One Last Thing Before I Go

One Last Thing Before I Go Mistakes have been made Drew Silver has begun to accept that life isn t going to turn out as he expected His fleeting fame as the drummer for a one hit wonder rock band is nearly a decade behind him H

Mistakes have been made Drew Silver has begun to accept that life isn t going to turn out as he expected His fleeting fame as the drummer for a one hit wonder rock band is nearly a decade behind him His ex wife is about to marry a terrific guy And his Princeton bound teenage daughter Casey has just confided in him that she s pregnant because Silver is the one she care Mistakes have been made Drew Silver has begun to accept that life isn t going to turn out as he expected His fleeting fame as the drummer for a one hit wonder rock band is nearly a decade behind him His ex wife is about to marry a terrific guy And his Princeton bound teenage daughter Casey has just confided in him that she s pregnant because Silver is the one she cares least about letting down.So when Silver learns that he requires emergency life saving heart surgery, he makes the radical decision to refuse the operation, choosing instead to spend what time he has left to repair his relationship with Casey, become a better man, and live in the moment even if that moment isn t going to last very long As his exasperated family looks on, Silver grapples with the ultimate question of whether or not his own life is worth saving.

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One Last Thing Before I Go

  1. Jonathan Tropper is the author of Everything Changes, The Book of Joe , which was a Booksense selection, and Plan B He lives with his wife, Elizabeth, and their children in Westchester, New York, where he teaches writing at Manhattanville College How To Talk To A Widower was optioned by Paramount Pictures, and Everything Changes and The Book of Joe are also in development as feature films Information from jonathantropper

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  1. Update This is a 1.99 Kindle special today This author is so much fun but he hasn t written a book in quite a while I d love to see a new book come out by him When I need a comic tragic very fun book I think of Jonathan Tropper This book fits the bill This was everything thing I wanted at the moment Jonathan Tropper is my go to author when I m in the mood to read about Jewish families their problems and laugh my ass off He s got some FABULOUS lines I only wish I could remember them myself at tim [...]

  2. Silver is forty four, a former drummer with the one hit wonder band, The Bent Daisies After the front man vocalist, Pat Mcreedy, left them and went solo, they tanked, dried up, and disbanded Now Silver is a notch above broke, and his ex wife, Denise is about to get married to the doctor who wants to perform life saving surgery on him But Silver is about the most passively suicidal guy you may meet in fiction.Silver lives on his royalty checks from the song, Rest in Pieces, or plays Bar Mitzvahs [...]

  3. It may have been a mistake listening to two Jonathon Tropper books in a row Perhaps had I listened to this one first, I may have liked it better Maybe if I had read rather than listened to it This one didn t work for me It wasn t awful but it didn t have the insight, honesty, or hilarity I have to come to expect from this author 2.5 stars, sadly.

  4. I don t know Jonathan Tropper, or what his life has been like, but he sure does have the ability to provide pitch perfect perspective into young and not so young men struggling with what they ve made of their lives His This is Where I Leave You was my favorite book of 2009, and I ve enjoyed a number of his earlier books as well, because I love how he gives poignantly funny voice to these somewhat dysfunctional men as they try to get a handle on their past, present, and future.In his newest book, [...]

  5. Whatever, Tropper I ll give you this much you did deviate in your usual style by writing in third person, and your character was not your usual loser but in a charming way since this guy was just a loser, and while you still objectified women a plenty you at least threw in the condescending woman that he was into was NOT the hottest bridesmaid, she wasn t even second, she came in third this is almost a direct quote so don t you now think I am enlightened for being willing to settle but at the en [...]

  6. 3.5 Stars Always amusingmetimes laugh out loud funny As I listened, I imagined it as a great comedy series and I marveled at the author s very clever wit.

  7. 3.5 stars rounded up to four I received an ARC of this from a Dutton giveaway on Twitter I m generally not into books that explore the male psyche, but Jonathan Tropper s latest offers a solid story, well drawn characters, and some great dialogue Indeed, the dialogue is where the book really shines, and I could easily see One Last Thing Before I Go being made into a movie My favorite parts were Silver s exchanges and interludes with Jack and Oliver, which alternated beautifully between moments o [...]

