It All Started With An Apple

It All Started With An Apple Brianne is the opposite of her best friend Kyla Kyla is open minded Brianne is closed off judgmental Kyla is a hopeless romantic Brianne Not so much So when Kyla shoves an apple into her face tellin

Brianne is the opposite of her best friend, Kyla Kyla is open minded Brianne is closed off, judgmental Kyla is a hopeless romantic Brianne Not so much So when Kyla shoves an apple into her face telling her to throw it across the cafeteria so she can find her future love, Brianne is anything but interested And yet she throws the apple anyway Who does the apple hit Brianne is the opposite of her best friend, Kyla Kyla is open minded Brianne is closed off, judgmental Kyla is a hopeless romantic Brianne Not so much So when Kyla shoves an apple into her face telling her to throw it across the cafeteria so she can find her future love, Brianne is anything but interested And yet she throws the apple anyway Who does the apple hit Dannon Barone, the most popular boy in school Though he s seemingly sweet and all smiles, Brianne dislikes him She thinks he s a fake, a fraud, someone who is just charming the crowds in order to gain popularity But Brianne is about to learn that stereotypes are not true, and that she s been too quick to judge those around her.Brianne Nichols life is about to change forever And what does she have to thank for it A bruised piece of fruit.Who would have known that a stupid apple could be right

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It All Started With An Apple

  1. Ashley Winters, twenty, is currently attending the University of Maine at Farmington and majoring in creative writing Most of her time is spent writing or thinking about writing, and the rest is spent reading or fangirling about people who don t actually exist She loves God, her family, her friends, many, many fictional people, and pretty much anyone who makes a pun.Make sure to like me on Facebook on.fb 1PwEcGcFollow me on Twitter too bit 1RHcA0i

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  1. This book is literally amazing I fell in love with the characters and wished I was in the book With them My rating would defiantly be a must read 10 10

  2. Here i am at 3 55 in the morning writing a review sorry if it sucks Oh dear finally when i decide to finish an actual book in the month of august,i go and give it 3 starsI think everyone knows by now that i can t stand CORNY THINGS I love romance books and cute couples and cute names but sometimes there s a line I was pretty excited to read this book,i ve started reading it,i love it so i decided to give it a chance But after pretty much screamed of joy,i reached half of the book and boyere s wh [...]

  3. I m glad that SHE got the ending she wanted I think the story would ve been memorable if it had not ended how SHE wanted it to but then it would ve been a bit cliche All in all it was a good read I might just start flinging apples in random places

  4. Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsFound on Wattpad.This book begins when Brianne gets coerced into throwing an apple across the cafeteria at school to find out who will be her future love by her best friend When the apply hits the most popular guy in school, Dannon, in the back of the head he goes to return the apple to Bri, then decides to keep it instead From then on he seems to always be around her, smiling, and laughing Bri thinks he s just faking being nice, and in truth he is reall [...]

  5. This book is AMAZING I laughed so hard I cried I cried of sadness I smiled of relief I have never read a book to pull out so many of my emotions It is a book you would like if you liked The Fault In Our Stars It is literally impossible to put down It is currently my favorite book A girl is convinced to throw an apple at the cute guy in school It is awkward at the beginning for her, but they fall in love It hits her hard when she realizes a secret he has been keeping She is devastated and depress [...]

  6. This book was amazing And i was so not expecting that I loved all the characters specially dannon because he is just so different from other characters and i just love him along with all the other characters This book was so well written and the storyline is original and people need to read it.

  7. This book is so amazing It really plays with your emotions, I laughed and I cried There are tons of lovable characters You ll want to order your own Dannon from online right away I recommend this to every one If you loved The Fault in Our Stars, you ll really like it D

  8. This book was really good Throughout the book, it was like I was on a emotional roller coaster I got upset,laughed, cried, cringed and smiled The huge plot twist in the middle of the book was horrible I didn t even think anything like that could happen and was shook I really liked the plot of the book and liked all the character development I really liked the ending of the book It ending differently then I thought it was going to Overall 4 star rating.

