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Fifty Shades Trilogy Now available in a single volume E L James s New York Times bestselling trilogy has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as being in a class by itself Beginning with the GoodReads Choice Award Roman

Now available in a single volume, E L James s New York Times 1 bestselling trilogy has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as being in a class by itself Beginning with the GoodReads Choice Award Romance Finalist Fifty Shades of Grey, the Fifty Shades Trilogy will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.This bundle includes the following novels FIFTY SHADES ONow available in a single volume, E L James s New York Times 1 bestselling trilogy has been hailed by Entertainment Weekly as being in a class by itself Beginning with the GoodReads Choice Award Romance Finalist Fifty Shades of Grey, the Fifty Shades Trilogy will obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever.This bundle includes the following novels FIFTY SHADES OF GREY When college student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating The unworldly Ana realizes she wants this man, and Grey admits he wants her, too but on his own terms When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian s secrets and explores her own desiresFTY SHADES DARKER Daunted by Christian s dark secrets and singular tastes, Ana has broken off their relationship to start a new career But desire for Christian still dominates her every waking thought They rekindle their searing sensual affair, and while Christian wrestles with his inner demons, Ana is forced to make the most important decision of her lifeFTY SHADES FREED Now, Ana and Christian have it all love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of possibilities for their future But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades will not be easy, and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate Just when it seems that their

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Fifty Shades Trilogy

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  1. To be 100% honest I really am appalled by how popular this book series is Not because of the kinky f ckery because of the disgusting attitude toward women And even worse it s fan fiction It s Twilight Literally She read Twilight, she wrote fan fiction, she took the fan fiction down, changed the names from Bella and Edward to Ana Christian, and sold it I get that immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but the fact that she took a story that was not good to begin with that featured a weak f [...]

  2. My reaction whenever someone tells me they love these books view spoiler hide spoiler Fifty Shades of Bad Writing my fourth review of this cultural clusterfuck br br br br br br

  3. My review of what encapsulates the first two books My review of the third.Highlights It reads like it was written by a semi literate 12 year old It is that bad This is Twilight fan fiction Not inspired by, not Twilight for adults It is Bella It is Edward Those are Twilight plot points It is not original fiction It was also cobbled together from a bunch of other fanfics There is nothing original about it This is not a romance It is an affront to the romance genre and everyone who reads real roman [...]

  4. IN MY OPINIONFifty Shades of Grey The TrilogyFifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed make up the trilogy written by E L James At this point, the reviews are numerous, merciless, angry and seductive I had planned to write a review based on the storyline, but I think I shall divert down a different path But I must say that without a doubt, the media hype and categorization of the trilogy as mommy porn is what brought these books to the forefront of reader curiosity and at [...]

  5. My sister in law recommended this series to me last week and I finished the entire series in 5 days I was hooked However, I had no idea that it was an erotica read, so I was quite surprised, but the storyline already had me pulled in There was no turning back.Book 2 was my favorite Christian really proved his feelings for Ana through his words and actions throughout the entire book Many people complain that his 180 change was unrealistic and it ruined the story for them I, however, am a hopeless [...]

  6. E.L JAMES ME E.L HEY High five, giirrrrrl Whoa I missed.You ll probably want to ice that.Yeah SO I am so glad I ran into you What a coincidence This is only the fourth building I ve tried, and I mean I ve only been riding the elevators for what, two Three hours E.L JAMES ME You know what DOESN T matter.So listen about the casting for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie Yeah, I was just wondering if you received the six or seventeen audition tapes I sent over to all three of your houses E.L JAMES ME B [...]

  7. Book One 2 51.So, this is what all the fuss was about.2.He says, Laters, baby snort 3.Is it me or do they both sound English 4.I m this close to smacking Ana silly with all her deep but not really deep asides re her Inner Goddess Ditto with the Subconscious capital S And to those two, add every single instance she bites her frigging lower lip.5.There s a lot of sexual gymnastics going on in this one A lot Many of the things she s describing had me asking, Say what now It s like she s twisting ev [...]