  8. When you just don t care whether the main character in a novel lives or dies, well, it s probably a good sign that you won t be recommending this book to others I wasn t offended by the characters in One Last Thing I was annoyed by them Or perhaps even worse I was bored by them The protagonist, a divorced, middle age man who was one the drummer in a one hit wonder band, openly admits to being a loser That he spends much of the novel making declarations of loserdom without actually doing anything [...]

  9. Once upon a time, Drew Silver was living the dream a member of a rock band with a hit single who went home each night to a wife he loved and a daughter he adored Fast forward a couple of years and the band was a one hit wonder, Drew and his wife are divorced and he s estranged from his daughter Living in a by the week hotel with a lot of other divorced men, the highlights of Silver s week are college co eds in bikinis coming to lay by the hotel pool and Silver heading to a local independent book [...]

  10. Wow I loved this book Gobbled it up I was at work yesterday, mourning the fact I couldn t read it no, librarians do not just sit around reading on the job , and even though I was queasy and should have just napped when I got home, I read and read and read until I was done The ending, though not a happy ending , is satisfying And the meat of the book is a meal of laugh out loud funniness and aching sadness, a savory blend that never has one element dominating the others One reviewer has noted tha [...]

  11. Cautionary Note I do not consider any part of this review a spoiler however, some folks may reject that viewpoint.It s that time of the year when Jews who remember that they re Jewish invest themselves in preparations for the approaching High Holidays So when I finished reading Jonathan Tropper s One Last Thing Before I Go, I had no intention of using my time to compose a review of it But at some point after planning to merely change its shelf and rate it through the star system, I realized that [...]

  12. Quick read And totally quintessential Tropper You have your male lead surrounded by people family that he is both loved and hated by His inner monologue is funny and self deprecating and completely recognizable as JT So we have Silver, Drew Silver who is a middle aged guy who was once famous for a punk band back in the day He had it all, kinda A wife and and daughter and lost them both when his wife divorced him We start the story almost 8 years after the divorce and we see Silver as he makes a [...]

  13. One Last Thing Before I Go is the third of three novels by Jonathan Tropper which I read back to back, and I considered abandoning it shortly after I began reading The story began with 44 year old Drew Silver, divorced father of a soon to be off to Princeton daughter named Casey, sitting around the pool with his friends These friends are other middle aged divorced fathers who sit around ogling young college aged women who spend their days sunbathing These men are all living at an establishment k [...]

  14. An endearing tale of a sad schmuck who gets his life back on track This novel reminded me a lot of Hope A Tragedy and A Visit from the Goon Squad, two books that ask similar questions about what can be rescued from failure.The Versailles Hotel, last resort for divorced losers, is home to Drew Silver, the forty five year old drummer from one hit wonder Bent Daisies Ogling college girls at the hotel pool with pals Jack and Oliver helps distract from the fact that his ex wife, Denise, is preparing [...]

  15. Wreed graag gelezen Het voelde als het goeie boek op het goeie moment voor mij, met een hele hoop zinnen die me deden nadenken en vol hilarische n hilarisch pijnlijke dialogen en inzichten over het leven Donkerder dan This is Where I Leave You, soms zelfs deprimerend donker, maar h , het leven is soms gewoon wat donker Het leest alleszins opnieuw als een film en de personages zijn zo geloofwaardig dat je ze eens zou willen vastpakken en vertellen dat het allemaal wel goed komt, hoe uitzichtloos [...]

  16. This book was a disappointment for me I thoroughly enjoyed This Is Where I Leave You I was hoping to get the same type of witty, funny and heartwarming story in One Last Thing Before I Go but it just didn t work out for me I couldn t identify with any of the characters and worse than that, I didn t really like any of them I found the story to be a mish mosh of jumbled memories and random stories that didn t quite gel for me.

  17. Thank God for Jonathan Tropper He s one of my favorite authors and you can reliably depend on him to put out an entertaining novel every couple of years This one lives up to his lofty standards It follows his usual storyline of someone in a crisis wisecracking their way through all of his troubles and managing to make a worse mess of things before they finally set their lives straight Our protagonist here is Silver, a drummer for a now defunct one hit wonder band, who s getting by with work in a [...]

  18. Jonathan Tropper has rescued loser middle aged white men as lead characters for me After basically writing off any books about whiny men The Ask, Freedom, A Hologram for the King , my last two Tropper reads have reminded me that these men are not without redemption.His latest novel, One Last Thing Before I Go, tells the story of Silver Silver has a last name, but no one used it Everyone, including his daughter, just calls him Silver Not Gold, not Bronze, just middle of the road Silver Still ree [...]

