel Callum Harper but instead the focus [...]

  20. You revived me You saved me You did what I m convinced no other person could have done and believe me they d tried ThomasAlrighty, I just want to start out by saying this Don t go into this book and expect another story like Callum Harper, or I think you ll unfortunately be disappointed This book s issues aren t nearly as heavy as in Callum Harper it s a lighter romantic story I put Callum Harper out of my mind and tried not to compare to the two books, because they are very different That being [...]

  21. Read this and other reviews at Madison Says.I think that a great injustice given to books, especially those in a series, is when they are compared against one another Such could be the case with Thomas January Taken on its own, if I hadn t just read its companion book 1 Callum Harper I would have thought it was so great And it was a great book But in comparing the two in the series they make up, it s not on the same level of Callum Harper, but honestly, not many books are the same caliber asCall [...]

  22. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFLet me start by saying that Thomas January was a really good young adult novel Now, let me follow that up by saying that I was slightly disappointed by this novel Okay Please don t start yelling at me yet Give me a minute and let me finish.I made the mistake of going into this story expecting to read another story just like Callum Harper I enjoyed Callum Harper so much that I welcomed reading a very similar story [...]

  23. Let me start by saying that Vain and Greed by Fisher Amelie were both 5star reads for me and I truly loved them but this book for me was stupid The context was stupid, the characters were stupid and the writing was stupid This book was stupid By 5% I had nearly given up on it twice and that right there is a sign of a stupid book As I hate giving up on a book and baring in mind my total love for Fishers writing in both Vain and Greed, I decided to bravely plow on in the hope that Thomas and Janua [...]

  24. This book was so freaking good I fell in love with Tom and loved January so much Unlike Callum and Harper in which tragedy and survival brought these lost souls together, Music and attraction brings them together Thomas is nursing a broken heart and left New York and his friends to help with it One night he sees January and for that moment he forgets about his broken heart January is instantly attracted to this man and wants to see of him One passionate kiss freaks Tom out and it appears he re [...]

  25. I knew immediately after finishing Callum Harper by Fisher Amelie that I would have to read of her books so I dove right into Thomas January I loved Thomas in all his brooding, muscular, hoodie darkness He was such a great character and I loved how his morals came forth with January I think that made me like him even One of my favorite scenes was him realizing the mistake he had made with January, and the conversation that unfolds while he sits at the bar with the beautiful blonde next to him [...]

  26. fate has a way of stepping in and guiding you the direction you need to go even when you yourself had no intention of creating that path OMG Fisher Amelie, what have you done to me LOL I m a weeping, giggly happy mess This is another amazing, amazing story This is not the Tie Dye Tom you know from Callum Harper No no, this is a gritty, angry, bitter Thomas And he is just going through the motions of surving his life Then there s January BTW, LOVE her name and all her siblings Fierce and loyal, s [...]

  27. I wanted to love this book, and I certainly didn t dislike it or hate it, but I didn t think it was wonderful The story was very predictable and followed the familiar formula of many romance novels characters meet and are attracted but argue, they meet up again and argue while realizing their attraction for one another, they get together, they have a misunderstanding and break up, then after some time they are reunited I know how I truly feel for the characters in a book like this because I am e [...]

  28. Thomas and January is a great quick read, and kept moving with a decent pace I think what kept me moving through this book was the palpable sexual tension in this book that was so similar to Callum and Harper that it could only have come from Fisher Amelie Though I didn t feel the gripping suspense I did with Callum and Harpers story, I still enjoyed it so much I found my self reading at work on the down low so I could find out what happened next Honestly, the best part for me was all of the gli [...]

  29. Although this was fairly badly written, the story was good enough to keep me interested This author has a lot of potential but needs a good editor to offer her some better phrasing in the dialogue It felt clunky, like a first attempt at a manuscript With some guidance I think she could rate right up there with the really popular authors in New Adult.And how refreshing to have main characters who fall in love and then get married and THEN have sex And no graphic details The build up is really wel [...]

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