The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth First published in Science Fiction World July I ve never seen the night nor seen a star I ve seen neither spring nor fall nor winter I was born at the end of the Reining Age just as the Eart

First published in Science Fiction World, July 2000.I ve never seen the night, nor seen a star I ve seen neither spring, nor fall, nor winter I was born at the end of the Reining Age, just as the Earth s rotation was coming to a final halt.The Sun is about to unleash a helium flash, threatening to swallow all terrestrial planets in the solar system On Earth, the Unity GFirst published in Science Fiction World, July 2000.I ve never seen the night, nor seen a star I ve seen neither spring, nor fall, nor winter I was born at the end of the Reining Age, just as the Earth s rotation was coming to a final halt.The Sun is about to unleash a helium flash, threatening to swallow all terrestrial planets in the solar system On Earth, the Unity Government has erected Earth Engines With them it plans to propel our planet out of the solar system, setting it on a journey into outer space in search of a new sun The Earth begins its centuries long, wandering travels through outer space.Just as we began our journey, my grandfather passed away, his burnt body ravaged by infection In his final moments, he repeated over and over, Oh, Earth, my wandering Earth China Galaxy Science Fiction Award of Year 2000.

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The Wandering Earth

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  1. Another excellent bit of beautiful and intriguing scifi from the Chinese master Cixin Liu If you have read his trilogy, you will love this short story collection.

  2. If I had been thinking, What I really need right now is an awesome Big Idea story that turns the earth into an inter solar spaceship, reminding me pleasantly of some of the early Stephen Baxter tales, then after reading this, I d say, Holy shit Well, as it so happens, I ve been in a Bigger Is Better frame of mind for the last few days, so getting something like this was like unwrapping a mystery gift and actually getting a 24 karat gold ring Liu Cixin turned a great tale, following lifetime of o [...]

  3. The eleven hard sci fi stories in this collection are smart, thought provoking and intellectually chewy, with a healthy dose of absurdity The characters are just the merest of sketches, and the prose strictly functional As a result the stories are presented almost as technological parables, with the main focus on the concepts and ideas Stories include Earth is converted to a bio spaceship with which to transport humanity to a new star Aliens arrive from a bubble world, totally different from our [...]

  4. Originally published on my blog sentidodelamaravilla Liu Cixin is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors After reading Taking Care of God and Mountain I have now read The Wandering Earth and, again, I am completely amazed Cixin s imagination is astonishing The images in his works are absolutely striking His ability to provoke powerful emotions in the reader, without equal.In The Wandering Earth, our planet is in extreme danger The Sun has become unstable and it s been predicted that, in a f [...]

  5. The Wandering Earth is a sci if novella in which the Sun is going to explode and drastic measures are needed to save humanity The Earth is turned into a giant spaceship in which it will be propelled out of the solar system and towards Proxima Centauri the nearest star The story is told from the point of view of an unnamed narrator and it spans his lifetime He was born in one of the underground cities and never saw the Sun until on a class trip around the Earth All of the children are terrified o [...]

  6. im sam ukrao ideju frendovima s GR o itanju ovoga znao sam da e biti zanimljivo ini mi se ne mogu biti siguran zbog mora pri a u Siriusu i Futuri kako je ovo moj prvi susret s kineskim SF i to, po mnogim komentarima, vrhunskim piscem.Jako me privukla ideja o SF u na temeljima meni fascinantne i prili no strane isto nja ke kulture.Odlu io sam se za ovu malo dulju pri u ba da to prije pokupim dojmove.Jesam li zadovoljan O, da Na in na koji Liu veze pri u je zanimljiv distanciran, prili no hladan i [...]

  7. This was a really well written short story that chronicles the death of the Sun and how the last residents of Earth change the trajectory of the planet s orbit in order to survive.Liu s prose is beautiful and poetical and the world building simply fantastic making it a really good science fiction story.Based on this short story, I would definitely be interested in reading from this author.

  8. A breathtaking collection of wondrous science fiction stories Full of so many jawdropping moments as ideas so brilliantly imaginative are laid before us.

  9. Fairly entertaining stories all throughout, but giving this four stars only because it s hard to surpass the majesty of his Three Body trilogy Overall, this collection serves as a neat Liu Cixin starter kit filled with luscious tales that though may be peppered with high minded SF thought experiments has enough pull in terms of plot and characterization to draw you to the next page and the next over and over, even for someone like me with just a pedestrian working knowledge of science.

  10. I forgot where I got The Wandering Earth, but it has been sitting on my kindle for than a year It s a short read, so I m not sure why I didn t start it sooner.The premise is that scientists discover that the sun will die in 300 500 years and swallow up all the planets in its inner orbit, including Earth, in the process To ensure survival, the people of Earth decide to find a nearby star for its new sun and somehow propel Earth out of its current orbit, out of the solar system, and toward this n [...]

  11. Brilliant novella with one of the most interesting concepts I ve ever encountered I really can t say enough about Liu Cixin Everything I m reading by him is sort of groundbreaking in very different ways Huge concepts at work here and just so much fun Or, not fun, since this is kind of pessimistic but also so true to life.He takes on mob rule, revolution, and how time can make a serious catastrophe no longer seem to matter.

