The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A CASE FILE WITHOUT ORIGAMI YODA With Dwight suspended McQuarrie Middle School is missing its most famous attendee origami Yoda And no Yoda means no case file mystery to solve

IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A CASE FILE WITHOUT ORIGAMI YODA With Dwight suspended, McQuarrie Middle School is missing its most famous attendee origami Yoda And no Yoda means no case file mystery to solve But just as Tommy wonders if he ll ever find anything interesting to write about again, something BIG happens Something BIG and HAIRY It s a Fortune Wookiee, a paper fortIS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE A CASE FILE WITHOUT ORIGAMI YODA With Dwight suspended, McQuarrie Middle School is missing its most famous attendee origami Yoda And no Yoda means no case file mystery to solve But just as Tommy wonders if he ll ever find anything interesting to write about again, something BIG happens Something BIG and HAIRY It s a Fortune Wookiee, a paper fortune teller in the form of Chewbacca Sara brings it to school as a gift from Dwight, and it seems to give advice that s just as good as Yoda s Mysterious it is Tommy, Kellen, and Harvey are on the case and when their classmates start having strange Dwight Sightings sightings of Dwight in which he is Yoda less and acting WAY too normal , the boys have TWO mysteries to solve The closer they get, the possible it seems that origami Yoda will be back

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The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee

  1. Tom Angleberger artist turned writer He is a columnist for the Roanoke Times in Roanoke, Virginia, and began work on his first book while in middle school Tom is married to author illustrator Cece Bell He lives in Christianburg, Virginia.

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  1. How can you have one of Tom Angleberger s delightful Origami Yoda books without Dwight Tharp or especially Origami Yoda Genius that he is, Angleberger found a way The thus far irrepressible Dwight has been expelled from McQuarrie Middle School and is now at Tibbet Academy, leaving Tommy Lomax and the gang behind Adrift without the Jedi wisdom, the seventh graders turn to the Fortune Wookiee, a substitute Dwight has given his neighbor Sarah Bolt The Fortune Wookiee can t speak himself, but his ye [...]

  2. What the Fett How did I go from being mildly annoyed with this series to laughing out loud while reading it Thank Jabba I didn t ditch this after the first book The kids at school are feeling Dwight s absence keenly Luckily, Dwight has made up a little origami Chewbacca fortune teller to guide the students on their correct path First you tell the Wookie what your favorite Star Wars Episode is, and then your favorite character from the movies Then he answers in Shyriiwook and Sara translates for [...]

  3. Tom Angleberger could have rested on the laurels of his unique premise He could have pumped out book after book where Origami Yoda solves various middle school type problems while Tommy and the gang wonder if Origami Yoda is real or just a creation of Dwight It s such an interesting concept that many fans myself included would have read many reiterations of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda before getting tired and moving on To Tom Angleberger s credit, he didn t do that Each book in the series d [...]

  4. I swear these just keep getting better The current crisis at Ralph McQuarrie Middle School is how will everyone get by without the guidance of Origami Yoda, now that Dwight has transferred to fancy Tippett Academy And by the way, what is going ON with Dwight Reports are filtering in that he is no longer digging holes and sitting in them, speaks in complete sentences, and, strangest of all, has stopped bringing Origami Yoda to school While Origami Yoda was about accepting and appreciating Dwight [...]

  5. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Everyone misses Dwight at McQuarrie Middle School With no Origami Yoda, Sara shows up with Fortune Wookie and Hans Foldo She says Dwight threw them to her out his bedroom window Tommy starts another case file to investigate whether or not the advice Fortune Wookie doles out is real Meanwhile, everyone is concerned about Dwight at his new school He is totally boring Origami Yoda is in a picture frame at his house, he never gets in trouble, doesn t rep [...]

  6. The series overall remains strong The art direction is excellent, with all the illustrations and different handwriting, and of course, the fortune telling wookie on the cover Dwight is now at a new school, and Tommy s trying to find out how he s doing Other kids are dealing with lesser issues how to get out of eating the Big Pink at Thanksgiving But Rabbski the principal is up to somethingd then this volume is just over.No doubt there are good reasons for ending it where he did, but it felt like [...]