  8. Whoa Shit What Oh wow ese are all eloquent things you ll hear Ana say many times many, many, many times in her head throughout the books Also, characters mostly put their lips in a hard line and murmur a lot Ana and Christian fight, make up, have kinky sex Orhave kinky sex, fight, make up, make love This goes on, round and round and round And for about fifty pages no pun intended , there s an actual story line I m really ticked off I wasted 2 weeks reading this crap And yet to some extent I coul [...]

  9. Erotic love story reviewed possibly Mommy Porn I do not think I would go that far I am a prude and do not share my bedroom things,etc.This book had an underlying story of two people learning to be a couple and not be independent Each brought their own baggage He a past of a terrible early childhood, being adopted by a loving family, him being seduced at a young age, and then became a dominant sex gamer She comes in with her naive, inexperience and never really having to comply to another She her [...]

  10. I hadn t heard of these until recently when they were mentioned to me by a number of different people within the space of a couple of days Naturally I was intrigued and upon reading reviews was led to believe they were pure filth Which, don t be disheartened if that s what you re looking for, they re naughty But there is so much These are not to be dismissed as women s porn as I ve seen happen There is a lot to the plot and to the characters They are brilliantly written that you get so involve [...]

  11. I want to preface this review by confessing that I am a literary masochist If I begin reading a series, no matter how bad it is, I have to finish it, to satisfy my curiosity about the ending, about the author s ability to improve her writing, and about what the fuss is all about I picked up this book largely out of curiosity anyway, because I d heard from several people that it s a great read.Imagine my disappointment.James s writing ability is mediocre at best From page one, I was annoyed It wa [...]

  12. This was so awful, it was fun to read, and readI read all three of them Like a bad car wreck, I couldn t stop looking Where do I start Let s see, we have one, Ana Steele, newly graduated virgin, who is so smart and strong willed, and so buried in classic literature that not even one singular male can turn her head Until the day she fortuitously stands in for her best friend who is too sick with the flu to interview with one, Christian Grey with an e , a 25 year old self made billionaire Yes, tha [...]

  13. 5 My Favorite Fictional Boyfriend EVER starsRe read with Sharon, Patty Mel My 5th read I ve always enjoy reading, since a young age but a few years ago when this amazing trilogy first came out and I read it, my reading habit exploded and I went from reading 10 books a year to 100 and , turning me into a total reading addict If I m honest I have to say that the writing style of these books is not all that great but the story plot and the character of Christian Grey were not only memorable but tru [...]

  14. FIFTY SHADES OF GREY If I didn t already know FIFTY SHADES OF GREY started out as TWILIGHT fanfiction, I d like to think I could decipher the code based on the myriad of similarities between the two novels The following are a few examples and by all means not a comprehensive list a virgin main character uber successful parents on the boyfriend s side divorced parents, where the daughter lives with her father a clumsy, melodramatic, younger than her years main character a complete hatred of recei [...]

  15. Ok Roll your eyes Judge me I am English teacher who considers herself fairly well read and a feminist But I read these And I read them very quickly Butyou know what I not so secretly enjoyed themThe bad These books are horribly written I mean horribly written Besides the fact that writing is awful and I literally laughed out loud or blushed at times and not at the sex the horrific dialouge , the plot if you can call it that is all over the place James clearly isn t aware of a subplot works, how [...]

  16. Sifting through the Fifty Shades trilogy, I started paying attention to patterns than to the plot Perhaps E L James choosing to respect her apparent wishes to drop the periods after her initials repeated the phrase you are one fucked up bitch six times in Fifty Shades Darker in order to aid rote memorization, perhaps not, but I m sure Homer wouldn t have done it any differently At any rate, I embarked on my own odyssey in search of something all the books in the trilogy shared something which c [...]

  17. I admit to some embarrassment at having read even the first of these books, let alone all three When I started, I didn t know they were Twilight fanfiction though I m not sure it would have made a difference in my decision to forge ahead What I did know was seemingly everyone was talking about them Even my well read friends were talking about them And, frankly, I ve been left behind on the pop culture train before, and I don t much like feeling the out of it dunce So I ve learned that sometimes [...]

  18. After reading all three of the series I thought they were quite entertaining If some minds think this erotica is dirty they do not have very advertureous minds.