  9. OMG I didn t know that this book got published lolI remember crying in the end for this book.God, the tears i shed for the H, was uncountable.But the clich GOD this book was the father of clich s D Instead of it, the writing was really good, and Plot line was new and fresh.I really liked that It All Started With An Apple, isn t it cool I remember loving the side character as much as the main characters, I really liked that author didn t portrayed the popular one evils like we read in all high sc [...]

  10. I cried ALOT This was the most wonderful, emotional, good, happy, sad book I don t say it was absolutely perfect because it was a little slow paced at times but overall this book made a pretty good impression on me Total must read.

  11. I read this book twice already And the feeeeeeeels I love Dannon This book is great Funny, emotional and fantastic

  12. Now this is one of those books where I don t hesitate to give it five stars This book was fantabulous and to be honest there was never a single chapter, a single line, a single sentence I didn t laugh or smile.The characters were simply adorable especially Brianne and Dannon and it was simply crazy the way I grew attached to them in a short while Oh and let me put this here this is the first ever book in the first point of view where I have actually loved the narrator But you wanna know the best [...]

  13. I started this book and immediately knew it was gonna be good I can t wait to put a physical copy on my shelf I love Brianne and her attitude and Dannon is so sweet I woke up a 2 30 in the morning and couldn t go back to sleep, so I finished the book I laughed, I cried, and then went throughout the day thinking of that I actually stopped reading for a second when SPOILER Dannon admitted he had cancer I loved it but it ripped my heart out of my chest a good way I m gonna re read it when I can hol [...]

  14. I couldn t bring myself to finish reading this book when I found out that Dannon was going to die It s Christmas for goodness sakes I can t handle the kind of sadness and depression a lovable character dying would cause I may come back and finish the book later but I don t know if I can handle it.

  15. 4.5 If you re wondering why I m updating this review, it s because I just read this the third time sorrynotsorry The story is amazing, and the characters are even better I think I cried than the last two times I read this book, so obviously I need help.

  16. To put it simply amazing This book was everything you d expect and so much Highly addictive plot line and an incredible romance story Perfect for getting out of reading slump Beware, quite the emotional roller coaster.

  17. I first read this book on Wattpad and it was amazing That ending got me so happy, I was smiling from ear to ear It s a great book and I suggest everyone to go read it 5 5 stars for me

  18. Lovely story, predictable and I knew he would wake up unrealistic story Would be better if he died, sad but true

  19. DNFSo, don t get me wrong I used to love Wattpad stories but lately I haven t had much of an interest.I read around half of this story There wasn t any depth The romance is the only element in this story, there wasn t much plot and there was also a long list of potholes The structure was probably my main issue with this story The writer makes it impossible for our main character to be kept apart from the love interest, it s almost on the boarder of stalking It was to obvious that the love intere [...]

  20. Omg, so good o Dannondannondannon3 Ily3Dannon is like the best fictional boyfriend you will ever have.Seriously.

  21. A very touching story I love it so much and how i wish there is an amazing guy like that for me Marry Me dramatic mode

  22. this is absolutely amazingly BRILLIANT I love this story it made me cry and laugh and smile absolutely brilliant I strongly recommend it

  23. This book is absolutely amazing It is incredibly heartbreaking when you read it You will Definetly fall in love with this book once you start reading it

  24. So amazingly good I loved the twist at the end The entire book was incredible The beginning was a bit off but I loved it nonetheless

  25. This book is perfect it shows how to have faith in God, how to love, how to have patience, and how judgments based on appearance usually turn out to be wrong TOTALLY LOVED IT 33

  26. I went into this book without high expectations Based on the story summary and cover, I thought it would be, well, really really bad But it ended up being just what I needed Although it is a bit clich and possibly not the most original of ideas, I loved this book It s about this girl who is hopelessly lost and negative, finding it hard to build new relationships and be happy Yet she took a chance and literally threw an apple I thought, wow that s ridiculous But no It s not It s actually really c [...]

  27. A great story with depth, meaning, heartbreak, and love And not a fast, all consuming love, but a slow burning, dependable one that gives you all the good feelings just reading about it The ending is a bit of a cop out in some ways, but it still hits you with some hard emotions.

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