  7. This book started out with Tommy saying how boring it is without Dwight and origami Yoda and why there is no reason to make a case file without him But, likea DAY later, Sara made a fortune Wookie and everyone believed in it she also made Han Foldo It was going pretty well until Harvey noticed that the fortune Wookie had 9 answers but, it only had 8 flaps, so the fortune Wookie turned out to be fake Meanwhile Dwight turned out to be NOT wearing his origami Yoda puppet any so Tommy went over to [...]

  8. This was a fun and funny story I would have like Origami Yoda and Dwight, but I did enjoy Fortune Wookie Chewbacca and Han Foldo Those were the funniest parts I liked that even though this story was quite silly there was still a lesson to be learned with what happened to the characters, notably Harvey I probably should have started with the first book Although, the important points were covered in this book, which was nice for readers like myself that skipped the first two books, so I didn t fe [...]

  9. Have you heard of origami yoda If you haven t, you are seriously missing out I know these books are for the Diary of a Wimpy Kid audience, but if you are a Star Wars fan of any age, you will love these books And they re not just for boys either my daughter likes them, as do I Let s face it, Star Wars is for everyone Anyway, I just finished this book tonight with my daughter and we are already looking forward to the next installment, Art2 D2 coming March 2013.So what s the theology skinny on the [...]

  10. Mum So, first things first how many stars LRN Four Usually my reviews are five stars, but this book had one thing that was bad Mum Yeah What LRN Two whole pages were crammed withe page was called I was right and the page just going on and on and on with I was right.Mum Okay, so what s the plot Is Dwight, the weird kid with the Origami Yoda in the first couple of books, still working his oracular magic LRN No, apparently he s at this new school, and he s gotten so good he doesn t bring his fortun [...]

  11. Tom Anglbergers s third installment in the Origami Yoda series, The Secret of the Fortune Wookie, is packed with another case file and mystery to be solved This time Dwight has gone to a new school and supposedly left behind this fortune Wookie Is the force really with this one, or is it all a trick See Tommy, Sara, Kellen, and Harvey all face new dilemma s and test the advice given by the Fortune Wookie Read along and wait to find out if Dwight will ever come back from his new school and if he [...]

  12. I love this third installment of the Origami Yoda franchise Noah and I read the ARC of the original, sent to us by Teresa Rolfe Kravtin on our way to Disney World a couple of years ago Since then, we have had these books that we share together, getting excited as the release dates arrive Noah 12 gobbles these books up and he reaches heroic status when he shows up at school with the latest book.In The Secret of the Fortune Wookie, Angleberger sends us back to the Lucasfilm vaults to check some of [...]

  13. Right now I am reading the book The Secret of Fortune Wokiee by Tom Angleberger I think its a good book because it has funny chapters.Each time I read I can t take my eyes of it and want to read it all day I m at the part where a kid named Mike needs help but a Fortune Wokiee but all Fortune Wokiee does is growl I think the author does a good job explaining how McQuarrie Middle School can face their problems without Dwight and origami Yoda I think this book is going to be good because the first [...]

  14. I recently finished the book The Secret of The Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger When Dwight leaves McQuarie Middle school and takes advice giving origami yoda with him, the rest of his old school doesn t know what decisions to make when Dwight s friend Sarah comes up with an idea She folds a fortine teller, makes it look like a Wookie from Star Wars , and claims that it has origami yodas s magic of predicting the future and giving advice I like this book because of the funny cast of character [...]

  15. I thought this was a great book I thought this because, it had a lot of drama, and different characters so it made the book intresting If there were no new characters, I wouldn t read as many books as I do now.

  16. One might look at The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, or any of the books in Tom Angleberger s enormously successful Origami Yoda series, and on first impression assume they are all about humor That impression would not be accurate, however There is an ample amount of humor in the books, for sure, but Tom Angleberger never makes a story without utilizing the full palette of literary colors, mixing shades of middle school wisdom, intriguing plot design and spot on characterization to paint a compl [...]

