Single Handed NOTE THIS IS A VERY SHORT STORYAlex single handedly takes down a bully A safer school has its perks but what else did the years of martial arts training get her Not a prom date that s for sure With

NOTE THIS IS A VERY SHORT STORYAlex single handedly takes down a bully A safer school has its perks, but what else did the years of martial arts training get her Not a prom date, that s for sure With only a few weeks left before the big day, can she stop the tough act long enough for the boy of her dreams to see she s still just a girl WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT VNOTE THIS IS A VERY SHORT STORYAlex single handedly takes down a bully A safer school has its perks, but what else did the years of martial arts training get her Not a prom date, that s for sure With only a few weeks left before the big day, can she stop the tough act long enough for the boy of her dreams to see she s still just a girl WHAT REVIEWERS ARE SAYING ABOUT VERONICA BLADES OTHER WORKinjuliesopinion on From Fame to Shame In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all lovers of YA contemporary fiction, and it is going on my list of favorite books of 2012 cafeofdreamsbookreviews on A Bite s Tale A Bite s Tale is such an enjoyable, fun, addicting and absorbing tale that once I began reading, I didn t want to stop whatsyourstorybookreviews on Something Witchy This Way Comes This book is delicious

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  1. Brain candy Cleansing your reading palate one book at a time Veronica Blade lives in Southern California with her husband and children By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters Except her heroes and heroines lead far interesting lives and they are always way hotter.

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  1. Alex is different than most girls in her school She has a brown belt in jujitsu and she pinned the school bully to the pavement for picking on another student A safer school has its perks, but now the boys at school are afraid of her So much that she hasn t been asked to the prom.New hottie in town, Tommy, has been friendly but shows no sign he s feeling the same sparks for her that she feels for him When Alex s friends step in and finagle a coffee date between Tommy and her, can Alex show Tommy [...]

  2. Such a cute story A quick unique young adult read that left me wanting Alex is not your typical 18 year old girl She has a special set of skills Tommy is a yummy guy I would have liked a little about him and his skills I want to read about Alex s two friends Laynie and Brittany Ms Blade will you be writing those soon One can only hope This contains no sex and a few swear words.

  3. Alex is a strong and independent woman who knows how to handle herself She is the kind of person you have to strive to be I love how even though she has strong beliefs of standing up for herself, she gave into what Tommy meant by needing a man Not for muscles, but for a different kind of protection To be catered by someone who can love you for you This story was super sweet, and I tend to read in the Single Girls series.

  4. Single handed Single Girls, book 1 by Veronica Blade is a very short story.Alex has trained in martial arts since she was five Last year she had single handedly saved a guy from a bully There is only a few weeks until the prom and Alex doesn t have a date there a nice guy out there who can see that she s just a girl

  5. This story was fantastic and very well written I know it was a short story, but I would have loved to have read about Tommy and Alex Veronica Blade is a phenomenal writer and I am looking forward to reading of her works

  6. Charming young adult romance short story with a nice build up of events, and appealing characters The bullying sub plot is well handled and placed in a proper, and understandable context by the author, by tying it to the main character.

  7. This is a very fun story and a must read its a short story and i fell in love with the character and wanted and i cant wait for the other 2 in the series to come out

  8. Alex is different than the other girls in her school and feared by everyone because she single handedly stopped a bully from picking on a fellow student all thanks to her martial arts skills.Alex s school might now be safe from bullies as they are scared that Alex will get them back but all the boys are too scared to ask her out and this bothers her, she doesn t want to go to prom alone.Alex s best friend decides to take matters into her own hands and sets her up on a coffee date with the cute n [...]

  9. Full review originally posted on my blog, PidginPea s Book Nook This is a really quick read, but it s a nice little story with a good message Alex has set a sort of reputation for herself by standing up for those who are bullied at school She s put her jujitsu skills into action and stepped in when other kids are being picked on Guys might be a little intimidated by a smaller girl taking down big brawny bullies, because she hasn t had any guys show an interest in her But she doesn t want to pret [...]