  12. Ciencia Ficci n que me ha llegado como me llegaba en la adolescencia Asimov o Lem Un cuento sobre superaci n y esperanza ante el final, al que no le falta ni sobra nada Un descubrimiento gracias a mi buen amigo odo

  13. I think out of fairness one should note that Liu Cixin s The Wandering Earth 2000 preceded Alex Garland s Sunshine 2007 by several years Sunshine echoes Liu s deadpan narration and the overall mood of resignation to eternal trauma occasioned by the imminent death of the Sun, which is the dramatic catalyst in both works Sunshine is an evocative film Evocative of what, I still don t know exactly, but definitely those guys aboard the Icarii 1 2 were feeling something as they evoked each other to de [...]

  14. I was able to download this short story for free from The premise seems interesting the sun is set to explode and instead of trying to build thousands of spaceships to transport humanity over many generations to another inhabitable planet, they ve instead decided to turn the entire Earth into a spaceship by building Earth Engines I don t pretend to have a firm enough grasp of astrophysics to speak with any authority, but I find it implausible that humanity would be able to successfully enact a p [...]

  15. This is a translation of a novella written by China s best known science fiction author, Liu Cixin Cixin tells the story of Earth s hundreds of millennium journey because of the impending death of the Sun as it is nudged out of the Sun s orbit to slowly wander to its new home around Proxima Centauri Although told through the remembrances and musings of someone born in one of the vast underground cities in the China Province and who never knew the Earth pre journey,it is the Earth itself that is [...]

  16. I read this short story after hearing David Brin reccomend Liu as a emerging voice in world scifi To be quick about this review, I agree with Brin The only thing I felt was lacking about this story was that the translation seemed a little rough in places.Cixin Liu s skill shines through on every page This story moves quicky, as a short story spanning 40y or so must, but nothing feels rushed The stakes escalate quickly both on a personal and on a universe level, and there are no cheap payoffs Eve [...]

  17. I hope you re not overly attached to the earth, cause pretty much every story is a new and original way to totally destroy it

  18. It s been a long time since I read such good hard Science Fiction at the same level of Arthur Clarke and mixing in the inventiveness of Isaac Asimov or Robert Silverberg Some of the short stories are hard to forget The Wandering Earth , Devourer , For the Benefit of Mankind , and my favourite, Sun of China.

  19. Sin duda podr a haberse hecho una novela larga a partir de esta historia Si le das la idea de Stephenson, te casca 700 paginas tranquilamente Pero aunque podr a hacerse, es una de esas raras ocasiones en que en 50 paginas tienes una historia completa y bien contada de ciencia ficci n a la que quiz s no le haga falta meterse en toneladas de explicaciones orbitales y es mejor degustarla tal y como es.

  20. This is the first story of Liu Cixin I ve ever read I ve heard of him in a Brazilian TV show a few days ago, where someone commented on his trilogy The Three Body Problem Unfortunely, as I found out, this trilogy is currently being tranlated to English and won t be in bookstores before October So I went to and found out a series of stories already translated by him, and decided to try one.The reviews served as a caveat to me Cixin, even though a rather young writer 51 y.o , writes as a Western G [...]

  21. The Wandering Earth was a great, quick read The plot of the story centers around the fact that the sun is going to explode This is a great plot because it is quite possible for the sun to explode and Earth to thusly be effected What is most interesting about this story is the way Earth decides to handle this catastrophic event It throws all types of scientific answers without being too much, and is so much different than the average escape to another planet or board a spaceship This than exceed [...]

  22. I bought this ebook on an impulse, and haven t regretted it.While it is a short story, the author has done a great job of world building Plus, throughout the story, I was totally captivated, and simply could not stop reading In fact a part of me was slightly sad to see it end I would ve loved to see what happens next The author has also managed to capture human foibles and natures too well Kudos The ending was really great too This is the story of humanity, as the Sun is doomed to die out Instea [...]

  23. This novella comes directly from the sense of wonder dept I m starting to think that Liu Cixin is the best science fiction writer of the age.I am reading Jack Vance s The Dying Earth for which I had impossible high expectations I ve read the first three chapters It s already much better than I imagined The Dying Earth being fantasy, I thought that this novella could be an interesting science fiction variation on the theme of the end of days It is, sure It s also much As we left Jupiter, the Ear [...]

  24. Me ha faltado algo para darle la quinta estrella No s si en esta ocasi n est relacionado con el estilo literario que no destaca especialmente o con el hecho de que el narrador y los personajes esan tratados con tanta indiferencia y tengan tan poco trasfondo algo que Cixin habr hecho deliberadamente.Aun as , sigue siendo de los relatos m s originales que he le do en mucho tiempo y no dejo de recomend rselo a todo el mundo que tenga algo de inter s por la literatura y por las buenas ideas.

  25. It s rare to come across a story that can be so epic in scope, yet be so short I imagine a quite extensive book or series could be written from the basic story and concepts, but somehow the author fit everything nicely into a mere 45 pages without it feeling like he left anything out A real masterpiece that reminded me of some of Bradbury s finest stories, mixed with the vastness and epic scope of contemporary writers like Alastair Reynolds I am fortunate to just now have found out about Liu Cix [...]

  26. I found the concept quite interesting and was satisfied with the ending which matched the story Some of the dialogue however seemed a little stiff and it was interesting to see the populace so subservient to the command structure and somewhat a lack of empathy shown though whether that was the intent or the background of the author I could not say I would also have liked science to back up the technology that was involved.

  27. A short story with an epic scope yet personal touch, The Wandering Earth deserves to be read by any fan of classic science fiction.For a longer review, check out my blog strakul 2014 12 s

  28. Liu Cixin s imagination is astounding and the future he envisions terrifying because it is grounded in science and an excellent understanding of human nature.

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