  19. Let me start by saying I soon loved and continued to love this book, but what a horrible beginning The very first scene takes place at a sperm bank, where three divorced middle aged guys are making donations Funny Stupid, like it And this is immediately followed by an overly long poolside scene where they are all leering at bikini clad hardbellies Though I m sure the writer thought he was being incredibly funny, he misread this woman in the audience I thought it was dumb, clich d, and uninteres [...]

  20. December 2.5 I wanted to love this book I loved This Is Where I Leave You and really enjoyed How To Talk To A Widower, so I was looking forward to another great read with this book Alas, it was not to be It was hard to find anyone to like in this book The ex wife blech The knocked up daughter too bitchy and too full of herself And Silver well, he was just such a loser for no reason Not sure exactly what he did to support himself other than live off residuals of his one time hit and play in the o [...]

  21. I ve read everything Jonathan Tropper has written, from the humorous to the touching, and yet this book is different from anything else he s ever written You can still tell he s written it if you ve read enough of his books It still centers around a non practicing jewish man in his 30s 40s who has screwed up his life in some way shape of form It contains humor, touching moments, and leaves the reader with a sense fulfillment in having read a book that you instantly are happy you read, and know w [...]

  22. If you re a Tropper fan, then you know it s been a long two year wait since his last novel, This is Where I Leave You And I ll admit, THAT particular work of Tropper s is my favorite One Last Thing Before I Go Nope, didn t top it.However, I stand by my belief that any new Tropper is FAR better than pretty much everything else on the bookstore shelves these days the way he writes characters and true to life scenes for them is unmatched in contemporary fiction today, IMO So it s still pretty great [...]

  23. In the beginning of this book I was like, too much testosterone here This is totally a guy s point of view and I can t relate But then, suddenly, I could And I liked the story than I could imagine.Silver, a drummer, got a taste of rock stardom and apparently didn t handle that too well, although we are spared that part of his story as we meet him several years later Now he is alone and lonely, having plummeted to musical obscurity, been divorced by his wife, and allowed his daughter to slip fro [...]

  24. Another home run from my favorite author A couple times I found myself sobbing and laughing at the SAME TIME I loved every last bit Family, losing your way and never being able to go home again are familiar themes in Mr Tropper s books, but Silver is flawed than any of his other characters IMO, which makes this one hit a little deeper The Versilles was so sad and so well described, Casey s situation exactly opposite of her father s, and that he s exiled himself from his family, view spoiler he [...]

  25. jonathan tropper writes some of the best characters ever funny, sad, dysfunctional, hopeful and triumphant, they are all beautiful and fully relatable i love a book that makes me laugh and cry, and this one had both in spades love, love, love this book READ IT

  26. Funny and heartwarming There are several laugh out loud moments Loved Silver s buddies Jack and Oliver and also his dad 2nd book of Tropper s I ve read and it won t be the last

  27. This is a book that ended exactly as it should have, but I still hated the ending even while admiring the writer for not catering to readers like me.This book might be described as a coming of age story about a 44 year old divorced man, Drew Silver, who finally decides to grow up Silver s usual way of handling difficult situations is to let people down almost willfully or, if that doesn t work, to suggest going for ice cream cones What is it with you and ice cream cones He licks around the edge [...]

  28. Jonathan Tropper s new novel, One Last Thing Before I Go, is like that sad, too self deprecating friend everyone has, who, despite the fact that he depresses you to no end, you still hang out with him because he s entertaining as hell It s a bit of a departure from Tropper s first five novels which are usually crackling with one liners and populated by dudes getting wantonly laid without trying too hard.Indeed, One Last Thing Before I Go is Tropper s most melancholic novel While still often funn [...]

  29. Despite the fact that Jonathon Tropper s latest novel One Last Thing Before I Go is somewhat melodramatic, cheesily sentimental, and has the distinct feel of a soon to be made into a movie starring Adam Sandler, I actually liked it a lot, mainly because Tropper was clearly going for the whole dramedy thing and succeeded Real life, I suppose, can be somewhat melodramatic and sentimental at times Sometimes, life can be tragic and hilarious, at the same time Also, Tropper s sparse but butter smooth [...]

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