  17. Such a fun series It focuses on the theme of empathy, but there s plenty of gross humor and a variety of characters to appeal to a variety of readers Book five is the best, imo, because it gets really wise, as the kids learn that adults are people too Book six is odd like someone got called in from the bench to write it for Tom But if you don t stop after book one, you ll want to read them all, and to do so in order This review copied to all.

  18. In the third installment of the Origami Yoda series Dwight is expelled and attends Tippett Academy this semester, the kids of McQuarrie Middle School are on their own no Origami Yoda to give advice and help them navigate the horrible events of their middle school Then Sara gets a gift she says is from Dwight,a paper fortune, teller in the form of Chewbacca It s a Fortune Wookiee, and it seems to give advice that s just as good as Yoda s, even if, in the hands of the girls, it seems too preoccupi [...]

  19. Sometimes books can break cardinal writing rules and still get published Of those, a few are of high enough quality to prove to the world that rules can and should be broken Unfortunately, others such as The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee by Tom Angleberger prove the opposite.One cardinal rule is not to start with the back story The reason Readers don t yet have a reason to care for the main character and so even the smallest account of the main character s past will bore them In The Secret of th [...]

  20. When Dwight created Origami Yoda, he convinced almost every one of his classmates that he could actually summon the Force to get Yoda to help them with their problems Now, with Dwight at a new school, everyone is at a loss that is, until Sara shows up at school with Fortune Wookiee She claims that Dwight, who has otherwise been acting strange, threw him to her from his window, and that he intends him to be used in the same was as Yoda, to answer important life questions Because Fortune Wookiee o [...]

  21. WARNIG SPOiLERS AHEAD Hey did you miss me No Well time for a realistic fiction book review Also I am anoncing that this is my last origami Yoda book I m doing a book review on It s no good reason my mom.It s in McQuarrie middle school The major events are that Dwight needs no has to go back to McQuarrie and Harvey even thinks it s a good thing that he s there because he s acting normal which is actually not him Also his new friends just treat him like a class pet not a real person which is rude [...]

  22. I was a little surprised when I heard that the Origami Yoda series was going to continue after Darth Paper Strikes Back After all, it had ended pretty decisively with Dwight leaving the kids at McQuarrie for private school How can we have Origami Yoda without Dwight Well, in this third book in the series it becomes clear that while Origami Yoda might be gone for now, the Fortune Wookiee and Han Foldo are here to do the job in his absence And it s still all kinds of awesome.I could nitpick a few [...]

  23. This is the third book in a series In the previous ones a boy in middle school named Dwight made an origami yoda that used the force to give advice In this book, Dwight is going to a new school and has taken Yoda with him A girl named Sara shows up at school with an origami Wookiee that helps solve problems This book is about the stories of the different people who ask the Wookiee for help It is also about the mystery of Dwight acting not acting like his normal self.The character who showed the [...]

  24. Yes Tommy starts another case file, a most curious one now that Dwight is no longer at McQuarrie These kids are very perceptive, and a new character emerges in the empty space left by Origami Yoda Is the Fortune Wookiee for real Is the Force still working at McQuarrie, and how is Dwight getting along at Tippet Academy Tom Angleberger has created another mystery with plenty of good stuff and just the right amount of input from each of the gang to make for a clever and interesting read Along the w [...]

  25. When I read the first book The Strange Case of Origami Yoda I was initially unimpressed But my husband loved the series, being a big kid at heart and encouraged me to finish the rest of the books After reading the next books, I know understand why I didn t like the first one so much It s not very good as a stand alone story, but following these characters and their adventures into the next school year give them a chance to expand and grow Now these kids and their story arc are relatable I can r [...]

  26. Tom Angleberger did it again This book was great it had me laughing, and some times almost crying because of what was happening to Dwight Angleberger picks up the story when Dwight leaves his former school to begin attending a new private school, which his almost girlfriend also attends, at this school Dwight is as normal as everyone else, he begins to lose who he is Tommy, Dwight s almost best friend begins compiling a new case file when Sara one of their friends and almost girlfriend arrived t [...]

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