  19. OMG Seriously one of the best reads I have read in a long time I heard the controversy and to be honest you need to read it before you judge because it s all BS It was HOT and had me cry twice in book two and fall for the characters all of them Christian is a broken man from a terrible childhood and Ana is an young woman who helps him grow and mend Together they grow through the intricacies of their lives, past and present and I tell you a few times I was too scared to read further because I did [...]

  20. I can understand how much of America would have a difficult time with these books being sexually repressed as a society, but I found it very interesting to watch Ana grow into a woman in this series as an inexperienced woman yet not submissive as many may think She experiences and stands her ground She is open minded and explores where she sets her boundaries It s a wonderful love story as well.

  21. It s pretty hard to ignore all the hype and controversy surrounding E.L James s FIFTY SHADES trilogy Mind blowing how many people are talking about the books since the 1st book, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was released at the beginning of Apr 2012, it s absolutely incredible the number of reviews I have seen has almost 6000 posted reviews and probably twice as much on their discussion boards I am an insatiable, voracious avid reader and over the years and the amount of reading I know what I like and do [...]

  22. This trilogy really did not live up to the hype It is poorly written and I struggled to get lost in the story or motivate myself to complete the books The characters were very one dimensional and the plot of the story was extremely weak There was so much repetition ie eye rolling, lip biting, blushing, twitchy palming that at times i wanted to throw the book out of the window Ana going from an innocent level headed virgin to a needy sex maniac in the space of a few days was totally unbelievable, [...]

  23. THIS IS A COMPILATION REVIEW FOR ALL THREE NOVELS There are only a few words that could describe this series as a whole accurately enough steamy seductive and enchanting I know enchanting is not a word usually associated with erotic romance, but Fifty Shades of Grey , Fifty Shades Darker , and Fifty Shades Freed all had an enchanting aspect to them which made this series all the addicting As many have probably seen throughout twitter, facebook and all last week I could not put these books down [...]

  24. So happy to have found this site I wrote about 50 last night on and upon reading other reviews afterwards, I saw a recommend of Katrina Lumsden s on this site from another Amo reviewer LOVED KL s snarky truths, btw Wish I had found and her before I bought this ridiculous series As I said in my Amo review, I gave it one star because I couldn t give it negative five stars As I also said about the character Anastasia, Think Bella with a butt plug This series really lowered the stretch bar pun inten [...]

  25. One day in the future I may have a daughter One day said imaginary daughter will be old enough to choose her own books If on that day I catch her reading this crap I will take it away and ground her for life NOT because of the subject matterblah blah blah I like to spank you blah blah blah I will be upset because this is the worst kind of message you want any girl to hear I met him and was attracted to his bad boy ways and he is cold and heartless but I can CHANGE HIM and with love he will be th [...]

  26. Poorly written, corny and repetitive Yet, I found myself hooked and finished all three books in less than three days Guess, Cinderella story never gets old, huh And mixed with erotica, the combination is quite a page turner, and not too mention arousing if only the main woman character is not so frail, annoying and nagging It s no Anais Nin or Erica Jong, but works as light escapism Hot escapism.

  27. EMOTION VS REASONFor a while I doubted myself, my opinion and my feelings about this series In a way, that is why I couldn t bring myself to write a review about the Fifty Shades Trilogy I really don t like doubting myself, I don t like that insecurity and unstable ground because there is a conflict between what society has made you learn, what you yourself have learned and what your subcontinent is felling.I realized, in this case, to be at peace with myself I needed to separate mind and emotio [...]

  28. 50 Sombras es, sin duda alguna, una de las mejores sagas de horror psicol gico que he tenido la oportunidad de leer, una serie que va m s all de convertir la violencia de g nero en el cuento de hadas que toda mujer quisiera vivir, estamos se oras y se ores, ante un nuevo cl sico del terror contempor neo que crear escuela lvidate de Hannibal Lecter, del sociop tico Patrick Bateman, Christian Grey, es la perfecta fusi n de los dos posee el atractivo f sico, el capital y los severos traumas psicol [...]

  29. While I know people have different tastes in books, I cannot say I understand anyone who thinks these books are well written While I certainly do appreciate the narrative, the characters are two dimensional and their exploits are so cliche as to be humorous.Perhaps the best thing that can be said about these books is that they have allowed mainstream readers a little glimpse into the world of D s Granted, it is not a very accurate look and it certainly portrays those who partake as somehow damag [...]

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