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Grantland Quarterly, Vol. 2

  1. Bill Simmons is a sports columnist, author, and TV personality He rose to prominence as a columnist for ESPN s online Page 3 forum, before becoming editor in chief for Grantland, a sports and pop culture website and ESPN affiliate After a dispute with ESPN in 2015, Simmons began working with HBO both developing a television show and continuing his podcast.

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  1. This is a phenomenal collection of sports reporting, with some interesting pop culture writing sprinkled in Each piece is pretty great, and though it s from 2012 none of these feel significantly dated My favorites are probably the pieces on the 2011 NBA lockout though full disclosure I am concurrently reading Simmons 700 page masterpiece The Book of Basketball so right now I m definitely biased towards the NBA , but there is also an excellent piece on Eddie Murphy written by Simmons as well My o [...]

  2. The Grantland quarterly is like a book version of the orange questions in the Genus edition of Trivial Pursuit with a few pink questions thrown in for good measure.The second volume seemed to be pushed out a little faster than the first There are a couple articles that show a footnote number, but the actual footnote is missing Seemed like there were many places where the space between words was lost Typos, aside, the key issue that I have with this volume is that I go to McSweeney s publishing f [...]

  3. Not as good as 1st volume, but some entertaining stories articles Most cover sports and pop culture happenings during Fall 2011 Better articles in this volume include Bill Simmons on 2011 NBA Lockout Eddie Murphy s career latter is a must read Charles Pierce and Michael Weinreb on the 2011 Penn State fiasco especially Weinreb s article Jonah Keri on 2011 World Series, Game 6 David Freese Game Chad Harbach on 2011 NLCS from the perspective of the losing team s fans Milwaukee Brewers Katie Baker o [...]

  4. I rarely read the site, but I figured there had to be enough decent writing on the site to fill a collection like this over a few months It s a shame two masturbatory Bill Simmons pieces take up a sizeable chunk of this book The first is an almost unbearable journey through an imaginary NBA lockout league draft, while the second gives an opinion on every movie in Eddie Murphy s career There s some good stuff though, like the two longer boxing stories, Gladwell s piece about the Nets, and the Pen [...]

  5. I love getting this anthology of the best Grantland articles each quarter There s always some good articles that I missed when they appeared online the Hagler Sugar Ray oral history, Brian Phillip s profile of David Stern, and Klosterman s look at the Oasis brothers and I love reading the good stuff again Simmons look at Eddie Murphy s career Not as cool of a cover design as the first anthology but the Iceman poster was a neat idea I also really enjoyed the short story at the end.

  6. A dreary reminder of how slight and of the moment even the best blog coverage can be Jonathan Abrams long, well researched pieces and Wesley Morris fashion movie criticism constitute the only gr8 stuff that appears on GL, alas Also, some of these best ofs are simply lists Are you kidding me The same criticisms apply to volume 3 Dan Jenkins era SI this ain t, although I do enjoy it when GL reprints and annotates classic sportswriting.

  7. I liked this better than the first quarterly The selections felt like interesting and timeless pieces It felt less like finally catching up on newspaper columns I especially enjoyed the Eddie Murphy retrospective It was nicely matched up with a look at the hagler Leonard fight.

  8. Too much pop culture nonsense Not enough strong sports oriented stuff Very disappointing product, but, then again, it was always a vanity project I just hoped for better.

  9. A attractive volume and a fairly interesting read, but the quality of the essays is decidedly mixed, and there are glaring copy editing mistakes throughout.

  10. I love Grantland It s everything I want to write, sports and pop culture, with an emphasis on fantastic writing over all else Vol 2 had some great stuff, although I liked Vol 1 a bit .

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