  10. Tough girls want love to In the book Single Handed, By Veronica Blade the author really knows how to grab your attention right away The story begins with a girl named Alex who attends high school and is very strong minded Alex is a very materialistic girl and has always been an amazing student The author really wanted to express the hatred Alex had towards bullies Alex was actually really in to karate and was a huge master at it, she was actually a black belt When one day Alex seen a random stud [...]

  11. Never point out a girl s manliness Treat her as a lady and she will respond as a lady.Alex is not your average girl She has a brown belt in jujitsu and she single handedly kicked the school bully s ass for picking on another student To add another blow to the bully s badly bruised ego, Alex is just 5 ft tall and not bulky at all.And just like that, potential prom dates avoid her Well, except for Tommy, the new hottie in town that got this scholarly kind of deliciousness about him.Can their poten [...]

  12. When the synopsis says very short story , what it really means is that it s a very very short story In any case, I liked that Alex isn t like most other female characters She isn t weak or helpless, and most definitely doesn t need a man to save her But that doesn t at all mean she doesn t want a prom date After pinning down a bully, all the guys in school avoid her, with the exception of one Tommy Will he see Alex as not one of the guys but a girl Single Handed was a cute story for the most par [...]

  13. I knew when I started reading this book it was a short story so I was prepared for that I liked Alex and Tommy, and I think it does have a good storyline That said, I did find myself looking for conflict meat to the story would be a better way to put it I certainly wouldn t hold that against the author, though, and I do still give it four stars because I like that Alex was able to take care of herself Veronica portrayed her as being independent and fully capable of protecting herself without b [...]

  14. 2 Just a little strange for me stars Um I have no idea what to say Alex beats up a guy, everyone is scared of her She goes on a date The guy tries to protect her from fighting the guy again She beats the guy Moral of the story do not mess with Alex This was entirely too short for me to get into it There was actually no character development except for that Alex is a little tiny beast of a girl and has martial arts training

  15. Ini bisa masuk dalam kategori cerpen karena singkat sekali Biar singkat inti cerita bisa tersampaikan dengan pas Alex, gadis berperawakan mungil tapi jago bela diri merasa susah cari cowok yang lebih kuat darinya Dia naksir Tommy si anak baru yang mungkin belum tahu reputasinya Mungkinkah Tommy adalah cowok yang selama ini dia cari Baca ini rasanya seperti baca cerpen sisipan di majalah remaja Singkat dan menarik Enak buat mengisi waktu kosong ketika menunggu sesuatu.

  16. A short story by an extremely talented author.A quick read that follows Alex, a strong girl who is trained in martial arts and isn t afraid to stand up for herself and others unfortunately though now all the boys at school stay well clear of her.Tommy wasn t at her school the previous year when she took down the school bully, and doesn t seem to be put off by her reputation but is she Alex able to let him take care of her Well written, and will make you feel all warm inside.

  17. What a lovely YA love short story I am so going to have my daughter read this It has so many endearing qualities Like the purity of young love, championing good over evil, sticking up for the underdog friendship Most of all about being a young woman who can be powerful in her own right strong enough to beat up the boys but soft enough to remember she still a girl can have feelings emotions of a true woman allow a man to be a man also Give take a couple.

  18. Ok, I was warned in the blurb s a very short story and usually that s my biggest problem with stories I like, if they are too short and leave me wanting Oh wait, that would be a good thing than Well anyway, I like AlexI remember times I was kinda like her, a tomboy I mean This is a very cute though super short young adult story and I will most likely be reading the other 2 in the Single Girls trilogy.

  19. Incredibly short and sweet love story about a very unique girl As a trained fighter guys look at her as anything , but girlfriend material When the new Guy Tommy steps outside the norm, and treats her like a fragile woman she will find what she never knew was missing This story is twenty pages of innocent love.

  20. This is a very short story that was OK This wasn t a bad story or poorly written, but was just eh It started off well, but I just felt that the resolution of the story was weak Given that I got it for free, it was technically well written, and it s so short I would say it s worth a read.

  21. While there are so few pages in this short story, each page comes with great volume and is very well written Characters include a sexy guy, a bully, a love sick girl and her friends Will true love win out

  22. I understand that this is meant to be a short story, and I do like the content, but I think that this is a little too short of a story I liked the style of the story but I think it lacked a few things The story was ok but not really for me, I prefer longer stories with a little substance.

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